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Community Newsletter Issue 22 | July 2020

Nanette scales new heights

Nanette Dillon has proved there ‘ain’t no mountain high enough’ to not climb after melting away an incredible 19kg after swapping chocolate for exercise to climb Mount Tomaree in Port Stephens, New South Wales.

Just two years ago, Nanette, aged 70 weighed 106kg and was crippled with painful arthritis, until her neighbour Dorothea told her about the Wellness Centre by integratedliving® at Raymond Terrace. On joining, the Wellness Centre’s personal trainer Emily Hurd, worked closely with Nanette to achieve her goals, and she has transformed her life. Nanette said: “I used to sit on the lounge and eat chocolate until my neighbour one day told me about the gym and I thought if she can do it, I might be able to give it a go. It got me out of the house, so I signed up and Emily’s been making me work hard ever since.” “For the first year we worked on getting me up and down from the floor, as I could not do this. On my lounge, I had three pillows because I couldn’t get up without them. I also wanted to try stand up paddle boarding, so I bought knee pads and Emily worked with me on getting down and back up and I eventually got it and went stand up paddle boarding.” Nanette also credits her weight loss to having a dietitian and says her new daily routine also prevented her from needing a second hip and knee replacement. She said: “I had a dietitian help me understand what food my body

does and doesn’t like. Now I don’t eat certain foods and the only sugar I have is maple syrup. I was in agony with arthritis, especially in my fingers and knees. I’d already had a hip and knee replacement on one side and last year I was meant to get my knee replaced on my other leg, but I didn’t need it.” The added benefit of new friends and social connectedness also motivate Nanette to keep up with her exercise, something which she has tried to do even through the COVID-19 pandemic. Nanette, said: “Until the Wellness Centre had to temporarily close because of COVID-19, I attended every day of the week and sometimes did two yoga sessions along with a gym session. I’ve made friends since I started and love Simone and Zeke, our yoga teachers.” “When my husband died 12 years ago, I thought well I’ll just sit here and wait for my turn. But changing my diet and working so hard to improve my fitness and strength has meant that I’m now pain free from arthritis and don’t take medication for it anymore.” “My doctors tell their other patients about me and people are often dubious, just like I used to be, but exercise is the best thing for arthritis. I’m living proof it works.”


Sadly, Nanette for now has had to temporarily put her training on hold whilst she overcomes another mountain – cancer. She is currently recovering well from her treatment. She added: “Hopefully soon I will be feeling better, as I’m really looking forward to getting back to the gym and yoga. The team are just great.” We wish you well Nanette.

HAPPY 100TH BIRTHDAY JOFFRE Client Joffre Bell celebrated his 100th birthday in his hometown of Clifton, a rural town close to Toowoomba in May. A huge number of the town’s 1,500 residents decorated their cars for a drive by party for Joffre to mark this significant milestone. While it was not the celebration they had in mind, Joffre, a World War II veteran, and his wife Rhyll, loved and appreciated the support of their neighbours and friends in the town they’ve called home their whole lives. Are you or is someone you know turning 100 or celebrating a special milestone? Let us know. Email the marketing team:

A message from


Hello everyone and welcome to the winter edition of your client newsletter, which I hope finds you well and staying strong and positive as parts of Australia begin to recover from the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. The last five months have certainly been unprecedented. I am sure most of you, like me, never expected to see a pandemic like COVID-19 in our lifetime, affecting the whole world. While we’ve been comparatively lucky in Australia in keeping the virus under control, the recent serious outbreaks in Victoria show how tenuous our ‘new normal’ can be and how important it is that we all continue to follow the recommended health guidelines. Many of us are also reflecting on the emotional and societal impacts the virus has had on us individually as well as on our communities and families. As your care provider, we are here to support you and have introduced some new services. We recognise that some of you may still feel cautious about going outside, or having people in your home, so we have introduced a new social phone 77classes call service and many virtual that you can access online. Turn to page 7 for details of our wellness classes, page 4 for information on our online Wellness for Independence® programs, and page 8 for details on our fun activity sessions! %


At the time of writing, our Activity and Wellness Centres are slowly beginning to reopen. We are closely following the Government’s best practice guidelines to be able% to do 89receive this safely. Clients will soon a letter with details on when your centre will reopen. Please also check our website and Facebook for the latest updates and we look forward to welcoming you back very soon. Of course, we will continue to monitor any outbreaks to ensure that our reopening schedule can safely continue as planned. 2

Who took part? I can’t stress enough how important it is to prioritise your own wellbeing. There are several effective ways to support mental health and improve coping skills. Not surprisingly, these include staying in touch with family and friends and trying not to continuously check the news. It’s also incredibly important to maintain a regular sleeping pattern, eat well and make time to do the things you enjoy – just maybe in a socially distanced way at present. You can read on page 6 what some of our clients have been doing to take care of their wellbeing. We have put new procedures in place to screen for COVID-19, when visiting you at home and have equipped our staff with personal protective equipment. You can read more about this on page 5. Across our organisation, I have been moved by stories 12 of dedication, kindness and empathy of our staff who have worked tirelessly to provide care and support. Many of 11 you joined us in thanking our staff in the ‘Wave of Thanks’ campaign which we ran back in May. We heard so many beautiful and inspiring stories and I thank you all for taking the time to send a wave to our staff and for the lovely comments we have received.

We received responses across all the states and territories where we operate, including New South Wales, Australian Capital Territory, Queensland, Tasmania, Victoria and the Northern Territory. For those of you who identified the type of service you receive, 88% of you are receiving aged care services, and 12% of you are receiving disability support services.


Disability Support



Aged Care Services





As we continue to work through this crisis together it is vital that we look after ourselves and our loved ones, so that we can all cope, share stories and adapt to ‘the new normal’. Take care of yourself and each other.

Catherine Daley Chief Executive Officer



What you told us: Nine out of every ten who responded, strongly agreed with the following statements:

92 97

% %



Staff treat me with respect

I feel safe, comfortable and respected when staff visit me in my home or when I visit an integratedliving service centre



Annual Client Survey


97 92




% of last year, more than 1,700 of you took the time to fill In December in our annual client survey. Thank you to everyone who took part.

We are pleased to share the highlights from the survey with you. Your honest feedback and reflections help us to understand what you like about our services, what we can do better, how our staff are interacting % with you, and how we can improve in the future.

90 91


Those who responded, agreed or strongly agreed, with the following statements:

91 9087 90


9793 92 %


I get the services I need from integratedliving




9293 93 %

% %



Staff take time to listen a  nd understand AGED CARE SERVICE RECIPIENTS

Staff follow up when I


raise things with them My services help 87% always or most of the time me to live the best life I can



87 9173 11 %




Myknow serviceswhat and care plan are Staff reviewed regularly with me they73% are doing always or most of the time


Although less than one in five people reported raising a concern about a % service you receive from us, you told us that we can improve the follow up My fees charges are Staff follow up and when I and%resolution of those concerns when they are% raised. % % easily understood

73 84 93 8788 You also told us that another key area for improvement was to more regularly

raise things with them 88% always of the time 87% always or mostorofmost the time

review your service and care plans with you.

Overall, we received a four or five (out of five) star rating from 89% of you % who completed the survey.



88 73

WINNER OF THE $500 INTEGRATEDLIVING VOUCHER Congratulations to Ann Edwards from Cairns who was the lucky winner of our survey prize draw and who won a $500 voucher to spend on services.



Staff treat me with respect

97% always or most Ann regularly at tends theof the ti Wellness Centre in Cairns and was presented with her prize voucher prior to COVID-19 by Wellness Centre Coordinator, Amy Bradbery, af ter her Wednesday gym session. Amy said that Ann is I get “antheabsolute services I need from % integratedliving gem” who was “stunned” to be 92% always or most of the ti the lucky winner.


Well done Ann!






My services and care plan are reviewed regularly with me 73% always or most of the time



I feel safe, comfortable and respected when staff visit m in my home or when I visit an integratedliving service cent 93% always or most of the t

We were also delighted to see that at least eight out of ten of all respondents said they were likely or extremely likely to recommend My fees and charges are % % integratedliving. easily understood



What happens next?

88% always or most of the time


Staff take time to listen

% and understand The data and information from the survey has been shared with our leadership team and staff to support us in or most of the t continually improving our services to you. Our team has already taken action to address some of the93% keyalways issues identified through your feedback. This includes:

• Implementing new processes for handling complaints, including our Customer Service Officers working to resolve any client concerns at the first point of contact whenever possible. • Dedicated Admissions Specialists who will review your service and care plans with you on a regular basis. • New processes for monitoring the status of clients’ service and care plan reviews across programs.



We will issue the next annual survey in our December 2020 newsletter and we look forward to your

Staff take time to talk to me about my health and wellbei 84% always or most of the t feedback.

Meanwhile, please continue to raise any concerns or provide compliments at any time, using our usual feedback processes as outlined below and on the back page.

You can write to us, use the online form on our website, or call our Customer Service Centre on 1300 782 896. Full details can also be found on the back page of this newsletter. 3

Bringing choice to life

Check out our new services along with some top tips!


FOR GOOD TASTE Why not take the stress out of cooking and try our delivery meal service which offers affordable, quality, healthy fresh food which is easy to prepare. Choose from nutritious choices for breakfast, lunch or dinner, all prepared by expert chefs and delivered straight to your door. We have a wide range of tasty, value for money and healthy meals catered to any special dietary requirement. We take the stress out of planning, shopping and cooking up to seven days a week, allowing you to focus on the more important things in life.

Whether you are looking to live a healthier lifestyle or just want healthy, nutritionally balanced meals, our home delivery service is the most convenient, affordable and enjoyable way to achieve what you are looking for.

Social distancing? No problem. We offer safe, no-contact delivery to your door, in line with Department of Health guidelines.

Call one of our friendly customer service representatives on 1300 782 896 to request a menu and to find out more.

Wellness for Independence®


Our much-loved Wellness for Independence® programs are now available online. Usually run in a face-to-face group setting, the programs offer over 65’s, or over 50’s if you are Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander, the chance to join an online health group covering a range of topics. Current programs include:

Cardiac Wellness Memory Wellness Diabetes Wellness Low Vision Wellness


Led by one of our qualified wellness facilitators, they can arrange for you to borrow an integratedliving iPad for the duration of the program. Whilst working on your own health goals, you will also be learning about your health conditions and ideas on how you can improve your health.

Call us on 1300 782 896 to find out more.

Don’t forget you can pay by direct debit for your services. It’s the easiest and most convenient way to pay on time every time. 1. Fill in the Direct Debit Request Form enclosed with this newsletter and return it to us in the reply paid envelope. 2. Bendigo Bank payments are no longer an option. You can now pay by internet transfer or a Commonwealth Bank branch deposit to BSB 062-501, Account Number 10337247. 3. To set up a Centrepay or to make a credit card payment, call us on 1300 782 896.



We understand these are difficult times with many of us feeling anxious about having visitors and services delivered in our homes, even as restrictions ease in some parts of the country.

at home

Often we may find ourselves going for days without talking to someone or not having someone to share our worries and concerns with. That’s why at integratedliving, we are offering a ‘social support phone call’ service to keep you connected. Normally social support is provided face-to-face, but in the new environment we are now also offering this service as a phone call.

How it works: • You tell us how often you would like us to call • You can chat about any topics you like or share concerns you may have about COVID-19 • You choose how long you would like the call to last from 30 minutes to 2 hours!


As your service provider, we have put additional safety measures in place to protect your health and wellbeing during the COVID-19 pandemic. How do I set this service up and how much does it cost? It’s easy to set up. All you need to do is call our Customer Service Centre on 1300 782 896 and we will do the rest. The price of the service will vary depending on your support plan, so one of our friendly customer service representatives will go through this with you.


KEEPING YOU SAFE AND WELL IN YOUR HOME With winter here, many of us are looking at ways in which we can do things virtually from the comfort of our home to take care of our health and to continue to stay safe while COVID-19 is still active in the community. Our Telehealth service may be just the thing you are looking for and can be tailored to meet your needs.

How does Telehealth work? Our Telehealth monitoring service allows you to monitor your blood pressure, blood sugar, or other vital health signs in the safety and comfort of your own home. The readings are monitored by our clinicians, who will review the readings and take any actions required. We will work with you and your GP to set goals, to improve your health and to promote independence whilst monitoring your chronic health condition. Call one of our friendly team today to find out more and if you are eligible for this service, on 1300 782 896.

Rest assured that when our staff member visits you in your home to provide services, they will continue to use these additional safety measures and we will continue to follow the advice of the Health Department. Before a staff member starts services at your home, you will be asked some important questions about your health and any family member’s health who lives with you. We will also ask about any recent travel you or anyone you live with may have undertaken. These are important screening measures, to make sure you and anyone else in your home are well before we start services. Our staff also ask themselves these screening questions to make sure they are well before they start work every day. When in your home, staff will maintain safe physical distancing and hand hygiene procedures. They also have personal protective equipment, should it be needed. These are really important measures to help us stop the spread of infection and keep us all safe! 5

A spring in their step this winter – virtually! Whilst our Wellness Centres have been closed through the COVID-19 pandemic, clients have kept up their exercise through our online classes. Let’s meet some of you who have risen to the challenge.

“I have been looking after myself and keeping busy during isolation, which has involved the home exercise program of dancing, de-cluttering, gardening and helping to look after elderly family members. I missed weight training at the Wellness Centre and really appreciated the coaching calls as I sometimes struggled to get motivated. I’m thrilled to be back in the gym now the centre has reopened.”

“For over a year, my wife Julie and I had been really enjoying our exercise sessions at Ballina. Unfortunately, the recent global pandemic has put a temporary stop to these sessions. However, we have taken up the offer to continue our exercise sessions at home, with guidance from our trainers Ben, Rob, and Jay.”

“I do two walks per day around the farm or even just the backyard. I also do the housework. I horse ride 2-3 times a week which is great exercise, along with feeding the horses and checking on cattle.” Belinda Atkinson, Launceston

Roger and Julie Pallant, Ballina

Lana Speering, Cairns

Top tips to keep you on your feet Each year it is estimated that for people aged over 65 years, one in three will fall at least once per year. So, how can you make things safer at home. Here are some top tips:



Store commonly used items in the kitchen on the benchtops – to prevent you needing to reach up to the shelves.


Improve the lighting in your home by switching to LED lights or adding sensor lights along hallways to make sure these are well lit.


Wear good quality shoes – shoes should have lots of grip on the sole; talk to a podiatrist about the best options for these.


If you love rugs, buy a non-slip rubber backed mat. The rubber adds weight to the mat, meaning it is less likely to move or have the edges lift when it is walked on – available from Bunnings, Kmart or Clark Rubber.


Buy anti-slip rubber to back your existing rugs – available at Bunnings.

If you think you are at risk of falling, speak to your doctor or give us a call on 1300 782 896 for details on how we can support you.

You too can enrol in our home exercise program Our virtual exercise classes are perfect for anyone that is looking to improve their movement, balance, strength and general wellbeing without needing to leave the comfort of their home. The classes are designed so you move at your own pace, allowing you to make the class as hard or easy as you’d like. Classes are limited in size and are facilitated by two Wellness Centre staff, allowing you to feel confident knowing that the exercises you are completing are not only effective in improving your health,

but safe for you and your level of function. You will have an individual assessment with one of our exercise physiologists prior to commencing the virtual exercise classes and regular reviews are performed to track your progress and keep you motivated as you get stronger and more confident.

Move at Ease A gentle, low impact, chair-based exercise class focusing on improving movement, balance, strength and general wellbeing. This class is ideal for people who use a walking aid, have limited mobility, chronic disease or if you have not recently participated in exercise. Move at Pace An exercise class ideal for people who can move confidently and live an active lifestyle. The class focuses on improving movement, balance, strength and general wellbeing while challenging you to push outside your comfort zone. This class involves more advanced chair based and body weight exercises. Stretch & Flow at Home A gentle, low impact, chair-based exercise class focusing on improving balance, mobility, circulation and flexibility, while reducing stress and tension. This class is suited to all levels of fitness and mobility.

Other Wellness Services One-on-one Exercise Physiology via Telehealth Don’t let your location limit your access to our accredited exercise physiologists. With the use of technology, our staff can undertake assessments and exercise sessions while you are in a location that suits you. Home Exercise Program Want to move better, feel better and live better, but not interested in the class setting? Why not try our Home Exercise Program. An individualised program designed by our accredited exercise physiologists that you can do at home whenever it suits you. You will receive regular coaching calls to keep you motivated and progressing towards your goals. Social Connectedness Let’s Have A Conversation at Home is a social and educational casual conversation delivered online. Join the Wellness Coordinators and guest speakers to learn about topics related to health and wellbeing and make new friends that you can connect with from the comfort of your home. 7

Cooking up fresh ideas to stay active

Feedback & Complaints integratedliving welcomes your feedback and complaints to help us improve our services to you. You have the right to provide feedback without fear of being disadvantaged in any way. All feedback, comments and complaints are treated confidentially. • You can talk to your care team member including your support worker or volunteer - this may lead to a quick resolution. • You could also contact us on 1300 782 896 and talk to a Customer Service Officer, who will listen, gather information and help find a resolution. • You can ask for the matter to be escalated to a senior manager, if you are not satisfied with the resolution from your Care Team or the Customer Service Team. • If you are not happy with the outcome, you may contact an external agency: Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission - 1800 951 822

NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission - 1800 035 544 or TTY 13 36 77

Contacting an Advocacy Service Advocacy services are free, confidential and independent. Services are available in each state and territory. You can call Aged Care Advocacy directly on 1800 700 600 or with your permission we can phone an advocacy service on your behalf, to explain your concerns and arrange for the service to contact you. Privacy of Information Personal information collected by integratedliving Australia is treated as confidential and is collected, stored, used and disclosed in accordance with the Australian Privacy Principles (APP) contained in the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth). Access to Information Service users can have access to any information which integratedliving has collected about them, in accordance with the Australian Privacy Principles and integratedliving Policy and Procedures. Independence All services provided by integratedliving take into account lifestyle, cultural and religious preference. integratedliving encourages individuals to maintain their independent living skills and works proactively with them to enhance, retain or regain the skills required for daily living. Funding Acknowledgement integratedliving Australia Ltd is supported by funding from the Australian and State Governments.

While our Activity Centres were temporarily closed, our team was busy introducing new ways in which clients can take part in activities from the comfort of their own home - virtually. You too can take part in the fun! Join our Activity Officers and enjoy games, arts and crafts and even cooking demonstrations! These sessions are a great opportunity for you to catch up with friends.

What do you need? You will need an electronic device such as a laptop, desktop computer, iPad or smart phone, an internet connection and an email address. • If you are a CHSP client and do not have one of the above, you can access our Digital Wellness program, where we will loan you a device i.e. an iPad and teach you how to use it. • If you are a Home Care Package client, you can purchase an iPad from your funding for $690. You will need your own internet connection though. • If you are not an existing client, no problem. Just call My Aged Care on 1800 200 422 and ask for a Social Support Group code. • If you are a private or NDIS client, you will need to have your own device and internet. What is the cost? You are welcome to join in any, or all activities on the day, for a small fee. The cost per day is: • • • •

Home Care Package: $37.50 (paid out of your funding) CHSP: $12.00 NDIS: as per price guide Private Pay: $37.50

How do I join? Contact one of our customer service representatives on 1300 782 896 for information about the Virtual Activity Centre or any other information you may require.

Where you can find us! integratedliving Australia Ltd | ABN 95 130 530 844 | Customer Service Centre 1300 782 896 Registered Office | 3 Wilkinson Avenue , Muswellbrook NSW 2333 | Facsimile 1300 778 718 PO Box 2567, Dangar NSW 2309 | | Copyright © integratedliving 2020

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integratedliving Community Newsletter - Issue 22  

In this issue, find out how integratedliving Australia is keeping you safe during the COVID-19 pandemic, check out some exercise tips to kee...

integratedliving Community Newsletter - Issue 22  

In this issue, find out how integratedliving Australia is keeping you safe during the COVID-19 pandemic, check out some exercise tips to kee...

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