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Pilot Program Pledge

You must read the following before you will be assigned an iPad to use during your English class period. Once you read and agree to the pledge you will be assigned a number. You must initial the sticker.

Mrs. Dixon/English

I have been assigned iPad ______ to use during my class period.

I understand that I am responsible for this device.

I understand that: 1. I will be assigned a number. This number will be mine for the remainder of the school year. I may NOT switch numbers/iPads. 2. I will return the iPad to the cart and plug in the device before leaving each day! 3. I will not remove the iPad from the classroom at any time. 4. I will not change any settings on my assigned iPad device )or any other device(. 5. I understand that I am responsible for the content on my assigned iPad during my class period. If there is anything missing or inappropriate, I will notify the teacher immediately. 6. I will not try to download any apps; iTunes will be locked. 7. I will save all work per teacher instruction )including my name, class period and assignment code. Example: JohnDoe-1-Newsletter1(. 8. I will NOT change, alter, or delete any work on my assigned device. 9. I understand that students from other classes must save their work on the device and I will not change, alter, or delete another classmate’s work. 10. I understand that I must stay on task and complete assignments according to the deadlines and checkpoints. Failure to do so will result in iPad privileges being revoked. 11. I will handle the iPad device with care at all times! 12. I will not have any food or drink around the device. Repeated warnings to remove food or drinks from the work area will result in iPad privileges being taken away. Not following the rules and/or negative behavior will result in disciplinary action and iPad privileges being revoked!!