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Cover frames : iGreen - V4.43 Featured at left: Bellinger Fern far left Bellinger Brows-1 right top iGreen - V5.03 right middle Bottega Veneta - 00250 right bottom

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iGreen | women iGreen means style and is distinctively trendy and vibrant. The interchangeable temples let you customize your glasses, playing with the colours and making them a truly personal accessory which is refined and elegant. Browse more iGreen frames.




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Bellinger Vintage style eyewear that has been updated in some very modern ways. Bellinger creates and designs innovative eyewear with a sense of something new and unique – we try to go where nobody has been before. Browse more Bellinger frames.

Circle-3 / c.9025M

Glow / c.933


Bottega Veneta | men Bottega Veneta eyeglasses are known for their exceptional designs, superb quality, high comfort and performance. Crafted from premium materials, this eyewear caters to a fashion-forward audience internationally. Browse more Bottega Veneta frames.

BV 0024O / C.OO6

BV 0026O / C.OO1

BV 0054O

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Versace Versace style is not about simplicity, minimalism or the understated. It breaks the rules innovatively. Classic design reinterpreted to bold, modern tastes with powerful color palettes for distinction and character. Browse more Versace frames.


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iGreen | men

Glasses that perfectly blend flexibility, durability, appearance and weight. With hi-tech frames that weigh only five grams, iGreen glasses redefine comfort in the sense that you’ll forget they’re even there. Mix and match frames with interchangeable temples complete the package. Browse more iGreen men’s frames.




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Bottega Veneta | women Discretion, quality and unsurpassed craftsmanship - Bottega Veneta has established a new standard of luxury since its founding in the Veneto region of Italy in 1966. Experience attention to detail and relentless perfectionism. Browse more Bottega Veneta women’s frames.

BV 0064S / c.OO2

BV 0024O

BV 0025O / c.OO3

behind the frames Country of origin. The World of Eyewear Fashion We emphasize the country of origin of our frames, and for good reason. We search for manufacturers that utilize the best materials, consistently produce fresh and functional frames, and stand behind their products. Two countries are a world apart—and a world above—for frame manufacturing: Italy and Denmark. Of course, a frame made in Italy or Denmark isn’t intrinsically better. The difference is in the factories. That’s why we work with frame manufacturers that take pride in their products and produce noticeably better frames that last longer, hold their shape better and are more comfortable to wear.

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Italy With more than 130 years of excellence, the region of Belluno has the longest tradition of creating quality eyewear in Italy and is the most important eyeglass manufacturing area in the world. Here in the Dolomites, the biggest names in the field arose. Today, workers continue the legacy of their artisan ancestors to create frames with careful attention to design, craftsmanship and detail.

We carry Donna Fontana, iGreen from the Thema Family of Frames, Gucci and Prada.

How to Protect Your Student’s Sight in the Digital Age In the past decade, digital device use among students in the United States has become widespread. Accumulating research is showing that heavy “digital device” use among students puts them at risk for early myopia or nearsightedness. A recent study conducted by the National Eye Institute and published in the Archives of Ophthalmology found that the prevalence of nearsightedness among Americans has increased from 25 percent to 41.6 percent of the population over the past 30 years — an increase of more than 66 percent.

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Students are at an even greater risk than adults for developing symptoms of computer vision syndrome.

Integrated Eyecare Dr. Kit Carmiencke, OD Dr. Kirsten Carmiencke Scott, OD Dr. Mary Ann Ellement, OD We are an eye care practice focused on the eyes and vision of our patients and exceptional customer service.


We provide advanced eye care examinations and treatments.


We focus on each customer to deliver an “out-of-sight� eye care experience.


To enhance the quality of our patients vision; while working to protect the health of their eyes for tomorrow.

Our vision. Our mission at Integrated Eyecare is to focus on you while delivering an “out-ofsight� eyecare experience.

Integrated Eyecare Fashion Magazine Winter 2017  

Welcome to Integrated Eyecare where we combine the best in vision care with the best in fashion eye wear. Our mission at Integrated Eyecare...

Integrated Eyecare Fashion Magazine Winter 2017  

Welcome to Integrated Eyecare where we combine the best in vision care with the best in fashion eye wear. Our mission at Integrated Eyecare...