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Wii Fit and other ‘healthy living’ titles continue to enjoy serious sales on Nintendo platforms – and Ubisoft’s latest certainly has the potential to share in this success...

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have real credibility with the consumer,” Slaughter says. “Fitness First has over 5.5 million members worldwide and 1.4 million members in the UK. Meanwhile, You Are What You Eat has a new series starting this August. This prime time show will really extend the reach of our title. Retailers should expect a good level of brand awareness of this title and the sales that will go along with it.”

by James Batchelor

IN A licencing double-whammy, Ubisoft’s NewU not only features exercises selected by the world’s foremost gym chain Fitness First, but also boasts dietary advice from Channel 4’s You Are What You Eat series. And with such strong brands behind NewU – and fitness games more popular than ever – Ubisoft is confident the title will perform well at retail. With the backing of Fitness “There are strong First and You Are What You expectations for this title,” says Ubisoft UK Eat, NewU will have real brand manager Mark credibility with the consumer. Slaughter. “We have Mark Slaughter, Ubisoft seen the fitness segment of the market expand rapidly and Ubisoft sees this as a great As with other fitness games, the addition to its line-up of fitness games.” focus of NewU is on the Balance BoardThe key to the game’s promise is the compatible workouts. Players are guided two brands. Fitness First gyms can be through these exercises by leading found all over the nation, whilst the Fitness First personal Channel 4 TV show originated as a trainer Julie Seymour and three of highly successful book range before her colleagues. making the journey to the small screen. The introduction of real personal “As NewU is developed in trainers that offer feedback, rather than conjunction with the world’s largest a digital avatar, is designed to make fitness centre chain Fitness First and the users feel more comfortable and keep nutritional experts from the TV show them motivated effectively. Each You Are What You Eat, the title will personal trainer has over 80 exercises in


their repertoire, ensuring workouts don’t become repetitive. The game also helps consumers monitor their diet and general eating habits. The minds behind You Are What You Eat have worked closely with the developers so that once a user has specified their nutritional preferences, NewU can devise a dietary play for them to follow. It even suggests ideal recipes from a possible 138, accounting for 20 weeks worth of different food. “NewU is fully customisable,” adds Slaughter. “Players can choose a particular lifestyle objective and the game will create customised workouts and nutritional plans using recipes that complement physical activity.” There are 25 different personal goals that can be set, and NewU combines the knowledge of Fitness First and You Are What You Eat to come up with the ideal way for players to achieve these. “NewU is about finding the right balance between exercise, food and regaining a healthy lifestyle,” says Slaughter. “The game is an ‘all in one’ fitness and nutrition concept made to improve your health condition and help you to get in shape.”

MCV547 July 24th 2009  

The Market for computer and video games

MCV547 July 24th 2009  

The Market for computer and video games