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Opening speech by: Jozias van Aartsen

When? Monday September 12, 2011

Where? Aula/Auditorium (Ovaal

(Mayor of The Hague)

0) of The Hague University

Speeches on: - Housing problems - Finances - Public institutions and services Students get the chance to discuss the topics and possible solutions with the speakers.

Interaccess will provide

Schedule: 16.30 Reception 17.00 Start conference 19.00 After-conference drinks

drinks afterwards.

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Guiding international students in The Hague The Hague - Agorá Student Union and The Hague Student Union (de Haagse Studentenvakbond) are organizing a conference called the “International Conference Day” for international students who are moving to The Hague. During the conference the unions will address the most well-known problems international students face when moving to The Hague to live and study. The conference will provide possible solutions by informational speeches from notable speakers and a discussion with between an expert panel and the audience. The conference will take place on September 12, 2011 in the Aula of The Hague University, and participation is free. Besides problem solving there will be a possibility to network with people from different universities while enjoying a drink and a snack. So be there and get to know your rights!!! "Road map" With regards to The Hague promoting itself as an international city, Agorá Student Union and The Hague Student Union feel that the services and support offered to students should be brought to attention more. Governmental, regional, municipal and local institutions have to be more accessible for international students whom try to find their way in The Netherlands and The Hague. Students who are to live in Holland, and come from outside the Hague, often do not have the knowledge nor the network to deal with the problems like housing, public institutions or legal rights and privileges of a student properly and adequately. For example, students often pay too much rent or bargaining costs when looking for accommodation, cannot find their way in the Dutch bureaucratic system or are not aware about the regulations which are applicable to them and which they can exhaust. The goal and the purpose of the conference is to raise the awareness and inform the students about some of the key services that are provided for them and which they can exhaust. During the conference, an elaborate “road-map” will be explained to the students by representatives from several institutions or organizations whom are responsible for aiding and assisting the (inter)national students. These road-maps should contain sufficient information to guide the international students through the extensive bureaucracy. Joint venture The conference will be the first introduction towards a joint venture between Agorá Student Union and The Hague Student Union. After an extensive session between delegates from both parties where interest from both parties were being discussed, both parties found each other’s goals and objectives matching, resulting in the wish to work closely together on the assistance of the international student. Agorá Student Union is well aware that, due to its young existence, it does not possess the extensive resources and network that The Hague Student Union has. It feels that a cooperation with The Hague Student Union will expand its possibilities for reaching students and institutions in The Hague. Agorá Student Union believes The Hague Student Union to be a valuable partner as both Unions complement each other. Although The Hague Student Union arranged several activities in the past which were aimed at international students, it feels that it can be of more importance to the international students and play a more active role in representing the international students. As Agorá Student Union has extensive experience with affairs regarding this group of students, The Hague Student Union feels that this experience can help their activities and policies be of more significance for the students. Agorá Student Union is very content with the newly set up commission by The Hague Student Union and feels that its contribution towards the international students with this joint venture is a pivotal change for international students and both organizations. Conference schedule The conference will be held in The Hague University (de Haagse Hogeschool) and is free of charge. From 16.30h students will be welcomed in the Foyer of The Hague University where they can enjoy a drink. At 17.00h the conference will start in the Aula. Afterwards, the after-conference drinks, co-

hosted by student organization Interaccess, will take place in the Sports cantine of The Hague University. 16.30 - 17.00 Reception 17.00 - 17.15 17.15 - 17.35

Introduction speech Lecture on housing

17.35 - 17.55 17.55 - 18.15 18.15 - 18.45 18.45 - 19.00 19.00 - 20.00

Lecture on finances Lecture on public institutions Panel Q&A Closing words After-conference drinks

The Hague University Johanna Westerdijkplein 75 2521 EN The Hague +31(0)70 - 445 8888 Register at: Contact Qushal Dayantsing Bansraj Treasurer of Agorรก Student Union +316-23404324

Contact Precenta Turfkruier Chairman of The Hague Student Union +316-48916300

International Conference Day september 12  

Debate on student housing. Organized by Agora student association and De Haagse Studentenvakbond. Join Interaccess for the after-conference...

International Conference Day september 12  

Debate on student housing. Organized by Agora student association and De Haagse Studentenvakbond. Join Interaccess for the after-conference...