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NEWSLETTER 1 NOVEMBER 2010 WHO ARE WE? INTERACCESS is the International Student Organization of The Hague, founded in June 2007 by an initiative of The Hague University and enthusiastic students. The aim was, and is, to provide a base for the steadily growing number of international students and to help you quickly and comfortably adapt in The Hague, The Netherlands. We believe that the best way to create these cultural connections between the international students is to create an interesting environment where you can meet and interact with other international and national students alike. INTERACCESS achieves this by organizing parties and trips which enable you to experience and explore the Dutch culture first hand.


You could easily become a victim of a grave-digger following you, running after you, making extremely scary sounds!

“Truly scary!” The place you HAD TO go in Walibi during Halloween is the Haunted House! At least 10 rooms, 10 different scenes straight out of famous horror movies – it was scary, no not just any scary feeling that you can imagine – IT WAS TRULY SCARY! When you entered, you knew that in this room there is a person who will scare you, then another person jumping from behind scares you, and then the person who you expected also scares you, and Oh, my God! People jumping all over the place, scaring you and …. we screamed a lot!!!

2. Halloween 2010 @ Paard - 30 October 2010 On October 30th 2010 Paard van Troje was transformed into the biggest haunted mansion in The Hague by INTERACCESS in cooperation with Papillon Events, ACKU, VIPROMOTIONS and FRANCHISE EVENTS. With music provided by Holland’s top DJs and amazing decorations this is a party that is going to be remembered for a long time! The guests were treated to a photo shoot by the photographer Jose Da Silva and awards for best male and female costumes were handed out.

Walibi World Trip – 31 October 2010

Are you one of those skeptical people who think that you could never be scared of something unreal? Have you seen Snow White dead? We did and ….. It was AWESOME! :-) Being there on the exact night of Halloween was amazing! The atmosphere that Walibi World prepared for all the visitors was … WOW! There were ghosts, dead people walking around, vampires, sextons ready to put you in a coffin, and the sound of a cutter - it was everywhere! Sure did scare a lot of people. Smoke on the lakes, fire and light effects were everywhere. At a certain point we expected some creature to jump out of the water, only to start running after us trying to capture us and perhaps even torture us...

Entering the club was like walking into a twisted mixture between Tim Burton movies and ‘Hellraiser’ – people dressed in colorful and cheerful clothes, some covered in what we all hope was fake blood, with crazy hair, black make-up, some wearing wigs, masks, knives ...

The zombies and vampires were always ready to kindly bite you for the sake of a good picture. There were quite a number of nurses to help the people with weak hearts and police-women made sure everyone was safe. The most popular costumes were the sexy playboy bunnies, devils and cats: Halloween Classics, enjoyed by everybody! So, INTERACCESS says Cheers to all of you! And thank you for making Halloween 2010 one Hell of a Party!


Monthly Borrel - 14 October 2010

INTERACCESS organized the Second Monthly Borrel for this school year on 14 October. It took place in the Sports Canteen and gave you the opportunity to once more, on University soil, share a drink with your fellow students while grabbing a bite and listening to some music. INTERACCESS enjoyed hosting this event, and is looking forward to the one coming up, as the Borrel has always been one of the best ways to just sit back, relax and enjoy talking to the people around you. We want to know all about the nitty-gritty, so prepare for the next Borrel – it is right around the corner. The Borrel is also a great opportunity to present any ideas you would like us to help you with, or any issues you might be facing ;)

4. Pick – up Weekend - 20-29 August 2010 INTERACCESS was happy to one more time organize the pickup service at the beginning of the school year of 2010. Helping foreign students out by escorting them to DUWO, assist them signing their contracts and eventually taxi them to their new homes has been a privilege again!

“... a privilege again!” We introduced them to Dutch culture, introduced them to Amsterdam on September the 4th, showed them around Scheveningen and partied along side in the Hague nightlife. INTERACCESS enjoyed it, hope you all did too!

5. Rotterdam Pancake Cruise - 13 October 2010 Did someone say “Pancake”? INTERACCESS organized the tastiest fieldtrip, ever! How did it get started? On this Wednesday afternoon, we met in front the HHS. Everybody got a train ticket and we hurried up to catch the train to Rotterdam Centraal.

“the feast began!” Rotterdam became a favorite city to a lot of the students: lights, huge buildings, new and fresh atmosphere. We had a small walk through the city and there was it – the boat for our pancake cruise! In a few moments, after everybody was placed on their table, the feast began! Three kinds of pancakes – with bacon, apples and normal ones, a table full of different ingredients to put on your pancake, unlimited amount of pancakes (all you can eat)! The best part was that you were with friends from all over the world, you had the most amazing view of Rotterdam in the night, and you ate at least 3 huge and delicious pancakes! After having this amazing dinner, some of us continued the tour around Rotterdam, visiting a nice jazz place for a drink and for the real party animals, trip finished in a club in the center. As a conclusion, to all of you who missed it – you really missed a lot!

6. Back to School Borrel - 02 September 2010

7. INTERACCESS at HHS Intro Week August 30, August 31, September 2

What is the first thing you want to do when you are coming back to school, from a loooong nice holiday, a lot of parties and free time? Party, of course!

INTERACCESS took part in the HHS Introduction Weeks. The point of the week is to present everything the University and the City has to offer to the students. For us, it was a great chance to meet a lot of you – the people who study in The Hague and tell you what we’re all about.

The best way to come back to school, meet with old and new friends and have a nice drink – The Monthly Borrel, organized by INTERACCESS! So, what are the opinions? : “Great! I really like the atmosphere here, with all these people and cheap beer.” “3 beers for 3 Euros – this is the place for me!” “It’s a nice way to have a chat with your classmates after lectures. I like it!” “We all like it!” (laughing) Overall, the Back to School Borrel was a really successful start for the new study year! We all met, talked about out holidays, experiences, new love affairs and future worries, projects and school work.

We gave away many promotional materials: for the first days we had a sugar vibe as we were giving provided for some much needed fun in the form of Wii. We also gave away 3 tickets for the Amsterdam Trip.

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Amsterdam Trip

At the first sunny weekend of September a group of adventure seeking international students and the INTERACCESS crew gathered at The Hague University and headed to Amsterdam.

“Some tourists hijacked our boat” We had a local “guide” to show us around Amsterdam, take us to the most interesting places and lead us to the Anne Frank museum. However, as the queue to enter the museum was way too long, we decided to catch a boat and have a nice chilling cruise.

We had to wait some time, since some tourists hijacked our boat. In return for the inconvenience the manager of the boat rental offered free beers and sodas and we got to enjoy a beautiful sunset on the water. After the cruise we went for drinks and to further investigate Amsterdam’s night life. Sun, fun, cool people and Amsterdam… what more do you need for a perfect day?

OTHER EVENTS • Borrel – The next Monthly Borrel was right around the corner – it was on 11 November 2010 in the Sports Canteen • Day of the International Student – On 13 November 2010, from 10:00 to 23:00 Nuffic organized its annual Day of the International Student. It is one of the best events to meet and socialize with international students, engage in Dutch Culture and have fun while doing so. Registration closed on November 3rd, so to all you who managed to get a ticket - you have enjoyed a great time! • Sex and the city 2 Party – The Sex and the city 2 Party in Paard van Troje on November 19th from 23:00 to 05:00 has given you the chance to party in the Sex-and-The-City Style including photographers, make-up artists and presents. Those who were there got “Carried away”! • Bowling – INTERACCESS has organized a Bowling Night at the beach on 23rd November. Meeting point Everyone had a blast trying to score as much strikes as they could! For more information about our events and update on the future ones:

as well as our facebook and twitter pages!

Thank you for reading... We hope that you enjoyed reading our first newsletter. This has required us to put in a great effort, but we are eager to show you more about our organization and we would like to keep you posted on our activities and events. - Christian van Ledden & Dylan de CraenJoint Head of Interaccess

This newsletter has been realized by the contributions of the following people and organizations: The INTERACCESS team Jose Da Silva Papillon Events ACKU The Hague University De Gemeente Den Haag

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Our first newsletter with interviews and overviews of our events. INTERACCESS, the international student organization of The Hague