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A selection of stats from across the mobile industry...

Mobile web user base rises 61 per cent

MEF: content up a third A new report from industry trade body MEF says mobile entertainment will grow 33 per cent this year. Its third annual Business Confidence Index, compiled for MEF by KPMG, says that despite the economic downturn, members are still optimistic about the market. Indeed, the 33 per cent projection is up six per cent on that being predicted at the beginning of 2009. Andrew Bud, global chair of MEF, says: “Despite a general downturn and a degree of belttightening in some areas, any

remaining uncertainty is offset by a sense of optimism. This quiet confidence and positive outlook suggests that we are going to see some exciting opportunities developing within our industry.” The results did point to a divide between the established and emerging market, with Central and Latin America, as well as India, driving proportionately larger revenue increases. Respondents also showed that apps are developing into tangible revenue streams with 14 per cent of revenue projected to come from this area.

Symbian shipments to double in five years Sales of Symbian devices will reach 180 million in 2014, which is up from 87 million units this year, according to new research from Juniper. But it’s not all rosy. The report says that the new open source platform faces strong competition, and that its overall market share will remain virtually unchanged during the forecast period. Juniper says the Symbian figure, combined with a steady increase in Android and LiMo shipments, will push the total open source handset market beyond 220 million by 2014. The report asserts that 32

November 2009

A study by the mobile internet specialist Novarra says its user base is on course to double by the end of the year. Its latest mobile internet experience update, based on usage stats from the company’s browser and platform deployments with operators around the world, says its user base rose by 61 per cent in the first half of 2009. The report also suggests that people are increasing their monthly data consumption, especially video downloads. It says users with access spend 80 minutes a month on average watching streams. Also on the up is mobile Twitter usage. Novarra’s stats show a 3,500 per cent increase in page views for the mobile Twitter website in the first half of this year – and that doesn’t include people using Twitter applications.

Other sites showing strong growth include Flirtomatic (210 per cent), Abphone (260 per cent), Taptu (300 per cent) and Wikipedia (112 per cent).

$2.4 trillion mobile market Buoyant data revenues are helping to keep the vast global market for all mobile services on the rise. Analysys Mason says data traffic will grow 131 per cent CAGR by 2013. It reported that, despite the economic dowturn, the global telecoms market grew by five per cent in 2008 to hit $1.8 trillion. The launch of 3G networks in emerging markets will drive the most visible future growth, but the

analyst warns this could present problems for operators. It says they have to monetise traffic rather than see it all go to Apple and Nokia. It warns all-you-can-eat plans are not a sustainable solution. Voice services accounted for 36 per cent of global service revenue in 2008, and mobile data services accounted for ten per cent, while traditional voice services represented only 21 per cent.

Mums are downloading

even though Apple, RIM and Palm use proprietary mobile OSs, 60 per cent of the current market is open source.

Research suggests the working mum is the most lucrative demographic for mobile content. Scarborough Research conducted a study among American women who work full-time and have children at home. It claims that they have a higher monthly mobile phone bill than the average user – $94 versus $78 – and they’re also 42 per cent more likely to download content. “The working mum is the gatekeeper for purchases,” says SVP of agency services Howard Goldberg. “Her high spending implies that mobile marketing could be an important platform for reaching her with product announcements, offers and promotions.”

Mobile Entertainment Issue 57, November 2009  

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