Self Care Plan

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SELF-CARE PLAN When times are tough and life gets difficult, it’s easy to let self-care go by the wayside. When we are preoccupied with managing difficult emotions, sometimes just thinking about self-care can feel overwhelming. Use this selfcare plan to make life feel more manageable when things get out of control.


What are three easy and nourishing meals you can prepare for yourself? 1| 2| 3|

What are three ways you enjoy moving your body? 1| 2| 3|


What are three activities that make you feel good? 1| 2| 3|

Who are three people you can talk to when you feel sad, angry, or upset? 1| 2| 3|


What are three things you can tell yourself when things become too overwhelming? 1| 2| 3|

When you feel maxed out, what will you ask for help with?


What will you do when you need a good laugh?

What will you do when you need a good cry?


What will you do when you need to relax?