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SINCE 1967



Great Past

In June 1967, Reinhold and Robert Spieldiener and their friend Ali Saiko decided to set up their own company for production and creation of amusement and theme park attractions. With their ambitions and aspirations in mind, they established the company name “Intamin,” which is a combination of letters from the phrase International Amusement Installations. Already with experience in designing and supplying high tension overhead cables and ski lifts, as well as Observation Gyro Towers, the founders quickly got their first contract to build a 100 meter high Oil Derrick for Six Flags Over Texas. Shortly after, they also built an Eiffel Tower for Kings Island. As business transactions in those days were less formal, the first contracts consisted solely of a sketch, a price, two signatures, and a handshake.

More Funicular Railways and Gondola Cableways followed before the first “amusement ride,” as such, was built. This attraction, a Drunken Barrels ride, was commissioned by Six Flags. Proving very popular, a further handful was then supplied to the same company.

As one may notice, the early history of Intamin is closely linked to that of Six Flags, since it was often with Six Flags that Intamin’s ideas were brought to fruition. Over the forty five years more than 50 attractions have been supplied to this famous group. Many of the rides supplied were moved between parks and most of the rides are still operating somewhere in the world.

In 1974, Intamin started representing Anton Schwarzkopf outside Germany. This relationship depended on Intamin generating ideas, then working with Schwarzkopf and Stengel to turn them into reality. Intamin rapidly became renowned for its ‘can do’ attitude and one prototype after another ensued. One result was the first steel looping coaster which resides in Magic Mountain USA. This coaster is conceivably the most seen and recognized coaster in the world, due to its starring role in the film ‘Roller Coaster’. This relationship lasted until Schwarzkopf finally succumbed to events that overtook them and forced them into bankruptcy. To ensure that the existing customers were still able to get spare parts for their rides, Intamin bought the drawings, rights, and patents from Schwarzkopf. Among the unique rides being produced at the time were favourites such as: The Flying Dutchman, Looping Starships, Tow Boats, Double and Triple Wheels, and Bounties of all sizes, including a gigantic 320 seat version for Japan.

Subsequently, the legendary Rapids Ride was designed and constructed for Astroworld. This ride, perhaps more than any other, commenced a new phase for Intamin since such rides embodied a huge technical risk at the outset. Despite over 45 years of supplying Rapids Rides in every possible configuration without repeating a design, Intamin continues to develop innovative features to plausibly, the most popular ride in any park today.

Water rides are always well-received by the public and the company has achieved a reputation for quality and originality in this specific area. With Flumes, Spillwaters, Splashes of all sizes, and Reversing Boat Rides all contributing to a complete palette of products.

Since Intamin was already very busy with several different rides, Robert Spieldiener decided to create a separate company, based in his home town in Liechtenstein, and focus on different types of attractions. Teaming up with a Californian large format film projection system supplier, Intamin was at the forefront of the emerging simulator market and quickly became the market leader with over 50 motion cinemas to their name, including the exotic Back to the Future / Simpsons for Universal, Multi Motion Dark Rides for Leo Foo and Lotte World, and other specialized simulators. At the same time, Intamin was also a main player in developing such unique rides as Stand-Up Coasters, Swiss Bobs, and the Space Diver.

The two companies in Switzerland and Liechtenstein attained an identity for adventurous thinking and also for providing superior rides to the industry. In turn, this enabled them to establish larger projects where they supplied virtually all of the rides for a new park. This trend continues and many new parks still buy considerable packages of rides from Intamin. The record is a contract for 55 rides for one customer to be supplied within 12 months! By the mid 1980s, Intamin could provide a package of rides ranging from water rides, to towers, wheels and roller coasters, as well as a number of rotating rides. Not to mention various Monorails. Moreover, the first Free Fall was supplied to Magic Mountain for the 1982 season. A total of 15 such rides were delivered to the USA, Canada, and Japan. This was a major high profile ride which pushed the envelope as far as technical achievement in the amusement industry, however due to its popularity and long lasting commercial life, it was imperative to increase the capacity and decrease the maintenance costs. It was a full 12 years of hard work from Robert with a handful of tireless partners before Intamin was able to enhance the technology, adapt it, and patent it, in order to improve on the traditional free fall design. Finally, in 1995, birth was given to the tremendously successful, and often copied, Giant Drop. This new technology employed rare earth magnets, utilizing the phenomena by passing an inert blade between two rare earth magnets creating an eddy current consequently increasing the resistance and thus a braking of the movement, which results in a failsafe system without any friction or wear and tear.

So successful was this development that Intamin shortly thereafter started to use the technology in Roller Coasters, dramatically increasing safety while concurrently lowering maintenance costs in operation. Today magnetic braking is the industry standard on many different rides including water rides. In the mid 1990s a trend towards Roller Coasters started to appear. At the same time, a number of new markets were emerging, such as Egypt, Brazil, and Malaysia. Intamin was able not only to provide custom designed rides for each of the new parks, but also to cultivate an extensive range of Roller Coasters. From 1994 on the company designed and built: The world’s first and largest travelling Inverted Coaster, the Eurostar. It is transportable using over 90 trucks and is nowadays operating as a permanent attraction at Gorky Park in Moscow. As well as an Inverted Coaster, an Indoor Spiral Coaster, a Spinning Coaster, a Runaway Mine Train, the first Roller Coaster over 100mph which subsequently was also the first Linear Motor powered coaster and not to forget, the World’s record 10 Inversion Coaster.

When a client in Japan requested a specific Roller Coaster with a track of 750 meters, suspended, and fitting within a 100 meter by 10 meter plot, the Impulse Coaster was born. Oh, and naturally it was placed on the rooftop of a building in Tokyo! INTAMIN SET A NEW BENCH MARK IN THE HISTORY OF AMUSEMENT RIDE MANUFACTURING AND ROSE THE BAR FOR ALL OTHERS IN THE INDUSTRY!

Strong Present

Intamin has since a couple of years now their headquarter and development offices in Schaan, Liechtenstein, home to both Robert and Patrick Spieldiener, with also a factory in Germany, an electronics company in Switzerland (Inautec) who provide the ‘brains’ of the rides, as well as engineering companies in Switzerland and the Netherlands. Additionally, to better support the growing number of customers, Intamin is working with exclusive partner companies in the USA, Japan, Korea, and Taiwan, just to name a few. This firm is possibly the most ‘global’ of all the companies in the amusement industry. Today, Intamin Amusement Rides provides the widest variety of successful amusement rides, for both families with children and ultimate thrill seekers. From any type and size of steel Coasters to Wooden Coasters; from water rides like River Rapids, Flume, Shoot-the-Chute, to Gyro and Free-Fall Towers; from any size Wheel to the most sophisticated Simulators; from ‘family’ to ‘white knuckle’ rides, the company remains a leader in the industry. As can be seen just in the progression of the complexity vof the Roller Coaster, it is an exciting time for the engineers at Intamin.

More specifically, Intamin is the first company to provide a completely new way of building Wooden Coasters, which uses state of the art technology to provide an accurate pre-fabricated track rail allowing higher speeds, smoother rides, and lower maintenance than of the traditional ‘Woodie’.

As technology becomes more accessible, the company attempts wherever possible to employ it in our industry and conceptions. When the diminishing supply of power became a concern, especially in the United States, a new system of launching was investigated and developed. The resulting hydraulic powered winches allow for coasters of even higher speeds and accelerations. Combining this new innovative system with Intamin’s ingenuity produced not only launch coasters containing inversions, but also the highest coaster in the world at over 140 meters tall. But truly it is the acceleration that literally takes one’s breath away, going from a standing start to over 210 km/h in under 4 seconds!

And just recently, Intamin has set another new world record for the fastest roller coaster on earth with an amazing speed of 240 km/h, which is reached from a standing start in just 4.5 seconds!

Applying the same technology, over almost 20 diverse coasters have been supplied to almost all continents. Each one different from the other, some with inversions, some just ‘scream machines’ and some even for the ‘family ride’ market.

Big and fast cedes to tall and quiet when it comes to some of the other Intamin projects. Back in 2000, a Giant Ferris Wheel was built in Fukuoka, Japan. Standing at 120 meters, it was the tallest at that time. Design has also been completed for even taller wheels. As well as the common wheel, Intamin also provides the very unusual wheel, such as the wheel on a building in Roppongi, Japan. This wheel circles around the outside of the building and has consequently initiated a new chapter in the Big Wheel business with an array of diverse shapes being possible. Like Giant Wheels, Observation Towers are also very popular, especially in conjunction with the increase in the use of such rides as ‘city centre attractions.’ Ergo, Intamin is at the forefront of providing a number of such towers around the world. The tallest tower, at 182 meters (600 ft), is in Argentina, but many others have been supplied between 50 to 152 meters as well.

Exciting Future

Patrick Spieldiener, a son of one of the founders, and already a twenty five year veteran in the industry, is clear about what he wants Intamin to do, and where the future lies; “More of the same,” he said when asked. “We must be doing something right, and I know we have to look at the way we do things all the time to ensure that technically we are offering our clients the best product, hopefully at the best price. We try not to lose sight of the things which are already good, but build on those elements as well. It is sometimes difficult for us to come across the right way to all customers, just as it is difficult sometimes to build the rides we do worldwide in the time we are given, often under difficult conditions, varying criteria, and with clients of different cultures. Though we try our best at all times, and generally, I think we succeed, as demonstrated by the number of repeat clients. Indeed some clients have been with us throughout the forty five years, and we hope they will want to stay another forty five!” “Our current outlook is very good, with a number of new and exciting products going through the various stages of design and production, while at the same time we are managing to keep a good basic workload of the traditional rides which we grew up on, such as Rapids, Flumes, and family rides. Of course, we are keeping a weather eye on the markets around the world and are continually receiving feedback from our clients to develop the kinds of attractions that they are looking for which meet the ever changing tastes of the public.” A peak into the new generation of coasters includes the Wing Coaster, where half of the riders hang off the side of the tracks, the Zac Spin, a coaster built for small spaces that combines drops, spins, and direction changes, the newest generation of LSM (linear motor) launch coasters and our highly successful family launch coasters such as Jet Ski, Motorbike and ATV coasters.

The trend now is to increase the scope and aptitude of a single structure. As always, Intamin is leading the way with a recent development prepared to provide a number of Vertical Theme Parks. This new generation of attraction allows for a small surface area that is capable of entertaining up to a million people a year for a fraction of the cost of a traditional theme park, while preserving all the adventure, exhilaration, and excitement from before.

The main emphasis must be to listen, learn, and apply to develop products that respond to what customers are telling us. This may be bigger, faster, and bolder or it may be smaller, lower and family orientated. Our aim is to come up with options for every type of patron.


Intamin Transportation, as one of the leading suppliers of Monorails, has gained a world-wide reputation for providing high quality products and services on time, and for a fair price. Since many years, the company has been involved in the planning, design and engineering and supply of transport systems to parks, exhibitions, sports- and leisure centres as well as shopping malls and more recently semi-urban applications, with in-house resources capable of providing not only the engineering, consulting, manufacturing and installation but also the maintenance and operation including ticketing. The Intamin Transportation Monorail systems represent one of the most environmentally friendly transportation systems that run on clean electrical energy with the possibility of regenerating the dynamic braking power making it very energy efficient. It is proud of its very light weight track system that can be easily incorporated in existing infrastructures. Three types of trains, the P6, the P8, and the P30 system platforms, have been conceived and consequently refined in terms of durability, maintainability, and operational convenience. They are developed as modular units with which short or long trains can be configured, capable of handling inclinations up to 15 to 20%, compound curves, and 1,000 to 15,000 persons per hour and direction. They can be operated in closed loops with on-line or off-line stations or in a shuttle service, with the possibility of extending the layout at any time.

The trains are comprised of passenger’s compartments that provide optimal comfort, combined with functional, modern design. Each compartment can be equipped with automatic sliding/plug doors, HVACunits, PA- and 2-way communication units, as well as CCTV systems or passenger information displays, as per the customers requirement. The trains can be operated manually with a driver on board or with the Intamin Transportation Automatic Train Guiding System which allows fully automatic operation without a driver on board. This control and automatic train guiding system is characterised by its simplicity and reliable functioning.


Complementary to the comprehensive product range of attractions, Intamin also covers various fields of services. The company accompanies the client during the entire project realisation process, from the early stage of feasibility study and project development until operation, maintenance, and after sales. As a partner in the project development process, the company offers a thorough expertise in consulting services, such as feasibility studies, consulting for development of system configuration, cost-analyses, evaluation of alternatives, etc. It is the aim of the company to develop attractions which are tailored to the specific needs of the client. Therefore our skilled engineers work in close proximity with the client and cover a wide range of engineering disciplines, like system integration, safety analyses, reliability analyses, manuals, etc. Based on the experience and expertise of our own operation and maintenance team, the company can offer operation and maintenance of the attractions, consulting for O&M organisation, manuals for O&M, advisory services for system O&M, spare parts supply, etc. Additionally, the O&M staff of the client will be carefully trained by our experts, who can accompany the team during the first phase of System Operation.

Our customer-oriented after sales organisation will ensure the availability of spare parts in due time over the lifetime of the attraction, organising overhaul tasks and giving consulting services, where required by the client or the operator.

Intamin expresses its sincerest appreciation and gratitude to all of the company’s worldwide customers for the continual trust and repeat business. Additionally, many heartfelt thanks are extended to its loyal engineering and manufacturing partners, and most importantly, to the devoted, assiduous staff and management. It is the precious union of these 3 independently essential groups, customers, partners, and employees that brought the Intamin brand to where it stands today and will continue to maintain its position of leadership in the industry. Intamin will continue its best efforts to ensure another 45 years of more great success, imaginative innovations, and prosperous relationships with its development partners and worldwide patrons.

Intamin Amusement Rides Int. Corp. Est. Landstrasse 126 FL - 9494 Schaan Liechtenstein Phone: +423 237 03 43 E-Mail:

Intamin Transportation Ltd. Landstrasse 126 FL - 9494 Schaan Liechtenstein Phone: +423 237 03 63 E-Mail:

Inautec GmbH International Automation Technology Verenastrasse 37 CH-8832 Wollerau Switzerland Phone: +41 44 786 92 92 E-mail: Intamin AG Verenastrasse 37 CH − 8832 Wollerau Switzerland Phone: +41 44 786 91 11 E-Mail: Intamin Bahntechnik und Betriebsgesellschaft mbH & Co KG Dierdorfer Strasse 18 D − 56584 Rüscheid Germany Phone: +49 263 993 10 0 E-Mail:

IntaRide L.L.C. 520 Mc. Cormick Drive, Suite J Glen Burnie, MD 21061 USA Phone +1 410 768 40 00 E-Mail: Intamin Ltd 520 Mc. Cormick Drive, Suite J Glen Burnie, MD 21061 USA Phone: +1 410 768 40 00 E-Mail: Intamin Taiwan Represented by D−technic International Co. Ltd. 5F-7, No. 6, Lane 609, Chung-Hsin Road Sec. 5, San-Chung Dist. Xinbei City, Taiwan 24159 Phone: +88 622 999 72 31 E-Mail:

Intamin Korea Represented by Bara Int. Ltd. Unit No. 614 Myungmoonga Daewoo-i-ville 135280 Seoul, Korea Phone: +82 2 2203 1068 E-Mail: Intamin Japan Co. Ltd. Ogikubo-TM Bldg. 5-26-13 Ogikubo Suginami-ku, Tokyo 167-0051, Japan Phone: +81 3 5347 4315 E-Mail: Intamin China Room 704, Building 14 (Pearl River Rome Garden) No. 107 Chaoyang North Road Chaoyang District, Beijing 100123 P.R. China Phone: +86 150 1064 1169 E-Mail:

All companies are operated and owned independently. All data and information contained in this brochure is indicative and of general nature and may be changed at any time without prior notice. Printed in Switzerland 08/12

45 Years of Great Success  

Intamin Success Story

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