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Mains Power fails, but Integral Delivers

Mains Power fails, but Integral Delivers! In the early hours of one weekday morning, Integral received a call-out from a large City Centre site, belonging to a major Banking Client. The night security guard reported that all power had failed to the building. Our call-out engineer arrived on-site in 30 minutes and set about diagnosing the fault. The engineer noted that the UPS system had supported the COMMS room and also that the generators had properly operated and were now supporting essential systems within the building, however there was no mains supply coming into the building. Upon confirmation that the site was stable, Integralís building Supervisor and Integralís Regional Area Manager were dispatched to site. Also, the client was notified of the nature of the fault, and also sent their Property Manager to join the Integral team working at the site. On inspection, a 125A mains fuse within the substation was found to have blown. Whilst Western Power sourced a replacement fuse, Integral proceeded to install a temporary supply, from a neighbouring site to the kitchen area to ensure that fridges and freezers were supported. In order to save time, and to minimise the number of links in the chain, Integral appointed Western Power to act as its subcontractor. This decision was based on the shortest amount of time to reinstate power to the site. A Western Power Contract Manager was also now dispatched to join the site team. It was found that the power failure was caused by an internal fault with the Transformer. Integral were prepared for the

repair of this size and already had qualified staff on site, infrastructure and designated second line technical support who were able to sign-off Permits to Access, Western Power Contract Documentation, Hot Works Permits (in conjunction with the Clientís Property Manager) and Western Powers Switching Permit. Further, as there was a possibility that mains power may not be restored during the first day of the detected fault, Integral arranged for a suitable additional generator to be dispatched to site on a trailer; permission was also gained from the local council to park this on neighbouring pavements, due to restricted access at the site. The trailer generator arrived and was connected up within 5 hours of it being requested.

Repairs on site were completed by Western Power the following night. Integralís site team had continued to monitor all the COMMS rooms and critical systems at the site, throughout the period of the fault. Upon completion of the repairs, this meant Integral already had the required resources on site to confirm resumption of normal service and to check for correct operation of all systems. Thanks to the prompt and efficient actions of Integral, the critical integrity of the building was preserved throughout the entirety of the incident. Further, the entire repair was completed and the building reinstated following the major Transformer works within a period of less than 24 hours from the moment of such a serious failure.

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