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LASER Alignment Tools ( M E 11 )

M e c h a n i c a l S y s t e ms Skills-based


The JobMaster™ Industrial Maintenance and Mechatronics Training teaches the specialized skills required for today’s industrial technicians. JobMaster™ provides a superior blended learning solution for automated manufacturing training by combining industrial-grade components with engaging e-learning curriculum. JobMaster™ courses are entirely skill-based, consisting of individual exercises that reproduce essential tasks performed by maintenance technicians, equipment operators, and machine repairmen. Each skill has been analyzed and field-tested by qualified technicians to teach the specific skills needed in the industrial environment. intelitek's partners in development of the curriculum include 12 major US industrial companies, including Boeing, Caterpillar, Ford, GE, and US Steel.

The LASER Alignment Tools (ME11) package is an optional supplement to the JobMaster Mechanical Training Bench (ME10) trainer. This option adds LASER tools for both shaft and belt alignment along with all the hardware needed to deliver comprehensive instruction in all aspects of LASER Alignment.

JobMaster™, the new standard in industrial maintenance and mechatronics training!

Using LASER Alignment Tools with the JobMaster Mechanical Bench, student learn to align shafts, pulleys and couplings, and check for soft foot using the same tools used in industry. Core concepts are taught through self-paced e-learning curriculum. All the necessary resources, including printable instructions and diagrams are available online. Instructors are also provided comprehensive resources, including a detailed instructors’ guide.










With JobMaster, you can be sure your training program will deliver the skills needed for success in automated manufacturing careers! JobMaster™ courses are powered by LearnMate™- intelitek's innovative elearning platform. LearnMate's self-paced interactive content may be deployed stand-alone or through the robust learning management system (LMS). The LearnMate™ e-learning suite provides everything needed for the ultimate blended learning experience:

„„ SCORM-compliant interactive content „„ Anytime, anywhere accessibility „„ Student and class management „„ Grade tracking „„ Skill/competency reporting mapped to national academic skill standards

LASER Alignment Tools (ME11) M echanical Systems

Specifications Order # 16-ME11

LASER Alignment Tools features:

„„ LASER Alignment Tools (ME11) E-Learning Course & Teachers' Guide

„„ Shaft alignment display with measuring units and hard case

„„ Materials included:

„„ V-Belt alignment LASER transmitter with two magnetic targets and case

„„ 1 •• •• •• ••

LASER V-Belt alignment kit:

„„ 1 •• •• •• •• •• •• •• ••

1 2 1 1

LASER transmitter Magnetic targets AA battery Soft case

LASER Shaft Alignment Kit:

1 1 1 2 1 1 2 1

Laser Alignment Display Unit Stationary LASER Measuring Unit Movable LASER Measuring Unit Locking Chains Measuring Tape with Spirit Level Shim Set D-Cell Batteries Hard Case

„„ 2

Laser Coupling, Body

„„ 1

Clamp Journal

„„ 1

Mounting hardware kit

„„ 1

Installation Guide

Materials Required (sold separately) „„ JobMaster Mechanical Training Bench


Optional Accessories Increase the versatility of your JobMaster Mechanical Trainer with the following additional options which include hardware and e-learning curriculum:

„„ Vibration Analysis Tools

Order #16-ME12

„„ Bearing Service Cart*

Order #16-ME-13

The Vibration Analysis Tools is used with the JobMaster Mechanical Training Bench, sold separately.

*also available with Two-student Add-on

Course Outline „„ Skill 1: Aligning a Belt Drive „„ Skill 2: Aligning a Coupling „„ Skill 3: Correcting for Soft Foot „„ Skill 4: Filling Out an Alignment Report Affiliated with:

All specifications subject to change without notice. All trademarks are property of their respective owners.

35-DS01-ME11 Rev-A


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