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Transport Services Brochure

Intelligent Surface Solutions


Intelligent Surface Solutions

Transport Services Brochure

Intelligent Surface Solutions has been founded and operated on innovation in surface restoration and protection with the management team leading the UK/Ireland specialist services industry for over 3 decades. The company is dedicated to the pursuit of excellence and exceeding customer expectations at all stages of its operation and its unrivalled experience and range of global supply connections ensures that it will remain at the forefront of current and future surface maintenance technologies. Through its unique & unrivalled profile of service offerings and its vendor neutral product & equipment approach, clients are guaranteed the best solution possible. Integrity and honesty are cornerstones of our foundation and these principles are used to engage both clients and suppliers. Being unbiased we can provide the most intelligent solutions possible which are coupled with our never ending commitment to go above and beyond customer expectations. We are passionate about what we do and treat every surface and location as if it was our own. Our focus is on quality not quantity as we are determined to be a seen as the benchmark for others to follow. We are committed to R&D in every aspect of our operation and search globally to provide a tailored local solution. With decades of experience and the only company solely committed to specialist surface restoration & protection using all the latest systems and practices clients can trust us that their asset is in intelligent, safe hands. Within this brochure you will find details on the main services we provide to the transport industry including some of our other division’s services that we offer which compliment the standard offerings. We hope you find this document informative and help you understand why your organisation can significantly benefit from choosing the Intelligent solution.


Transport Services Brochure

Intelligent Surface Solutions

Contents 1 Fleet Valet 2 Certified Sanitisation 3 ClearShield for Glazing 4 Surface Restoration 5 Nanoclear 6 WearMax for floors 7 Stone Protection 8 Stainless Steel 9 Oxidised Surfaces 10 Softwash 11 Product Supply 12 Equipment Supply 13 Advisory Services 14 Training 15 Audit Services


Fleet Valet The pressures of operating buses and trains means these surfaces suffer greatly over time. Unless you’re fastidious about the interior cleaning on a daily basis build ups can and do occur. As the weeks & months roll by hidden grime, wrappers, dust and junk can just pile up.

Unfortunately there is just not enough time during the daily and weekly service cycles to do all you need to do to keep your fleet in top condition and maintaining specialist equipment which will only be used periodically does not make commercial sense. You’re in-house or contract staff know how to prepare your fleet so it meets the requirements of your daily service commitments but trying to get the same attention to detail on a periodic basis is difficult.

Keeping you fleet clean has many benefits: · Retains the value of your asset · Portrays the image you want to your clients · Improves your Mystery Traveller surveys · Reduces customer complaints · Extends the life time of your surfaces by at least double · Reduces insurance claims for clothes soiling · Prevents opportunities for bug infestation · Restores faded fabrics · Reduces those “strange” odours that masking will just not address · Gives the asset a new, fresh appearance A clean fleet is also treated better by the travelling public which is a proven fact. Using the intelligent approach we can provide a planned valet project for your fleet that will return it to its former glory – In additional to the valet we can then also protect the surfaces so they will stay cleaner for longer and will be easier to clean on a daily basis.

Fleet Valet Our vast experience across all forms of transport has given us industry leading skills to be able to deliver the project whilst causing no disruption to your current operation – We provide all the manpower and equipment to get the job done and our proven environmentally aware products allow us to treat any surface without detriment to the substrate. Not only will having a clean fleet be beneficial to your image it also generates increased revenue due to the increase in patronage as one of the main reasons cited by the travelling public against transport is the general impression that they are dirty – Promoting your standard of cleanliness and the steps to take to maintain standards can change passenger perception and can help to regain or gain tendered services or operating bonuses. Our dedicated Valet teams know what it takes to make things right and are focused on the overall excellence in your fleet’s appearance. Clients have used our services as part of a midlife refurbishment programme, Annual Maintenance or just before lease periods expire.

We can provide valet services for single elements (flooring, seating etc.) or for all the internal surfaces. By providing these services at fixed costs the fleet manager doesn’t need to worry about the high costs or headaches of unplanned maintenance cleaning. Speak to us to see how we can help you maintain your fleet – Intelligently!

Certified Sanitisation Your fleet reflects your company and sometimes what you can’t see has a bigger impact on what you can. Passenger perception is a key hurdle for all operators to cross and the increased To address this Intelligent have developed a fleet awareness and risk of been personally affected by the surfaces passengers come in contact can sanitisation programme that gives you the choice of the latest proven treatments to periodically sanitise lead to them choosing alternative means. the whole of your fleet. The benefits of our treatments include: · Reduction of stale odours · Removal of all hidden germs · A safer environment for your passengers and staff We are the only company that offers you a range of non-damaging, industry leading and clinically proven treatments from all the leading global suppliers and have designed our service to fit around the needs of the operator with treatments taking place outside operational hours. Cleaning regimes address the visible but the Our unique services utilise the latest in electrostatic invisible is what threatens people most. All know spray equipment to deliver the most complete about the value of good hygiene yet few seem coverage of every surface using the minimum to live by this creed. amount of product which ensures less wastage and that vehicle downtime is kept to a minimum. Your fleet can suffer from the effects by harbouring pathogens and other undesirables and this can have a direct impact on your revenue and bottom line.

Certified Sanitisation

Once we sanitise your fleet we provide a confirmation certificate that can be attached wherever desired to clearly show your commitment to excellence for all to see. The service takes just minutes and your fleet is free for operation almost immediately. Treatments can provide instant kill and/or you can have a residual treatment which, once used, goes on working between treatments. We provide the very low cost service either as a one off or on a rolling project basis and all we need is access and everything else is provided by our self-contained units. Not only can you enhance the passenger quality but you also reduce your ligation exposure as you will have a clear due diligence trial for all to follow.

One of the key sectors is the cruise ship industry and we can provide our complete service during port time to significantly reduce the potential cases of Norovirus etc. which leads to a lot of negative press.

Our service is not only suitable for the standard Speak to us to see how we can help you sanitise public transport format of Bus, Train & Plane your fleet – Intelligently! but is increasingly being used by taxi companies & vehicle hire companies to promote their commitment to excellence.

ClearShield Moisture, Alkalinity and Dirt (MAD) can easily cause glass, exterior or interior, to become Problem Glass. Glass is a prominent part of the many transport surfaces and it promises visibility, clarity and cleanliness. Unless glass is protected against MAD, it can easily break these promises and lead to a low level of passenger experience.

Problem Glass can also fail to achieve standards for light transmission that were met at the time of train design. This has negative effects on vehicle presentation/ambiance not to mention the effects on structural glazing. Problem Glass can be found in many places on transport fleet and structures with one or more of the aggressive trio of MAD is found present. The two biggest enemies of glass are moisture and alkalinity. Either individually or together, they can etch or dissolve the surface of glass, making it appear dull and sometimes white in appearance. Some dirt can damage the surface, and further harm can be caused in efforts to remove it.

Problem Glass is any glass that has broken, or is likely to break, its original promises of visibility, clarity and cleanliness. This causes glass to become increasingly difficult to clean and keep clean – a high-maintenance material of construction. In spite of frequent and intensive cleaning, Problem Glass can easily lose its original visibility and “sparkling� appearance.

Improved glazing appearance instantly improves the overall appearance of fleet and structures and clear shield ensures that the appearances is maintained with a huge decrease in maintenance requirements.


Moisture can be in its liquid form, such as rainfall, or as a vapour in high humidity areas. Alkalinity comes from the fleet wash cycles as well as the general operating environment. Although Organic dirt does not normally attack glass it can attach firmly to the surface and be difficult to remove. For exterior glass, this includes traffic film, bird droppings and grease. For interior glass, organic dirt includes finger marks and head marks. Inorganic dirt bonds chemically to glass and is difficult, if not impossible, to remove using conventional cleaning methods. Inorganic dirt on exterior glass includes sea spray, industrial emissions, metal oxides from the braking systems etc. For interior glass consecutive tears of chemical based cleaning agents can begin to take their toll. For more than 30 years, Clear Shield has been developed and supplied innovative and costeffective solutions for Problem Glass.

These solutions will provide the cure for the glass and provide an increased passenger perception not to mention the reduction in current cleaning productivity. We are approved and certificated applicators of the clear shield system with a particular emphasis on transport systems – Real world trials have shown how effective the system is when embraced with a clear ROI being achieved. Speak to us to see how we can help you restore and protect all of your glazing – Intelligently!

Surface Restoration Many transport environments suffer from build ups over time – From engineering areas to offices, bus Stops to train stations the heavy footfall and exposure to the environment takes its toll.

By using our unique industry working experience our systems are tailored to work around the operational needs as opposed to interfere with them and we know how to work within our client’s requirements.

We provide single or on-going restoration projects which have included: · Engineering bay/workshop degreasing · Out station/bus stop cleaning · Platform Chewing Gum Removal · External Algae control · Internal mould remediation · Hard Surface deep cleansing (internal & External) · Sanitary area restoration

With over 3 decades of experience in providing services to the transport industry Intelligent have created surface restoration solutions for all environments. Current practices sometimes only deal with the daily aspects and the requirement for specialist Through the use of Power Washing, next equipment/skills is at times beyond the reach of the generation soft washing or the application of current resources be they internal or external. Nano based surface protection treatments we have answers for all problems.

Surface Restoration Completed on a fixed price basis, budget controls has never been simpler and clients can focus on the areas that cause them the most concern and/or can return the most for their investment. Having a robust programme in place maintains and extends the lifespan of substrates making a clear value justification and by being able to clearly demonstrate the actions taken ensure that clients “duty of care” towards employees and customers is very clear leading to complete compliance with all types of legislation. Sometimes there are projects that need alternative methods to be used and the industry renowned flexibility of the Intelligent service provision allows for all these alternatives to be provided under the one umbrella Our experience has shown what works in each environment and we have always risen to whatever challenge is placed before us – Regardless of how obscure the requirement can be! Plant & premises can be some of the most revenue hungry aspects of transport so investing in preventing these areas becoming problems has clear financial benefits.

We are committed to using the most sustainable and effective methods possible with an increasing amount of solutions being 100% organic. We take an active part in our world to reduce negative environmental impacts caused by outdated inefficient practices. Speak to us to see how we can help you restore all of your surfaces – Intelligently!

Nanoclear The transport industry invests millions each year on assets and maintaining their fleet. When purchased these purchases can begin to deteriorate in appearance and in turn devalue due to the nature of the operational environment.

Coating the visible surfaces with Nanoclear is one very positive way to help with this demoralising issue and give longevity to the surfaces which suffer from fading, staining, corroding and tarnishing. Nanoclear covers and protects nearly all of the components in your fleet and infrastructure to give less cleaning, better impact resistance, much better solvent resistance and life expectancy that no other clear coat can hope for.

Using Nanoclear we can restore and protect surfaces such as: · Fleet Paintwork & Bright work · Alloy Wheels · Signage · Stainless steel · Plastics The proven coatings protect against all the harsh environments including road film, fertilisers, acids, bird droppings and salts just to name a few. Nanoclear will rejuvenate highly oxidized surfaces to restore colour, gloss and UV properties. Nanoclear will protect almost any surface to give longevity, easy to clean, long lasting surface properties and is proven to revive and protect fibreglass, paint, plastics, vinyl, stainless steel, aluminium and much more. The treatment provides extreme weathering resistance, high scratch resistance, and innovative self cleaning properties as well as being chemical and solvent proof for easy maintenance which covers every aspect of transport, automotive, architecture and marine surfaces.


Laboratory tests prove that treatments require 60% less cleaning, have 75% better impact resistance, 476% better solvent resistance, and 45% better abrasion resistance than even the closest clear coat competitors. Using Nanoclear technology in the transport market has proven to have huge benefits and to far exceed expectations in every sector of vehicles, rolling stock, commercial property and more. Our nanotechnology based coatings restore original gloss, surface hardness and UV resistance to highly oxidized paint, gel coat and fibreglass surfaces which is idea for on street facilities such as bus stops. Nanoclear coatings penetrate deep into the smallest pores within newly painted or highly oxidized paint surfaces to form a highly crosslinked hard coat surface. Nanoclear coatings provide dramatically longer surface protection over conventional automotive, marine, aerospace and industrial paints including epoxies and polyurethanes. Nanoclear coatings prevent UV degradation of the substrate by absorbing harmful UV rays.

Nanoclear coatings are only available for application from Intelligent for the whole of the UK & Ireland under an on-going exclusive arrangement – The coatings are manufactured to give properties that far exceed OEM specification and have been used extensively by the Canadian rail freight industry and US Navy as well as many others. Speak to us to see what the Nanoclear coatings can Intelligently do for you!

WearMax Vinyl based flooring in all its formats has proven to be one of the most flexible but difficult areas to maintain to a consistent acceptable standard due to the properties of the flooring. Applying layers of polish can briefly enhance the surface and reduce maintenance time but is short lived and can increase the risk of slips and trips.

WEARMAX© is a multiple Coat-System. WEARMAX© Primer (Base Coat) is specially formulated to generate adhesion on the substrates mentioned. The primer contains ceramics and provides the actual main wear-layer. The ceramic used in WEARMAX© performs with a hardness of 9.2 – 9.4 (natural diamond = 10).

There is an answer and that answer is the patented revolutionary WEARMAX© coating. This new and unique ceramic coating system is suitable for vinyl, linoleum, synthetic and natural rubber and gives your flooring the properties desired. Key benefits include: · Guaranteed for a minimum of 5 years on building interiors · Totally restores existing flooring · Increased slip resistance · UV fading and chemical resistant · Reduces daily maintenance by a minimum of 50% · No additional treatment needed · Can be maintained with mechanical floor scrubbers

The entire system is formulated to allow the individual ceramic particles to protrude through the final surface, generating a smooth to touch but extremely hard and enduring protection against daily wear and tear. Due to the dense and even particle distribution across the entire surface excellent protection of the coated surface is achieved as well as excellent traction due to the fine roughness generated by the exposed ceramic particles.


Excellent traction is provided even on damp and/or wet surfaces. WEARMAX© allows you to reduce the cost of daily floor care and maintenance with savings in labour and cleaning materials whilst deliver a consistent high level of appearance that is second to none. WEARMAX© will increase the life span of any floor substrate to levels previously unknown! The long-lasting clean appearance of your floors coated with the WEARMAX® System will improve the image of your company and The top coat can be Matt, Satin or Gloss finish and gives the protection against dirt and soils. This assets. product performs with excellent resistance against WEARMAX© treatments can be beneficial in diluted acids and alkaline substances. The coating every area of a business – From the floors on can only be applied by a certified WEARMAX© Team Partner and Intelligent are the exclusive team your canteeen to the floors in your partners in the UK & Ireland executive bathrooms. The principle is simple: the larger the coated surface area, the higher the potential savings. However, significant savings can be made even in small areas!

Speak to us to see what WEARMAX© can Intelligently do for you!

Stone Protection Stone protection is the application of a surface treatment to surfaces constructed of stone to reduce staining and corrosion. All stone is riddled with interconnected channels that permit penetration by liquids and gases. These channels act like a sponge and draw in liquids over time, along with any dissolved salts etc.

Grime and dirt can then also penetrate the surface, making the surface increasingly harder to keep clean. Heat loss through walls and deposits of internal damp can also increase as this takes place. The longevity and usefulness of stone can be extended by sealing its surface effectively, so as to exclude harmful liquids and gases. The ancient Romans often used olive oil to seal their stone. Such treatment provided some protection by excluding water and other weathering agents, but it stained the stone permanently.

Very porous stone, such as sandstone absorbs liquids relatively quickly, while denser igneous stones such as granite are significantly less porous; they absorb smaller volumes, and more slowly. When surfaces become porous they allow rainwater penetration, causing a number of problems. These issues occur when the water soaks into the stone, as minerals and salt are drawn to the surface which are then deposited as white efflorescence on the stone surface.

Staining is the most common form of damage found on stone surfaces. It is the result of oils or other liquids penetrating deeply into the channels and depositing material that is effectively impossible to remove without destroying the stone. Salt Attack occurs when salts dissolved in water are carried into the stone.

Stone Protection Salt attack is better known as Efflorescence which is the formation of a gritty deposit, commonly white, on the surface. Acid erodes the stone, leaving dull marks on polished surfaces. In time it may cause deep pitting, eventually totally obliterating the forms of statues, memorials and other sculptures Our coatings will protect stone from water ingress, pollution, vegetation, algae and staining keeping your surface looking like new for years, saving you energy, time and money. The stone protection and waterproofing performance coatings are water resistant, colourless stone impregnation - up to 15mm deep which will prevent the need for continual cleaning, power washing and painting. They are all breathable to prevent the internal area becoming damp and improves the thermal efficiency of stone and masonry as the stone impregnation prevents water ingress.

Coatings can be used as part of a flood protection system for a building and are extremely abrasion and frost resistant which are also highly effective as a waterproofing membrane and reduces the growth of micro-organisms, moulds, moss and algae increasing hygiene on the surface. One such product is Gum-stop which prevents gum, dirt, grime, grease, oil and moss from adhering to the surface of paving slabs, brickwork, granite, marble and concrete. This innovative stain and chewing gum repellent makes cleaning pavements and paths an easier and more routine process. Even a sweeper or man and broom will successfully remove dropped gum. Speak to us to see the stone protection that is Intelligently right for you!

Stainless Steel Stainless steel’s resistance to corrosion and staining, low maintenance and familiar lustre make it an ideal material for many applications. There are over 150 grades of stainless steel, of which fifteen are most commonly used. There are different grades and surface finishes of stainless steel to suit the environment the alloy must endure. Stainless steel is used where both the properties of steel and resistance to corrosion are required. Stainless steel is used for buildings for both practical and aesthetic reasons. In order to maintain optimum appearance, the surface of stainless steel must be cared for regularly.

Stainless steel does not readily corrode, rust or stain with water as ordinary steel does, but despite the name it is not fully stain-proof, most notably under low-oxygen, high-salinity, or poorcirculation environments. Particularly corrosive conditions include: · Sea water, or de-icing salt splashing, or salt spray · High industrial or urban pollution levels · Hot, humid locations with salt or pollution exposure and very low rainfall.

Current practices include the use of oils on the surface but these methods can lead to an increase in dirt retention as well as the problems caused by the transfer of the surface residue. This method does nothing for protection of cleansing but just gives a visibly shiny surface which is short lived. Stainless Steel coatings are commercial non-stick protective coatings that seals the surface, making cleaning and maintenance easier. They are completely invisible and do not change or alter the appearance of the surface.

Stainless Steel The coatings provide both hydrophobic and oleophobic protection, reducing both corrosion and staining that often forms in most commercial environments. Many acidic cleaners that are used to treat the corrosion that develops on stainless steel can accelerate and increase the return rate. Our stainless steel coatings will eliminate the need to use those cleaners, and will dramatically slow the corrosion process. Similar to a non-stick fry pan, cleaning is made easier using only water and a mild detergent or with a microfiber cloth. The superior protection also helps prevent the build-up of mould and harmful bacteria, promoting a germ free environment. Stainless Steel Coatings can be applied to all new or existing surfaces. Ideal applications include: marine and public transport surfaces, commercial kitchens, escalator side panels. Passenger and goods lifts and general fixtures

Fingerprints, Streaks and general grime become much easier to remove and cleaning and maintenance times are reduced by up to 90% with the surfaces only requiring a regular wipe over to remove any grime build up. It keeps surfaces looking brand new and removes the need for harsh chemicals of other products. By helping to prevent bacteria build up protected surfaces promote a germ free environment. Extensive testing has proven the coatings to be highly durable. A 2-year limited warranty is provided for application to both new and existing stainless steel surfaces but the coatings can last up to 2 times longer than this. Speak to us to see how we can Intelligently restore and protect your stainless steel surfaces!

Oxidised Surfaces Global organizations have invested billions to protect valuable assets from corrosion, water damage, scratching, chipping, chemical attack and harmful UV rays. Many of these assets were painted using inferior materials not designed to withstand long-term weathering. Companies have various options when these surfaces degrade from UV damage: · Do nothing and allow the paint UV degradation cycle to continue (reduced corrosion, chemical and water resistance). · Replace the existing paint system using the same inferior conventional system (epoxy, polyurethane or latex). · Restore, enhance and extend the surface life of new or highly oxidized paint by 10 years using Nano-Clear®. Given the high cost of having repainted it makes financial sense to restore the existing paint. UV rays and salt can seriously fade the surface of paint. Often the damage is only on the surface and can be repaired.

Nanoclear® NCI-RC is the only industrial coating in the global marketplace to enhance, restore and extend the in-service life of highly oxidized surfaces by 10 years. Nanoclear provides extreme corrosion resistance, abrasion, chemical & UV resistance, water repellency and reduced surface maintenance. Nanoclear penetrates deep into the pores of newly painted or highly oxidized paints, enhances colour, improves gloss, increases surface hardness and extends UV resistance.

Oxidised Surfaces

Nanotechnology gives us the ability to develop and alter materials at the molecular level. Manufacturing at the atomic level allows chemical engineers to alter the physical characteristics of parent material atom-by-atom to create entirely new substances.

Nanoclear Coatings provide extreme crosslink density as measured using DMTA, including remarkable surface hardness, chemical resistance, extreme UV resistance and high flexibility.

Companies are currently manufacturing revolutionary nanobased materials including carbon nanotubes, nano-polymers, nanoglass and nano-ceramic. Nanoclear Coatings are manufactured using proprietary 3D nanostructured polymers. These 3D nano-scale networks form the polymer backbone of all Nanoclear Coating Systems.

Interestingly enough, Nanoclear Coatings do not contain any nanoparticles like many marketed nanocoatings. Rather, all Nanoclear Coatings rely on crosslink density to exceed OEM technical specifications.

Not only will the treatment restore your oxidised surface Dynamic Mechanical Thermal Analysis back to its former glory but it then provides protection (DMTA) is utilized to calculate the guaranteed for up to 10 years "crosslink density" of coating polymers. Speak to us to see how we can Intelligently restore your oxidised surfaces!

SoftWash An increasing amount of external surfaces are becoming unsuitable for pressure washing either due to the type of surface or location and many clients also require the use of water/chemicals in external maintenance to be kept at a minimum. Self-finished silicone renders have become more popular among architects as there are many good reasons for this which includes architectural and practical design.

Whether you’re a local authority with council properties, A commercial building, a retail unit, a school or even an historic property with monuments and delicate brickwork, over time your surfaces will develop general soiling as well as bacterial and, under the right conditions, algal growths. These areas can become unsightly and hazardous to customers, staff and the public if left untreated not to mention to potential damage it causes to the surface substrate.

Our various softwash treatments is completed by the use of our own designed high reach pole & brush systems from ground for surfaces up to 10 metres or from access platforms for higher levels. There are many benefits for this system which include • Cause no damage to surfaces • Kill organic growth and inhibit Re-growth • Removes carbon and other general soiling build-ups • Can be used on all surfaces including Brick, Stone, Wood, Metal, Plaster etc. • Increases the lifecycle of surfaces • Creates surfaces where less dirt & grime are retained • General appearance stays cleaner for longer • Be completed without any major disruption • And all with a low environmental impact

Softwash Biofilms such as Algae etc. almost always consist of mixtures of many species of bacteria, as well as fungi, algae, yeasts and other microorganisms. If left untreated these can cause severe deterioration on untreated surfaces not to mention the unsightly, unkempt image it creates which has a negative impact for the building and all who use or see it.

The Algae problems have increased as urban weed control has become better targeted and more environmentally aware, particularly in areas of non-residual weed control. These problems are a concern as they can make any surface extremely slippery. The problems are Power washing actually drives the algae further most prevalent in autumn and spring when the into the surface and spreads spores over a soiling and algae have ideal moisture and wider area causing increased growth going temperature conditions. forward and, in the wrong hands, can cause significant surface damage. Contact us now to see how our softwash services can be beneficial to your surfaces – all done Our answers are to treat the surfaces with a Intelligently! range of biodegradable solutions that will penetrate all the soiling or cells of the algae safely and quickly giving visible results in under 24 hours.

Product Supply With a global supply chain we are able to provide clients directly with products that can enhance, compliment and maintain surfaces following our service supply. Our primary mission is to deliver the service but we are also aware that products can be desired by customers at the right time for the right purpose. The company is working to strengthen its global supply chain, and to continue providing cutting-edge products without interruption.

We strive to shorten supply lead-time and improve planning and execution accuracy by using IT to streamline the supply chain (procurementproduction-logistics-sales-service) and we build good relationships with our suppliers to ensure stable procurement. As our business is predominately targeted to the restoration and protection of surfaces our product supply is focused on these mains areas. Our suppliers manufacture a comprehensive range of quality restoration and maintenance chemicals for a variety of industries including: Catering, Laundry, Leisure, Food Processing, Industrial Supplies, Transport, Contract Cleaning, Facilities Management, Care Homes.

Delivering a stable, efficient & effective supply of products to our business consumers are the most important responsibilities of any supplier and is required to ensure customer satisfaction and loyalty. As part of our mission to provide products that exceed the customers’ expectations we achieve this through the use of innovative products and robust policies.

Our range of products are supplied direct to customers throughout Ireland, the UK and the EU. We provide the majority of our customers with ownlabels and, where required, bespoke products and packaging.

Product Supply

As are supply line are principally the leaders in their field most are ISO9001:2000 registered companies and are aware of the issues surrounding the impact of harsh chemicals on the environment and wherever possible formulates with raw materials that minimise these effects. All must comply with environmental legislation. We have been instructed and successfully sourced many different formulations that our clients have requested to replace outdated or inefficient products they currently use for a variety of tasks within their operations. All products are available in standard and bespoke volume formats and are package in compliance with CHP and produced with the guidelines of REACH.

Some of our products are only for our own skilled technicians use are clients are advised of this accordingly. Speak to us to see how we can provide Intelligently sourced products for your business!

Equipment Supply With a global supply chain we have sourced the best equipment for the services supplied. As our suppliers have multiple product ranges we able to provide clients directly with equipment that can enhance, compliment and maintain surfaces following our service supply.

Being able to offer a stable, efficient & effective supply of equipment to our business consumers is an important responsibility and is required to ensure customer satisfaction and loyalty. As part of our mission to provide equipment that exceeds the customers’ expectations we choose to achieve this through the use of innovative suppliers and robust policies.

Our primary mission is to deliver the service but we are also aware that equipment can be desired by customers. The company is working to strengthen its global supply chain, and to continue providing cuttingedge equipment without interruption.

We strive to shorten supply lead-time and improve planning and execution accuracy by using IT to streamline the supply chain (procurementproduction-logistics-sales-service) and we build good relationships with our suppliers to ensure stable procurement. As our business is predominately targeted to the restoration and protection of surfaces our product supply is focused on these mains areas.

Equipment Supply

Our suppliers manufacture a comprehensive range of quality equipment for a variety of industries including: Catering, Laundry, Leisure, Food Processing, Industrial Supplies, Transport, Contract Cleaning, Facilities Management, Care Homes. Our range of equipment is supplied direct to customers throughout Ireland, the UK and the EU. As are supply line are principally the leaders in their field most are ISO9001:2000 registered companies. We have been instructed and successfully sourced many different types of equipment that our clients have requested to replace outdated or inefficient processes they currently use for a variety of tasks within their operations. All equipment is supplied in compliance with all current legislation and included full manufacturers warranties as standard

Speak to us to see how we can provide Intelligently sourced equipment for your business!

Advisory Services

The aim of our advisory service is to assess the current status of the in-house or contracted services, identify positive & negative areas and to instigate changes and monitoring procedures that would allow for the service to be performed to meet & exceed client expectations. As a management based project this would give the internal management team more time to focus on We also provide advice on solutions to new other activities as the day to day operation of the problems or issues that are not being properly relevant service function would be controlled. addressed. From a purely commercial stance the proposal is based on performance level with charges only occurring via the system savings that could be made following the initial consultation period. By being tasked to achieve the corporate goals within the current budget constraints this will ensure that the operation is performing to the highest levels possible for an internal operation whilst still embracing all the procedures and practices embraced by the contracted out providers. By contracting out this process the relevant operation would be given new focus and the current operations would be monitored independently to give a true reflection of where the operation currently stands.

As an experienced service provider (particularly in the field of public transport) we have the skills required to deliver projects in the most efficient & effective way possible and with our commercial awareness the service ensures clients will also have By having a new emphasis on the operation staff the most cost effective solutions possible. employed within this section would also have a clear vision on the roles they play.

Advisory Services

As outsourced contracting develops management teams with little (if any) knowledge of facilities management are faced with an increased responsibility in these areas. The emphasis of our advisory service is always to ensure best value and uncompromising quality at every stage of the process. Our services include: · Defining cleaning standards/specifications · Create a tendering process · Evaluation of tender submissions · Mobilising new contracts · Project management · Support and guidance on problem processes

By having an unbiased approach we can identify the best solution or approach to any surface restoration or maintenance project or task.

Speak to us to see how we can provide Intelligent advisory services for your business!

Training Services Training is the acquisition of knowledge, skills, and competencies as a result of the teaching of vocational or practical skills. Training has specific goals of improving one's capability, capacity, productivity and performance. In addition to the basic training required employees need to maintain, upgrade and update skills throughout their working life.

Too many managers view training as a luxury, not a competitive and strategic necessity. In today's business landscape, training is not just a matter of survival; it's what separates high performance organisations from the others. Embracing new processes or practices requires employee training. Training is more than just building the skills and knowledge of each individual of your team for their own personal benefit.

Companies that have invested in training report Improved recruiting, Higher retention, Better output. The lower your turnover rate, the more productive, enthusiastic and motivated your workforce. Employees will pack their new knowledge and skills into what they do, produce and service. Training will be effective only when certain conditions are met and this starts will the top tier of management buying in to the principle. The training should be in alignment with corporate goals and its requirement would be based on a simple needs analysis. The old saying of, "I hear then I forget, I see and then I remember. I do and then I understand." is very true in the service delivery sector as skills used a very labour orientated There are many ways to deliver training – classroom, self-paced instruction, mentoring, computerassisted and web-enabled, but we believe that people cannot successfully learn the skills without practicing on the job.

Training Services

We provide training for all levels which will include theory and practice and can tailor make the programme to each client’s needs. Due to our own operating service profile and our management teams extensive experience we are able to provide a variety training sessions which can cover items such as: · Urban cleansing including equipment use · Safe chemical usage · Chewing Gum & Graffiti removal · Surface preparation/Protection · Nanotechnology introduction and applications

The main goal of any training is to ensure employees are giving the best practical information to complete their tasks and that they have an understanding of how these said tasks can be completed in the “real world” environment.

The above list is an example and we can Speak to us to see how we can provide an provide many individual modules both directed Intelligent training module for your business! for management and operative. All training is bespoke to the client’s needs and is conducted at a time and location of the client’s choice which can include unsocial hours for those employees who are shift based.

The fundamental concept of a Total Quality Management system (to measure the successful delivery of a service) depends upon getting the input right and monitoring the out. Conducting a Cleaning Audit considers monitoring not only cleaning standards but also those elements, such as training and staffing that are essential for successful delivery of any service. Only in this way can problems be effectively rectified and, ultimately, prevented.

Audit Services

The service begins by monitoring the inputs which involves areas such as: have sufficient hours been allocated? Is there adequate site supervision? Is there a proactive signing in and out procedure? What level of sickness and absenteeism exists? What is the level of staff turnover? Are staff receiving the correct wage? We also monitoring training & quality management and audit the use and quality of equipment and materials to ensure the correct equipment, materials and processes are being used for the tasks being completed which ensure value for money delivery.

The audit service is of benefit to all involved in cleaning management, especially: · Direct Labour Organisations. · Hospital Domestic and Hotel Services Managers. · Hospital Estates Managers. · Local Authority Cleaning Managers. · Property Managers. · Public Transport Operators

Once we have established the inputs we can then monitoring the Outputs which allows us to define the standards of performance be it hygienically clean, prestige standard, normal standard and basic standard. We can also determine the reasons for failure during an inspection if present.

Audit Services

The mechanics of the audit are measured by use of scoring systems with the weighting levels set by area, or by task. We can also include weighting by cost, standard times to undertake certain tasks etc. The process needed parameters such as how many rooms will be visited or how many tasks will be checked. Audit visits can be random or a selective sample from the entire site. Pass rates are set based on what the client is seeking & the auditor sufficiently qualified to conduct the audit. If using a team audit they will be consistent with each other and the frequencies of how often inspections will take place.

Once the information is collated to agreed parameters then we begin processing the results. We investigate any reasons for failure to determine if they are operative failure, materials failure, equipment failure, failure of the fabric of the structure, failure of the cleaning specification. The analysing of the results will determine how to act in correcting/preventing failures. Speak to us to see how we can provide an Intelligent audit service for your business!

Transport services brochure - ISSIL  

Intelligent Surface Soultions Transport Services Brochure May 2014

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