Page 7

Add the block in between the 2 purple blocks. But, nothing happens when the cat touches the donut with just the ‘if then’ block. So, go to the ‘Events’ function and link the ‘when right arrow key pressed’ block on top of the ‘if then’ block. Remember, we are still programming the ‘donut’ object. Now, let’s select the cat in the ‘Sprite List’. In the ‘Scripts area’, combine the ‘when right arrow key pressed’ and ‘move 10 steps’ blocks with the ‘if then’ block, like how you did in the donut’s script. All set!

To re-start the story, as in, to make the donut re-appear after it disappears, go to the ‘Sprite List’, right-click the ‘Donut’, and choose ‘show’ from the list.


Scratch with Intel NUC

Scratch with Intel NUC