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Shine-A-Light The OK Program - Kansas City, Kansas FAMILY Three Tips to Avoid Marriage Crisis

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Our son Jason II asked me just yesterday, “Mom what is the best advice your Dad ever gave you?” He’s so inquisitive. Without hesitation, almost spilling out of my mouth before I could even think about it, I said, “It’s never too late!” My dad always says that, “It’s never too late.” Many people know our family story of separation, divorce and reconciliation. Throughout that time my Dad would say that to me, it’s never too late. Those simple words eliminate excuses in so many other areas of my life. It’s never too late to start over, try again, reach out to a broken relationship, move forward in God’s purpose. It’s never too late. It’s no wonder I am a Daddy’s girl, I got it honest from my mother. She was a Daddy’s girl to my grandfather. The connection with God as Father is a marvelous relationship. I am His daughter, His child and He loves me just like that. I’d like to add my Father God’s words to my natural father’s words. “I am with you always, even until the ends of the earth. I will never leave you nor forsake you.” Matthew 28:20, Deuteronomy 31:6. This means to me, it’s never too late with God. He is committed to go with me all the way through my life and even to the end of my life. In the words of Chris Tomlin, “He’s A Good Good Father.” Be Encouraged! It’s never too late. If you need a new start with God, He’s right there waiting on you, it’s never too late! Thank you being a faithful subscriber of Be Encouraged Magazine!



The month of June has an established day to celebrate our male parent. This is entirely appropriate. There will be some of us who have smiles in our hearts as we consider ways to appreciate our Dads. There will also be those of us who will experience the anguish of an absent, or neglectful, or even an abusive, Dad. The same day of celebration presents an opportunity for happiness or hurt. Much has been discovered and written regarding the effects of the male parental figure in the development and identity of a child. For every male parent who has followed the plan of God and proven a responsible and loving role model, we thank you. You are valuable and appreciated every day. A Christian Truth is that God has provided healing for those who hurt. He often provides male figures in our lives that fill an empty and painful place. Those ordained relationships provide healing and paths of wholeness toward a healthy identity. For those wonderful males who accept this role, we applaud, value, and appreciate you as well. Whatever our natural circumstances, God, Who is able to do “exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think” (Ephesians 3:20) has provided far beyond the natural experience to help us, heal us, and make us whole. He has provided Himself as a Father, and not just a Father, but, an “Abba, Father”. 6

Be Encouraged {God, Family, Life} Christian Living Magazine


He defines Himself as Father, for our understanding of His plan and our benefit. We know that in the natural, a father is the seed instrument for conception, and that the bloodline comes through the male. We remember that Jesus was not a natural Child. He was conceived from Heaven by the overshadowing of Mary, the production of The Holy Spirit. The natural blood line of man, which has corruption, did not produce nor operate in Jesus. His Bloodline is Heavenly and Holy. Jesus was not born of man, but of His Father in Heaven and He exampled and produced a Kingdom Bloodline. When we are born again from above, we then become a new creation and of His Seed. God’s purpose is that we call upon Him as “Our Father”. That call makes a declaration that He is our, “Architect, Builder, Creator, and The One Who causes something to be”. That defines “Father” God. Wonderfully, He goes even further with being our Parental Person of Love and Power as He has demonstrated Himself as “Abba, Father”.

The term “Abba” is an Aramaic word which corresponds to the English word, “Daddy or Papa”. Truly the best way to understand the power path this position gives us is to ponder the three times “Abba” is used in these Holy Scriptures:

Mark 14:36 In the first usage, Jesus is in the garden, preparing Himself in prayer to become our Sacrifice and Savior. It was a time of anguish. He called upon His “Abba, Father”. He received Heavenly Strength and His Will aligned with His Father’s.

Romans 8:15

Galatians 4:6

In the second, a book defining our righteousness, that is a right standing with God, we learn that we are not in the bondage of any fear. We learn we have been Spiritually Adopted and we have received the privilege to call on our “Abba, Father”.

The third verse declares us as God’s sons (his people of both genders). God has poured the Spirit of His Son into our hearts and we cry out “Abba, Father” from our new Bloodline. That call declares our innocence and establishes our victory.

“Abba, Father”, supersedes all other relationships, all parental paths, good or evil. Our new Bloodline is our Salvation, our united heart with our Father’s Will, our Life and Liberty, our Uniting with other believers. It is in crying “Abba, Father”, that Jesus’ prayer in John 17 will find completion. For it is that cry, that unites His Blood, His Body, and makes us One With Him.

As we cry, “Abba, Father”, we are indeed His Family. Thank you being a faithful subscriber of Be Encouraged Magazine!


OK Program, Greater KC Chapter Kansas City, MO

Since 1990, the OK Program has touched the lives of thousands of African-American males from the ages of 12 to 18 in order to reverse the high rates of homicides and incarceration among that population. Our collaborative, team mentorship model brings together local police officers, school districts, and the faith-based community with the goal of transforming lives and empowering African-American men and boys to improve their communities. It has been working for 25 years!


Held every Saturday, the KIC'IT sessions (Kids Interacting, Communicating Immix Teammates) bring together the OK boys, African-American men who serve are positive role models and mentors, and a police officer who serves as the local OK Program Coordinator. All the adult males are called “Teammates� because the OK model is based on a team mentoring effort with each adult Teammate playing a key role in the overall success of the OK Program. At the KIC'IT sessions, the Teammates develop strong relationships and share life experiences with our young African-American boys who learn during the session that they are responsible for their future, must always strive for excellence, achieve the best possible grades, be respectful of self and others, and seek to make positive contributions to their families and communities. Our young men also receive important training on how to interact with police when contacted or confronted by an officer, which often occurs more than it ever should in the lives of young black males. 8

Be Encouraged {God, Family, Life} Christian Living Magazine


To reach hundreds of African-American boys every year, the Program brings together school districts, the faith-based community, and local law enforcement.


Officer Garron Carter The OK Program 1111 Main Street, Suite 450 Kansas City, MO 64105 Facebook: OKProgram Phone: (888) 987-7731


by Dr. James & Marissa Paine

Let’s be honest, balding men over 45 aren’t the only ones who go through a Mid-Life Crisis! Sometimes our relationships are equally prone to such a crisis and can easily become stale, too predictable, uninspiring and outright boring if we don’t invest the time and energy toward fanning the flames in our love lives. Remember those occasions when you would surprise your mate with an impromptu vacation, or dinner to their favorite restaurant, or perhaps with a poem or song that declared your unyielding love and affection? Well don’t stop now that you’ve been together for a few years. Find new ways to push old buttons that stir excitement and joy in your mate, Remember, success is never random. It’s always aligned with intentionality and effort. And as the old adage says, “whatever you did to get them, you have to keep doing it to keep them”!


Be Encouraged {God, Family, Life} Christian Living Magazine


ONE \ one \ 1

Remember that you’re still a sexual being. Communication is the key to any relationship, and not only should you communicate your hopes and dreams with your partner, but you should also share your sensual needs and desires as well. Share your fantasies and own your sexuality in your relationship. In counseling countless couples impacted by infidelity in their relationship, most often they speak about how the other person made them feel wanted or desired, and added a sense of excitement to their day. Don’t make your spouse feel uncomfortable about sharing their desires with you. Open yourself up to walking on the wild side, and pushing the limits sexually in your relationship.

TWO\ two \ 2 Go outside and play.

Take trips. Go on a cruise. Fly to Vegas for the weekend. Drive to the next town over and have a great dinner. Have fun! Far too often after couples have been married for a while, they put fun on the shelf with a pledge to take it off again once the kids have left, or once the house is paid off, or once the (you fill in the blank) happens. But life is far too short and unpredictable to put your happiness on the shelf for an uncertain future. Go out and play, often.

THREE \ three \ 3 Never Stop Dating.

During the courtship couples are usually thrilled to spend time together. To talk until the wee hours of the night, or to enjoy meaningful periods of leisure time together. But often when couples have been together for a while, they start to minimize the importance of their time together, and the impact it has on affirming their relationship. Avoid the trap of only seeing your partner through the lens of daily life i.e. raising the kids, managing the family calendar, or going grocery shopping. Keep holding hands. Keep whispering in each other’s ears. Be intentional about spending quality time with your partner and keeping the flames of passion burning bright in your relationship. Thank you being a faithful subscriber of Be Encouraged Magazine!

For more information on Dr. James and Marissa Paine:



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Be Encouraged {God, Family, Life} Christian Living Magazine


Dr. Troy Nash

is certainly a distinguished and accomplished gentleman that thrives in serving not only his community but the world. Many titles can and have been attributed to Dr. Nash, humanitarian, city councilman, mayoral aide, real estate executive, community activist, scholar; doctor of education, degreed lawyer, world traveler having visited over 50 countries; international representative but the title he is proudest of is father. Dr. Nash is father of two daughters and one son. His oldest daughter, Arielle is a shining star in her own right. The Pembroke Hill sophomore has stamped her own passport with trips around the world traveling to distant places like Australia, Europe and Asia. Having met princes, presidents and other international leaders, Arielle can scratch off her bucket list meeting the leader of the free world, President Barak Obama. The runway model is multilingual, speaking her native English, Spanish and is quickly becoming fluent in Chinese.

In the spring of 2015 and 2016 Arielle was selected to participate and walk the runway in Kansas City Fashion week. As one of the youngest girls, she was selected to walk the runway twice for a major national retail chain and fashion designers. With hopes of continuing a modeling career, she is also very interested in international relations. Like many people, Dr. Nash indeed had to climb up the ladder of success and continues, rung by rung. “You can’t fall when you’re already on the floor. For me, it was God by default.” Growing up in the inner city of Kansas City, Missouri, Dr. Nash was surrounded by drugs, alcohol, community violence, lack of focus and discipline. “I was not raised in the church. In fact, there was nothing religious, spiritual, or faith based in my life at all growing up. In hindsight, I now know why life was so hard for me and my family. God was presentwe were not. When I was younger, my environment was definitely conducive to all sorts of ungodly and negative behaviors.”

Thank you being a faithful subscriber of Be Encouraged Magazine!

While life was not ideal, it did change for the better for Dr. Nash. His then girlfriend and future wife for the next two decades, Sherrie Lockhart and her grandparents, introduced him to God. “I still remember to this day the moment the Holy Spirit came over me and I gave my life to Christ. It was unlike anything I had ever experienced before. I professed that Christ died for my sins and only by believing in His grace could I be saved. I became a born again Christian. As a new Christian, I would tell anybody who would listen about what the lord had done for me - how he changed my thinking. I was excited and eager to share the experience with others.” Dr. Nash credits Sherrie’s quick wit to leading him to Christ. Sherrie recalled, “I remember telling him over the phone within the first few days of meeting that we could not date if he did not attend church. He hung up the phone. I called him right back and thought to myself, perhaps I was a little strong in my statement. My Grandma always said our example as Christians would be the thing that brings people to Christ. So, I decided my first approach wasn’t the best. Christ allows us the freewill to decide to accept him or not. Who am I to try and force someone to go to church? Troy did attend. He had a natural happiness and positive spirit already, when he became a Christian His spirit shined even more.”



(L-R), Arielle meeting President Barak Obama; Arielle along with her mother, Sherrie Lockhart; Dr. Nash visiting abroad.

“One of the most important obstacles for me, particularly early on in my life, was overcoming negative self talk. We all experience this from time to time. Later I learned this thinking was influenced in large part by my environment and surroundings. Through my developing faith, I was able to formulate a level of optimism that has become a hallmark of my personality and daily thinking. I had to totally reprogram and train my mind to control my very thoughts. It meant I couldn't do the same things I had always done before. I had to fix my mind and focus on what I wanted and it worked. For me Romans 8:31 says it best. "What should we then say to these things? If God be for us, who can be against us?” It took me a while to learn exactly what this meant in my own life but eventually I figured it out. If your faith is strong and belief in God is pure there is no one who can stand against you, not even your own negative thinking. Arielle credits her Dad’s faith for leading her into her own relationship with God. “He really integrated God into my life. He taught me how to pray and how to go to God for myself. I personally pray nightly seeking God’s guidance in my life.” Dr. Nash’s faith also continued to strengthen when he dedicated himself and his time to public service. At the age of 29, Dr. Nash was elected to the Kansas City Missouri City Council. Having served on the staff of then Mayor Emanuel Cleaver as his Special Assistant, Dr. Nash made progress for Kansas City. Not always an easy job, he endured obstacles during his terms. “It was through faith and prayer that my former wife, Sherrie, and I were able to endure personal and politically motivated attacks during my city council days. We relied on God’s word and a comforting verse for us was 1 Peter 5:10. We held strong, firm and steadfast.” Identifying his natural desire to travel aboard, Dr. Nash’s impact on the community and the world has been undeniable. Serving on the Board of Directors for People to People International, he realizes the importance of uniting ordinary citizens from different countries to foster understanding and respect. “As I get older, my commitment to faith in God continues to play a big part in my daily life. From electoral politics to success in the real estate business, to international humanitarian work around the world, my faith continues to guide and influence my decision making.” Climbing further still, Dr. Nash was taken under the wing of real estate mogul and civic leader, Hugh J. Zimmer. Dr. Nash is a Managing Director and Principal for Newmark Grubb Zimmer specializing in the adaptive reuse of buildings into senior/market rate housing. Making history in 2014, he became the very first African American principal/shareholder in a top ten commercial real estate firm in Missouri’s history. Earning numerous honors, accolades and commendations, Dr. Nash credits his success in life to his daily relationship with God in the leading of His Spirit. “I know that I am living a blessed life and it is all because of God.” 16

Be Encouraged {God, Family, Life} Christian Living Magazine

GOD, FAMILY, LIFE God has brought people in my life like former Mayor and current United States Congressman Emanuel Cleaver II who taught me how one can be civil and decent and at the same time go into public service. Other mentors and spiritual leaders include former KC Mayor Kay Barnes, PTPI CEO Mary Eisenhower (granddaughter of President Dwight Eisenhower), community leader Rosemary Lowe, public intellectu al and author Dr. Micah Kubic. Those blessings are indeed overflowing and spilling into the life of his daughter Arielle. While Dr. Nash and Arielle’s mother Sherrie are no longer married, they are both equally parenting and do what is absolutely the best for her. “The reality is Sherrie and I share equally in the raising of our daughter. We do the best we can with what we have and we manage to stay focused and prayed up.” Sherrie said, “Our co-parenting relationship has worked very well over the years, and it is largely due to the fact that we both hand the control to God when it gets difficult for us to handle and we pray, pray, pray. I believe that it is responsibility of parents to lead, train, and teach their children. We are to teach and carry ourselves in way that would command the respect of our children. Arielle sees her dad’s accomplishments as a key role in her own climb to success. Toting her around to his business meetings since the age of 15 months, Arielle has been exposed to many influential leaders. “I am able to communicate with adults on another level and it has helped me become a well rounded person on so many different levels. I have been to Taiwan, Europe, Germany, Mexico and met so many different people in different cultures. It has shaped me into the person I am.” Interning this summer in Washington D.C. for Congressman Cleaver, Arielle knows the value of her dad’s sacrifices. One of the best parts of being his daughter Arielle says is catching the lasted movie. “My dad loves superheroes and comics.” Short of being her real life superhero, it’s safe to say Arielle is proud of her dad. “My dad is really humorous and I appreciate that quality in him. His humor plays a huge role in our relationship. We both work very hard during the day and it is nice to come home to him and have an easy place to land. He’s so easy to talk to, he’s very understanding of my needs as a daughter.” “Today, I pray for wisdom, patience and guidance to pass these things on to my oldest daughter Arielle. I want her to be a strong woman of faith and understand she can trust in the Lord to lead and guide her steps; not only Arielle, but my other two other children, Angelina and Christopher. Arielle and I pray for them literally every single day. As a parent, I know that God’s Word is true. Proverbs 22:6, says, "Train up a child in a way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it." I believe this to be true. I am trying to train her up by being there for her.” “Every single day I start my day off with prayer and reflection. I don't have cable TV, I don’t watch reality television, or waste my time on negative people or activities. We only have so much time on the planet and I want to, as Les Brown said, "use life up." I really don't consider myself successful. I believe like Horace Mann who said, "we should be ashamed to die until you have won some victory for humanity." When and until I achieve this...I am just a work in progress. We are all a work in progress. And my greatest work is being a father.” Thank you being a faithful subscriber of Be Encouraged Magazine!



In June I am celebrating 5 years of being a breast cancer survivor. My husband, co-survivor, Ed Newsome and I want to mark the anniversary with something that will help raise awareness and save lives in the greater Kansas City metropolitan area. So on June 1, my husband Ed and I are launching what’s called, Newsome’s House Calls. It’s a month-long awareness campaign on the air, online and on our cell phones. We are making House Calls and we are inviting others to join us. Here’s house it Works.

Four Facets: 1. In-Person House Calls:

I will be knocking on doors of pre-identified women who are not getting their mammograms for whatever reason. I will go to their home (they will know I’m coming) and Encourage them to get a mammogram and have the free provider-ready to do it. We will follow-up at a later date to get the woman’s results. Women in Wyandotte County will be targeted at the beginning because of their late diagnosis and high mortality rate. My husband, Ed, will also make house calls to men taking care of their wives with breast cancer finding out what it takes to care for their spouse or partner diagnosed with breast cancer. Ed and I will also happily make a telephone House Call to someone who might be persuaded to get a mammogram if we personally contact them. Viewers must send us their contact information as well as the contact information of the person they want us to call. I will have guests on Midday throughout June to shine the light on relevant issues and questions regarding breast cancer… debate over when to get mammogram, do self exams matter, digital versus (3-D) Tomosynthesis mammography, Why no cure, Research happening in our city, Breast cancer patients facing divorce because of their diagnosis, What men need to know about helping their spouse, People who inspired me, men diagnosed with breast cancer, and Why is there an ethnic disparity in breast cancer diagnosis and mortality in KC metro. 18

Be Encouraged {God, Family, Life} Christian Living Magazine


2. Midday Interviews and web stories, and 5pm or 6pm special reports on 41 Action News: I will have guests on Midday throughout June to shine the light on relevant issues and questions regarding breast cancer… debate over when to get mammogram, do self exams matter, digital versus (3-D) Tomosynthesis mammography, Why no cure, Research happening in our city, Breast cancer patients facing divorce because of their diagnosis, What men need to know about helping their spouse, People who inspired me, men diagnosed with breast cancer, and Why is there an ethnic disparity in breast cancer diagnosis and mortality in KC metro.

3. 30-days of Live 15-minute interactive House Calls on Facebook Mentions on our KSHB website Ed and I will host a daily 15 minute interactive live House Call chat at 9am from our home or someone else’s home. We will share our story and have special guests who will share their story or their expertise on various topics like questions about 20 year olds diagnosed with breast cancer, relatives of people who did not survive breast cancer, options for the newly diagnosed, new treatment trends, faith’s role in care, salute to caregivers, advice to patients from care-givers, and first steps for new breast cancer survivors. Participants can ask questions live and also suggest a House Call topic. 4. Viewers House Calls I’m asking everyone to call their friends, relatives and neighbors and start making health a regular part of the conversation. During their House Calls, I’m asking them to remind the person they are calling to get a mammogram and do their monthly self-exams. I also want to hear your experience. You can post it on my Facebook Fan Page. Let’s encourage and inspire one another with a House Call that could save a life. For more information on Newsome’s House Calls visit:

Thank you being a faithful subscriber of Be Encouraged Magazine!


BE JUNE 2016  

Dr. Troy & Daughter Arielle Nash

BE JUNE 2016  

Dr. Troy & Daughter Arielle Nash