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4. How to Program the ‘Object’, Donut First, check if the donut has been selected in the ‘Sprite List’. Then, go back to the ‘Control’ function and drag the ‘if then’ block, and insert the ‘touching ?’ block from the ‘sensing’ function into the hexagonal slot again. This time, choose ‘Sprite1’ from the list.

Now, to fill in the ‘if then’ block, drag the ‘say hello! for 2 secs’ block, and change the phrase to ‘Please, No! NO! NO!’, and the time to 3 seconds. To make as if the donut is disappearing, in the same function, drag the ‘hide’ block directly below the ‘say hello! for 2 secs’ block. To make the donut disappear while the cat is eating, go to the ‘control’ function, drag the ‘wait 1 secs’ block, and change the time to 5 seconds.


Scratch with Intel NUC

Scratch with Intel NUC