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Along with Little Book of Big Secrets (see opposite), 505 is breaking new ground with the first game released in Europe specifically for the DSi. It takes advantage of the format’s camera feature, manipulation tools and face recognition technology to deliver a game that’s great fun for all budding stylists and even more fun to play with friends. The challenge is to run a successful salon and become a top hair and make-up artist. Players need to master their arts – and keep their customers happy. It’s perfect for any girls interested in hair and make-up and even gives them the chance to take photos of themselves and their friends and then create brand new looks for each other – as stylish or as bizarre as they like. FEATURES:  Swap images and creations wirelessly with other Hair Salon players!  Save up to five creations to send to your friends  Perfect your hair and make-up techniques with over 15,000 combinations to use!  The first DSi game to use Automatic Face Recognition!

GAME INFO HAIR SALON Publisher: 505 Games Developer: Sonic Powered Format: DSi Release Date: November 7th

Another game to take advantage of the increased functionality of the DSi, Little Book of Big Secrets is a fun fusion of diary, scrapbook, personal organiser and address book – as well as being packed with great mini-games. Aimed at girls aged 6-12, it is a treasure trove of applications, puzzles and activities. Using the DSi cameras, girls can personalise their diary by uploading pictures of themselves and their friends – then really customise things through adding bunny ears, deely boppers, stickers, and so on. By getting players to create their own look and feel at every stage, it encourages creativity and then allows them to share it with friends via local and wi-fi connections through voice and picture chat. FEATURES:  DSi compatible – Upload pictures of your friends to your contacts pages  Use the DSi camera in fun mini games!  Local and Wi-Fi Connection; message, voice and picture chat with your friends  Share content and information with your friends from your diary

GAME INFO LITTLE BOOK OF BIG SECRETS Publisher: 505 Games Developer: Legend Studios Format: DSi Release Date: October 9th

The Cooking Mama franchise is, perhaps, the surprise smash hit of the last few years, rocketing from nowhere to sales of over 7m units around the world to date. The launch of the third game is an event, a landmark DS release in the year – and quite a contrast to the arrival of the original in 2006, which was greeted with quizzically raised eyebrows rather than fanfares. It’s all change now. Cooking Mama 3 will hit the DS in November and is, in fact, the first game in the series to be launched for the peak selling season – the confidence with which it will be pitched up against other blockbuster releases being yet another mark of the brand’s growing strength and maturity. The new game utilises all the most popular elements of the first two games and spices things up with tempting new gameplay modes. ‘Let’s Match’ allows players to choose their own ingredients and Mama challenges them to come up with something super-tasty to create. ‘Let’s shop’ challenges their memory as Mama sends them out with a specific shopping list, only to find confusing signs and forgetful shop assistants in their way. ‘Cooking Contest’, meanwhile, sees them face off against Mama in timed challenges to see who can complete a single minigame with the highest score in a madcap race against the clock. At the heart of the game are 80 recipes and more than 200 mini games. There’s also a four-player option via single cart download play. If that’s not enough to get your mouth watering, then how about transferring your home grown vegetables from Gardening Mama for use in creating all-new dishes? The combination of delicious dishes and fun-filled mini games is now established as a winning recipe and Cooking Mama 3 takes the concept to the level of true gourmet gaming.

GAME INFO COOKING MAMA 3 Publisher: 505 Games Developer: Cooking Mama Ltd Format: DS Release Date: November 2009

Designed to help 4-7 year olds develop essential skills in spelling, handwriting, reading, alphabet and keyboard, I Did It Mum! Spelling is fun and engaging as well as educational. The lessons are hosted by a cool puppy character, which is one of the things that makes them not seem like lessons at all. There are over 300 words for youngsters to master. At every stage they are rewarded with fun mini-games and stickers – and if they eventually learn all 300 words they get a job on the MCV editorial team.

GAME INFO I DID IT MUM! SPELLING Publisher: 505 Games Developer: Supersonic Format: DS Release Date: September 25th

Many pundits would say that a product designed to explain the basics of Ibsen’s classic play to 4-7 year olds is a bit too niche. And they’d be right. Which is why I Did It Mum! Doll’s House is actually the first ever interactive doll’s house, in which youngsters get to play as the doll, Emily, and help with tasks like feeding the fish, laying the table or feeding her baby brother. It’s a game of make-believe that children have been enjoying for centuries, but now it’s on-screen with loads of rooms to customise, minigames to play and rewards to be won.

GAME INFO I DID IT MUM! DOLL’S HOUSE Publisher: 505 Games Developer: Gamesauce Format: DS Release Date: September 25th


GAME INFO SPELLBOUND PARTY Publisher: 505 Games Developer: Supersonic Studio Format: Wii Release Date: October 2009

GAME INFO MIND, BODY & SOUL: SPELLBOUND 2 Publisher: 505 Games Developer: Supersonic Studio Format: DS Release Date: October 2009

COMPETITION Ahead of the release of Cooking Mama 3 on DS, 505 is giving you a chance to win one of five delicious copies all for yourself. To be in with a shout, just answer this question:

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