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Your dashboard to hybrid learning

LearnMate v5 is a robust, interactive, and secure Learning Management System. 

LearnMate v5 is the latest release of intelitek’s flagship product with over a decade of research and deployment LearnMate v5 is used in many ways: o Instructors that want to deliver

intelitek content o Schools & Groups delivering interactive assessments o Anyone that wishes to create engaging e-learning content

Multiple instructors and teaching assistants per course o Courses can have more than one instructor and can also be led by

a non-editing instructor (or a teaching assistant). 

Course Licensing o Courses can be licensed by a maximum number of users who can

be enrolled in the course. o An expiration date can be set for each course. 

Easy student self-enrollment o All courses in LearnMate v5 can be assigned an enrollment key,

enabling students previously registered to the system to self-enroll in subsequent courses, thereby reducing back office work for instructors.

Groups o Instructors can organize students

into groups. Groups can be separate or visible – i.e. users in different groups can either see one another or not. • Visible groups = students working together on a project • Separate groups = multiple class periods within a shared course

Flexible roles and permissions o The LearnMate v5 system includes

10 built-in roles, as well as flexible role creation and management.

In addition to the backups that your school district already performs, LearnMate provides the following backup solutions: Course Backup o This enables instructors to archive courses – back them up, store

the backup files in a directory on/off the server and then delete the course from the list of active courses. o Great for teaching the same class over multiple years/semesters Server


o Just as in 3.3, the LearnMate Backup Utility allows the school to

backup the entire site on an automated, preconfigured schedule o Saves data in case of server failure o Archives older student data

 

The LearnMate LMS supports over 75 languages. The LearnMate Author interface is available in English, Spanish, and Turkish. Content can be created in any language from the tool. Many LearnMate modules are now available in Metric and Imperial measurements!

Built-in online help o An icon for opening context-specific help is available on

most pages

Online course guides o Getting Started Guides:

• Administrators • Instructors • Students 

YouTube videos o How to videos include:

• Adding a User • Creating a Course • Generating Reports 

Live phone & email support

Deliver consistent content across multiple classes, schools and districts for the 21st century learner o Supports maximum learning for each student with differentiated

classroom capability o Includes interactive media on each page o TTS (Text-to-Speech) installed on the fly for all modules (including user-generated content) 

SCORM and AICC compliant o Compatible with ANY SCORM-compliant content

Support for all popular browsers o LearnMate v5 runs on all popular browsers, including Apple Safari,

Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Internet Explorer, & Google Chrome.

Software applications related to our courseware (CNC Motion, easyC) can be launched from inside the curriculum o “Launch Software”

button at the top of any page in the content module o “Click here to launch” links take the student to a specific file in the software

    

Forums, real-time chat and e-mail allow for collaborative discussion Students can engage in group discussions and projects and interact with instructors Teachers can post assignments, create daily topics, and get instant feedback from students Students can share resources and collaborate Teachers can include internet videos, RSS feeds, and relevant websites without overriding school filters

Activities and Resources to enhance your classroom include: 

Assignments o Online Q&A o Uploading of Files o Offline

     

Assessments Labels Web Pages Text Pages Linking to websites or files Directory of files

         

Certificate Chats Choices Forums Glossary LearnMate Author Packages Lessons Questionnaires Resources Wikis

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Assessment Creation

Assessment Deployment

Full HTML editing capabilities for question writing, including use of media (all types) in question stems, responses and feedback. Multiple import and export facilities for questions. Ability to organize questions into categories for easy search and retrieval. Multiple question types:

Calculated Description Essay Hotspot Matching and drag and drop matching Multiple choice with 1 or more correct answers Ordering Short answer True/False

Shuffling of questions and of answers. Create, deliver and track computerbased formative, summative and common assessments Ability to add feedback for correct or incorrect responses, per question, or for a range of scores. Limiting of the type of feedback/scoring/responses given to students immediately after the attempt, later while the assessment is still open and once the assessment is closed. Ability to create diagnostic assessments and pre/post testing


Secure Assessments o Password protection of an assessment and limiting of assessment

taking to a specific IP, ideal for a proctored environment. o Establish any portion of content as an assessment o Pinpoint skills gaps 

Standards mapping o Ability to map student and school performance to Local, State and

National standards 

Scalable accountability o Track data on student outcomes, competencies, and learning gaps

at multiple levels: school, district, county or state o Provide a valid record of achievements with certifications

  

Ability to group outcomes into skills standards. Ability to map outcomes to questions within an assessment. Detailed outcome mapping and student progress tracking reports, including: o Student Outcomes (aggregated): Details student progress per outcome

for all activities taken in all courses in which a student is enrolled. o Student Outcomes (course): Details student progress per outcome for all activities in a course. o Outcome Mappings: Details all outcome-activity mappings site-wide for a select standard. o Course Outcomes: Details progress for all students in a course based on outcome mappings for all activities in that course.

All reports can be viewed online, printed, or downloaded into XLS, CSV, & ODS formats. Course and Activity Reports Student participation Usage of a specific activity Course logs Certificates Issued (course): Indicates the number of a specific certificate issued in a course. o Test Comparison (course): Compares pre and post-test scores. o o o o

Aggregated Reports o Assessment Grades (aggregated): Shows the number of submits and average

grade for a select assessment in all schools in a selected category and its subcategories. o Average Assessment Grades (aggregated): Show the average score for a particular assessment for a school, district, state and country. o Certificates Issued (aggregated): Shows the number of a specific certificate issued site-wide.


Instructors see grades for all students in the course; students only see their own grades. Gradebook settings are pre-configured but can be changed at any time by an instructor.

  Cloud-based content authoring system o Content stays on the

internet – no need for syncing computers o Allows for collaborative content construction 

Creates SCORM & AICC compliant content o Create in LM Author and

share it with any SCORM compliant LMS

One login password with each purchase of LearnMate v5

    

True WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) Automatic Spell check Paste from Word (with formatting) Powerful formatting Include tables and pictures within text Import from PowerPoint

LearnMate Author provides an HTML editing option, for advanced users who want greater control over the text appearance.

LM Author offers multiple page layout options and variations on each layout

LM Author provides quick scenario building

In a scenario, the route a student takes through a module, depends on how he/she answers each question in the scenario. Scenarios are ideal for case studies.

Upload a picture, and then specify what text to show in text box depending on where student points on picture.

Upload your own pictures, and LearnMate Author will build a slideshow from those pictures automatically.

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LearnMate v5 Sales Presentation  
LearnMate v5 Sales Presentation  

New features of the LearnMate v5 learning management system (LMS).