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INTEGRA OUTREACH REPORT Outreach Event, Birmingham Conservatoire, UK Tuesday 23 November 2010 Cătălin Crețu, The National University of Music, Bucharest As we have already been informed through the website ( and the rich correspondence we had for several months with Tom Cahill Jones (Integra Project Administrator), the Integra Outreach Event was an event focused on the presentation and research of ways to promote and develop the project. The invitation we had to a concert, which took place an evening before the meeting, was a great opportunity to make first contact with colleagues from the other countries. The chance to collaborate with musicians from all over the world was, in my opinion, an important aspect of the project. After the speech of Mr David Saint, Acting Principal Birmingham Conservatoire, the presentation made by Mr Lamberto Coccioli (Integra Project Manager) outlined the project, the difficulties encountered in the implementation and, also, the intentions of the organizers for its future development. The interaction between the participants and the lecturers made possible a better understanding of the ideas that were presented. The networking session before lunch gave us the opportunity to better know all the participants, their skills and their backgrounds. Even if different, yet having lots of common points, our professional concerns and interests can support - through the network - the promotion and development of Integra. After the presentation of the project (the past events as well as the ones which are planned for the future), Jamie Bullock (Software Development Manager) explained how the software "IntegraLive" works. The composer Hilda Paredes, through a presentation of her compositions, showed us how this software is used in music. Both presentations outlined very well the value of this software. In order to supplement the knowledge gained through Integra Outreach, a DVD was provided to each participant, material which I have very carefully watched.


The following points may be identified, and conclusions drawn: - The European scale of the project thanks to the participation of artists from the majority of the countries belonging to the European community; - The flexibility of IntegraLive software, it combines the advantages of programming languages, but it manages to avoid the rigidity of commercial software; - The existence of an educational part of the program, which I find very useful; - The only thing we should think about is how to develop the software once the project is finished. Some suggestions: - For better information and communication, I suggest posting on the Internet the composers’ scores in which the Integra Live software has been used, recordings, opinions shared by the composers, instrument players, conductors and technicians who have participated to the concerts and the other events related to the presentation of the software; - I have already tried the Integra Live software and I intend to make a presentation of it at the Electroacoustic and Multimedia Center that belongs to the National University of Music Bucharest and I think it will be an interesting experience for the students as well for the teachers; - I am planning to post a link to the Integra project on the site of this institution (; - To complete my ideas and suggestions, a concert organized at the National University of Music Bucharest, having as purpose the presentation of the Integra Live software would be more than desired. I congratulate the staff of Integra and I hope to have the chance to collaborate with them in the future. 01.12.2010 Cătălin Crețu, Senior Researcher, Electroacoustic and Multimedia Center, The National University of Music Bucharest

C Cretu Outreach Report  

After the speech of Mr David Saint, Acting Principal Birmingham Conservatoire, the presentation made by Mr Lamberto Coccioli (Integra Projec...

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