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The Palmer Education Abroad Scholarship Purpose: The Palmer Education Abroad Scholarship was established through the generosity of Allen and Barbara Palmer. Mrs. Palmer is a graduate of Cardinal Stritch University.

Allen and Barbara Palmer The Palmer Scholarship provides financial support to students enrolled in the College of Education and Leadership who due to financial constraints might not otherwise be able to participate in an education abroad program for the duration of a semester. The purpose of this scholarship is to support the participation of Stritch Education majors/minors in a Stritch Education Abroad Program of their choice. The Palmer Scholarship may support a student candidate in addressing semester abroad program costs relating to:

      

Airfare Accommodation Costs Meal Expenses Visa/Immigration Costs Academic Books University Excursion Costs Personal Expenses

Palmer Scholarship recipients may also apply their personal federal, state and Stritch institutional financial aid resources to address tuition and other Education Abroad program costs. The Palmer Scholarship does not cover the following costs:    

Tuition Costs Accommodation Reservation Fees Stritch Education Abroad Fee ($500) Passport Costs ($100)

Palmer Scholarship Qualifications: A.

Candidate must be a full-time Stritch student and US citizen.


Candidate must have successfully completed a minimum of one academic year as a Stritch Education major or minor prior to applying for a Palmer Scholarship as well as completion of Benchmark 1 of the College of Education and Leadership.


Candidate must apply for a Stritch-approved Education Abroad Program by first submitting the Stritch Education Abroad application packet, and meet all basic Stritch criteria of the specific program relating to academics, health and conduct.


Priority consideration is given to candidates approved for a Stritch education abroad program in a country other than England, Ireland, Scotland, Australia and New Zealand.


Candidate must submit a timely Palmer Scholarship application. Students planning to study abroad in the fall semester should turn their scholarship applications in by March 1. Students planning to study abroad in the spring semester should turn their scholarship applications in by October 1. Candidate’s education abroad packet should be submitted prior to submitting the Palmer Scholarship application.


Candidate is required to submit a copy of their financial aid award documentation and an unofficial academic transcript both representing the current academic term with the Palmer Scholarship application.

Palmer Scholarship Application Part I

Please Print All Information

Personal Information First Name ____________________________________ Last Name _______________________________________ Home Phone __________________________________ Cell Phone _______________________________________ Stritch E-mail __________________________________ Alternate E-mail ___________________________________

Education Abroad Program Location and Semester/Year Foreign University Name_________________________________________ Country__________________________ I have been accepted by the Stritch International Office to study abroad during:

Fall Year:

Academic Information

Student ID#:____________________

Academic Year (circle) Freshman





Spring Year:

Current GPA ________

Major ________________________________________ Minor ____________________________________________ I have been/will be a Stritch education major/minor for one academic year prior to my semester abroad



I have attached a copy of my:   

Stritch Financial Aid Award Unofficial Academic Transcript Palmer Scholarship Essay (please send an electronic copy as an attachment)

Yes Yes Yes


Scholarship Applicant Name

Applicant Signature

Date (mm/dd/yyyy)

Palmer Scholarship Application Part II Essay Questions: Please answer the following questions completely. Questions should be answered in a clear, concise essay form on subsequent pages (4-6 pages in length). Your application should begin by presenting your past experiences in the format requested in Question 1. 1) Please list meaningful trips and/or educational program experiences you have participated in both domestically and internationally. What do you believe you have gained from these previous experiences?

For Example: Volunteer Church Trip to Mexico Domestic / International Trip Experience

Puebla, Mexico Location: City / Country

From 06.2005 To 07.2005 Approximate Dates / Duration (mm/yyyy)

2) Specifically, why do you wish to study abroad in a foreign country and what factors led you to this decision? Please provide serious thought behind your answer!

3) How do you expect your study abroad experience to compliment your academic aspirations? How will it fuel your professional growth and eventual career goals? And how do you expect your international experience to impact your personal development?

4) Describe your chosen education abroad program, country and university. What factors led you to select this program, location, institution and duration of study?

5) Are there any distinctive components to this program, which will impact your overall learning experience abroad? (I.e. specific coursework, home-stays, internships, service-learning, field research, volunteer activities, extra-curricular activities, etc) What do you anticipate will be the primary impact of your experience abroad?

6) What challenges, if any, did you face in your decision to study abroad? How did you meet these challenges to date and what impact do you foresee each challenge having on your eventual experience abroad? These could include but are not limited to, being a parent, being a non-traditional student, having a learning or physical disability, being in a field of study for which it is difficult to incorporate study abroad etc..

7) Outline a plan for how you will give back to Stritch through promoting education abroad at Stritch and within the College of Education and Leadership during the semester when you return. How will you promote the Palmer Scholarship within the College of Education and Leadership?

Application Tips & Hints: 

Write and submit your education abroad application packet and essay first. It will help you consider why you want to study abroad prior to writing the Palmer essay which has similar questions.

Because the palmer Scholarship application is due on either March 1 or October 1 (the same date that your education abroad application packet is due) you will want to submit your education abroad application packet earlier than your Palmer Scholarship application as this scholarship essay is an extension of your initial education abroad application packet.

You should be accepted by the Stritch International Education office to study abroad which means submitting your education abroad application packet prior to submitting your Palmer Scholarship application.

You can print your financial aid award from your mystritch account. Talk to your onestop counselor if you have questions about your financial aid award. Ask for an unofficial transcript from the Stritch onestop desk in Bonaventure Hall.

Submit a timely draft Palmer application essay to a Stritch faculty or staff member and to the International Education Office to review and to ask for feedback.

Ensure that your grammar and spelling in your essay is correct and that your essay is not repetitive!

Be as descriptive as possible and take the time to explain your experiences and interests.

Palmer Scholarship Submission Procedure: 1. Obtain a Palmer Scholarship Application from the College of Education and Leadership or online: . 2. Submit an application (application form, scholarship essay, your financial aid award documentation, and an unofficial academic transcript) to the International Education Office no later than March 1 for fall semester and October 1 for spring semester prior to the proposed Semester Study Abroad experience. 3. 3. Your application is reviewed by the International Education Office and the applications of the final candidate(s) are forwarded to the College of Education and Leadership for a final decision and approval. 4. The Palmer Scholarship(s) will be announced by April 1 or November 1 prior to the semester of your departure. 5. The recipient(s) will receive an award letter documenting the exact scholarship aid to be provided. Scholarship funds will be allocated one calendar month prior to departure for a semester abroad program. For any questions related to the Palmer Scholarship application please contact: Cathy Taft College of Education & Leadership 414 410 4338 Scott Lehmann International Education 414 410 4729 Thank You! We look forward to your application submission!

Palmer Scholarship Application 03.01.11  
Palmer Scholarship Application 03.01.11  

Palmer Scholarship Application 03.01.11