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OPTALERT is the only real-time fatigue monitoring system in the world that detects the early onset of drowsiness by objectively measuring an operator’s level of ALERTNESS - quantifying to both the operator and company their FATIGUE RISK PROFILE. FM-ODS-100826

OPALERT is the world leader in alertness detection technologies. Founded by Dr. Murray Johns, a world renowned sleep expert, the company developed the Optalert™ Fatigue Monitoring System; the only scientifically proven system that measures an operator’s level of alertness continuously and objectively.

The Johns Drowsiness Scale (JDS) OPTALERT’s technological breakthrough is the culmination of over 15 years of research into the physiology of drowsiness by Dr. Johns. He and his team of researchers developed the Optalert™ drowsiness detection algorithm based on new methods for measuring eye and eyelid movements. This led to the Johns Drowsiness Scale (JDS); the world’s first validated scale of drowsiness in active people. OPTALERT’s technology is securely patented worldwide. Validation studies of the JDS are available upon request.

Optalert™ Glasses

Optalert™ Vehicle System

 Interchangeable lightweight lenses in five different colours to suit any driving condition (and adapter for prescriptions)  Fully wrapped 100% UV protection, anti-glare coating  Quality scratch resistant polycarbonate lenses

The Optalert™ Vehicle System consists of five components: processor, speaker, visible JDS indicator, a connection point and the Optalert™ glasses. The processor is the information hub of the system and processes all the data obtained from the Optalert™ glasses. The data is analysed to determine the driver’s level of alertness using OPTALERT’s patented algorithm.

Risk Profile Data & Reporting As each company has different needs, reporting is customized. Operator-centric styled reports, management styled reports and completely customized reports are available. They provide trend analysis & benchmarking. Real-time reporting can also be established to a supervisor’s PDA or 24 hour control centres, providing instant warnings of medium and high risk operator JDS scores.



Connection Point


Empowering the Operator OPTALERT gives operators minute by minute information on their alertness. The operator’s fluctuating alertness level is displayed as a score from 0 to 10 on the JDS scale. The higher the score, the more drowsy the operator is. The visible JDS indicator also shows the risk of an incident due to drowsiness - LO, MED or HI. Enabling operators to measure their alertness empowers them to manage it. Just as a good operator will manage other parameters in a vehicle such as speed or temperature, the ability to measure their level of alertness allows them to manage it - providing front-line risk mitigation before the risk escalates.

The Visible JDS Indicator

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