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Canto r e t a W Dirty

“It was Noel Gallagher’s after party…”

Hey, it’s  S ofee  here  for  the  first  time!  As  you  may  have  noticed  the   magazine  has  changed  and  the  website  in  that  fact,  but  don’t   worry  we  still  do  the  best  in  unsigned  music  but  now  we  are   making  Intamission  bigger  and  badder  and  h ave  started  doing   signed!  Just  so  you,  the  reader  h ave  more  to  read!  Aren’t  we  nice?    

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Also to  go  with  the  new  change  we  are  creating  a  little  team  to  join   myself  and  Ciro  so  if  you  are  interested  then  please  get  in  touch   with  us!     ENJOY!  

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So it’s  coming  up  to  that  time  of  the  year  again,  when  you  start  planning  what  festival  to  go   to,  you  might  be  thinking  Leeds  and  Reading  or  maybe  even  Download?  But  why  not  think  a   little  closer  to  home,  well  if  you’re  in  Manchester  that  is,  or  anywhere  in  the  UK  for  that   matter!  Well  how  about  Headlander  Festival?     Well  Headlander  Festival  will  be  one  of  the  biggest  festivals  in  South  Manchester  this   summer,  bringing  over  30  hours  of  live  music  and  45  bands  and  acoustic  acts  across  two   marquees  and  an  acoustic  lounge  with  various  different  genres  of  music  from  rock,  punk,   reggae  and  jazz.  It  will  also  play  host  to  performing  arts,  Skate  Park,  music  workshops  and  a   battle  of  the  bands  competition,  which  is  hosted  by  Phase  One  Radio  and  sponsored  by   Castle  Rock  Studios.     The  festival  will  be  held  at  Stockport  RUFC  on  Friday  21st  June  and  Saturday  22nd  June.   Friday  will  run  from  6pm  –  11:30pm  and  Saturday  12pm  –  11:30pm.  Camping  is  available   across  the  two  days  or  if  you  are  not  too  keen  on  getting  dirty  you  could  go  to  one  of  the   local  hotels  or  B&Bs.    

LA band,   Canto   have   released   their   brand   new   video  for  ‘Dirty  Water’  which  is  on  their  upcoming  5   song   EP,   Ride   Away.   ‘Dirty   Water’   is   Canto’s   interpretation   of   1966   Calfornia   rock   band,   The   Standells,   you   can   check   out   the   video   at   the   bottom.     You   can   also   check  out  the   video  on   our  videos   of   the  month  page.   Ride  Away  EP  is  coming  out  April  9th  for  free!  Just   check   their   facebook   page.   It’s   an   EP   not   to   be   missed!    


o t n Ca r e t a w rty


facebook:   MadeOfStoneFilm                             twitter:  madeofstonefilm  

June 5th   marks   the   date   of   The   Stone   Roses:   Made   Of   Stone!   A   documentary   based   on   brit   rockers  The  Stone  Roses!         Directed   by   Shane   Meadows   and   produced   by   Mark   Herbert   the   film   will   premiere   in   Manchester   on   30th   May   that   will   see   The   Stone   Roses   make   a   rare   appearance.   We   will   see   the   film   being   satellite   linked   to   100   cinemas   nationwide   for   the   premiere.   Tickets   for   the   premiere   will   be   available   from   Wednesday  17th  April  at  9:30am.     If   you   attended   the   Warrington   Parr   Hall   or   Heaton   Park   gigs   you   might   be   receiving   a   ticket,   just   keep   a   look   out   on   facebook   and   if   you  see  your  face  posted  you  have  got  yourself   a  ticket!  

After 12  long  years  of  being  a  wacky  rock  band  with  an  army  of  fans  that  were   and  still  are  thousands  strong  and  counting  My  Chemical  Romance  this  past   nd Friday  the  22  of  March  called  it  quits  through  no  fault  of  any  ones,  according  to   th Gerard’s  online  blog  the  feeling  came  during  a  performance  on  May  19  2012   where  Mr  Way’s  inner  self  came  into  play  in  a  sense,  as  he  noticed  that  his   performance  wasn’t  natural  instead  of  an  act  which  is  something  that  he  said  has   never  happened  and  at  that  moment  he  knew  it  was  wrong  and  it  was  time  to   stop  but  in  the  closing  lines  of    W ay‘s  blog  he  states  “  In  closing,  I  want  to  thank   every  single  fan.  I  have  learned  from  you  maybe  more  than  you  think  you‘ve   learned  from  me.  My  only  regret  is  that  I  am  awful  with  names  and  bad  with   goodbyes.  But  I  never  forget  a  face,  or  a  feeling-­‐  and  that  is  what  I  have  left  from  all  of  you.   I  feel  Love.”  whilst  also  being  quoted  at  the  start  of  the  blog  to  say  he  woke  up  and  “  a  deep  sadness  overcame  me,  immediately,   bringing  me  to  life  and  realization-­‐  My  Chemical  Romance  had  ended”  pulling  the  heart  strings  of  fans  world  wide  he  goes  on  to   give  fans  hope  and  say  “My  Chemical  Romance  is  done.  But  it  can  never  die.   It  is  alive  in  me,  in  the  guys,  and  it  is  alive  inside  all  of  you.   I  always  knew  that,  and  I  think  you  did  too.”  touching  words.     An  end  of  an  era  indeed  for  such  a  high  energy,  memorable  band  whose  passion  for  music  was  bigger  than  the  band  RIP  MCR   2001-­‐  2013.  


n o i t c n ju

Developing from   different   bands   Apollo   Junction   were   born   in   2011!     The   Leeds   5   piece   are   made   up   of   Jamie   on   Vocals,   Matt   on  the  Guitar,  Jonathon  on  the  Drums,  Ben  on   the   Bass   and   last   but   not   least   Sam   on   Keys/Synths.   Apollo   Junction   have   performed   alongside  the  likes  of  Dizzie  Rascal,  The  Kaiser   Chiefs,  Calvin  Harris  and  much  more.  So   First  off  guys,  why  Apollo  junction?   There  is  simply  nothing  else  we  can  do  this  well  or  want   this  much.  We  have  all  been  in  bands  for  a  long  time  now   and  we  live  and  breath  it,  Apollo  Junction  is  finally  the   group  of  people  and  sound  that  we  have  being  dreaming   about  making.  We  simply  have  no  desire  in  life  to  do   anything  but  this.  Trust  u s  that  is  as  scary  for  us  as  it   sounds.  We  live  and  breath  this  band,  it  gets  us  out  of  bed   in  the  morning  and  keeps  us  from  getting  into  our  beds  at   night,  it  also  has  led  us  to  getting  into  a  fair  amount  of   different  beds  as  well...  The  band  started  as  we  had   chatted  about  forming  a  band  for  about  a  month  or  so  and   we  went  out  for  a  drink  in  a  pub  called  the  Junction.  Ben   and  M att  were  arguing  about  whether  the  big  speech  at   the  end  of  rocky  4  is  the  best  moment  in  cinema  history  or   the  worst  (Ben  best  Matt  Worst).  A  couple  of  girls   wandered  up  and  said  'you  look  like  you  lot  are  a  band  are   you?'...Jamie  decided,  h anded  out  roles  and  said  we  were   ‘The  Apollo  Junction’.  We  got  rid  of  the  'The'  in  the  name   and  yeah  the  rest  they  say  is  history.     Who  are  your  major  influences?   There  is  a  list  as  long  as  your  arm  of  bands  and  artist  who   have  touched  our  music  in  some  way.  We  normally  sight   great  song  writers  as  we  write  great  songs  such  Holland– Dozier–Holland,  Lennon  and  McCartney  and  Burt   Bacharach.  We  also  listened  to  our  p arents  records  as  kids   so  we  got  caught  up  in  brilliant  pop  bands  like  Abba,   Madness,  The  Cars  etc.  We  were  lucky  to  be  born  into  a   time  when  England  had  some  great  bands  like  Pulp,  Super  

Oasis. If  we  don’t  shut  up  the  list  will  never  end  so  let's   end  it  there.     You've  gigged  with  some  huge  names,  who  were  you   most  nervous  about  sharing  a  stage  with?   Never…..  In  fact  we  never  get  the  wrong  type  of  nerves   really.  If  anything  you  kind  of  stand  there  and  think  this   is  our  moment,  like  when  Bruce  Wayne  jumps  in  the   Batmobile  to  fight  crime  I  don't  think  he  worries   Superman  will  upstage  him.  We  get  our  glad  rags  on,   turn  our  amps  up  and  try  make  our  way  into  memories,   make  them  remember  Apollo  Junction  and  we  always   succeed  nerves  play  their  part  but  only  the  positive   ones  that  keep  you  on  top  of  your  game.  The  Boxer   about  to  enter  his  ring.    

Are there  any  other  big  names  that  you're  looking   forward  to  gigging  with  in  the  future?   To  be  honest  not  really,  there  is  a  list  of  people  I  know   we  would  love  to  play  with,  but  demand  is  kind  of   making  Apollo  Junction  play  our  own  shows  right   now…having  said  that  if  Bono  needs  a  support  band  on   U2's  next  tour  we  will  be  free.     You're  working  on  your  debut  album,  how's  it  coming   along?   Really  well  thanks,  we  are  nearly  done  now,  just  the  last   few  tweaks  to  each  track  and  deciding  the  order  of  the   album.  Which  is  a  hard  debate  when  Ben  suggests  it   should  be  in  alphabetical  order  and  Jonny  thinks  it   should  go  shortest  songs  to  longest  songs.    


n o i t c n ju

What songs  are  you  most  excited  about  people  hearing?   All  of  them  to  be  honest  the  reason  we  knew  our  old   bands  weren't  the  ones  for  us  was  people  only  ever  liked   one  song….  and  therefore  we  could  only  market  one  song.   Now  everyone  loves  their  own  song  which  is  so  touching   and  shows  we  are  a  great  band  you  can  give  a  person  all   our  songs  and  have  no  idea  which  is  their  favorite…  having   said  that  Here  Come  the  Zombies  is  a  great  track  and  'I   wanna  be  a  Mystery'  recently  got  called  '3  minutes  of  pop   mastery'  which  made  Matt  spill  his  cereal.     What  are  the  best  received  songs  to  play  live?   3  Tracks  -­‐  Carry  On,  Almost  There  and  Pictures  get  people   danicing.  But  they  all  go  down  really  well,  as  we  said   everyone  h as  their  favourite.  The  thing  we  love  is  the  fact   people  dance  at  our  gigs,  One  of  our  most  memorable   moments  is  watching  a  Pulp  hometown  gig  where  10,000   people  basically  danced  for  2  hours.  We  want  that  and   that's  what  we  will  get.     Like  I  mentioned  before  you've  shared  the  stage  with   huge  names  and  you've  only  been  going  since  2011,   what's  the  secret  to  your  success?   Be  hard  working,  be  harder  working  than  everyone  else   you  know.  When  everyone  is  asleep  be  up  writing  words,   writing  melodies.  When  people  want  a  lie  in  get  up  and   practice  the  set,  and  be  shattered  and  worn  out  and  bored   of  your  own  songs.  Strive  for  bettering  every  song  you   write  and  last  of  all……NEVER  GIVE  UP  as  it's  only  over   when  you  stop.     What  is  your  greatest  achievement  so  far?   We  all  have  different  moments,  watching  our  video  for   our  song  Begin  climb  to  60k  views  on  youtube  was  strange   but  hearing  Steve  Lamaqc,  a  total  legend  of  our  times,  and   man  we  put  alongside  John  Peel  introducing  our  song  on   BBC  radio  was  a  moment  which  meant  the  most  to  Apollo   Junction.  Having  calls  from  your  friends  saying  'you're  on   National  BBC  Radio'  is  so  cool  and  humbling.   How's  2013  been  for  you  guys  and  how  do  you  aim  on   making  it  better  than  the  previous  years?  

Write better  songs,  play  better  gigs,  get  better  jackets,  have   cooler  haircuts,  d on’t  get  another  year  older  sounds  the   perfect  strategy.  The  mainstream  music  scene  is  full  of  dull,   pop  star  zombies  with  nothing  to  say.  It  is  time  for  a  band  to   come  along  and  kick  up  a  bit  of  a  fuss  again  whilst  also   having  great  songs.  So  h ere  we  are!    

Pink pumps

So, for  people  who  don't  know,  who  are  the  pink   pumps?   The  Pink  Pumps  are  a  reformed  power  pop  band.  We   were  originally  gigging  back  in  the  early  1980's.  I'd  been   in  another  punk  /  powerpop  set  up  called  the  Jeff  Hill   Band  which  had  split  up  after  our  record  deal  fell   through.  I  had  lots  of  leftover  songs  and  wanted  a  band   to  play  them  so  I  got  the  Pumps  together  with  Ken  and   a  guitarist  called  Noel.  We  went  through  several   guitarists  (I  was  on  drums  back  then)  and  eventually   split  up  as  we  never  found  the  right  one.  Ken  and  I  then   reformed  the  band  in  2011  with  me  on  guitar  and  a   couple  of  mates  who  I'd  worked  with  for  years.  The   criteria  was  "Who  do  we  want  to  gig  with  who  can  play,   hasn't  got  a  personality  disorder,  and  is  fun  to  be   around?"  and  that  was  Roman  and  Mark.     The  bands  been  around  for  30  years,  has  your  sound   changed  at  all?   The  sound  has  changed,  we're  tighter,  we've  got  three  part   harmonies  and  in  Roman  we've  got  a  genius  guitarist  and   arranger.  In  my  opinion  he's  up  there  with  Johnny  Marr  but   nobody  else  has  really  had  the  chance  to  discover  that!     You've  already  got  a  growing  string  of  dates  lined  up  for  

All of  them....we  have  favoured  venues  but  generally   we  just  like  gigging.  Probably  the  Rendesvouz  in  St   Helens,  if  any,  it  was  the  first  gig  we  did,  its  got  a   great  playing  area,  nice  acoustics,  the  audience  are   knockout  and  the  landlady  is  lovely!  Then  there's  the   Snowgoose  Live  in  Macclesfield,  big  venue,  great  PA   and  sound  man.  Loved  playing  there.     Do  you  still  get  nervous  before  a  show?   I  do,  don't  know  about  the  others.     What's  the  best  song  to  play  live?   Hard  to  say....but  if  pressed  we  do  "September  Gurls"  by   Big  Star,  its  one  of  the  best  songs  ever  written  in  my   humble  opinion  and  it  always  gives  me  the  shivers  to  sing   it.     What  song(s)  receive  the  best  response  live?   The  single  we  have  out  "Every  Night"  and  one  called  "Don't   Get  Mad,  Get  Even"  probably,  but  it  varies  from  gig  to  gig.   We  do  a  long  mad  version  of  "Gloria"  as  an  encore,  which   morphs  into  "East  Easy  Rider"  by  Julian  Cope  via  a  fair  bit   of  jamming.  That  usually  leaves  them  howling  for  more.     What  do  you  do  to  get  pumped  up  for  a  gig?  

Pink pumps when Mark  counts  the  first  song  in.  That's  it....away  we   go!     Have  you  got  fans  anywhere  that  you're  shocked   about?   We  did  a  gig  recently  where  a  bevy  of  ladies  of  a  certain   age  (lets  just  say  they  were  probably  at  their  peak  in   1968)  showed  up  and  went  bananas.  The  management   thought  they  were  with  us  somehow,  but  we'd  never   seen  them  before!     What  are  your  guilty  pleasures,  band  wise?   Guilty  pleasures....playing  occasional  covers  most   people  have  never  heard  before  like  the  B  side  of   "Paperback  Writer"!  We  also  stand  around  and  eat  cake   after  most  gigs  and  reflect  on  how  it  went,  Roman's   good  lady  is  a  wonderful  baker!     What  are  your  biggest  influences  in  and  outside  of  the   music  scene?   Speaking  for  myself,  I  grew  up  listening  to  the  Radio  One  in   the  1960's  and  through  it  I  got  into  a  vast  array  of  amazing   music.  I  began  collecting  records  back  then  and  still  do  today   and  musically  I've  knowingly  (and  probably  unwittingly)  been   influenced  by  psychedelia,  folk,  and  pop,  punk  and  prog   bands.  If  I  had  to  nail  it  down  to  one  pivotal  album,  it  would   be  an  Island  Records  sampler  from  1970  called  "Bumpers".  In   the  grooves  were  Traffic,  Nick  Drake,  Fairport  Convention,   Free,  Bronco,  Quintessence,  Spooky  amazing  bit   of  vinyl.  Outside  of  music,  books.....people  I  know,  my  old  job   as  a  mental  health  nurse  mostly  spent  working  with  people   who  have  addiction  problems.....and  the  general  mayhem   which  are  my  normal  thought  processes!     Finally,  how  has  2013  been  treating  you  so  far  and   how  do  you  Intend  on  making  this  year  different  to   the  others?   So  far  2013  has  been  pretty  good,  we've  got  plenty  of   gigs  and  we're  going  down  very  well.  We  started   recording  an  album  back  in  2011  consisting  of  songs   we  did  back  in  the  original  incarnation  of  the  band   and  new  stuff,  but  its  been    slow  going  due  to  the   pressure  of  outside  commitments....we  have  young   families  and  real  jobs  as  well  as  being  in  the  band!  I'd   like  to  think  we  could  finish  it  off  this  year  and   besides  downloads  get  it  out  on  vinyl!  

A Chat With

Sofee & Ciro Sofee So Sofee  is  there  an  interesting  fact  that  you  think  people   should  know  about  yourself?   -­‐  I  think  people  should  know  that  I'm  the  funniest  person   ever!  Haha!     So  in  the  first  interview  you  did  in  the  first  issue  of  the   magazine  Ciro  told  us  of  the  failed  projects  he  tried  before   Intamission,  if  you  could  pick  one  that  you  think  you  would   succeed  in  which  one  w ould  it  be?   -­‐  I  think  probably  a  b and  manager,  as  I'm  good  at  getting   things  done  and  organising  people!  And  I've  got  some  good   contacts  haha.     For  people  that  don't  know  you  guys  are  a  couple,  do  you   think  that  it  will  be  a  family  run  thing  in  the  future?   -­‐  Aw  that  would  be  nice  to  be  honest,  I  hope  so.     What  band  have  you  m ost  enjoyed  working  with?   -­‐  The  Hymek,  they're  such  a  nice  b unch  of  people!     You  recently  did  your  first  ever  gig  you  put  on,  are  you   happy  w ith  the  way  it  went?   -­‐  Mate,  I'm  not  going  to  lie,  I  was  shitting  myself  on  the  day,   then  everything  started  going  wrong  as  none  of  the  bands   turned  up  until  half  6/7  and  the  doors  opened  at  7!  But  after   all  that  it  turned  out  it  was  the  best  feeling  ever!  Loved  every   minute  of  it!  Can't  wait  for  10th  April!     What  do  you  bring  to  Intamission?   -­‐  I  bring  my  skills  of  media  and  photography!  And  everything   else  I've  picked  up  along  the  way!     What  did  you  do  before  Intamission?   -­‐  I  was  a  care  worker  for  the  elderly,  the  company  I  worked   for  were  shocking  though!  But  I  met  some  nice  old  people!   And  before  that  I  worked  at  Harry  Ramsdens,  it  wasn't  good   smelling  of  fish  everyday!     And  finally  what's  been  your  highlight  of  Intamission  so  far?   -­‐  The  highlight?  Hmm  it  has  to  be  on  our  first  ever  gig  as  I   remember  that  I  took  a  step  back  and  looked  at  the  crowd   and  everyone  was  dancing  and  h ad  a  pint  in  their  hand  and  I   thought  oh  my  god  we  have  actually  done  this!  That  h as  to   be  the  best  feeling  ever!  

Ciro For anyone  that  doesn't  know  how  to  say  your  name,  how   do  you  say  it?   You  say  it  chee  ro  it's  Italian  :)  -­‐        How  did  you  get  into  the  music  business  and  why  did  you   want  to  get  it  into  it?    I  don't  know  to  be  honest  it  just  kinda  happened,  and  why    -­‐ did  I  want  to  get  into  it?  Well,  I  just  wanted  to  see  if  I  could   get  anywhere  but  never  thought  I  would  I  never  particularly   wanted  anything  to  do  with  it  but  I'm  glad  I  am:)            Where  can  you  see  yourself  in  10  years  time  with   Intamission?    Doing  mint  things  :)  -­‐        If  you  w ere  to  put  on  a  gig  and  money  wasn't  an  option   who  would  you  pick  to  play  and  why?          I  would  pick....  Shinedown,  Godsmack  and  Disturbed    -­‐ because  they  are  huge  bands  that  with  a  powerful  p resence!   They  also  kick  a  lot  of  ass!        What  do  you  think  about  unsigned  m usic  at  the  moment?    I  think  a  lot  of  it  is  underrated!  -­‐      If  you  w anted  to  expand  intamission,  how  w ould  you   expand  it?    Good  question...hmm...  I  think  I  would  want  to  have  a  crew  -­‐   of  people  that  when  we  are  In  town  people  are  like  oh  my   god  there's  Intamission  there  sick  guys  man!  I  would  also  love   to  be  represented  by  an  unsigned  band  that's  simply   awesome  and  take  over  the  world  with  them.      Where  would  be  your  dream  spot  on  putting  on  a  gig?    Manchester  Academy  1  -­‐      If  intamission  w ere  going  to  go  abroad  where  would  you   want  to  go  and  w hy?          America!  To  explore  their  world  with  our  style  of  music!  -­‐  

O T N A C 8. You guys  are  all  brothers,  are  there  any  sibling   rivalries  within  the  band?     No,  we  work  pretty  well  together.  No  one  gets   offended  if  one  of  us  says,  “Stop  playing  that,  it   sucks.  Come  u p  with  something  else.”     9. Do  you  feel  there’s  more  of  a  musical   connection,  being  that  you  guys  are  brothers   and  your  musical  backgrounds?     Definitely.  It’s  like  we  have  our  own  language  that   only  we  understand.  It’s  very  beneficial.  I  think   it’s  an  advantage  we  have  over  other  bands.       10. Have  any  of  you  been  in  bands  before  this?   11.   12. Not  really.  We  had  jammed  around  with  some  of   our  friends  when  we  were  younger.  We  had  this   sort  of  parody  band  where  we  just  wrote  bullshit   songs  just  as  a  joke.  We  called  ourselves  “Uncle   Daddy”  or  more  explicitly,  “The  Fuck-­‐O’s.”   1. 13.   14. Whys  the  name  of  your  debut  album  “HA  HA  HA”?     There’s  sort  of  sarcastic  tone  in  a  lot  of  the  lyrics,   which  is  part  of  the  reason.  Also,  everyone  just  likes   2. to  laugh.     15. I’ve  noticed  you  haven’t  got  any  dates  coming  up,   have  you  gigged  as  a  band  before?     3. We  have  played  a  number  of  shows  the  past  two   years.  M ostly  locally.  We’re  all  still  in  school,  which   limits  us.  But,  we  will  be  playing  out  promoting  our   EP.     4. 16. Have  you  got  any  fans  from  other  countries  that   5. you’re  shocked  at?     I  think  I  saw  we  have  some  fans  from  Egypt  or   something.  Pretty  Bizarre.  That’s  the  power  of  the   7. Internet,  I  guess.  

What songs  are  you  excited  for  people  to  hear?     We’re  all  really  excited  about  all  the  tracks  on  the  EP.   I  think  my  favourite  is  “Gasoline.”     Who  are  you  major  influences  at  the  m oment?     We’ve  been  listening  to  The  Strokes’  and  The  Killers’   most  recent  albums  a  lot  recently.     What’s  the  writing  method  like  in  the  band?     It  varies.  I  guess  I  write  most  of  the  stuff,  but  it’s  a   collaborative  effort  really.     And  finally  how’s  this  year  turning  out  for  you  guys?     We’re  sort  of  waiting  in  anticipation  for  the  EP   release.  Hopefully  it’s  received  well.  But  so  far,   everything  has  been  going  very  well.  This  is  looking   out  to  be  a  good  year  for  us  in  every  respect.    


Four-­‐piece Stockport   band   The   Ordinary   came   for   a   little   chat   in   the   Northern   Quarter,   there’s  no  better  place  in  Manchester  than  to  talk   music  and  we  did!    I  spoke  to  Jack:  lead   vocals/guitar,   Mike:   Bassist,   Jake:   Guitar   and   Sam:   Drummer.   I   had   a   lot   on   my   hands   with   these  four  but  I  soon  got  down  to  business.  Since  playing  together  from  2010  and  they  have   come  a   long  way   in  such  a  short   time   and  are   now  working  with  music   producer  ‘Dan  Broad’,   who  goes  on  tour  and  plays  keyboard  with  the  Happy  Mondays.   They’ve   also   reached   the   finals   of   North   of   England   talent   competition,   winning   the   R&R   world   international   covers   competition   and   do   covers   from   the   likes   of  Kings   of   Leon,   food   fighters,  Muse  and  everyone’s  favourite  blink  182.     After   listening  to  their  four  EPs;  Jealously,  Away  with  the  stars,   Her  pose  and  Punk  song,  I  got   straight  to  the  point.  

‘Her pose’  it’s  one  of  my  favourites  that  I’ve  listened   to,  so  what  was  the  feel  for  this  sort  of  record?     Jack:  To  be  honest  we  are  a  band  obsessed  with  Blink   182  and  we  used  to  always  play  “All  the  small  things”  at   gigs  and  everyone  loved  it,  which  is  where  we  get  most   of  our  inspiration  from,  but  throughout  making  songs   we  have  the  four  chord  trick,  use  the  same  chord  but   different  riff  to  make  it  sound  different.  We  come   together  with  ideas,  make  the  rhyme  then  add  the   lyrics.     Did  you  have  a  fun  time  making  it?     Sam:  Yeah  but  it  took  months  to  make  it.     Jack:  I  wrote  the  guitar  line  and  changed  the  key  of  the   song;  there  was  so  much  lyrical  freedom.   Mike:  It  was  really  simple  to  do  as  you  can  do  whatever   you  want  with  it.     How  does  your  own  gigs  compare  to  gigs  which  hold  a   list  of  line-­‐ups?     Jake:  We’ve  played  at  a  few  parties,  which  I  love   because  everyone’s  drunk.   Sam:  We  get  encores  to  so  the  same  song,  especially   blink  “All  the  small  things”  people  tend  to  relate  with   blink.   Jack:  Our  own  songs  to,  people  have  sung  along  to   ‘jealousy’,  which  is  a  nice  feeling.     Any  new  material  in  the  line-­‐up?     Jack:  We’ve  just  recorded  a  new  EP  with  our  producer   and  hoping  to  make  an  album  soon,  which  is  exciting.       What  has  been  your  most  memorable  time  as  a  band?   Why?  Was  it  when  you  started  working  with  your   music  producer  in  2011?     Mike:  We  played  at  the  after  party  in  Liverpool  at  the   02  Arena   Jack:  It  was  Noel  Gallagher’s  after  party,  we  didn’t  get   chance  to  meet  him  but  I’d  say  that  was  one  of  our    

best gigs  ever!   Sam:  There’s  so  many  Glasgow  2012,  we  were  all  so   hyped  up  about  playing.   Jake:  It  felt  like  we  were  on  holiday  as  we’ve  gone  from   being  in  the  middle  of  nowhere  to  being  on  stage  in   front  of  hundreds.     How  did  you  get  together?     Mike:  It  all  started  with  Sam  and  Jack  who  got  together,   then  met  Jake  and  asked  him  to  join,  three  years  of   playing  together  without  a  bass  player.   Jack:  It  was  a  question  of  going  to  school  and  asking   people  if  they  wanted  to  be  in  our  band,  for  two  years   we  didn’t  have  a  bass  player  then  luckily  we  found   Mike.   Sam:  After  that  in  the  first  six  months  we  wrote  our  first   song!     Do  you  still  get  nervous?     Sam:  I  do   Jack:  I  get  more  excited  than  nervous,  yeah  we  all  like   to  wind  Sam  up.   Mike:  The  more  people  there  is  the  calmer  I  feel,  it  puts   me  at  ease.     How  do  you  get  past  it?     Sam:  It  can  be  very  frustrating,  I  tend  to  go  quiet  and   get  mardy.   Mike,  Jack  and  Sam:  We  like  to  bully  Jake,  he’s  easy  to   pick  on,  we  wind  him  up  before  we  go  on  stage.       Have  you  got  any  advice  for  any  of  our  aspiring  new   bands?     Sam:  DON’T  DO  IT,  IT’S  TOO  HARD!  Haha  well  if  you   should  try  stick  at  it  for  six  months,  if  you  can  do  then   you’ll  keep  it  up.     Who  would  you  love  to  support  whilst  on  tour?     Red  Hot  Chilli  Peppers!  

Delta Mainline                                                                               Oh!  Enlightened   Daniel  Burt     Storms   they   be   brewin’   north   of   the   border   as,   after   some   extremely   well   received   live   performances,   Scotland’s   Delta   Mainline   finally   unleash   their   debut   album.   As   the   building,   hazy   maelstrom   of   opening   track  Tús   Nua  gives  way  to  the  pounding,   fuzz   bass   cacophony   of  Misinformation  it’s   clear   that   this   is   band   possessed   of   a   reverb  laden,  sweeping  musical  palette.  These  songs  sound  huge.         The  bombastic   salvo   continues  with   Stop  that  Feeling  sounding   every   inch   like   a   Kasabian   anthem   at   it’s   least   knuckle-­‐dragging.   The   production   lends   these   tunes  a  widescreen,  echoing  sheen  that,  whilst  communicating  the  septet’s  huge   instrumental  arsenal,   is  well   contained   by   the  band’s  focused   songwriting.   It’s  to   the   band’s  credit  that  few  of  these  songs  stray  over   the   4  minute  mark  (only   on   Perceptions   The  Church   is  up  for  Sale  does  their   mild  debt  to   Spaceman   3  become   more   akin   Ciro  Guadagno   to  the  Greek  deficit)  rarely  giving  in  to  indulgence.           Amidst   the   noise,   the   vocals   occasionally   seem   to   be   providing   texture   as   ‘Perceptions’  is  Blackpool’s  own  Red  XIII’s  latest  EP  off   opposed  to   any  lyrical  weight.  However,  there  is  enough  sonic  dynamism  in  the   their  2010  album  release  “Better  Safe  than  Sorry”!  The   band’s   sound   to   accommodate   more   introspective   moments   where   the,   EP  is  out  in  May  and  features  some  of  their  heaviest   occasionally  hushed  and  occasionally  frayed,  vocals  really  shine.  Delta  Mainline   stuff  to  date  according  to  a  source.  The  band  have   remain   melodically   focused   by   great   chord   progressions   and   tasteful   piano   been  featured  in  such  huge  magazines  such  as  Metal   playing  that  anchors  –  like  a  sonic  bottle  rocket  tied  to  the  moon  –  the  sliding,   Hammer  and  Rock  Sound  so  you  could  say  they  are  a   cavernous  shoe-­‐gazing  guitar  work  on  display.   big  deal  with  an  even  bigger  following,  which  reflects         Oh!   Enlightened   is   a   supremely   assured   debut   and,   if   claimed,   this   was   an   very  nicely  in  the  EP.   attempt  to  capture  their  live  sound   then  I  can  only  recommend  you  catch   them        The  EP  kicks  off  with  Sleeping  Giants,  a  track  that   on  their  upcoming  U.K  tour.  I  won’t  be  there,  but  that’s  only  because  I  suffered  a   use’s  bouncy  sharp  bass  lines  that  feed  off  the  drums   compound   fracture   in   both   legs   after   a   horrific   car   accident   -­‐   and   that’s   the   only   into  a  pool  of  crunchy  guitar  riffs  allowing  the  beasty   reason  -­‐  what’s  your  excuse?   vocals  to  run  rampant  causing  scatter-­‐mosh-­‐pits  to        Oh!  Enlightened  is  released  May  20th  on  Rehab  Sound  Recordings.   form  at  near  enough  all  of  their  gigs.  I  was  lucky   enough  to  witness  them  live  and  my  god  they  are   amazing!  They  just  feed  off  each  bone  crunching  song   Within  The  Last  Breathe   like  creatures  hungry  for  more;  imagine  Gollum  and   you’ll  be  close.   Ciro  Guadagno        Moving  on  to  the  rest  of  the  EP  and  we  land  at  TRAIN     WRECK!  Now  if  ever  there  were  a  song  name  to   Hailen  G  is  the  mastermind  behind  Aetherfallen’s  epic  debut  EP  entitled   describe  a  song  this  would  be  it  IN  A  GOOD  WAY!  The   “Within  The  Last  Breathe”  an  EP  that  is  so  wide  and  wonderful  that  when  I   song  kicks  off  with  a  bass  groove  that  was  quite   listened  to  it  all  through  for  the  first  time  it  took  me  on  a  very  melodic  journey   refreshing  but  went  straight  back  to  the  bands   through  time  like  a  chill  out  CD  for  the  hardcore  trance  rock  ravers.   hardcore  antics  with  an  amazingly  rhythmic  bridge        This  m an  is  extremely  talented  infact  its  not  until  I  read  that  the  EP  was  a  one   section  which  isn’t  as  scattered  as  the  rest  of  the  song,   man  job  that  I  was  able  to  enjoy  it  a  whole  lot  more.  Blowing  me  away  with  his   instead  it  gives  a  hint  of  the  more  hard  rock  tone,  and   mini  synth/rock  orchestra  that  I  can  see  filling  a   shades  of  the  next  song  which  is,  BITCH!  Quite  a  funny   live  stage  adding  to  the  visual  power  that   name  but  a  name  that  from  my  perspective  brought   comes  with  what  Aetherfallen  delivers.        Just  listen  to  the  texture  and  variety  of  riffs  in   elements  of  Hard  Rock  to  the  bands  hardcore  rock   persona,  a  much  more  melodic  flavour  and  a  theme   either  one  of  the  tracks  (if  you  can  pick  them  all   that  we  see  in  the  last  two  songs  on  the  EP,  but  mainly   out,  there’s  quite  a  few)  and  you’ll  be  instantly   in  the  last  song,  EXPLODING  PET!  Such  variety  is  on   inspired  which  is  quite  an  impressive  thing  to   display  here  with  not  one  slow  song;  it  would  be  a   have  said  about  a  debut  EP  that  is  an   feast  for  any  metal  head  that  loves  a  bit  of  AS  I  LAY   introduction  to  the  world  of  Aetherfallen.   DYING!      Within  the  last  Breathe  is  the  epic  beginning   of  an  era  in  which  we  see  a  creation  grow,        The  EP  is  a  powerful  explosion  of  metal  that  the  guys   where  will  it  lead?  Who  knows  but  the  future  is   should  be  proud  of!  I  will  happily  rate  this  5/5!   looking  bright.  

Red XIII    


MyLyricalMind Drop  Me  A  Line     McKenna  Loren     MyLyricalMind’s  latest  EP,  “A   Quiet  Hurricane,”  bears  a  title   that  perfectly  represents  its   featured  songs.  The  first   single,  “Drop  Me  a  Line,”  is   an  understated  whirlwind  of   artistic  skill  that  is  sure  to  be   found  relatable  by  all  hopeless  romantics.  The  song  tells  a  story  of   lovers  longing  to  finally  be  together  and  answer  the  many  questions   rolling  around  in  their  minds.  It  lends  itself  to  the  beloved  familiarity  of   the  90s  with  a  sort  of  GooGoo-­‐Dolls-­‐meets-­‐James-­‐Blunt  feel.        The  architect  behind  M yLyricalMind  is  22-­‐year-­‐old  M att  Wood  who,  at   such  a  young  age,  caught  the  eye  of  London  based  record  label  Animal   Farm  and  released  this  second  EP.  His  first,  “Dreams  Break  at  Dawn,”   was  a  colourful  acoustic  mix  that  made  for  a  nice  debut,  but  his  newest   release  shows  a  great  deal  more  songwriting  technique  that  exemplify   his  talents,  progress,  and  potential.    Both  EPs  show  off  Matt’s  vocals   with  simplistic  accompaniments,  but  this  time  around  he  really   demonstrates  impressive  arrangements.  His  thoughtful,  relative  lyrics   make  for  easy  listening,  and  will  surely  have  you  wanting  more.        You  can  find  M yLyricalMind’s  two  EPs  on  iTunes  as  well  as  where  release  and  tour  dates  are  also   listed.  

Collapse Arms  And  The  Covenant   Ciro  Guadagno     Following  the  release  of  the  EP  “Scars   and  Silence”  Collapse  headed  straight   back  into  the  studio  with  some  famous   faces  ‘Ginge’  Ford  of  Trivium,  Mark   Lewis  of  Chimaira/Whitechapel  and   Devildriver's  Mike  Spreitzer!  And  m ade  one  fast  paced  badass  creation   that  takes  no  prisoners  in  its  melodic  battle  against  your  ears!        Each  song  kicks  another  10  inches  deeper  into  your  ear  cannel   before  making  its  way  to  your  ear  drum  where  shreds  it  with  a  violent   audio  attack!        As  soon  as  I  turned  on  the  album  I  immediately  saw  myself  at  one  of   their  gigs  and  witnessing  what  I  saw  as  a  teenager…  handfuls  of  mosh   pits  that  look  like  they  can  take  lives,  swallowing  you  up  and  spitting   you  out  and  that’s  not  me  talking  about  the  mosh  pits  they   undoubtedly  cause!  Their  style  is  simple;  they’re  out  to  destroy  in  as   much  of  a  hard  hitting  way  as  possible  with  high  speed  machine   musician-­‐ship  powerful  enough  to  blow  a  blood  vessel  (if  used   irresponsibly).  With  crunchy  guitar  riffs  so  strong  it  shouldn’t  be  played   near  snowy  mountain  tops  especially  when  the  solos  hit  or  even  the   drums  for  that  matter…  there’s  a  reason  there  called  Collapse  you   know.        Structurally  this  album  is  flawless,  it  seems  that  they’ve  struck  gold   and  with  a  track  live  from  the  legendary  Download  Festival  Collapse   are  set  for  great  things,  so  this  April  fools  day  don’t  play  the  fool  and   grab  yourself  a  copy  if  you  know  what’s  good  for  you.  

Monument Black  Night   Tim  Gower     A  hit  anthem  from  a  legendary  band  and  a  song  covered  more   times  than  a  teenage  girl's  achne.  How  do  Monument  hold  up   against  everyone  else?          

Very  well  is  the  answer.  

Tight  drumming  with  what  must  be  a  double  bass  pedal  and   slightly  more  treble  on  the  heavy  guitar  gives  the  track  a  more   metal  feel  than  the  original,  but  hey,  what's  wrong  with  that,  it   works.  The  vocals  accompanying  are  less  melodic  than  Ian   Gillan's  tones  but  when  laid  over  the  great  sound  that   Monument  make,  it  works.  The  true  test  any  cover  of  Black   Night  is  how  the  keyboard  solo  holds  up.  Any  pub  band  or   cover  band  can  cover  this  but  rarely  do  they  have  that  famous   Jon  Lord  keyboard  solo,  well  you  won't  be  disappointed  with   this  one  -­‐  Bob  Katsionis  from  FIREWIND  masterfully  steps  in  to   fill  this  void.     Why  the  hell  should  you  buy  this  track?   1.  It's  a  great  cover  of  a  great  band.  Stick  it  in  your  repertoire.   2.  It  provides  a  nice  alternative  to  the  original  on  that  new   playlist  you  were  creating,  which  gives  it  a  whole  new  lease  of   life.   3.  IT'S  FOR  CHARITY!   4.  IT'S  FOR  A  GREAT  CHARITY!   5.  IT'S  FOR  A  GREAT  CHARITY  THAT  JON  LORD  WAS  HEAVILY   INVOLVED  WITH!     So  despite  Monument  doing  a  sterling  effort  at  thumping  some   life  back  into  a  classic  and  giving  you  a  modern  take  on  an  old   classic.  The  real  reason  for  this  is  that  all  profit  from  sales  of   this  single  will  be  going  to  The  Sunflower  Jam,  which  Jon  Lord   himself  was  a  big  part  of.     The  Sunflower  Jam  is  a  high  profile  rock  music  event,  which   donates  funds,  and  supports  charities,  which  provide   complementary  care  to  cancer  patients.  The  last  two  years   have  seen  the  event  take  place  at  the  Royal  Albert  Hall  with   artists  such  as  Alice  Cooper,  Brian  May,  Deep  Purple,  Jon  Lord,   Bruce  Dickinson,  Paul  Weller  and  a  host  of  other  rock  legends   pledging  their   support.  The  charity   has  been  able  to  build   a  complimentary   treatment  room  at   Great  Ormond  Street   hospital  and  this  year,   is  working  with  the   College  of  Medicine   to  support  research   into  alternative   treatments  for   pancreatic  cancer.  

Everything Burns Take Your Aim After facing a shed load of troubles ʻEverything Burnsʼ are soon to release their highly anticipated 2nd album ʻTake Your Aimʼ which is set to be released May this year and sounds awesome as a first time listener. Kicking off with what sounds like the Machine that is ʻEverything Burnsʼ slowly forming into a superhuman force thatʼs out to destroy, full of passion and monstrous drum beats that lead nicely into the hit single ʻGhosts & Angelsʼ. Now after reading about the hurdles they had to overcome in the process of making the album the lyrics appear a lot more meaning full than if I were to hear it blindly. Fast, energetic, and heartfelt all come out in this anthem that revolve around sterling guitar riffs and slight hint of acoustic guitar adding the heart to the beast all complimenting the growling vocals extremely well. Take Your Aim is next on the hit list, now before I carry on a theme with this album is ʻanthemsʼ which I would certainly be putting on the soundtrack if I were making an epic action adventure film, something like an oldie like ʻDemolition Manʼ or ʻMission Impossibleʼ but 10 times more dramatic...hopefully you see what I mean, now back to the track, itʼs an absolute cracker so well put together, a great Metal Track that starts your imagination running riot. As the album carries on I can so see why itʼs highly anticipated, not only because of the following the guys have but also because of the raw metal tones that have been plaguing my eardrums since I pressed play? Nearing the end of the album I notice the riffs get crunchier and the hunger for the screaming vocals is there and makes the teenage kid in me scream out “I WANT MORE” then all of a sudden Shadows plays with a mighty raw which satisfies the hunger within, then all of a sudden I get a taste of Whomper! The last song on the album with a dubstep flavour that takes me off guard slightly but doesnʼt mean I donʼt love it; Whomper is a perfect name for this because it doesnʼt half end ʻTake Your Aimʼ on an impactful note. I love this band, Iʼve only heard their 2nd album and Iʼm their biggest fan! Warning you may experience something epic! So Take Your Aim and fire out some Everything Burns!

The 48k’s   For  Everyday  A  Memory     Lace  up  your  trainers,  put  your  jacket  on,  spark  up  and  go  for  a  walk   around  town  in  the  company  of  The  48ks  new  album  “For  Everyday  a   Memory”  that’s  out  now  and  should  be  on  every  ones  iPods  or  phones  at   least.        The  Doncaster  lads  have  delivered  an  ace  Northern  Rock  album  full  of   Oasis  riffs  turned  up  a  notch  combined  with  Beatles-­‐Esk  vocals,  which  is   always  nice  to  hear.     The  48ks  deliver  a  natural  home  grown  flavour  that  you  couldn’t  put  on,   what  I  mean  by  this  is  you  can  tell  where  the  guys  are  from  especially  from   their  high  voltage  guitar  whales  and  backing  vocals  that  surround  the   uplifting  tracks  that  talk  about  everyday  British  things  like  “sitting  in  the   boozer”  and  “missing  the  bus  home”,  just  many  of  the  refreshing  lyrics   you’ll  hear,  making  you  feel  glad  to  be  English.        Although  I  can  see  the  guys  potential  and  I  can  honestly  say  they’ve   done  a  fantastic  job  on  this  album,  however  I  can’t  help  but  see  these  guys   signing  the  songs  in  a  pub,  take  that  however  you  want  to  but  I’m  simply   complimenting  the  band  on  pouring  their  heart  and  soul  into  this  GREAT  BRITISH  RECORD!          The  albums  out  online  now,  you  can  also  check  them  out  on  Spotify  and  if  you  do  pay  the  subscription  fee  to  Spotify  you  will  be   technically  buying  the  album  which  Is  certainly  value  for  m oney,  but  buy  the  album  it’s  only  £4.99!   48Ks  “For  Everyday  a  Memory”-­‐  an  instant  classic!  And  a  cracking  debut!  


11th April  at  6:30pm      


Dark Nebula  Promotions:  Virtues,  EngineVein,  Of  Legions,  Cotidal   Retro  Bar  

15th April  at  7:00pm      

£2 ADV  |  £3  On  Door  

Drowning Pool  With  Fozzy   NQ  Live  

20th April  at  5:30pm      



Manchester Academy  2   24th  April  at  7:30pm      


UK Tech  Fest  Manchester  All-­‐Dayer   Dark  Nebula  Promotions  in  association  with  UK  Tech  Metal  Fest   Aliases,  The  Algorithm,  Red  Seas  Fire,  Nexilva,  Orion,   Existimmortal,  The  Colour  Line   Dry  Live  

27th April  at  3:00pm  to  22:00pm      


Manchester Academy  2   30th  April  at  7:30pm        


£6 ADV  |  £8  On  Door  

intamission Music #4  

Featuring The Ordinary, Pink Pumps, Apollo Junction, Red XIII, Everything Burns and much much more.

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