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Issue 23 | December 2020

Barbara’s home improvements an early Christmas gift!

At 85 years young, Barbara Riddell, from the rural township of Murrurundi in New South Wales, will have a comfortable and safer Christmas this year, thanks to several improvements that integratedliving has made to her home. Barbara was initially reluctant to accept extra help, other than the services she regularly receives, but with some encouragement, we were thrilled to be able to make Barbara’s life a little easier with some simple home improvements. Following an assessment by Occupational Therapist, Clare, Barbara was provided with digital reminder clocks to help her in taking her medications at the right time each day. Being legally blind, Barbara

HOLIDAY SERVICES During the festive season, there may be minor changes to integratedliving services.

also received large-print calendars, as well as easy-to-use aids for opening and closing things in the kitchen.

New power points were also installed in the bathroom and laundry, so she didn’t have to use extension cords to use the washing machine and dryer.

“All of the aids they’ve brought to my home are absolutely wonderful,” Barbara said. “I don’t have much vision. I can see shapes, but I can’t read small letters and numbers, so the large digital clocks make life much easier for me.”

In addition, Barbara received a tipping kettle to minimise the risk of burns, a full spring clean of her home was organised, and three outdoor blinds were installed to prevent her home getting hot in summer so that she could be more comfortable and better manage her health in the heat.

With family spread across Australia, Barbara is a huge fan of using an iPad to keep in touch with her loved ones. When her iPad stopped working, Barbara’s Case Manager, Kim, organised to get a new one with a larger screen so Barbara could easily see her family when she video called them.

Barbara has been overwhelmed by the help she’s received, stating:

“My family emails me photos of my grandchildren and great-grand children. Some of them I’ve never met, but I’m able to zoom-in on the photos on my iPad and see what they look like.”

“I’ve been very happy with the services and the people from integratedliving. I’ve never known anyone to clean as well as the lady that comes. I see integratedliving staff two hours a day, four times a week, and they are all so helpful. Due to my poor eyesight, they read the integratedliving newsletter to me and the local paper. I like to know everything that goes on in Murrurundi.”

Clare also organised to have the existing carpets and loose mats in Barbara’s home replaced with brand new carpet to lessen her falls risk. Non-slip mats were placed in her bathroom and doorways. Downlights were installed so Barbara could make her way around her home with ease.

If you, like Barbara, need some home improvements to make life easier and more comfortable for you at home, we offer a range of home services to support you. Please see page 4 for more information on how our multi-disciplinary team can partner with you.

• Clients who have meal deliveries will be notified of any changes. • Clients who attend an Activity Centre or a Wellness Centre by integratedliving® should check with staff at the Centre regarding specific changes to their classes or activity times. • The Wellness Centres and Activity Centres will be closed from Monday 21 December 2020 and will reopen on Tuesday 5 January 2021.

• The Customer Service Centre (CSC) will operate from 6.00am to 8.00pm, 7 days a week, including Public Holidays. It is important to note that minimum staff will operate on Public Holidays. • CSC can be contacted by calling 1300 782 896. This number will transfer you to an out of hours number for any cancellations. • Please let us know if you do not require services during the holiday period by calling 1300 782 896. 1

A message from

Catherine If there was an award for the most used word of 2020, you’d have to say ‘unprecedented’ would be the winner. Still, to describe what we have all faced this year, it is appropriate lockdown, missing connection terminology. Who would have with family and friends. You’ve thought that following on also shown resilience as you’ve from last summer’s horrific continued to welcome and bushfires we would face a  support our staff during stressful global pandemic that would periods and learning to adapt to completely up-end the lives of programs moving online during everyone in the world?  lockdown. We’ve all shown As Australians, we should resilience adapting to restrictions certainly be proud of our efforts and guidelines and a new way of to combat the virus. At the time interacting.   of writing, Victorians had not had a new case of community transmission for four weeks and Australia had low numbers of active cases, most of which were acquired overseas. We can be hopeful that we continue to suppress the virus successfully and a safe vaccine will be a reality sometime next year.

Of course, with cases spiking across Europe, the UK, America, India and elsewhere, we know that it’s vital that we continue to remain vigilant. You only need to look to South Australia, New Zealand and China to know that the virus can re-emerge months after it has seemingly gone away. But with our robust health infrastructure, testing and contact tracing capabilities and the continued compliance of our citizens, I think we can confidently face any future challenges. Social distancing, hand hygiene and various restrictions will be with us moving forward for the foreseeable future, to help safeguard each of us. One thing that has been on display throughout the year has been resilience. You’ve shown resilience through the period of 2

We received great news in November when our drama therapy program, Dramatic Connections, won the international Eldercare Innovation Award for Best Dementia Care Program. You can learn more about this exceptional program on our website. Thank you to those of you who have completed the 2020 Client Experience Survey. We appreciate your time and feedback and look forward to reviewing your responses so we can continually improve the services and care we provide.  

We’ve been excited to introduce new services, such as our online Wellness for Independence® programs, Social Support Phone Calls, At Home Exercise Classes and At Home Activity Centre programs, which not only enabled current clients to Keep an eye out for our latest continue programs when our television campaign that is centres were closed but have currently being shown on TV. also opened these programs This campaign will help potential up for Australians right across clients and their families to the country. In adversity, we understand more about aged have flourished together. So care and how integratedliving many of you have embraced can help. As part of this technology to remain engaged campaign, we’ll be hosting virtual and committed to your health morning teas to help people goals. We’re delighted that we’ve navigate the aged care journey.  been able to support you through all the challenges. You can read Thank you so much for your several stories throughout this continued support throughout newsletter featuring our new  2020 and all of us here at integratedliving wish you and and adapted programs.   your families a peaceful and Of course, throughout the year, happy holiday season.  we have continued moving forward with our plans to transform our business towards being a Community Health Management Provider of choice Catherine Daley, CEO and have also seen many projects like the launching of our staff intranet, technology upgrades and a major human resources project come to fruition.  


Every year, integratedliving recognises staff members through the Values Based Awards (VBA) Program. The VBA’s are driven through staff and client nominations and recognise excellence in the categories of Diversity, Integrity, Unity, Respect, Equity and Leadership. We also have CEO Principles Based Awards that recognise staff for Customer Focus, being Solutions Driven, excellence in Quality and Safety and being Professional and Committed. The awards celebrate staff going above and beyond every day for our clients. This year, as we have faced the many challenges throughout the pandemic together, I am confident you will have many examples of our staff caring in extra special ways. If you would like to nominate a staff member for a VBA, please mail back the nomination form included with this newsletter by Friday 15 January 2021.

COVID-19 UPDATE Our main priority throughout the pandemic has been to safeguard the health and wellbeing of our clients and staff, while continuing to provide our services in a safe manner. We have achieved this in various ways - by adapting our services to virtual programs where possible, by providing one-on-one respite for clients, by closing our Wellness and Activity Centres during lockdown and then reopening them when it was safe to do so, by developing processes like screening questions and ensuring COVIDSafe practices are in place. With borders reopening around the country, we have extended our mask mandate for all our frontline staff to include staff in Tasmania. Previously, the requirement for frontline staff

to wear surgical masks when delivering client services only applied to staff in Victoria, New South Wales, the ACT and Queensland, but from 16 November also included frontline staff in Tasmania. Masks are an acknowledged infection control measure and provide an extra layer of protection for both clients and staff. While Australia is doing very well comparatively in containing COVID-19, the recent positive cases in South Australia shows that we must continue to be vigilant. The virus has not been eliminated and until we have a safe vaccine widely available, integratedliving will continue to maintain the highest degree of caution to ensure your safety and the safety of our staff. This includes our screening procedures and the use of appropriate PPE by staff. We thank you for your understanding and support. Please note: this information is correct at the time of print, however please check our website regularly as this is where we publish updates on staff PPE requirements, as well as monthly messages from our CEO. Our website address is

2020 Client Experience Survey Results At integratedliving, we truly value your feedback and are committed to person-centred care and continuous improvement. In October, you would have received our annual client survey, which gave you the option to complete it on paper or online. This survey incorporated feedback and lessons learnt from the 2019 survey and some consistent questions to enable us to compare the results year-on-year. You will have noticed that we also included some new questions specific to our response to emergencies, such as bushfires and COVID-19. We are thrilled with the number of responses received and would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to those of you who took the time to provide your valuable feedback through this short survey. We are currently reviewing the results and look forward to providing you with a comprehensive update in our next newsletter. If you would like to provide us with feedback at any time, please call 1300 782 896. 3

Help at home: get to know our services light bulb; leave it to our team, you won’t have to worry.

integratedliving offers a range of home services to support you to live well at home. We encourage you to take a few minutes to review the latest service offerings which could be incredibly helpful for you and your loved ones – this list is certainly not exhaustive; we do encourage you to contact us so we can customise a plan best suited to your needs. Personal care Maintaining your personal care helps you to stay well, feel confident and get out and about. There is no need to feel concerned about managing everyday tasks such as showering, toileting, grooming, dressing and taking the correct medication. Nursing Our clinical and nursing services are delivered by qualified Registered and Enrolled Nurses along with experienced Assistants in Nursing and support you to manage health concerns and


Home modification Are you finding that doing things like getting up the front step, hanging out the washing or even reaching the top kitchen cupboard is not as easy as it used to be? Modifications to your home and outdoor areas can make doing these things easy again. conditions. We work closely with you, your carer, family, GP and health professionals to ensure your health needs are met. Physiotherapy Our Registered Physiotherapists c a n p ro v i d e a d v i c e a n d interventions to help keep you active and moving, or regain independence following injury or hospitalisation. Short Term Restorative Care (STRC) This time limited program helps you get back on your feet after an illness or hospitalisation. Each program is tailored to help you achieve your health goals. Our focus is helping you regain and maintain your quality of life. Home upkeep Whether it’s vaccuming, cleaning the bathroom, mowing the lawn or climbing a ladder to change a

Transport We understand the importance of staying connected to your community, particularly if you’re living in rural or remote Australia. We can provide you with options of supported transport with a staff member if you need it, or help you arrange your own transport to keep you as independent as possible. Aids and sensors We have various alarms and sensors available and can take you through the benefits of each to see which suit your specific needs. Meal delivery Whether you are looking to live a healthier lifestyle or just want healthy nutritious balanced meals, our home delivery service is the most convenient, affordable and enjoyable way to achieve what you are looking for.

For more information, visit our website at or call our Customer Service Centre on 1300 782 896.





Medications can be hard to keep track of, particularly if you’re discharged from hospital or seeing different health professionals, where the list of medications can quickly grow. Here are some tips to help you take your medications safely.

This year has highlighted how important it is to feel connected whilst taking precautions to protect our health. We understand these are difficult times with many of us feeling anxious about having visitors and services delivered in our homes, even as COVID-19 restrictions ease. Often, we may find ourselves going for days without talking to someone or not having someone to share our worries and concerns with.

• Read and follow instructions so you know how and when to take your medication, where they should be stored, and the potential side effects and interactions with other medications you are taking.

• If you’ve been recently discharged from hospital, show your doctor, pharmacist or nurse your updated medicine list and hospital discharge information so they can update your records.

• Keep your medicine list updated and show it to any new health professionals you see.

• Store your medication safely out of reach of children or pets, and in an area that is not exposed to sunlight, heat, or extreme moisture. Some medication may also need to be refrigerated.

In our July newsletter, we announced the launch of our ‘Social Support Phone Call’ service to keep you connected. Normally social support is provided face-to-face, but you now have the choice to opt for a phone call if you prefer.

• Check the use-by dates regularly, safely disposing of anything that’s expired.

How it works: • You tell us how often you would like us to call.

• Take your medication exactly as instructed by your doctor or pharmacist. Do not stop taking anything until you have discussed it with your doctor. Never take medication prescribed for someone else. • If you find yourself forgetting to take your medication, talk to your pharmacist about dosage aids such as a Webster Pack so you can divide your medication into days and times. • Ask your doctor if you’d benefit from a Home Medicines Review where a pharmacist reviews your medication to see if you may be able to stop taking something you no longer need.

We can help! integratedliving provides a range of services such as medication reminders and assistance with medication administration. For more information: Contact your Case Manager, Registered Nurse or our Customer Service Centre on 1300 782 896.

• We can chat to you about any topics you’d like to discuss and listen to any concerns you may have. • You choose how long you would like the call to last from 30 minutes to two hours! How do I set this service up and how much does it cost? It’s easy to set up. All you need to do is call our Customer Service Centre on 1300 782 896 and we will do the rest. The price of the service will vary depending on your support plan, so one of our friendly customer service representatives will go through this with you. 5

Caring for carers: our services Join Carers Together online Carers Together is our virtual Activity Centre program that helps carers connect in a friendly and casual setting online. Carers can share stories and ideas, discover useful resources and learn about different topics each week, providing convenient, accessible support from the comfort of your home.

Caring for someone we love can be a very rewarding experience, however at times, it can lead to exhaustion or neglecting one’s own health and wellbeing.

For unpaid carers who provide daily care and support to family and friends, accessing support services such as those offered by integratedliving may be required from time-to-time.

Book in some respite time Our in-person Activity Centres are a great option for carers. You can drop your loved one off or we can pick them up and they will have a day of fun, laughter and activities while you enjoy a break. Respite services such as our Activity Centres, can make a big difference to carers by providing an opportunity to catch up with friends, do some shopping, exercise, or simply take some time out for themselves.

Catching up with family this festive season? It’s a great time to discuss some ADVANCE CARE PLANNING. Advance care planning is the process of thinking about your values, beliefs and preferences about health and personal care, and end of life. The process involves discussing these with the people you value most and those who would speak on your behalf if you became too unwell to speak for yourself. The next step in the advance care planning process is to write your preferences in an Advance Care Directive (ACD) document and share this with your loved ones, your GP and your care givers such as

We recently had a new client who was initially reluctant to participate in the Activity Centre program, however, he agreed to come in and ‘give it a go’. By the afternoon of the first day, some men had arranged a game of pool for a bit of fun. Before too long, our client, a keen pool player, was giving tips, helping others with technique and showing tricks. He is now enjoying his time with us and his carer can enjoy some respite knowing he is well cared for and having a good time. Respite services can also be offered in a client’s home to ensure they are cared for and safe, while the carer goes out for a break. If you know of a carer who would benefit from one of our support or respite services, please contact our Customer Service Centre on 1300 782 896.

your integratedliving Case Manager. This will ensure that multiple people have copies and are well-aware of your desired plans and wishes. Although discussing your ACD with those close to you can be difficult, and is often a sensitive subject, research has shown that families of people who have an ACD have greater peace of mind and less anxiety and stress when they are asked to make important health care decisions on your behalf. As a health care and aged care provider, we can support you through this process. To help ensure your wishes are respected and carried out, integratedliving encourages our clients to create an ACD to ensure that we too understand your values, beliefs and preferences whilst we are in your home. For more information on advance care planning and ACD’s, please visit the Advance Care Planning Australia website at:


Wellness for Independence®

Wellness for Independence® client Brian recently completed the Cardiac Wellness program and sent the following glowing feedback to say thank you:

“I was diagnosed with chronic heart problems over three years ago. When I was referred to your Cardiac Wellness program, I must admit that I thought it would be a good opportunity to reinforce and improve my knowledge; knowledge that I had gained at the Cardiac Rehabilitation Unit at the hospital.

that can be made around the home which can significantly reduce the risk of accidents. These are subjects that are out of the ordinary, and really well covered, good tips.

What I did find however, was that the Cardiac Wellness program was far more complete in the knowledge and information delivery than I had anticipated. It was interesting to be in the company of people with similar health conditions.

I must admit that with subtle changes to my lifestyle, I was able to achieve these goals. I now have a different outlook.

Early in the course, we were asked to set some desired and yet achievable goals for ourselves.

My diet now contains more fruit. When looking to bake biscuits I choose recipes that use honey instead of sugar, and every Registered Nurse and Program afternoon, ensure that I take my Lead, Samantha Bonham, is dog Norm for a 5km reasonably extremely knowledgeable with brisk walk. extensive experience. She has I would recommend this a pleasant manner and patient course to anybody who is delivery. Even the subject of looking to improve their safety in the home was covered, general health.” learning about small changes

Wellness for Independence®


Our much-loved Wellness for Independence® programs are now available online. Usually run in a face-to-face group setting, the programs offer over 65’s, or over 50’s if you are Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander, the chance to join an online health group covering a range of topics. Programs available include :

Cardiac Wellness Memory Wellness Diabetes Wellness Low Vision Wellness

Led by one of our qualified wellness facilitators, they will assist you and can arrange for you to borrow an integratedliving iPad for the duration of the program. Whilst working on your own health goals, you will also be learning about your health conditions and gaining knowledge on how you can improve your health.

Call us on 1300 782 896 to find out more. 7

Digital technology makes waves this year!

For 69-year-old Tony Batts from Ballina, his first experience with integratedliving wasn’t in the normal face-to-face way, but rather through our new online At Home Exercise Classes, introduced as a way of keeping clients healthy during the coronavirus pandemic. Feeling like he needed to be more physically active during lockdown, a friend of Tony’s wife suggested the program and he hasn’t looked back. “When I heard about the online exercise program, I thought ‘that’s great’, I can achieve something in the comfort of my own home. I’ve found the Zoom virtual classes to be easy to adapt to and it was a smooth transition to join. During this difficult social period, it’s great to be able to participate in a therapeutic exercise program and I look forward to the virtual classes each week” said Tony. Tony is amongst a growing number of older Australians who have adopted digital technology during COVID-19 in an effort to stay connected to the outside world and try something new. Many are using the internet for the very first time and the good news is that internet use in the 6574 age group is increasing and becoming the ‘new normal’ for many older adults. 8

Someone that has seen the rise in digital use amongst our clients firsthand, is one of our Wellness for Independence® facilitators, Christine Crockett. “I’m so proud to see our clients persisting in the ever-changing virtual world. In some ways, the pandemic has brought about some positive changes and introducing our virtual wellness programs is definitely an example of this” she said. “We’re helping clients stay connected and continue learning. Clients are empowered by their personal success in navigating the program online, so they can take part in our virtual programs. Our face-to-face programs have been popular with our clients since they commenced, and our new virtual option is no exception. Our clients absolutely love it.” Technology and social media have helped many of us keep in touch with loved ones during social distancing and lockdowns. According to the Global Centre for Modern Ageing’s survey into Australian’s response to COVID-19, 23% of people aged 60 or older have used technology that is new to them since the pandemic started. As a result, 56% of these people now feel more confident with modern technology.

Christine added: “Skills in digital technology are more important than ever for older people to keep them connected and staying healthy, especially for those who live in rural and remote locations across Australia. All of our Wellness for Independence® classes are now offered online giving people the opportunity to join in, no matter where they live.” The integratedliving virtual At Home Activity Centre program has also seen a steady increase in participants joining in with programs such as games and trivia, drama therapy, carers’ support, arts and crafts, gardening, cooking and more. “Our clients who have attended the online Activity Centre classes have adapted well to a new way of doing things. Before the pandemic struck, a particular group of men had developed a strong friendship through our Gorokan Activity Centre, so they found it difficult when they weren’t able

to see each other. Thanks to our virtual Activity Centre program, they were able to reconnect and slip back into their old banter” said Kerry Garth, Manager Dementia Services. If the COVID-19 pandemic has made us all realise something, it’s the power of digital technology. As an organisation, we are making a thoughtful and concerted effort to help older people adapt and provide educational resources to make their lives easier, so they can stay connected with their loved ones. “Our Digital Wellness program is a great place to start and will show you how to be active in your community and follow your interests and hobbies using online technology. It’s also a great way to help you stay connected to family and friends and keep up with your grandkids or the younger generation” said Christine.

If you would like to know more about our range of virtual programs on offer, and how you can adapt to the world of digital technology, we’d love to help. Simply contact our Customer Service Centre on 1300 782 896.

Our Wellness Centres are a welcoming environment featuring state-of-the-art wellness gyms with specialised equipment. They offer a range of health and wellbeing services to help older people live an active and independent life. After being forced to close our Wellness Centres in March due to COVID-19, we were thrilled to respond to the easing of restrictions by reopening the Centres over the past five months. With client safety our number one priority, and taking into account strict federal and state government recommendations, we are excited to also welcome new clients to our Wellness Centres in 2021.


If attending our Wellness Centres in-person is not an option for you, or if you prefer to exercise from the comfort of your own home, our virtual At Home Exercise Classes allow you to experience the benefits of our programs from wherever you live. For more information on the locations of our Wellness Centres, and our At Home Exercise Classes, visit our website:


TOP TIPS for keeping cool this summer

With our sunburnt country recording the second hottest summer on record for 2019-20, it’s likely that temperatures will soar over the next few months in many parts of Australia. If you’re wondering what you can do to help beat • When there is a cool breeze outside, open the windows and doors of your home to allow the the heat this summer, our health and safety air to circulate around and assist with cooling experts have put together some great tips to the house. help you stay cool and decrease your chances of heatstroke, cramps and exhaustion. • Look at ways you can assist your home in staying cool like installing window coverings, • Drink plenty of water and keep hydrated, even shade cloths or external blinds on the sides of if you do not feel thirsty. Add an electrolyte to the house which face the sun. your water if you are perspiring excessively. • Wet some towels and place them in the fridge. • If you must go outside when it’s hot, ensure you put sunscreen on, wear a hat, sunglasses Once cool, place the towel around your neck to and loose-fitting, light-coloured clothing made help cool your blood and body down. Placing from natural breathable fibres, like cotton and your feet in cool water can also help. linen and try to remain in the shade. • When leaving the house, plan ahead and take plenty of cold water with you. Freezing a bottle • Prepare for predicted extreme heat waves by stocking up on food, water and medicines so of water to drink later is also helpful. Try to that you don’t have to leave the house. Make remain in air-conditioned buildings as much as sure that you store your medication at the possible and avoid going outside in the hottest recommended temperature and ensure they part of the day. are not left in a very hot location where the sun • If you have air conditioning in your home, and heat might affect them. remember to close the doors in the room you are cooling to help it cool down faster and to • Most importantly, when it’s hot, ensure your mobile or landline phone is at arm’s reach and keep the costs of running the air conditioner if you start to feel faint or unwell, dial 000 down. Also use a fan if you have one, and if immediately. costs are a concern, only use the fan in the hottest part of the day. 10

BUSHFIRES The bushfire season is upon us, so it’s a good time to refamiliarise yourself with who to contact and what to do in the event of a bushfire in your local area. As part of your preparations for bushfires, and so that we can assist you where possible, we encourage you to develop a personal emergency management plan and share and discuss this with your Case Manager, if you have one. If you do not have a Case Manager, contact the Customer Service Centre who will arrange a staff member to assist you. If you live in a high-risk bushfire zone, develop a leave early plan. The Country Fire Authority (CFA) advise that the safest option is to leave and to leave early, rather than to stay and defend.

Protecting yourself from scams With scams becoming more common in today’s society, especially with more people using online services, it’s important to be aware of the signs of a scam and the precautionary steps we can all take to prepare ourselves. Common scams targeting older Australians are generally investment, door-to-door, rebate and dating scams. With so many successful scams out there, the scammers can find out details about people before they make contact so their requests sound legitimate.

For more information and important phone numbers in your state or territory, see below:

IMPORTANT NUMBERS • In the event of fire, call Triple Zero (000). • In the event of an emergency, tune in to your local radio for continuous updates, or look at your state fire service website: • Australian Capital Territory • New South Wales • Northern Territory • Tasmania • Queensland • Victoria

A good rule of thumb is to never trust any email or phone call requesting personal details, including an email communication that asks you to enter your usernames and passwords. Reputable organisations such as banks, energy companies, telecommunication companies, internet providers, government agencies and integratedliving, generally never request sensitive information in this way. If you are ever in doubt whether you are a victim of a scam, we suggest you contact the organisation personally to see whether the communication you received was legitimate. You can learn more about scams by visiting this website: Alternatively find out more about reporting suspicious activity and scams via the ACCC’s Scamwatch website at:


Feedback & Complaints integratedliving welcomes your feedback and complaints to help us improve our services to you. You have the right to provide feedback without fear of being disadvantaged in any way. All feedback, comments and complaints are treated confidentially. •

You can talk to your care team member including your support worker or volunteer - this may lead to a quick resolution. You could also contact us on 1300 782 896 and talk to a Customer Service Officer, who will listen, gather information and help find a resolution. You can ask for the matter to be escalated to a senior manager, if you are not satisfied with the resolution from your Care Team or the Customer Service Team. If you are not happy with the outcome, you may contact an external agency: Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission - 1800 951 822 NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission - 1800 035 544 or TTY 13 36 77

Contacting an Advocacy Service Advocacy services are free, confidential and independent. Services are available in each state and territory. You can call Aged Care Advocacy directly on 1800 700 600 or with your permission we can phone an advocacy service on your behalf, to explain your concerns and arrange for the service to contact you. Privacy of Information Personal information collected by integratedliving Australia is treated as confidential and is collected, stored, used and disclosed in accordance with the Australian Privacy Principles (APP) contained in the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth). Access to Information Service users can have access to any information which integratedliving has collected about them, in accordance with the Australian Privacy Principles and integratedliving Policy and Procedures. Independence All services provided by integratedliving take into account lifestyle, cultural and religious preference. integratedliving encourages individuals to maintain their independent living skills and works proactively with them to enhance, retain or regain the skills required for daily living. Funding Acknowledgement integratedliving Australia Ltd is supported by funding from the Australian and State Governments. 12

Did you know we offer a range of disability support services? We are here to offer support when it matters, helping people living with disabilities to stay active in their community. Read more about the services we can provide to offer practical support. Independent living Helping you to transition as your needs may change. Your needs may increase or decrease, you may need to move house, or just do something different. Our services can help you to optimise your quality of life in a way that is focused on how you choose to enjoy life. Travel and transport Our focus is on comfort and safety, helping you or a loved one get to where you are going. We can even assist with holiday transport and travel needs. Exercise Stay active and healthy by exercising in our purpose-built Wellness Centre gyms. Group classes are also a great opportunity to socialise and meet new people. For more information, visit our website at or call our Customer Service Centre on 1300 782 896.

Festive Bush Tucker


• Preheat oven to 180 degrees. • In a bowl, add self-raising flour and salt. • Slowly mix in the lemonade a little bit at a time, mixing as you go. • Once the mixture is combined, place the dough on a lightly floured surface and knead it for a few minutes and mould it into a bowl shape. • In the centre of the damper, add the berries and chocolate and fold the edges of the damper to cover over the top, so that the berries and chocolate are inside. • Lower the oven temperature to between Ingredients 80 - 100 degrees and place the damper on a lined baking tray in the oven. Cook • 2 cups of self-raising flour for 30 minutes. • Pinch of salt • Check the damper intermittently by • 3/4 cup of lemonade • Tin of mixed berries (drained) placing a butter knife into the edge. The damper is cooked when the knife is clean • Cooking chocolate when pulled out. as much as you desire

Where you can find us! integratedliving Australia Ltd | ABN 95 130 530 844 | Customer Service Centre 1300 782 896 Registered Office | 3 Wilkinson Avenue, Muswellbrook NSW 2333 | Facsimile 1300 778 718 PO Box 2567, Dangar NSW 2309 | | Copyright © integratedliving 2020

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integratedliving Community Newsletter - Issue 23  

In this issue, read about the new services we are delivering virtually, tips on keeping cool this summer, learn how you can stay connected w...

integratedliving Community Newsletter - Issue 23  

In this issue, read about the new services we are delivering virtually, tips on keeping cool this summer, learn how you can stay connected w...

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