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he original Wii Sports was one of the key titles in popularising what is now the most successful hardware format in the world. For some people, it helped define the Wii itself. It managed to show consumers instantly and instinctively that the format was all about fun for everyone, and also illustrate the new and unique method of physical control via the Wii Remote. Wii Sports Resort, the second major multi-event title for the platform, is a truly ‘second generation’ title, offering players a more varied line-up of sports and competitions, as well as utilising the Wii MotionPlus accessory which



Power Cruising

provides the most responsive and realistic experience possible. One of the most noticeable differences straight out of the box is that there are twice as many sports – 12 compared to six. And within each one there are often plenty of different styles and gameplay options, so it’s a far broader and more diverse experience. Wii Sports Resort takes place on Wuhu Island and is packed with things to do. Activities include Archery, Frisbee, Basketball, Cycling, Canoeing, Power Cruising, Table Tennis, Air Sports, Bowling, Swordplay, Golf and Wakeboarding. In every case, the Wii MotionPlus helps to recreate the physical reality

of the actual sport, giving players the sensation of smashing one down the fairway, slamming a basket or firing an arrow straight into the bullseye. The controller picks up every nuance of a player’s movement and translates it onto the screen. The difference is brought into sharp focus in Archery, for instance, when every single twitch or tremor changes the direction of the arrow and can result in a miss. This is phase two of the revolution that began with Wii and is now becoming industry standard – just as Nintendo moves things on still further. All the different sports use the controllers differently, and some make

GAME INFO Wii SPORTS RESORT Format: Wii Release Date: 24th July Includes Wii MotionPlus

Table Tennis

Air Sports



use of the Nunchucks as well as the Remote. In Canoeing, for example, players hold the Remote on its own, like a paddle, while in Cycling they hold the Remote in one hand, the Nunchuck in the other and ‘pedal’ like crazy with both arms. One really different activity falls under the banner of Air Sports. This involves flying round the island, doing a spot of competitive sightseeing and using the Wii Remote like a paper plane. As with Wii Sports, the menu system is really simple. It is controlled by pointing at the screen, making it easy to jump in and out of each sport.

PLUS POINTS Wii MotionPlus is a new accessory which takes the motion-sensing control of the Wii Remote to new levels of precision and performance. It comes bundled with Wii Sports Resort – and the new title perfectly showcases the huge jump forward in gameplay experience that the Wii MotionPlus makes possible. One of the sports that perhaps highlights the improvements more than any other is Archery. The slightest, and we mean slightest, movement of your hand will be reflected on screen and hitting the target calls for absolute precision. The launch of Wii MotionPlus is a new chapter in the success story of the Wii, and Wii Sports Resort is where that chapter starts.





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The TV ad makes it clear that every single movement players make, even the slightest twitch, is picked up by the new MotionPlus technology and translated onto the screen in sports such as Archery and Table Tennis






“It'll make you fall in love with your Wii all over again” ONM 94%

The first Resort Senior product manager Robert Lowe takes us on a guided tour of the biggest Wii Release of the year…

LOWE: “It’s the biggest launch campaign in Nintendo’s recent history.”

Could you give us some background on the success of Wii Sports? Wii Sports is now the most played game in the world - and has a global installed base of over 45m, with almost 6m of those coming from the UK. It is still one of the most played games on Wii, and has one of the highest satisfaction levels across all our games. A common misconception is that Wii Sports is a game for nongamers – in fact the title has an incredible amount of depth, and is loved by everyone, no matter what their gaming experience. This universal appeal has been replicated in Wii Sports Resort, whilst Wii MotionPlus takes gameplay to the next level of accuracy and control.

How important was Wii Sports in defining and showcasing the Wii back when it was still seen as something very different and outside people's realm of experience? Every new console needs a killer app, or a piece of software that defines the console - for the DS it was Brain Training, for Wii it was Wii Sports. It completely explained what Wii was about from the moment you had your first go on Wii Sports Tennis even people sceptical about games couldn't help but smile. The feeling you get when you play Canoeing or Table Tennis on Wii Sports Resort for the first time is almost identical to this - which is a fantastic commendation for the product.

Will Wii Sports do the same sort of evangelical job for Wii MotionPlus, i.e. make people realise how indispensable it is to a new generation of games? Absolutely - although Grand Slam Tennis, Virtua Tennis and Tiger Woods 10 are all great examples of Wii MotionPlus enhancing and improving gameplay as well. Wii Sports Resort can only be played with MotionPlus, which should ensure it reaches a broad audience - and once they get their hands on it, they will realise straight away how sensitive it is, and how much extra control it allows. What are the major steps forward Sports Resort has over Wii Sports?



To celebrate the imminent launch of the biggest Wii game of the year, Nintendo is giving you the chance to win five copies of Wii Sports Resort. To secure your place on the starting line, simply answer the following question:

How many sports are there in Wii Sports Resort? A) 6 B) 9 C) 12 Send your answer to


LOWE: “Once players get their hands on Wii Sports Resort they will realise straight away how sensitive it is and how much extra control it allows.”

The best way to compare is to play Bowling and Golf on Wii Sports, and then try them out on Wii Sports Resort - the extra level of control is amazing, especially on Golf, where every slight draw or fade, slice or hook is replicated on the screen. There are also ten more brand new sports. At the moment our favourite in the office is Archery, which requires a very steady hand (which are in short supply at Nintendo UK!) Which sports do you think will grab players’ imaginations? All of them are great - but watching four people taking part in a Canoeing race is hilarious, and will be the

highlight of many late night Wii sessions over ths summer. How big is Wii Sports Resort in terms of its importance in 2009’s release schedule? It's the biggest launch on Wii this year. We're re-promoting it heavily at Christmas and next year as well.

websites, as well as a cinema campaign alongside Harry Potter. Below the line we have one of our biggest ever sampling campaigns planned in, based around a beach resort theme, as well as a massive PR push. I’d say it's probably the biggest campaign I've ever been involved with.

How big a marketing campaign is being put behind the release? It's the biggest launch campaign in Nintendo's recent history, with a huge TV campaign running over three months, a print campaign which will include cover-wraps on the Daily Star, Metro and Shortlist, an online takeover on MSN and all the major gaming

What is the central message of the campaign? We have decided to slightly move away from the ‘Wii Family around the sofa’ style of advertising, and are now showing Sporting Champions from around Europe trying out their expertise on Wii Sports Resort. The initial cuts look fantastic, and we

hope it will gain major cut through to our broad Wii audience. What sort of audience are you targeting through which type of media? We'll be targeting a really broad audience as Wii Sports Resort really is for anyone - from kids to grandparents, from new gamers to the most experienced - it's got something for everyone. What are the sales expectations for Wii Sports Resort? We are hoping to break the records set by Mario Kart Wii and then Wii Fit, and achieve a number one in both the All Formats and the Wii chart.

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