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M ndseed ‘sowing the seeds of change’

To successfully treat issues such as depression, anxiety, low self worth, addiction and eating disorders through education and ACTION.

M ndseed ‘sowing the seeds of change’ The integrated life program 14 Days- $16,000.00 28 Days- $32,000.00 Peregian Beach, Queensland Mental education, physical and relaxation components daily. To successfully treat issues such as depression, anxiety, low self worth, addiction and eating disorders through education and ACTION.

Depression, anxiety low self worth and addiction are becoming increasingly common and so many families are at a complete loss as to how to help their loved one out of the headspace they are in or how to end the destructive behaviors that accompany it. Many are lacking resilience and have deemed themselves a failure as a result of social or educational challenges and shut themselves down or engaged in harmful or isolating behaviours. The Integrated Life retreat is a unique opportunity to support your loved one in trouble to learn new processes and information to really change how they are thinking and rebuild a sense of purpose and internal worth eliminating the unwanted behaviors and empowering them to navigate future challenges.

PRE-EVALUATION AND ASSESSMENT: By phone or skype with questionnaire, discussion with family is welcome. This not only assists us to identify areas that need attention but also informs our guests about what they can realistically achieve if they participate and do the change work required.

GENERAL INCLUSIONS. - Private car transfers from the airport. - Own room with ensuite accommodation - All juices and meals mostly organic. - live in mentor/chaperone for the entire stay. - Daily fresh juicing - food school daily - Far infra red detox box daily - Massage for relaxation and toxin removal - daily gentle exercise, - morning beach walk - five Tibetans exercise patterns - pranayama breathing and mindfulness education. - hiking in Noosa National Park, - Mt Coolum challenge, - Boxing, - Stand Up paddle boarding - Yoga bikram or vinyasa

M ndseed ‘sowing the seeds of change’

THE FIRST SEVEN DAYS FUNDAMENTALS: Collecting and identifying information about the mind, body and diet and exercise to identify where change work is really needed.

MINDSET - Understanding and Identifying Core beliefs, values, and priorities that are driving behaviours - Growth or fixed mindset is identified and what this means to emotion, behaviour and self worth as well as the ability to really change and learn. Patterns of unwanted behaviour, why they exist and the payoff from this behaviour as well as positive alternatives.




LIVE/DRY bloods cellular assessment testing to see how the body is reacting to the environment. allergies and intolerances testing physical assessment (exercise physiologist)

DIET - Food knowledge and skills assessment - Required supplements and medication review

M ndseed ‘sowing the seeds of change’

Along the lines of see one, do one, teach one: once the core issues have been identified we then have our guests practice the application of new information to see the effect that it brings mentally and physically. - Journaling and pattern recognition: what do you want? Identify and establish how you want to feel? - Journey Therapy to reprocess the past. - Deconstructing Fears - Goal setting - Clinical Hypnotherapy: Particularly effective for addictions (food, smoking, Self harming, emotional and binge eating) - Neuro Linguistic Programming to access core belief structures and mindset - Mindfulness Meditation practice, to teach the act of observation - Behaviour pattern change, changing your dialogue (to yourself and others)

AFTERCARE: - skype, email and phone follow up twice weekly for the first 2 weeks - Monthly and as needed for 3 months post retreat

M ndseed

- daily practices, mind mapping, goal follow through - workbooks to take home - Family integration (family members to attend retreat for last few days or by skype) - food school: How will you apply diet to the whole family, school lunches, - juicing at home

‘sowing the seeds of change’




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12 Grebe Street Peregian Beach QLD 4573


M ndseed ‘sowing the seeds of change’


the integrated life long stay retreat program


the integrated life long stay retreat program