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Online self-service has changed more in the last few years than in the previous ten. A groundswell of customer dissatisfaction that began around 2009 resulted in an explosion of online communication options in recent years. This infographic shows you where web self-service started going wrong and, more importantly, the massive role that new technologies like Virtual Agents now play in its resurgence.

2009: CONSUMERS BECOME SHORT-FUSED WITH FAQs and HELP In 2009, consumers grow tired of online FAQs and HELP tools that fail to resolve their issues. Satisfaction levels with these tools are severely low...


% 55

% 44

In 2009, 55% of US online consumers used Help sections or FAQs for customer service.

… but a staggering 44% of consumers who used these tools were NOT satisfied.

2011: ONLINE COMMUNICATION CHANNELS EXPLODE By 2011, dissatisfaction with FAQs and Help jumps from 44% to 49%. Satisfaction-starved consumers, desperate to get the answers they need, begin adopting new self-service communication options...

% 25

25% of consumers used online screen-sharing.

% 27

% 24 24% of consumers used a Virtual Agent tool.

In 2011, 27% of consumers used Click-to-Call.

FACTOID: None of these three methods of self-service were even measured by Forrester Research, Inc. just two years prior. The very next year, one of these tools is picked as the web self-service technology of the future…

2012: VIRTUAL AGENTS TAKE CENTER STAGE In 2012, Gartner releases numbers on the trend toward Virtual Agent adoption among enterprises. Gartner cites “profound cost savings” and “increased customer loyalty” as leading benefits of Virtual Agents...

% 50 “By 2015, 50% of online customer search activities will be via a Virtual Assistant for at least 1,500 enterprise businesses.” - Gartner Research

20% The number of organizations adding this capability is growing by 20% per year!

WHAT MAKES A TOP-NOTCH VIRTUAL AGENT? One Right Answer The provision of a single approved accurate answer regardless of how questions are phrased. Automated Conversations Dynamic, automated conversations that deliver answers and lead customers toward purchase decisions.

Multi-Channel Consistent answers across all channels including the web, mobile, social, and CSR desktop.

What does the next-generation Virtual Agent experience look like? Sources: Forrester Research, Inc., Gartner Research

Customer Insight Capture every question that customers ask in their own language and from any channel – for true, actionable Voice-of-the-Customer insight.

The Evolution of Web Self Service  
The Evolution of Web Self Service  

Like many technologies, web self-service has undergone an evolutionary process over the years. But it’s only in the last few years where we’...