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1. Story making and ‘Object’ concept Hello, and welcome back! So, in the last episode, we learned the basics of ‘Scratch’, and created a very simple program. It was pretty straight forward, right? But today, we will take the time to make something a little more sophisticated and fun. Let’s try making the characters respond to the inputs from the keyboard. So first, let’s think of a scenario like a cat eating a donut. To create this scene into a program, look at the ‘Sprite List’ section. On the top right corner of the section, it says, ‘New sprite’. Click on the very first icon beside it. It’s called ‘Choose sprite from library.’

When the new ‘Sprite Library’ window pops up, look towards the left-hand side and click on ‘Things’ under the category, ‘ALL.’ When you see the donut, double-click on the icon.


Scratch with Intel NUC