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Integrity Repipe Inc Integrity Repipe Inc provide total abandonment of your existing potable system. No hidden extras, no Sub Contractors – just the finest, most complete and professional job in the industry.

The scope will be for a lead free and yellow brass free, potable “GREEN SYSTEM” with a full lifetime warranty that covers material and labor.

Pex VS Copper Integrity Repipe Inc is a family owned and operated legacy company.

We can install the world’s first (1968), best, and most widely used Pex piping systems for single family homes and residential units.

Call at 877-473-7473 for more information about pex vs copper or visit our website.

Website:- Address:- 27281 Las Ramblas, Suite 200, Mission Viejo, CA 92656 Phone:- 877-473-7473

Integrity Repipe Inc : Pex VS Copper