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Data Centre Complete for the MOD – Barnstaple

Data Centre Complete for the MOD – Barnstaple Electrical Distribution System Main power is provided via a manual change over switch allowing direct connection from a 350Kva generator using an externally mounted connection box; this feeds the new Data Centre. From the manual change over switch the power is routed via an automatic change over panel giving a choice of route to receive power the standby generator or from the normal mains supply.

New Buildings were constructed to accommodate the Tier 2 Data Centre and provided within electrical power supply and UPS, standby power, environmental control, BMS, fire detection, lighting and earthing. Principles of Services Design:Mechanical Services Systems Close control air conditioning is provided in the Data Hall comprising of 3 Denco internal units each provided with two refrigerant circuits connected to externally mounted condenser units. Two of the air conditioning units were run and one to act as standby, the BMS controls an operating pattern providing full shared running times. The fresh air unit has run and standby facilities. The UPS Plant room has two down flow air conditioning units one run and one standby.

A Socomec 120Kva UPS provides back up power with maintenance bypass provided to the distribution switchboard. The battery was split by isolators into 120volt DC maximum strings. Supplies to 24 server racks were fed via 32amp type C MCB’s located in the PDU’s. Each server rack has two electrical supplies, one from each PDU. The feeds from the commando sockets in the PDU’s to the server racks are using HO7 flexible cables with inline commando plugs and sockets. This new data centre and generator designed and built and constructed by Integral’s uptimeplus team.

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