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peration Flashpoint: Dragon Rising will take gamers as close to war as they’ll ever want to get. The genre-defining military conflict game built from the ground-up on the award-winning EGO Engine, Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising challenges players to survive the chaos, carnage and rapidly evolving scenarios of modern warfare in a 220km2 contemporary theatre.


Pitched into the awesome intensity and diversity of war like never before, players fight from the unique perspectives of an Infantry Marine and a Special Forces operative. Gameplay simulates an immense conflict between advanced forces and provides huge scope and freedom, with a range of vehicles and weapon systems for players to deploy and different military disciplines to experience. Up to four-player online co-operative play, ground-breaking squad and enemy AI and a detailed, stunning game environment deliver the ultimate war game. The battlefield is the stunningly detailed, beautifully crafted 220km2, oil rich island of Skira, located off the eastern coast of Russia, north of Japan. As an airborne division of the People’s Liberation Army of China (PLA) lands to claim the island as the sovereign possession of the People’s Republic, the patrolling amphibious assault ship, USS Iwo Jima, responds by sending a battalion of US Marines. The island becomes a flashpoint where the combined combat assets of two military superpowers face off in an epic engagement in the sandbox shooter of the year. >>>

<<< Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising

will give players the freedom to handle military crisis situations on their own initiative. Objectives are set – how they are achieved are up to the player in exhilarating, unscripted missions. Armed with cutting-edge military hardware, players will need to balance brute force with intelligent use of tactics. No game will ever play out the same way twice thanks to advanced and reactive AI that uses real world military strategies. Players will command and control a wide variety of multi-component, multiweapon vehicles, including tanks, infantry fighting vehicles, APCs, attack and utility helicopters. Gamers experience the lethality of contemporary combat as the genre-leading character damage system

depicts the reality of wounds and injury sustained in theatres of war. The jaw-dropping, brutal effects of modern weapon systems are brought alive with huge explosions and persistent building damage as players fight a unique path through this unmistakable, unrivalled battlefield. This autumn, war has never been so engaging, so immediate or so visceral. Marketing activity • Specialist press ads • TV campaign • Full consumer and specialist PR campaign. • Full retail POS support

xperience the world’s largest ever racing environment in the groundbreaking arcade racer FUEL. Set in an alternate present, the effects of global warming have wreaked destruction across huge swathes of America, driving people from their homes as they flee hurricanes, brush-fires and Tsunamis. Into these abandoned danger zones, a new breed of adrenaline junkies set out to conquer Mother Nature, and each other, in exhilarating races. FUEL’s astonishing landscape, mapped using satellite data, brings together over 5,000 sq miles of rugged and wild terrain.


Roads, tracks and trails weave across a diverse environment that includes the snowcapped mountains of Washington State’s imposing Mount Rainier, to the Utah saltplains and the depths of the Grand Canyon. Bringing this world fully to life are a dynamic weather system that includes snowstorms, thunderstorms, sandstorms and tornados and a full day-night cycle. Beautiful, huge and diverse, FUEL’s epic world demands to be explored. Players can explore in free-ride, take on hundreds of races and events and master over 70 two and four-wheeled, on and offroad vehicles including quads, buggies, trucks, motorbikes, dragsters and many more. Further extending this offline world, up to 16 players can go head to head in online races. Coming this May for Xbox 360 and PS3, with a PC Games For Windows edition to follow, FUEL is the ultimate racing sandbox. Marketing Activity • Specialist and lifestyle press advertising • Extreme sports media packages including print, online and events • Online campaign pre and post launch • Consumer focused PR campaign including launch events

umpgate Evolution is the definitive action-based massively multiplayer online space game. Set in a glorious, yet fierce universe thousands of players come together in combat and collaboration in the ultimate space sandbox. Jumpgate Evolution draws on popular themes from classics such as Elite, X-wing Vs Tie-fighter and Privateer and combines them in a living, breathing, persistent world. Players are in the heart of the action, with reflex based controls and full joystick support to deliver a thrilling, visceral


experience, unprecedented in massively multiplayer online games (MMO). Choosing from one of three Nations, players immerse themselves in a visually striking universe where only the strongest survive the game’s expansive battles for military and trading supremacy. Designed for both experienced and novice MMO players alike, players can live the life of an intergalactic hero and play with friends as they trade commodities across the galaxy or take part in exhilarating dogfights as they journey through the ranks from space rookie to experienced commander. Jumpgate’s inclusivity encompasses its technical specifications – it looks stunning on top end PCs but intelligently scales to run on lower spec machines. The result is a slick space combat game that is rewarding for MMO veterans yet intuitive for new players. With a galaxy of conflict and commerce to explore, and hundreds of spaceships to command, Jumpgate Evolution will revolutionise the space MMO. Marketing Activity • Exclusive Beta promotional campaign • Print and online ad campaign • Full consumer and specialist PR campaign • Full retail POS support

ombining huge open environments, daredevil acrobatics and vehicle based stunts, Damnation breathes fresh air into the action genre as it takes the shooter vertical. Set in a fictional steampunk era influenced by the American Civil War, players become hero Captain Hamilton Rourke and embark on an immersive journey of revenge as the country is ravaged by an apocalyptic conflict. Taking advantage of Rourke’s incredible dexterity, players have to negotiate their own path through Damnation’s open, epic and vertigo inducing levels, each containing up to three hours of gameplay rising above them.


With miles of awe-inspiring, enemy flooded landscapes ahead, players scale imposing buildings, leap across chasms and engage in spectacular gun-fights against ruthless, intelligent AI who will hunt down Rourke and attack from all angles. Players can choose to plot precise attacks using Damnation’s unique Spirit Vision to unveil hidden enemies, steam in all guns blazing or take charge of a range of unique vehicles, from wall-riding motorbikes to armour piercing mobile artillery. The Damnation adventure is extended with split-screen drop-in-drop-out cooperative play and full online multiplayer options. Utilising the unique scale and height of Damnation’s environments, traditional multiplayer deathmatch and capture the flag modes, complemented by innovative game modes, get a vertical twist. Up to eight players engage in thrilling shoot-outs where firepower and agility combine in beautiful maps where players can kill or be killed from any direction. Seamlessly blending action, strategy and combat Damnation delivers a breathtaking experience. Marketing Activity • Full specialist and consumer PR campaign • Extensive online campaign • Specialist press ads • Full retail POS support

ndulge your inner evil and unleash the minion hordes in Overlord II, the sequel to the million-plus selling, parody rich, fantasy action-adventure where tyranny is triumphant and despotism is a delight. Donning the armour of a new Overlord, players command an even more manic, dangerous and hilarious horde of minions. Directing the loveable yet vicious little critters, they blaze a trail of death and destruction in a warped, epic new story by award-winning writer Rhianna Pratchett.


As the Overlord, your must restore your omnipotence against the Glorious Empire. Outwardly sanctimonious and impressive, they are corrupt and decadent at heart. Fortunately, equipped with new armour, weapons and an enlarged, smarter minion force predisposed to pillage and pulverise, you’re fully prepared to smash the Empire in every corner of the kingdom. Reenergised and always willing to take on the most kamikaze order for their masters, the minions return with a huge number of irrepresible and lethal new attacks. They can disguise themselves to infiltrate enemy lines, deploy bigger and more dangerous weapons like trebuchets and can ride into battle atop mounts that include rabid wolves, fire-breathing salamanders and wall-crawling spiders. And it wouldn’t be Overlord without the freedom to express your dark side: Do you slash and burn the lands under your control, or exert your total domination by enslaving towns under your will? It really is up to you. Marketing Activity • Specialist press ads • TV campaign • Full 12 month consumer and specialist • PR campaign • Full retail POS support

reated exclusively for Wii, Overlord Dark Legend is a new actionadventure that gives fairytale lore a sinister, satirical twist. In the armour of a new, young Overlord players control a horde of crazed minions. The Wii remote is a perfect extension of their despotic will, sweeping minions into attack or throttling the devious critters until they turn explosive, then guiding them like crazed kamikazes to their targets.


A tongue-in-cheek fantasy story by award-winning games writer Rhianna Pratchett sees players meet fairytale figures given the Overlord treatment. Red Riding Hood, for instance, becomes Lilâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; Red, a sweet girl who turns into a wolf and embarks on homicidal rampages. Overlord Dark Legend puts you in command of the minion horde like never before.

eet Giblet, Blaze, Stench and Zap – an elite minion fighting force who, assisted by minion master Gnarl, star in Overlord Minions, exclusively on Nintendo DS. Tuned for portable play and packed full of Overlord’s trademark humour, this action puzzle game places players in the role of the Overlord, ordering his minions to negotiate fiendishly-fun fantasy levels. The Nintendo DS stylus is an intuitive extension of the player’s evil will, commanding and


combining minions in battle in this irresistible extension of the Overlord world. Each minion is equipped with their own special moves, such as Stench’s fart dart or Blaze’s fearsome fireballs. They can be controlled individually or teamed up to perform more powerful attacks. With a brand new story by Rhianna Pratchett, prepare to battle a huge range of twisted new enemies and revel in minion mayhem on the move.

rom the home of video game cricket comes the official game of one of sport’s most exciting and iconic clashes – the Ashes. As this year’s series shapes up as one of the hardest-fought in its 127 year history, players can don the whites of Kevin Pietersen, Andrew Strauss and Ricky Ponting and decide the fate of the Ashes themselves. Ashes Cricket 2009 is fully licensed giving gamers all the official players, kit,


stadia – including Lords– and equipment from this year’s npower Ashes Series. Building on the best-selling Brian Lara franchise, Ashes Cricket 2009 will lead the field with exhilarating batting, bowling and fielding gameplay and authenticity that has made the series a hit with fans across the world. A new Legends mode features Sir Ian Botham and Shane Warne who set a series of challenges ranging from basic batting techniques to advanced bowling strategies, as well their trademark banter. In addition to the comprehensive ‘Ashes’ mode gamers will also be able to play Test matches, ODIs, 20 Over games and a series of challenge modes with different nations. The high-definition versions feature online multiplayer and support for local multiplayer games. The Wii edition lets players use the Wii remote to perform batting and bowling motions like their heroes in single-player or local multiplayer. Ashes Cricket 2009 is the essential game of the summer’s highest profile sporting event. Marketing activity • Specialist press ads • TV campaign • Full consumer and specialist PR campaign • Full retail POS support

he stunning sequel to the critically acclaimed smash hit of 2007, Colin McRae: DiRT 2 is set to revolutionise off-road racing. Big event atmosphere, incredible locations and a stellar line-up of the most powerful, officially licensed off-road racers are brought together in a tour from Malaysia to Morocco, London to LA. Breaking loose from the constraints of traditional environments, Colin McRae: DiRT 2 sets its spectacular events in lush jungles, huge stadiums and around stunning locations like the Battersea


Power Station, each lined with hundreds of thousands of cheering spectators. A line-up of best of breed vehicles from race one lets players focus on fast-paced, redline racing. Each can be customised and upgraded to enter different classes and grow with the player’s skill and reputation. With a host of traditional and new events, including Rally, Rallycross and Raid, Colin McRae: DiRT 2 will deliver an unprecedented experience on a tour that goes places racing fans have never been before. Built on the latest iteration of the awardwinning EGO Engine at Codemasters Studios, Colin McRae: DiRT 2 delivers jawdropping levels of damage and the integration of the advanced rewind function that set the new standard in the BAFTA award-winning Race Driver: GRID. Comprehensive multiplayer options, including full 8 player head-to-head racing, will extend the experience online and build a thriving community. Colin McRae: DiRT 2 is rally, redefined. Marketing Activity • Specialist press ads • Extensive online campaign • TV campaign • Full consumer and specialist PR campaign • Full retail POS support

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