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Achieving sustainable workspace productivity with Integ

“Productivity is never an accident. It is always the result of a commitment to excellence, intelligent planning, and focused effort.�

Productivity is a buzz word for all organisations today. Daily, we are all challenged to achieve greater outputs with less inputs. Achieving sustainable productivity with Integ is more than finding quick fixes. It is about delivering sustainable productivity gains in your workspace, achieving greater staff well-being and investing in solutions that adapt as your technology & business environment change. Take the first steps today towards productivity gains in your workspace with Integ and let us help you achieve sustain workspace productivity.

Consider these facts: 1

The single monitor, particularly 17”—19” monitors, are a minimal starting platform for your business but if you want to get ahead then it’s not an infrastructure you want to stay with for long.


Users of dual monitors report increases of productivity – 33% fewer errors, 16% faster edits, 6% quicker access to tasks, as well as usability benefits of 45% easier task tracking, 32% faster performance and 24% more comfortable to use than single monitor set ups. Production of work was of a better quality, performed faster and with fewer errors. (University of Utah and ATI Technologies)



If you’re not wise about your workspace, you could develop musculoskeletal disorders of the upper limbs, eye strain and stress-related illnesses like headaches and insomnia. “Sitting is hazardous. It’s dangerous. We are on the cusp of a major revolution.” ( – We are sitting ourselves to death)


“Consideration should be given to trialling and evaluating initiatives to facilitate and support the reduction of sitting time in the workplace.” (Stand up Australia)


“No matter how physically active you are, your chances of dying before your time are increased by sitting for long periods. And the more you sit, the greater the risk.” (NZ - 30 Sept, 2011 – Too much sitting is bad for office workers)

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Integ Sustainable Workspaces  

A brochure describing how you can use Integ International's monitor stands to increase your productivity.

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