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Essential SEO tips for Web Designers in London

Web designers in London are equally partners in SEO plan ď‚Ą

Web designers in London are equally partners in SEO plan. Shouldn’t the web designers and developers have interest to make the website search engine friendly? SEO has become important and I can say that it is mandatory as your clients have SEO on their minds and dream a search engine friendly website design. Now a day’s SEO is a must for every web designer and website developer to offer SEO services for client acquisition. If you are looking to use SEO for a proposal or to get a number of prospects, here are a few advantages and challenges.

Advantage: ď‚Ą

You are already there by providing website design and development services to your clients. To make a website SEO friendly, you need to understand the concept of SEO which will make it easy for you where to add the SEO related coding during the development stage.

Meta Tags Creation ď‚Ą

You need to add Meta tags in your web pages; these Meta tags are title tag which shows top of your web page and describe the flavor and services of your website. limitation should be between 65 to 70 characters, Meta description is also one of the most important element of the onsite seo part it show after the title tag in the search results, Meta keyword, and other Meta tags that help search engines to list what text of your web page in their search results. This is a static way of adding Meta tags on different pages. There is an alternative to this which is adding Meta tags values in admin panel for every single page using a CMS platform. Majority of the CMS platforms have some sort of SEO extensions or plug-ins to add Meta tags values to each page.

Local Listing Submission ď‚Ą

As you can see the title of this article it shows that you need some local efforts for your specific traffic like from London based so you need to create local listing. List your website to your country based local listing websites. This effort increases the chances to get more local traffic to your business website and get more business.

HTML and XML Sitemaps 

Design a sitemap for the website, both HTML and XML sitemaps. The HTML sitemap is good for website visitors to find different pages of your website and the XML sitemap is used for search engines to find all your pages easily and index them in their database.

Adding RSS feed to your online project. This helps publishers to enable automatic data syndication.

Some of the popular Content Management Systems such as Drupal, Joomla, Wordpress and others provide extensions for SEO plans that help with Meta tags, sitemaps and RSS feeds.

Essential seo tips for web designers in london