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The Best Supplements to Prevent Seasonal Allergies Spring is finally here and with the warmth and happiness of spring also comes the trauma of seasonal Allergies Calgary. For anyone that has ever suffered the red eyed, runny nosed awfulness that accompanies hay fever, here are the some great supplements to assist you in the prevention of allergic symptoms. Omega 3 Fatty Acids Omega 3 fatty acids are the fats found in fish, flax seeds and almonds and they are well known for their anti-inflammatory and immune supporting actions in the body. Omega 3’s work to keep the inflammatory action of immune cells under control and may assist in supporting the membranes of the cells that release histamine. Histamine produces the swelling effect in the nasal passages that causes discomfort and mucus production. By supporting the cell membrane, histamine remains in the cell rather than being released into the bloodstream which may prevent the symptoms associated with hay fever. Vitamin C Vitamin C is well known as a helpful supplement in supporting the immune system and its benefits can be extended to the prevention of seasonal allergies as well. Vitamin C is a supplement needed to support collagen production in the maintenance of blood vessels and collagen is a fiber that acts like “glue― keeping the structure of blood vessels intact. The blood vessels break down and there is bleeding into the tissues which result in the discomfort you experience with seasonal allergies. With so many combinations of Vitamin C available, choose a Vitamin C with bioflavonoid to get the most for your money. Original Link -

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