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Mechanical Training Bench (IMP-1)

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Industrial Maintenance

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The Greystone line of training systems offers an all-in-one solution for your mechatronics and industrial maintenance lab! Durable lab equipment and rigorous courseware combine to deliver all you need for your secondary or post-secondary career and technology education program.

Mechanical Power Transmission Trainer shown with optional Two-Student Add-On.

The Greystone Mechanical Training Bench (IMP-1) is a stand-alone mobile training station providing 50 hours of combined classroom and laboratory training in mechanical power transmission. Mechanical Training Bench presents the operating principles of power transmission the most effective way: using the same industrial-strength components used in factory environments. Students work with basic machines, machine statics and dynamics, shafts and keys, bearings, belt drives, chain drives, speed reducers, electric brakes and gear drives. The Student Study Guide included with each trainer lays a solid foundation in the theory and concepts involved in mechanical power transmission as well as guiding students step by step thorough hands-on lab activities with the trainer equipment. Add the Optional Two-student Add-on to make the IMP-1 a complete double-sided work station. (Factory-only option)

These robust, versatile training stations allow for in-depth training in small spaces. From desktop trainers to mobile training stations, Greystone stations feature industrial-grade components incorporated into rugged aluminum framework. All trainers include competency-based curriculum with emphasis on operating theory, installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting. Give your trainees and students the advantage of working with the same equipment they will encounter in industry. Choose Greystone training systems!


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Mechanical Training Bench (IMP-1)

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Hardware Specifications

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Order # 10-IMP1-0006 „„ Frame Size (H x W x D): 48" x 60" x 29" (1219mm x 1524mm x 737mm) „„ Weight (approximate): 350 lbs (159 kg.) „„ Mechanical construction: „„ 1.5" (38mm) square anodized slotted aluminum frame „„ 1/4" aluminum top mounting plates (3), pre-drilled and elevated for mounting mechanical drive components „„ 1/4" aluminum slide-out shelves (8) with full-length ball-bearing slides and threaded fasteners for secure component storage „„ Full swiveling and locking casters „„ Drawer Full-suspension ball bearing slides interior dimensions: 6"H x 12"W x 16"D (15.25 cm x 30.5 cm x 40.5 cm) „„ Safety shield „„ Electrical construction: „„ Master power controller and disconnect switch with pilot lamp provides for lockout/tagout „„ Variable speed drive with adjustable speed trimpot „„ Power requirements: „„ USA: 120 VAC (+5%/-10%), 50-60 Hz, 10A „„ International: 240 VAC (+5%/-10%), 50-60 Hz, 8A „„ Materials included: „„ Mechanical components (See detail in right column) „„ Student study guide „„ Installation guide

Course Outline

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Make Greystone Training Systems part of a comprehensive STEM program! Add hardware-based and blended learning labs to deliver in-depth Industrial Maintenance, Mechatronics and Advanced Manufacturing programs. l Maint ia

„„ Steel shafting „„ Shaft collars „„ Plain-mounted pillow block bearings „„ Roller-mounted pillow block bearings „„ Fixed-pitch V-belt sheaves „„ Variable-pitch V-belt sheaves „„ V-belts „„ Synchronous drive belts „„ Synchronous belt sheaves „„ Chain sprockets „„ Roller chain „„ Chain puller „„ Chain breaker „„ Rigid 2-piece coupling

Gear drives

„„ Activity 1: Basic Machines „„ Activity 2: Machine Statics and Dynamics „„ Activity 3: Machine Shafts and Keys „„ Activity 4: Bearings „„ Activity 5: Belt Drives „„ Activity 6: Chain Drives „„ Activity 7: Machine Shaft Couplings „„ Activity 8: Machine Gear Drives „„ Activity 9: Machine Speed Reducers „„ Activity 10: Electric Brakes

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Mechanical Components „„ Flexible grid coupling „„ 3-piece jaw coupling „„ Chain coupling „„ Universal joint coupling „„ S-flex coupling „„ 3-phase C-face drive motor „„ Adjustable-drive motor mounting base „„ 120V electric disc brake „„ Parallel shaft speed reducer „„ C-face right angle speed reducer „„ Spur gear set of 3 „„ Helical gear set of 3 „„ Worm gear set of 2 „„ Bevel gear set of 2

Belt drives

„„ Gear box housing with mounted flanged roller bearings and shafts „„ Split taper bushings (5/8" and 1/2") „„ Keystock „„ Dial indicator set with magnetic base and shaft alignment accessories „„ Feeler gauges „„ Belt tension gage „„ Shim set „„ Digital tachometer „„ Level „„ Taper gauge „„ 36" rigid ruler „„ Mounting hardware

Shaft alignment

Your Mechanical Trainer

Increase the versatility of your training program with the following optional accessories and related hardware: „„ Two-student Add-on option 10-IMP1-TSA1 „„ LASER Alignment Tools option 10-IMP1-LAT1 „„ Vibration Analysis Tools option 10-IMP1-VAT1 „„ Bearing Service Cart 10-BSC1-0000 „„ Bearing Service Cart Two-student Add-on 10-BSC1-TSA1

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35-IMP1-DS01 Rev-C

IMP-1 Mechanical Bench