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Welcome to Edition 45 of InTallaght

It's always amazing to meet people who are passionate about what they do and they don't come more passionate than Keelan Doyle, The Seahorse Man, who has dedicated his life to protecting both endangered fish and the environment. His enthusiasm is almost infectious and in this edition’s main interview he tells us his inspirational story about how he has conquered many struggles over the last two decades to get where he is today. The secondary interview in this edition is with local actress Andie McCaffrey Byrne who spoke with us ahead of the release next month of a new movie in which she has one of the lead roles.

Robbie McMenamy last month proved he is the best kickboxer in the world when he took home a gold medal from the World Combat Games in Russia and we were delighted to sit down and chat to him about it. Robbie started his career in Tallaght at the tender age of 11 so we are claiming him as one of our own! As always we have all the latest local news, reviews and columns you've come to expect from InTallaght Magazine and we're delighted to say that the number of readers contacting us has risen in the last few months so please feel free to give us a shout!



Level 3, The Square, Tallaght, Dublin 24, Ireland

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Kealan Doyle (Seahorse Man)

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Robbie McMenamy

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Is your family Tallaght born and bred for generations?

If so, you might be able to contribute to the Irish DNA Atlas. The project is a collaboration between the Genealogical Society of Ireland and the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland and they are looking for volunteers to contribute their DNA for analysis and study. The aims of the Irish DNA Atlas Project are twofold: genetic genealogy and health research. It will further our knowledge of the population history of Ireland and its connection with other populations in Europe and also help us to understand how genes influence health in Ireland. So far they have over one hundred participants but they need more. They have good coverage over the entire island of Ireland. They now need to complete the coverage and while they will accept participants with ancestry in any part of Ireland they are particularly interested in participants with ancestry in the Midlands North and East, Limerick-North CorkWaterford, The West Coast and all Islands and North East coastal areas.

The participants that they are looking for can be either male or female. They should be able to complete a four generation pedigree chart showing their eight greatgrandparents. Their eight great grandparents should have been born in the same area; within a distance of 30 kms of each other (this can be flexible).

For more information visit the website of the Genealogy Society of Ireland at or email Irish DNA Atlas at


New Bridge and Walking/Cycling routes get the go-ahead in South Dublin County

South Dublin County Council has secured more than €1.5 million from the National Transport Authority to deliver a significant new landmark pedestrian and cycle bridge together with new footpaths and cycleways at the point where two planned cycle routes meet in the Dodder Valley Park.

The bridge will join Firhouse and Tallaght mid-way between Old Bawn and the M50 and will form part of both the Tallaght to Ballyboden and Dodder Valley Greenway cycle routes. As well as linking the existing communities of Tallaght and Firhouse by providing a new shorter and more direct route, the bridge will form part of a wider network of new high quality cycleways throughout the Dublin region. Mayor Dermot Looney is very supportive of the project and said “These routes are aimed at serving commuter and school cyclists in line with planning, transport and health policies to encourage a greater uptake of cycling, better alternatives to the car and more physical activity”.

The County Manager, Daniel McLoughlin added “Given its attractive, riverside and parkland setting, the Dodder Valley route has significant potential for leisure and tourism as well as commuter cycling”. In addition to improving the physical infrastructure with the support of the NTA, South Dublin County Council is working with Dublin City Council to develop the route as a ‘Greenway’ that will extend from Grand Canal Dock in Dublin City Centre to the Bohernabreena reservoirs in the Dublin Mountains.

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New book shines a light on Lupus

Lupus is a long-term autoimmune disease. In autoimmune diseases, the body's immune system mistakenly attacks healthy tissue. This leads to long-term (chronic) inflammation. Systemic lupus erythematous (SLE) is the most serious form of lupus. It can affect any part of the body, in particular the skin, joints, kidneys, lungs, heart and brain.

Lupus can affect men and women of any age. For most people, the condition is mild, affecting only the skin and joints but for others it can be severe and can involve the kidneys, heart, lungs and brain. Importantly, even mild lupus

SDCC scoops Outstanding Customer Service Award at Chambers Ireland 10th Annual Excellence in Local Government Awards

South Dublin County Council won for the second year in a


can have a serious impact on the daily life of the person who is affected.

Lupus Group Ireland was established in November 2011 as a support and awareness network for people who suffer with the condition Lupus. The Group was established as a Facebook Page and due to the phenomenal response it has grown from strength to strength and became registered as a charity last year.

A unique book depicting firsthand accounts of how people struggle to live with a killer autoimmune disease was launched on November 8th. Living With Lupus is a collection of stories compiled and edited by Dublin based freelance journalist Glenn Dowd on behalf of Lupus Group Ireland. It contains 20 real life stories written by individuals living in Ireland who are effected by the condition, Lupus. Stories of hardship and survival, from not only sufferer's of Lupus but also individuals who have seen partners, parents, siblings and friends living with this condition. row the Outstanding Customer Service Category at the Chambers Ireland 10th Annual Excellence in Local Government Awards. On this occasion the award was for the Council’s ‘Taking Steps to be a Literacy Friendly Authority Initiative’.


A FREE outdoor spectacle based on the carol 12 Days of Christmas to celebrate the lighting of the Christmas Tree in Tallaght by the Mayor of South Dublin County to mark the beginning of the festive season, UNWRAPPED is an annual winter celebration.

Children, young people, and communities of all ages join professional artists to ‘unwrap’ the festive winter season through a combination of music, performance and visual arts. For UNWRAPPED 2013, over 250 children, young people and adults from South Dublin County’s youth, school, disability and community arts, performance and music groups will bring the song 12 Days of Christmas to life through dance, colourful lanterns and costumes. The presentation will be a musical feast of rap, hip hop, rock, traditional Irish, band and brass music, developed by musicians Gerry Horan, Martin Moran and Michael Fleming in collaboration with music groups from throughout the County. Dancer and Choreographer Ríonach Ní Néill is the event’s choreographic advisor.

UNWRAPPED is produced by Victoria Durrer with Tony Fegan, Director of Tallaght Community Arts as Creative Director.

Visual artists Jackie Gray and Tadashi Kato have designed an array of colourful and exotic costumes, hats and lanterns. The event begins with the Children’s Book Awards in County Library at 3:45pm and will move outdoors for the performance. Audio Description is available for those with visual impairment. Dress Warmly as event is outdoors

UNWRAPPED has been taking place since 2010 through a creative partnership between South Dublin County Council Arts Office and Corporate Services Department; South Dublin Libraries; Tallaght Community Arts; Alternative Entertainment; Contact Studio; Civic Theatre, Tallaght; RUA RED South Dublin Arts Centre and South Dublin County Music Education Partnership. Find them on Facebook at UNWRAPPED South Dublin

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An Cosán Community Education based in Kiltalown Village Centre in Jobstown continues to make a unique and wonderful contribution to the community of West Tallaght.

They offer education and training to over 500 adults a week in the Shanty Education and Training Centre and early childhood education to 100 children per week in Rainbow House. They also offer opportunities to start early years education centres, under its social entrepeurial franchise scheme in Fledglings, their social enterprise centre.

An Cosán came about thanks to two visionary women, Dr. Ann Louise Gilligan and Dr. Katherine Zappone who, in 1983, planned to create a community-based project in Tallaght West that would support the local community, through learning, leadership and enterprise, to actively engage in socially transforming their own and their communities lives. Liz Waters, CEO of An Cosán, told InTallaght that central to their work is a commitment to supporting individuals and communities to actively engage in the process of social change through transformative education.

”Our model of Transformative Education seeks to ensure that all individuals who attend our programmes reach their full potential as individuals and grow their capacity to take responsibility for social change in their communities, contributing to the eradication of poverty and social injustice” she said.

Graduates throwing hats outside An Cosán

Since 1999 The Shanty has welcomed over 6,000 participants through its doors, 1,251 awards were achieved by students on courses accredited by FETAC and HETAC. Liz said the success of An Cosán is built on the extraordinary commitment and work of many volunteers over the past 25 years. Currently over 50 individuals contribute in a voluntary capacity to the organisation continuing to inspire, inform and lead the organisation in its work of transformative education for social change.

“Many of our volunteers speak of the significance of their experience in An Cosán and how so often they signed up for a very short voluntary contribution but, as they got to know, understand and love the work of An Cosán their own lives changed and their commitment deepened and, on reflection, they received as much and often more then they gave.

“An Cosán faces the same challenge many other community organisations face in the community and voluntary sector financial sustainability in the

current climate, our state funding has been cut by about 35% in the last five years. We have maintained our services with great struggle, staff have taken eight weeks unpaid leave for the last two years to keep services running. We are having a major fundraising drive in the community and really appreciate everyone’s support for our clothing collection.” If you have a skill you wish to volunteer fill please visit their website and fill out the Volunteer Application Form or call Sharon on 01 462 8488.

Liz Waters, CEO of An Cosán

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Tallaght Person Nominees

The Nominees are in for the 30th Tallaght Person Awards.

Votes where cast by members of the public from all over who nominated some very deserving people, groups and organisations. The awards brings to light some of the great work and community

spirit within Tallaght and is your chance to say thank you to does unsung heroes within your community. As you can see from the list below there is a huge variety with 74 nominees spanning 7 categories and its great to see that so people took the time to show their appreciation by voting.

Arts & Culture

Guest Hardware Bohernabreena

Tallaght Youth Band Tallaght

InTallaght Magazine Tallaght

Noel Heenan Music School, Glenshane

Susan Kelly SVP, Village Green

St Dominics Folk Group St Dominics Aine Kelly Rua Red

Veronica, Carmel, Jackie The Old Mill

Theresa Farrelly Fettercairn

Maurice Collins Bohernabreena

Anne Maguire Knockmore

Declan Poynton Suncroft

Margaret Mitchel & St Mary’s Parish Council Bancroft

Noelle Fitzsimons Killinarden

Kiltipper Café Kiltipper

Pauline Joyce New Bawn Pharmacy

Special Needs & Carers

Michael Caswell Blackpanthers

Dawn Kane Avonbeg

Tara Hamilton Killinarden

Marie Barnes Killinarden

Marian Fulham Homelawn

Nolans DIY Aylesbury

Martha Cousins Millbrook

The Square Tallaght

The Echo Sports Team Main Road

Debbie Gilmore St Josephs School

Mary Kelly Fettercairn Gar Tyrell Old Bawn

Thmas David GAA Kiltipper

Tommy Hanhrahan Knockmore

Martin Shiels Kilnamanagh

Noeleen Fulham Old Bawn

Patrick Hyland Glenshane

Carolyn Kintola Fettercairn


Joe L'estrange Glenview

Mike Jordan The Cycle Inn

Mark Pollock Old Bawn

James Reynolds Raheen

Donie Anderson Bohernabreena

Michael Byrne Cloonmore

Anne Dore Balrothery

Noel Gavin Kingswood

Phyl Stubbs Avonbeg

Noel Whelan Citywest (IACCTTS)

Darren Dillon Brookfield Bootcamp


Ann O'Connor & St Martins Halloween Committee Aylesbury


Dylan Leonard Killinarden

Martin Bannon, Naas(Springfield)

Fergus Byrne St Aongus

Susan Condon Kingswood

Ken Rooney c/o Ellensborough

To purchase tickets: phone 087 280 0186 or email

Anthony Dempsey Deselby

Lisa & Alan McGrath Dance School, Old Bawn Tomás Maher Historian, Killinarden

Tickets for this great evenig are still available but very limited, so book early to avaoid disappointment. Tickets are €40 each for a 4 course dinner, awards ceremony and live entertainment.

Firhouse Carmel FC Firhouse

Paul Kelly Musician, Main Street

Louise Phillips Author, Bohernabreena

The winners will be announced at the awards ceremony which will take place in the Maldron Hotel on 29th November, tickets are still available for this gala evening with entertainment from local talent the The Level Heads and Ray Scully. This year´s awards promise to be a milestone event and one not to be missed.

Paddy Finlay (Paddy Drac) Bawnville

Emu Ink Tallaght

The Blazin Grill Belgard Square

St Maelruain's Flower Festival Tallaght Village


Gabrielle McDonald Greenhills.


LD Dance School Jobstown

Vincent Hiney Donomore

Sr Bernadette Purcell ITT Chaplin

Heart of Gold

Christopher Smith c/o Citywise

TJ Cunningham Ellensborough

Laura Doyle LD Dance, Jobstown

David O'Callaghan Springfield

Maureen Bolger St Dominics

Melissa Luttrell Kiltalawn


Luke S Clerkin Teenline, Springfield

Declan Curran 24th Scouts, Seskin View

Danielle Byrne Castlepark

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Kealan Doyle



Well as a kid who was mad into fish, I couldn’t not be fascinated by seahorses. Their shape, their camouflage, the fact that they’re the only animal in the world where the male has the babies.

By Padraig Conlon

He dances around the female every morning and they stay together for life. When she dies he will die of a broken heart about two weeks later.

Kealan Doyle (AKA The Seahorse Man) is a Marine Biologist and conservationist who has spent the past two decades working to protect seahorses from extinction in various parts of the world.

Three years ago he was the subject of an award winning documentary which showed the extraordinary journey he made to save the species. As well as this he also cultivates and breeds these fascinating creatures at his business, Seahorse Aquariums, in Ballymount. InTallaght Magazine met up with Keelan for a chat about his remarkable life and the wonderful species he has fought to protect.

Could you tell our readers a bit about your background?

I grew up in Dublin, beside the seaside, I was always mad into fish as a kid, kept and bred tropical fish, and used to go fishing.

Anything to do with animals, but particularly fish I was interested in really. Jack Cousteau was the idol at the time and I remember watching all these natural history documentaries so I suppose the follow on from that was to study marine biology, so I went to Galway to do that.

From there I just travelled, worked and studied around the world. I did my Masters in the UK then I moved to Africa for three years, to

Ghana where I studied seahorse populations around the coast.

The Americans wanted to build a dam which was going to flood an area the size of Ireland and was going to wipe out local seahorse populations.

There was never any scientific work done in this area so I organised a trip to research what was in the area in the hope that it would stop it being built.

We found species there that were unique to that area, that could be found nowhere else in the world, so the dam wasn’t built. Twenty years on from that they’re trying once again to build the dam.

What happened after your time living in Africa?

I got badly, badly sick in Africa, spent just under a year in hospital and eventually came back to Ireland where I was a year in convalescence. I eventually got myself back together again and went out to the Galapagos Islands where I worked for three years studying the effects of El Nino on the seahorse population around the Galapagos Islands and from then on it’s always been seahorse related.

What is it about seahorses that has inspired you so much?

Did you know there are 41 companies in Ireland who have a seahorse as their logo? When we went to register the name it was difficult because there were so many other companies using it in their name. I think that shows that there’s something really unique, really fascinating about seahorses.

The number of people who we’ve shown seahorses to in the last twenty years, who’ve come up to me with tears in their eyes saying they didn’t actually think they existed! They’re seen as a mythical creature, they’re part of Greek myth and legend, they were reputed to have pulled Neptune’s chariot. So they’re such an unusual creature and on top of all that they are under threat of becoming extinct. This is a creature we have had on this planet since the time of dinosaurs. It’s in every sea, every ocean and in the last 20 years, not 200, 20 years, we are basically wiping these guys out. It’s not evolution; it’s not a natural progression.

At 19 I got my first seahorses and after that it was a love affair!

InTallaghtMaster45.qxp_Layout 1 22/11/2013 17:22 Page 21



InTallaghtMaster45.qxp_Layout 1 22/11/2013 17:22 Page 22

Zachary Main 3 Quinto


Every year, hundreds of millions of seahorses are harvested from the sea to be used – largely as aphrodisiacs – in traditional Chinese Medicine. Populations are falling so quickly that the species will most likely be extinct in just 20 years time.

Save our Seahorses followed Irish marine biologist Kealan Doyle on a fascinating journey from Sumatra to Hong Kong as he revealed the scale of the global seahorse trade.

From the subsistence fishing villages of Indonesia and southern China to the Traditional Chinese Medicine markets where hundreds of thousands of dried seahorses are sold, Kealan exposed a chain of supply from the sea bed to the factories, clinics and boardroom tables of an ever-growing industry.

InTallaghtMaster45.qxp_Layout 1 22/11/2013 17:22 Page 23


How did you find out about them when you were a kid?

There was no such thing as Google or Wikipedia when I was young or even the magazines weren’t really available so it was through libraries, and the natural history documentaries of David Attenborough or Jack Cousteau and that’s the way it was. So you could imagine the fascination and the awe, just the complete and utter amazement, at natural history and then being able to go out and research and discover as a kid in rock pools and forests.

There seems to be an explosion of interest again for people to have fish tanks, would this be correct?

Yes you’re right, the problem nowadays is kids have become so much into video games and mobile phones etc, things that are distractions and can become quite stressful, so kids don’t get a minute nowadays because they’re on Facebook or Twitter or whatever.

Fish are an extremely relaxing creature, it’s a very relaxing hobby and it teaches responsibility and awareness of the natural world so I think parents are now very keen for kids to appreciate the natural world and also to have the qualities that are required to look after animals and because of the calming effect of fish.

I think post Celtic Tiger there’s a lot of stress, a lot of pressure

and depression out there and we find a lot of people who just want fish tanks for the enjoyment factor. The comment we get back more and more from people is “Do you know what, we’re not watching the TV, and the kids aren’t watching the TV nearly as much.” The fish tank has this sort of appeal; it draws people to it because of its relaxation value.

Traditionally aquariums were a glass box; a noisy air pump to the side of it and a gravel filter and it was very dirty and noisy. The females of the house used to absolutely hate it. Now they come into a showroom and you can see how aquariums are part of the furniture, you can build them into the wall, you can have mini aquariums in the kitchen. They’re clean, they’re quiet, and they’re part of the décor of the house.

We have aquariums now in every hospital in Dublin, a huge amount of old folks homes, and doctor and dentist surgeries where obviously people are stressed. We did an amazing TV show with Dermot Gavin in Temple Street where we built an underground aquarium world for the kids.

To go in there every two weeks to maintain the aquarium and to see the benefits and the enjoyment and relaxation it brings to the children is wonderful. There are some kids who are so sick that they can get violent during the day so the hospital uses the fish tank to try and relax them and they’ve found it works.

Kealan Doyle

That would be the nature of the calming effect.

HIQA have also recommended fish tanks for old folk’s homes for the therapeutic effect and healing benefits they give.

How is the business going for you at the moment?

Excellent, we are so busy that we’ve just had to take on our 12th staff member. Of course it wasn’t always like this. Anyone who saw the documentary would know that for the first year and a half I was living in the shop, sleeping on the floor at night, unbeknownst to the landlord, because there was so little money and things were so tight.

Since then we have been getting busier and busier and busier, not just from people in the locality but at the weekend you will see a phenomenal amount of Northern Ireland registrations in the car park, people from Cork, Kerry and Galway. People travel I suppose because they appreciate this isn’t just a business for us, it’s very much a passion. We breed the fish, we’re fish addicts ourselves! This is what we do in our spare time. It’s a passion first and a business second. That’s what makes it so enjoyable, the fact that you can work at something that is your passion.

You have fish from all over the world; could you explain to our readers how the fish get here? What happens kind of gives you

an idea of how complicated it can be because these fish either get caught or bred. Most of the fresh water ones will have been bred in captivity in areas like Africa. These then have to be collected, settled and transported. They get transported in clean water in bags, which is then oxygenated and put in a special box which keeps them at the required temperature and then they are brought by airplane to us. We then have to go and collect them after a prolonged quarantine period.

Then we acclimate them to the water, and we slowly work on them to improve their feeding and minimise their stress for about three weeks before we’re ready to sell them. It’s the only place in Ireland where this is done. What this all means is that when you buy a fish you know it’s been fully quarantined and there are no health issues because all it takes is one sick fish to wipe out your entire aquarium.

Do you think that what is missing in business in Ireland is that people aren’t doing what they love but doing what makes money instead?

There is one piece of advice I would always give people. I have two daughters myself and the eldest is in third year in university, “go with what you want, do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life.” I can only go from my own experience. My own father was the opposite. He worked in

InTallaghtMaster45.qxp_Layout 1 22/11/2013 17:22 Page 24

Kealan Doyle

something he hated all his life and I always swore I’d never let that happen myself.

I absolutely idolize what I do, I went through huge financial difficulties over the years, I ended up in the highest court in the land and represented myself when things went bad. What I’m enjoying now is not that we’re making lots of money but that we’re not being chased by the banks and the clouds are starting to clear. I can now do what I always wanted to do. So for example we’re doing the kids TV work, which I love because it’s educational, it’s interactive and it’s fun. We’ve now set up the Save Our Seahorses Charity, we have projects in Cambodia and Indonesia where we’re teaching local people how to cultivate Sea Horses. There are two reasons for this; 1. They’re releasing 50% of what they breed back to the wild to replenish local stocks and 2. They’re selling 50% so they’re also getting an income source. As well as this they have seen an increase in eco tourism and they are doing research work for us. As regards the tank in The Square, we worked nine days and nine nights solid there to get it ready, I went down a few days ago to put the fish in and I just watched the buzz that the tank was creating, the kids were enjoying it, knowing what species was what. There were tears in my eyes just watching that tank! That’s what makes it worthwhile.

See “The Squarium” for yourself on Level 2 of The Square.


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Andie McCaffrey Byrne


We spoke to the effervescent local actress, mother and drama teacher Andie McCaffrey Byrne about her role in an upcoming feature film, juggling family life with an acting career and her hopes and dreams for her future acting roles. So Andie tell us about how you got started in acting.

Acting has always been a big part of my life. I got my first role when I was only 8 playing the lead role in the School production of Annie. I got the buzz instantly and it was a magical experience. I continued acting all through school and then did a Screen Acting course and courses in Comedy and Comedy Improv.

Is that why you are most comfortable as a screen actress?

I love the theatre, the buzz of a live performance is great and I get that from the comedy improv but I think because the theatre is such a long process with scripts, rehearsals, dress rehersals etc I prefer the screen work.

Film is more instant; you get the script, do the character development and you are on, Action!

Tell us about your latest project?

Thrones, also features in the movie, so it’s a good cast.

Where will it be screened and when?

As I said, it’s in post production I have just finished shooting a and it will be screened in the feature film entitled A Day Like Lighthouse Cinema in town in Today in which I play a lead role. December, and Gerald is looking It’s an 80-minute film that’s for a distributor. It will be sent to directed by Gerald Walsh. We shot all the festivals, Cannes, Sundance it in ten days Dublin's inner city and and South by Southwest in Texas it’s currently in post production. so hopefully it will get some positive recognition.

What is it about?

I play a girl called Alice who is in an abusive marriage and it centres around a relationship that develops between herself and a homeless guy called Joe, who is played by Paul Butler Lennox who who has a lot of acting experience. Brian Fortune, who was in Game of

It’s really beautifully shot and Gerard had the idea of the film for quite a while. He has a great “can do “ attitude, as do many people in the industry in Ireland these days, and is a highly skilled and talented film maker. All the cast and crew really believe in the project and that is really very important to a successful project.


Shooting an 80 minute feature in such a short period must have been intense how do you get into the role and then detach yourself from it when it is all over?

The character I play is so different from my reality. Alice is quite downtrodden and dowdy which is not me at all and I am in such a good relationship it was hard to relate to her. It was hard to understand the fear that she must have experienced each day when she returned home to her husband, when she was basically scared by her surroundings.

Myself and my husband Niall had a discussion about how this would feel which helped me to understand her mindset. Because it was shot in such a short space of time it was hard to switch off afterwards. I found myself displaying some of Alice’s traits for a number of weeks after we had finished shooting and doing things that were totally out of character for me.

Is that unusual for an actor to take the role home like that?

I don’t think so, especially when you are dealing with such a serious issue of mental and physical abuse. To do the role you are playing, and the issues that you are dealing with, which in this case is justice, you have to become immersed in the character and you cannot just flick a switch and return to your own normality afterwards. The film was made to deliver a

InTallaghtMaster45.qxp_Layout 1 22/11/2013 17:22 Page 27


message and it was important that we did all we could to convey that message to the viewer and I hope we pulled it off. That’s the pressure of working in this business, you are making real someone else’s work and it is important that you do that to the best of your ability. You owe it to the writers, directors and producers.

Obviously we wish you well with the film and we look forward to seeing the finished product. What would your hopes be for the future maybe a new love interest for Nidge in Love/Hate? Obviously every actor wants to perform to the largest possible audience and a part in Love/Hate would be very interesting and challenging. I have two other features in the pipeline, one of which is an interesting project with director Paco Torres originally from Seville who moved here in ’97. It is being shot in 24 hours. The other will be shot in 2014, it’s a movie called Cardboard Gangsters which has been written by John Connors who recently played Patrick, the bomb maker in Love/Hate and he also starred in King of the Travellers with Peter Coonan.

What is the ultimate dream for your career?

Andie McCaffrey Byrne

dream but you have to be realistic. Right now it’s about putting the head down and working hard; good work gets more work as they say in the industry, so I just need to do the best I can and hope for the breaks. I like to take roles that challenge me at this stage of my career. In the beginning I would take almost any role but now I am being more selective and like to work with people who can teach me something new.

It all sounds very interesting, how do you juggle this with the everyday mundane tasks of being a wife and mother?

With great difficulty. I have two kids of school going age so they are not babies and that allows me to be more flexible. I have a lot of support at home and everybody in the household chips in and helps it to work. We plan hours ahead not days or weeks and this makes life interesting. When you get a call sheet you have to be there so it’s impossible to plan life too far ahead, no two days are the same and it makes things very interesting indeed. I have always been this way so everybody is used to it. I enjoy not knowing whats happening next and always endeavor to be open to new work opportunities and possibilities.

Keep an eye on InTallaght for details of when and where you can see Andie’s film, we Well it’s only natural for everybody hope to keep tabs on her to want to do what they do at the developing career. You can see a trailer for A Day like highest level and I often joke to the husband that we will go from Today on our Facebook Page! Tallafornia to California, that’s the

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Hello everybody and welcome to the latest Sq. Magazine.

What a very exciting couple of weeks we have had here at the Square Tallaght. We have welcomed one of the largest coffee retailers in the world to Level 3 with the opening of Starbucks beautiful new store. It really is a lovely place to relax and catch up with friends or catch up on your emails using their “FREE” Wi-Fi over one of their many delicious drinks which will have you spoilt for choice…

Sam Maguire brought a great crowd to the Square’s Centre Mall where three of the Dublin team posed for pictures with Sam and were delighted to sign autographs for many of


EDITION 28 2013

their waiting fans. You can check out all the pictures on our Facebook Page.

The most spectacular event of the year was our Santa arrival which was one of the biggest crowd pullers since the opening of the Square in 1990. See more about this great magical event on the opposite page. We are delighted to announce that our Facebook has exceeded 62,000 “Likes” and we are ever grateful for your ongoing support and great feedback. Don’t forget to check out our great Christmas Giveaway Competition coming soon…so keep liking and sharing….

And last but by no means least our new Aquarium on the North Mall is now home to some of the most


exotic colorful fish ever seen on these shores. Seahorse Aquariums, in partnership with the Square, designed and engineered the 5.5 ton structured cube glass Aquarium. Read the InTallaght interview with Kealan Doyle the ‘Seahorse Man’ and find out more about all the species in our Aquarium and why conservation education is paramount in the survival of many of these beautiful creatures. Keep up-to-date with all that is happening here at the Square on our website or visit us on Facebook. Until next time!

______________________ Cathryn McMenamy The Square Town Centre, Commercial Manager

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Sq. Magazine


Ho Ho Ho !!! Santa Claus has come to town!

Santa arrived in all his glory under a cascade of dazzling fireworks to thousands and thousands of super exited children and parents who turned out to welcome the jolly one accompanied by his many elves and character friends with Shrek and of course with a very Christmassy Cheeky Monkey.

Sharon, Gavin and Nana Sheila McGuire came to see Santa arrive with their little girl Faith. Nana Sheila said “This is such a great initiative. The atmosphere really brings out the Christmas spirit in people with the lights, the music, the snow and the amazing panto. Faith is very exited to see Santa! “

It really was the event of the year when Santa Claus, his elves and friends travelled all the way from the North Pole to meet and greet all the little boys and girls before magically appearing at his Magical From Christmas Panto to little Castle on Level 3 ! dancers, Snow to Confetti, Fireworks to Smoke jets…we had it all! Santa and his huge fanfare accompanied by The Tallaght Youth Band made their way inside to switch on the Christmas Tree lights and light up the Square helped by Alex Queues gathered to visit Santa from the National Children’s when he magically arrived at Hospital. his Magic Castle. Gazing into delightful Christmassy Widow Everyone could feel the magic displays little boys and girls of Christmas at the Square on waited eagerly to give Santa this fairy-tale evening. their Christmas ‘Wish List’.

Santa will be in his Magic Castle on Level 3 until Christmas Eve, so there is plenty of time to drop up and visit him. Don’t forget to like the Square on Facebook and check out the photos from Santa’s visit-maybe you’re in some of them!

Watch out also for our Santa Arrival Video which will up on our Facebook shortly.

Eimear plays camogie for Thomas Davis and insisted that Sarah help out on the backroom team. A friend of the Our Little Star Award for November goes to family felt that this sisterly bond was so twins Sarah and Eimear Ward from Old special that she nominated both the Bawn. Sarah was born Antasea, a form of girls for the Little Stars Award and we Cerebal Palsy and ever since the girls were were only too delighted to present the toddlers her twin Eimear has always looked trophy to these two very worthy girls, after her. When they began to crawl first well done…If you know of anyone who Eimear would push Sarah along. All the deserves our Little Star or Community way through school Eimear looked out for Champion Award please let us know in her Sis and kept her involved in everything. writing at the Customer Services Desk!

Little Stars

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We are turning Green!

As part of our ongoing commitment to the environment here at the Square we have recently installed the first of our Eco Friendly Waste Bins on Level 3 outside McDonalds. These Eco Friendly Waste Bins will help our customers to do their bit for the environment by segregating their own waste into the appropriate bin provided. Simple informative signage above the bins will help you bin your waste correctly.

This is the first phase of installation of our Eco Friendly Waste Bins as we plan to roll out similar bins on the different levels of the centre, so please take a minute to familiarise yourself with the bins and remember, every little helps.

The Square installs Ireland’s most advanced Aquarium

We are delighted to see the reaction to our new Aquarium which has been installed by Kealan Doyle and his team at Seahorse Aquariums. It is a 4,500 litre salt water aquarium with a coral insert which is filtered by natural living rock.

The state of the art lighting system mimics the lighting scenario on the Great Barrier Reef off Australia in real time. The tank is

Sam Maguire Cup comes to the Square!

There was great excitement on Thursday 7th November when the Square proudly welcomed ‘Footballer of the Year’, Michael Darragh MacAuley along with Kevin McManamon and Darragh Nelson who brought the Sam Maguire Cup in all its glory to our Centre Mall.

There was a big crowd waiting to greet the boys and as they descended from the escalator to the Centre Mall. The crowd broke into also fitted with a high-end filtration system and can be monitored by the team at Seahorse Aquariums at all times.

Smell the Coffee applause in recognition of the great achievement from the boys in blue on winning the All Ireland Title again. Face painters were on hand to Dub up your face with the Dublin Flag and the lads happily posed for photographs and signed autographs, much to the delight of the waiting crowd! All the pictures can be seen on our Facebook page, so tag, like and share!

Large Sting Ray, Emperor Angels and a Porcupine Puffer. We should have The tank is stocked with it fully stocked shoals of Butterfly Fish, Bird by the beginning of Wrass Soldier Fish, which are December. a favorite of the kids due to its red colour and big eyes, Information panels will be Lion Fish with the big fins, a installed so you can learn dog face puffer which has a about the fish and get an beak and a face like a dog. appreciation for Still to be introduced are the sea life in Square Fish, which is quite apt, I think you’ll agree, a

The waiting is finally over!! The Square is delighted to welcome our newest edition, Starbucks, to Level 3. Serving mouthwatering scrumptious Christmassy Gingerbread Latte, so yummy it would even melt Mr Jack Frost himself, to those delicious handcrafted winter warmers and great tasting food and snacks. With more than 15,000 stores in 50 countries, Starbucks is the premier roaster and retailer of specialty coffee in the world. Celine Gilmer, Marketing Manager for the brand, told us how delighted Starbucks are to be in The Square and to be supporting jobs in the local community.

The store’s opening is just part of a raft of new and exciting changes that are planned for the Centre. Starbucks have opened almost two stores per day since they opened their first store in Seattle in 1987, and employ 137,000 people worldwide they really are the world leader in coffee shops. With over 87,000 possible drinks combinations they are sure to have something for everyone, so drop in today and try at least one!

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Boots South Mall Level 2 gets a new image! Boots on Level 2 South Mall has recently completed an extensive revamp and has relocated its pharmacy from the North Mall to its newly refurbished South Mall unit.

Aaron, the supervising pharmacist told us that the new pharmacy features a private consulting suite where customers can discuss their needs with the on duty pharmacist. They are also fully equipped to administer the winter flu vaccine just in time for the cold winter chill this Christmas season. With Christmas just around the corner it’s also time for some festive fun so check out their premium cosmetic counters which have been given a ‘Wow’ makeover.

Indulge yourself in their Christmas gift wonderland with many great 3 for 2 mix and match gift offers.

Need some Christmas inspiration on what to buy, whether it’s to pamper yourself or a loved one? Boots has it covered!

Santa Toy Appeal 2013

Our annual Toy Appeal has begun and will run until 15th December. Once again we are calling on the generosity of our customers and we would be very grateful if you would consider participating this year.

When doing your Christmas shopping - if you could add an extra gift - and give it to the girls at the Customer Services Desk, we will donate it to the National Children Hospital on your behalf where they will be given to the sick children being treated there this Christmas! Any donation to our Christmas Toy appeal, no matter how big or small, would be very welcome.

The Ultimate Peter Mark Salon Experience!

The Peter Mark salon on Level 1 has undergone a complete makeover and refurbishment and can now offer the premier Peter Mark experience.

It has brand new, top quality massage chairs, so the customers can now get a full back massage while they are getting their hair shampooed - the feedback from customers so far has been brilliant.

The new salon has a more modern, luxurious look and it’s a lot lighter and brighter. Peter Mark is still offering their high quality product range of Kerastase, Nioxin, Redken, Moroccanoil and Serie Expert. Don’t forget that Peter Mark is included in the Square Student Discount VIP Card, where you get as much as 30% off on your next hairdo!

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Sq Fashion

Sq Fashion

32 Aisles of Style, as Tesco launch F&F AW2013 Collection

F&F Tartan Dress


F&F Bag


F&F Black/Grey Long Sleeve Print Dress


F&F Black Painted Toe Shoes


F&F Knit Dog Jumper


F&F Black Knit Skirt


F&F Scarf


F&F Earmuffs


Square45.qxp_Layout 1 22/11/2013 21:02 Page 6

Sq Fashion


Children’s Autumn Winter Clothing at Tesco

F&F Double Breasted Peplum Coat


F&F Heart Faux Suede Boots

€16.00 F&F Tassel Detail Boot


F&F Faux Fur Gilet


F&F Dark Wash Jeans


F&F Military Coat


F&F Chinos From Selection


Square45.qxp_Layout 1 22/11/2013 21:03 Page 7

A closer look at



CREATE WONDER, SHARE JOY The long-awaited Starbucks has opened its doors on Level 3 at the Square and the response has been brilliant so far.

“We have received such a warm welcome from the customers here at the Square. The centre management has also been wonderful to work with, helpful and very supportive.” Celine Gilmer, marketing manager said.

Starbucks is the premier roaster and retailer of specialty coffee in the world and after they first opened in 1971, they now have over 15,000 stores in 50 countries around the globe. From the beginning, Starbucks set out to be a different kind of company. One that not only celebrates coffee and its rich tradition, but that also brought a feeling of connection-one person, one cup, and one neighbourhood at a time. For many of their customers the red cups signalize the start of the festive season and there’s one in particular that they know and love –the famous Ginger Bread

Latte. Other festive favourites include the Toffee Nut Latte, Eggnog Latte and the Orange Mocha, which will get you right into the Christmas spirit.

If you are getting into shape before the Christmas season, you can also try their delicious Skinny Flavoured latte, which is made with a choice of sugar free syrups, a rich flavourful espresso and skimmed, non-fat milk. Starbucks also have a festive food range, which includes irresistible Christmas treats such as Ginger Loaf Cake, Mince Pie and Yule Log. Starbucks at the Square has around 20 friendly and efficient staff members who will be there to serve you your favourite winter warmers. “We have gotten some great comments about the central location and the relaxed atmosphere in the store at the Square and we think it’s great to be able to provide jobs to the local community around the Square and here in Tallaght,” Celine said.

Keep an eye on the Starbucks Ireland Facebook page to keep up to date on all Christmas offers and events.

You can also visit their web page at to check out the menu and sign up for the Starbucks Reward Card to earn free drinks!

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Graduation Wednesday 6th & Thursday 7th November


& Engineering students graduating and Thursday saw Business graduating. The day concluded with tea and refreshments On Wednesday and back in the college Thursday the 6th and 7th where students and of November students parents could meet and from IT Tallaght chat to all their lecturers graduated. It was a and then all went their momentous separate ways to achievement for all of celebrate their day our graduates. The and the beginning of a ceremony was held in new chapter in their the National Basketball lives. Congratulations Arena on both days. to everyone who Wednesday saw Science graduated.

Graduation Ball 9th of November

Following the graduation ceremony during the week, came our Graduation Ball on Saturday night in the marvellous venue of the Johnstown house in Enfield. We had over 200 graduates in attendance. The night was a fantastic success as we had a chocolate and champagne fountain as a reception for all of our guests, then came a beautiful three course meal followed by music from Waterford lads “On the Run” and our notorious ents DJ Mr. Lui Rwego. The drinks flowed well into the early hours of the morning, then came the residents bar.

es, ictur ons P ore petiti ents M For s, Com ing Ev Like New Upcom t To e And ’t Forg Don

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Find Your Feet

This week in the college we ran our Find Your Feet campaign. The week was a combination of mental health and equality week, promoting both a positive mental health and also highlighting equality for all. On Monday morning we had a rainbow and friends society coffee morning in the student union where all members of the society could come over for a tea or coffee and a relaxed chat.

On Tuesday we had a talk from Jigsaw from Tallaght about a positive mental mindframe as well as a hilarious comedy show from the fantastic Andrew Stanley. Then at 4pm that day we had a HOPE balloon release, remembering all those who have passed away and those we wish to send hope to. On Wednesday we then invited the mature society in for a coffee and a chat followed by an uplifting speech from Tallaght’s own Al Porter who spoke about his own personal problems with anxiety and depression. Throughout the week we had loads of freebies to give out to our students including candy floss, Slush Puppies, milkshakes and icecream.

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Our own talented Michael Fassbender takes the lead role in Ridley Scott’s new thriller.

If you liked Cast Away or movies like The Perfect Storm then All Is Lost is a film you must see.

By Rachel Lynch

Although don’t let the title fool you, Fassbender actually plays a lawyer in El Paso, who is handsome, charming and too cocky for his own good.

He is crazy in love with Laura (Penelope Cruz), and the feeling is mutual. It seems to be quite the romantic movie to start with. The “counsellor” is having a spot of financial trouble, and we see him lead into the drug trafficking trade by Reiner played by Javier Bardem.

The counsellor then enlists the rather shady Westray played by Brad Pitt to help him get his hands on $20 million worth of cocaine. It’s quite obvious that all involved here are way out of their depth and are unaware of the type of people that they have now associated themselves with. Once the counsellor gets a taste of the luxury lifestyle enjoyed by his friends Reiner and Malkina played by Cameron Diaz, he will stop at nothing to ensure it continues, not for him but for his new fiancé Laura.


By Rachel Lynch

I have to say, the trailer alone was enough of a selling point for me. Robert Redford plays an unnamed character who tells a gripping story of survival. While crossing the Indian Ocean alone in his sailboat, he finds he has collided with a metal shipping container which leaves a sizeable hole in his hull. Water begins to fill his boat and he must devise a plan to stop the whole boat capsizing.

only thing he had to hold onto throughout his ordeal.

This movie has a similar scene. Instead Wilson is substituted for the boat. The vulnerability of Redford’s character is now clear.

All Is Lost is a gripping exercise in visual storytelling. This is apparent throughout the three minute trailer as very few words are spoken. It’s tense and suspenseful and will without doubt be one movie I will be queuing up to see this month.

There is very little background given to the story. Director J.C. Chandor has focused solely on one lonely man’s survival. There is a moment shown in the trailer that may remind viewers of Cast Away. The moment when Tom Hanks loses Wilson, the



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CARRIE By Rachel Lynch

Personally I have never been a fan of remakes.

But director Kimberly Peirce should be applauded for the excellent casting alone here. This Carrie White, played by Chloë Grace Moretz is more conventionally pretty than the scrawny, big eyed misfit played by Sissy Spacek in the 1976 original. I also respect Peirce for what she has done with this production, taking the story’s original form and adapteding it to the modern day. Carrie may seem like a normal girl yet she lives with a deep secret. Her mother Margaret, played by Julianne Moore, sees her daughter’s secret of unexplained powers as signs of evil. She is uncomfortable with the idea of Carrie being accepted as a “normal” girl and wants to hide her from the world as much as she can. The story itself tells of a young girl who struggles with the changes of a teenage girl with no support at home from her unloving mother. Carrie is self

conscious and feels “ugly”. Yet when she is approached by one of the schools most popular boys and asked by him to attend the dance as his partner she is elated. She feels as though she has been accepted socially. What follows is a night of terror. Even if you tend to avoid remakes, I’d recommend giving this one a try. This film surprised me, there are a number of scenes that explain the original in more detail, for example why Carrie’s mother has deep issues with showing affection to her daughter. It’s a modern day take on a much loved classic.


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By Padraig Conlon

British Indie rockers Bastille have put together a fairly mad combination of tunes for their latest single Of The Night.

LADY GAGA Artpop By Rachel Lynch

Lady GAGA has always been somewhat of a divisive character over the years. She is certainly not your typical pop superstar.

Whether you love her or hate her she has a huge number of devoted fans out there. She herself has over time become something of a pop culture icon herself.

Her new album Artpop will be Gaga’s third release and although it’s inevitable she will receive a backlash for this one like her previous two, she won’t be too bothered. Even her “little monsters” would admit many of her songs take a few listens to just get an idea of what is going on lyrically.

Artpop has 15 tracks spread over just under an hour. Despite this, having listened to the album in its entirety, I find many of the songs drag. Swine, Donatella, and Mary Jane Holland all reach the four and a half minute mark, and all would have been improved had they of dropped a verse or two.

One thing I cannot fault Gaga on throughout this album is her originality. Yes she is on a level of her own but surprisingly enough Jewels N’ Drugs which features T.I., Too $hort, and

Twista, is a combination that on paper to me sounds like a disaster yet funnily enough ends up working as one of the record’s best tracks.

There are a handful of surprises like this as I listened down the track list. Dope is one of those very tracks. She absolutely lets rip with her voice, but I can’t help think the lyrics in this let the whole song down. I suppose what may shock fans of Gaga will be the random parts of normality throughout. You find yourself listening to particular songs and almost forgetting that this was once the same artist that donned a dress made of raw meat for an awards show. I suppose that’s what makes it so brilliant. Gaga has changed modern day pop; some may say for the better, others would be far more skeptical. It goes without saying the album is fun and harmless, not to everyone’s taste, but Gaga has done more in her five short years in the music industry than many of those around for years. She has set a precedent that many like Rihanna and Katy Perry have all tried to emulate over the past few years, with varying levels of success.

The track is a mish mash of two Nineties dance hits, Corona’s Rhythm Of The Night and Snap’s Rhythm is a Dancer, but this doesn’t mean it’s a banging dance floor filler. Instead it’s more of a subdued trip back to the 90’s, using some of the beat of the Corona track with the vocal intensity of Rhythm Is A Dancer to create a fairly unique indie pop record. The echoed vocals of lead singer Daniel Smith ensure the whole thing doesn’t descend into a big vat of cheese. Originally released on the band’s earlier EP Laura Palmer, Of The Night will appear on Bastille’s re-release of their successful album this month, however this time going under the name All This Bad Blood.

Since arriving on the mainstream last year, Bastille have become one of the UK’s leading bands, selling out venues all over the world, and achieving something most British groups have failed to do by being successful in America. It takes a lot of nerve to attempt what they’ve done on this record and I reckon it’s going be well received by music fans

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By Cathal Jennings

It’s been a long time since Apple delivered unto us a proper redesign of the iPad.

The original, boxy, first-gen tablet lived for about 11 months, replaced in 2011 by a far slinkier version. The tapered design language survived, more or less unchanged, for a further 2.5 years -- a lifetime in the consumer electronics world.

That period was punctuated by two updates, bringing faster chips and a better display, but it’s a full refresh we’ve all been waiting for, something to make the good ol' iPad look and feel truly new.

And here it is: the iPad Air. With this, the fifth generation of the iPad line, Apple has delivered a proper exterior redesign, crafting a substantially thinner and lighter tablet that finally eliminates the chunky bezels handed down since the first generation -- at least on the left and right. But, despite this significant exterior reduction, the iPad Air maintains the battery life of its predecessor and offers significantly better performance.

Last year’s iPad Mini introduced a fresh new design, taking cues from the latest iPod Touch to create a high-end tablet in an impossibly slender form factor.

You could think of the iPad Air as a 20% scaled-up version of the Mini, as the two tablets feature near-identical styling details, the bigger one differing only by having more speaker holes on the bottom (80 vs. 56 on the Mini).

Impressively, though, the iPad Air isn’t 20 percent thicker than the Mini. In fact, at 7.5mm, it’s only 0.3mm deeper -- a massive 1.9mm thinner than the previous full-size iPad. Despite that, the tablet feels just as sturdy and rigid as before, not flexing a bit even under rather aggressive attempts at twisting. Stereo speakers flank the Lightning connector on the bottom, placement that makes them far less likely to be obscured by your hand than the previousgen iPad’s famously mediocre single output. They’re also far louder. However, we can’t help but wish Apple had positioned the

left channel speaker on the top, to allow for proper stereo separation when held in portrait orientation while watching a movie. As it is, you’ll hear everything on the right.

Our only other design complaint is the missing Touch ID. This is Apple’s term for the fingerprint scanner built into the Home button on the iPhone 5S. It allows you to unlock your device without typing in a numeric code, also making iTunes purchases password-free and, therefore, infinitely less annoying.

Of course, nobody cares about numbers if the experience doesn’t back that up, and it does -though perhaps not to that same degree. Apps load noticeably faster, particularly big games, where you’ll be able to jump into and out of levels far more quickly. Additionally, we noticed slightly higher frame rates in some games, though that was far less prevalent. We’d anticipate this becoming a far more common thing once more titles become optimized for the 64-bit A7 CPU.

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Ladies and gentlemen, children of all ages, there’s a new show in town!

Contrast is a 2D/3D puzzle/ platformer developed by Compulsion Games. On October 31, 2013, the game was confirmed to launch as one of two free titles offered to PlayStation Plus members, along with Resogun.

Contrast promises dazzling lights that will illuminate and confuse, and deep mystery that will envelop you in darkness. In a 1920s film noir dreamscape, you must become your shadow to help a little girl heal her troubled family.

The player controls a young detective, Dawn, who is able to move in 3D or flatten herself against walls so she becomes a silhouette that can jump between shadows like in a 2D platformer. There is control over

different light sources in the 3D world (spotlights, film projectors, etc) to create the proper shadow platformer paths to reach new areas in the 2D world.

The idea for the game came to creator, Guillaume Provost, in a coffee shop in Lyon, France when he was working as a freelancer for Arkane Studios. "I used to be a rendering programmer when I used to write code, so I thought about a lot of physical and/or graphical novel ways of interacting with games, and that's how the idea sparked," he says in a 1UP interview. "I can't say 'I saw a shadow on a wall' and had this sudden boom of an idea. I was basically sitting in a café when I got the original idea, and I built up from that." There are two main characters, an older girl Dawn that you control, and a younger girl Didi who you meet in a train station. She is discovered to have a

dysfunctional family with a recently murdered mother and an estranged father. "She's asking the player to change the course of past events in order to mend her family. And that's a little bit the theme of the whole game," says Guillaume Provost.

As Didi’s imaginary best friend, you must use your shadow shifting abilities to solve complex puzzles, in order to help Didi investigate the secrets that lie behind her troubled family. There's a sultry jazz soundtrack, too, the work of real life jazz singer Laura Ellis. PlayStation Plus subscribers can download Contrast for free at the PlayStation 4's 29th November release to make up for the delay to DriveClub.

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ANGRY BIRDS STAR WARS 2 The Force is strong with this one.

Based on the Star Wars movie prequels, use the Force for good against the greedy Pork Federation or choose a much darker path. That’s right; for the first time ever you can “Join the Pork Side” and play as the fearsome Darth Maul, Emperor Palpatine and many other favourites! You can earn up to three stars for each level, the same as other Angry Birds games. Players can play as either on the Bird Side, as the birds to defeat the pigs, or can play as on the Pork Side, as the pigs to

defeat the birds. The game features over 30 playable characters. This game differs from the other Angry Birds game by being able to summon a specific bird/pig (depending on which side you are playing). This summoning can be done to replace each bird/pig to make your own line-up.

Hasbro has launched a collection of Telepod toys and playsets that will be compatible with the game. Each new Telepod will interact with the game to add that character to the list of those playable. Players can "teleport" the physical toy into the game on a smartphone or tablet via its QR code. Each Telepod can be used on up to 15 separate devices. The game itself is coming out on 11 December for multiple devices and will be a free download.

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RENAULT CLIO By Rachel Lynch

Renault manufacture some of the best small cars on the market.

The last generation of the Renault Clio was a popular car but as we all know with how quickly things change, blink and it’s only a matter of time before competitors are on your back.

So Renault has really taken the lead with this completely new Clio model. The most familiar feature on the fourth generation Clio is probably the large diamond logo which sits centre of the expressive front grille. Renault has started to

incorporate this new badge across its new car range. Other features include wrap around headlights and the very sporty hidden door handles. Unlike a traditional five door they are nicely disguised. This gives a sporty three door profile with the added practicality of the extra two doors. Obviously depending on the trim levels there are a number of body, paintjobs and alloys available allowing you to personalise your Clio. The trim levels available with the Clio are Expression, Dynamique and R-Link. What I find

important to note is that the standard trim level is extremely generous. The interior of the car will surprise a lot of people, it’s simple modern and fresh. There are very few buttons to over complicate the unique look.

The seven inch touch screen captures your attention and has the basic radio, navigation and Bluetooth settings and comes as standard in Dynamique models. The boot doesn’t disappoint either. The boot is bigger than before and with the seats down, it is one of the biggest in its class, so again a huge plus to someone travelling with a family. I cannot fault the driving capability of the car one bit. It may not be the most suited model to somebody who is looking for a car a little faster as it does feel slightly underpowered but that won’t be a problem for most. Dynamically the car is much better than what has gone before. With the Clio available in 1.2 petrol and 1.5 diesel there really is an option for everyone depending on personal preference.

The Clio is certainly great value for money. It ticks all the boxes in low emissions and is on par with all super-minis on the market, and by far one of the sportiest now available. In my own opinion it has to also be top of the list for practicality. Now that all models are five doors families need not hesitate with investing in one of these cars. The new Clio has a starting price of just €14,990. Check out for more info.

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TCD business school gets global rating

Trinity College Dublin's School of Business has been ranked in 37th place in the recently published prestigious Eduniversal Business Schools Ranking for 2013, the highest ranking for an Irish Business School. Trinity's global School of Business has been included in the prestigious '5 Palmes' category by Eduniversal along with leading business schools such as Harvard, Oxford, London School of Economics among others. Eduniversal's premier 5 Palmes category reflects the international reputation of a Business School. Up to 1,000 Business Schools are surveyed worldwide in 154 countries. They are awarded Palme levels from one to five on the strength of research carried out by the International Scientific committee that compiles the list of internationalisation criteria, together with the assessments made by peers through the 'Deans' Vote'.

Commenting on the significance of the ranking, Dr Jim Quinn Head of the Trinity School of Business said: "This is a very significant ranking for Trinity's Business School especially given that the deans and directors of the 1,000 best academic institutions worldwide are asked to vote. Their high rating of our School is an acknowledgement of the international reputation of our research and education programmes along with the quality of our graduates. It is especially timely given the School's expansion plans with a new stateof-the-art facility to be built."

Ireland's latest supercomputer, called Fionn, unveiled at the Dunsink Observatory.

The name, chosen by Oscar O'Donoghue, a student from DCU CoderDojo, stems from Fionnachtana (Irish for Discovery) and Fionn mac Cumhaill. It aptly reflects the size of the new machine and the new research it will enable.

Presenting the prize for the winning submission in ICHEC's Name Our Computer competition, Minister Sherlock commented: "Oscar's competition entry aptly reflects the versatility of the new ICHEC machine and the scope of the R&D that it will enable, while simultaneously placing it firmly within an Irish context." An investment of over €3.7m supported by Government through Science Foundation Ireland and €450k from industry, Fionn, a hybrid machine capable of running many different applications and workflows, will quadruple computing resources previously available to scientists in Ireland.


Fionn will enable researchers to solve their scientific and industry-related problems quicker by scaling out and scaling up their R&D. Fionn will enable all domains of science from nano material discovery and medical device development to weather forecasting and renewable energy. It is also designed to solve the Big Data challenges of today that require large computing power and large amounts of RAM and storage. Professor Mark Ferguson, Director General of SFI, said, "Access to data processing power on the scale that the new supercomputer will provide is essential if Ireland is to realise its ambitions in the area of Big Data.

“The sector is growing by 40% annually and presents a real opportunity for Ireland to leverage the requirements of convergent industries and the capabilities of academia through partnerships that will help create high value jobs. The analytical capability that resources like this new supercomputer will provide can help position Ireland as an international hub for Big Data research."

Leap Card Fare Cap

The National Transport Authority has announced plans for commuters who use a Leap Card on bus, rail and tram in a day will no longer spend any more than €10 a day. The NTA also announced that Leap Card users will not pay more than €40 a week for public transport. The passenger will have to tag on and off as they are currently doing but once it reaches the maximum of €40 in the week it will no longer take credit from the card.

The system is expected to be in place by no later than January of next year and the new system is designed to award those who use public transport and avoid using cash. For full details on the new fare cap system visit the NTA website at

Dublin house sales, values at 3-year high

A new study based on an analysis of the Property Price Register shows that the number and value of transactions in Dublin are at a three year high.

The figures show that 18 of the 23 postcode areas have achieved a record number of transactions for the first three quarters of the year compared with the same nine month periods in 2012, 2011 and 2010.

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Longford-Down has 20 million ounces of gold

Irish prospector, Conroy Gold and Natural Resources, have said that its research shows gold potential of 15-20 million ounces along the thirty miles long Longford-Down Massif gold trend which the company holds under licence. Confirming that the company is 'steadily working' towards bringing a gold mine into production at Clontibret, chairman Professor Richard Conroy also pointed to the discovery of two significant base metal targets within the licence area, one showing zinc results of up to 30%, along with the presence of copper, silver, antimony, mercury, gallium and cadmium.

Enterprise Start Workshop Wednesday December 4th

If you have an idea for an innovative, start-up business that has the potential for exporting and growth in International Markets, then Enterprise Ireland can assist you through their forthcoming series of Entrepreneurship workshops. Register your interest for the EnterpriseSTART Programme on

The next Workshop runs on December 3rd & 4th 3.00pm – 6.00pm both afternoons, Eastpoint Business Park.

Energia to create 100 new jobs Independent energy provider Energia will create 100 new jobs within the next 12 months as part of its planned entry into the residential electricity and gas market.

Part of the Viridian Group, Energia currently provides power and gas to over 65,000 business customers nationwide. It will enter the residential market early in 2014 with a significantly discounted electricity and gas offering for customers, it said. Based in Dublin and Cork, the new jobs will be in the management, sales, marketing and operational areas of the business. Energia has already recruited 20 of the new positions as part of its residential market preparations.

Workshop 1 will cover Customer Value Proposition and a Marketing Plan. Workshop 2 will cover Funding Options, Business Planning and EI/CEB Offer & Entrepreneur Experience

The focus is on market research and defining a fit for your product or service in the marketplace; followed by an assessment of Enterprise Ireland’s funding supports and advice on how to raise finance and funding for a start-up company. Participants will be provided with comprehensive information to understand the business development process including the key success factors and potential pitfalls as well as an outline of financial supports available Potential candidates can contact: or phone: 01 727 2901

Writers’ Corner


THE HONEY JAR By Kenneth Nolan

THE HA’PENNY By Kenneth Nolan

Walking, underground, in a land beneath the weak. Ticketless, emotionless, journeying on regardless.

Hurried, they push by I flutter through them as I cross the ha’penny daily, I wonder how many, from what corner of the earth They grow from child to adult, as the ha’penny grows in its majesty

I am a ghost of sorts. I am not at the helm of all my voyages. Nor do I care for the destinations, explanations and ten thousand untruths, rotten to the core our delightful fruits. Bitter as the lemon, twice as potent. A bloodied poppy plant or a squared shamrock. The stench of greed slashes my nose and burns my throat, my country sold again, from the traitors to the gloating neighbours. We are lost now. I wonder of what tourists take photos of in Temple Bar and we like the bee shut away in a jar.

Kenneth is a writer and poet from the Tallaght area. He recently won first prize for poetry in the CDVEC Sports & Cultural Competition. He has also been published online in the Van Gogh’s Ear Anthology and in The Echo and Tallaght Express.

The heart of Anna Livia she nourishes her children They seldom take notice of the platform she gives Ears hear their problems and they will never know The ha’penny, is resistant to the problems of today consistent, a bridge to the morrow “This boy is cracking up” “This boy has broke down” Philip looked so cool pointing towards Ringsend I always think of him saying those words, as I cross over the ha’penny, on to the northside Our City Our Dublin Our People The Ha’penny to defend

ARE YOU AN ASPIRING AUTHOR OR POET? If you’re interested in seeing your work published in InTallaght, simply submit your poem or short story (no longer than 300 words please!) to and you could see your creative writing in print in one of our future editions!

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OUR BOOM TIME RATS By Anne Heffernan

business has failed and she then goes back a few years to start our journey with her through the past few years of her life.

She gives us an insight into everything from the ideas stage, the planning and she does a lot of planning, the experience and the after thoughts. Throughout the book it can be witty at times, a favourite of mine would be her time in France, which was interesting and at times funny. When the author does talk about politicians or facts that came to light after the downturn in the economy, which ultimately lead to the recession, she would tie it in with how it affected her at that stage in her life. It was interesting to see her thoughts at that time as the author is very opinionated which can sometimes drag on longer than the reader would hope.

Our Boom-time Rats: Who Do They Think They Are? is the first book from Anne Heffernan. I was very excited about this book as the synopsis on the back of the book led me to believe that this would be a good read.

The book begins with the author telling us about her then business called Good Vibrations and outlines her hopes for the business and the numerous jobs she would create with the success of the business. However she quickly lets us know that the


Another thing which is evident throughout the book in a small way but becomes overbearing towards the end is the religious references. God or Him starts being mentioned a few times on the page and you get the sense that it is being said so much just to build up the word-count. There is also a lot of repetition in the book when it comes to the author’s life, going back and mentioning certain things again and again, such as the failure of Good Vibrations and blaming everything else for its failure. This includes bad timing which is a theme of the author’s life.

Upon reading the book I quickly realised that this was not the book for me but perhaps would be more appealing to a person who has gone through some of the difficulties that Anne Heffernan has gone through. As I said though this was not a book aimed at me and perhaps men and women who have gone through the same experiences during the Celtic Tiger and She can come across as very condescending subsequent recession would enjoy this book at times and very delusional thinking that all her ideas are brilliant and would have succeed more than I did. had they received more backing. One of the About The Author few good ideas she mentioned was the Anne Heffernan currently lives in Co. Kildare, Christmas village, however she could not get Ireland; she has worked as a freelance journalist the backing for it. But when speaking of her for over 15 years and has a wide range of disappointment she says how the village interests and experiences. She has had articles could have led to Clane becoming a sister published in the Kildare Times, the Evening town to a place in Europe or the United Press, the Irish Independent, the Kildare States. Nationalist and the Liffey Champion and was involved in local radio while living in The book is aimed at the ordinary people of Co. Wicklow during the 1980s. Ireland, as the author would put it. However after reading the book the author would have much of the same mind-frame as those who are or were in power who she gives out about. She, like many politicians is in a COLM O'MUIRÍ “my way or the highway” mind frame and is opposed to people asking her personal Colm studied Print Journalism in Ballyfermot questions. College of Further Education and has

contributed several pieces to InTallaght recently. He was also part of the news and features team of the college newspaper, the BCFE Bulletin. He says he generally reads fiction and biographies. His favourite book is the autobiography of the guitarist Slash Email him at

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C.I.B.T.A.C C.I.D.E.S.C.O Professional Beauty Therapist/Make-up Artist

Emer McGillion has been working in the beauty industry for the past 9 years, in areas such as advanced skin care, laser treatments, specialised waxing, tanning, make-up, nails and more. Her mobile beauty service provides a broad range of beauty treatments in the comfort of your home, and at your own convenience. skinkandybeauty @skinkandy_ie

How to make eyes pop

If you have blue eyes, go for a warm copper, gold, or rich brown eye shadow. Chocolate is an excellent shade choice for eye liner. Peach is another colour that works so well and makes blue eyes pop. If you have green eyes, try out purple eye shadow shades such as lavender, violet, or amethyst. You can choose to keep the colour sheer so it won’t look too intense. For eye liner, a deep plum is perfect. If you have brown eyes, you are one of the lucky ones and can wear any shade that will suit. Use navy blue shadow to really make them stand out.

Try to avoid an eye shadow that’s the same colour as your eyes or else you won't get that contrast that makes them pop!

Creating A Smokey Eye

Line inside and outside the lash line, all around the eye. Sexy liner is all about the contrast between inky black make up and the whites of the eyes. Your mission: leave no lash line bare.

Use a soft black pencil above, below and between lashes, and line both top and bottom inner rims. You can also line the eyelid heavily and blend upwards towards the crease to create a dark base for your smokey eye. Continue to apply your chosen shadow over it.

Groom and fill in your brows

A serious eye look needs structure, which strong brows help to frame. And with all the attention on your eye area, any bald spots or straggler hairs will be in the spotlight. The highest point of the brow should be about two-thirds of the way out, not in the middle of the brow.

Incorporate highlights

Since dark make up can make the eyes recede, you can add shimmery highlight shades. Apply some to the inner corner of your eye to reflect some light. You can blend your highlight shade on the centre of the eyelid too. But avoid frosty shimmer on the brow bone, which can look dated.

Blend, blend, blend

You’ll probably need less eye shadow than you think you will. Start with a tiny bit of product on your brush, and work it outward to create a soft smoke. This makes all the difference when it comes to preventing a raccoon eye. Bring the eye shadow below the eye, along the lower lash line. This adds balance and more intensity. Finish by blending all the shades together to erase any hard lines. And remember that a smokey eye doesn't need to be perfect - when it looks a little more lived in, it creates a rock chick/Kate Moss feel.

For extra long lashes, place the tip of the mascara brush on the outer corners of your lashes first, do a few strokes, then work your way in. Extending those corner lashes will make your eyes look more open. When using a lash curler, clamp down at the base, move the curler out, clamp down, move the curler to the ends and clamp down again. Mention this article to receive 10% off all beauty treatments for the month of November. To view & download full price list, go to

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Landscape Gardener



Winter can lay the composition of a garden looking bare and sad. But if you plant evergreens of interest, and train and prune trees and shrubs to give shape, your garden need never lose its good appearance.

Even the hard landscaping provided by paths, steps, paving and walls can help to keep the garden looking it's best even in winter. A well-chosen garden ornament, trellis, support or arch can provide a stunning focal point.

If you’re not a very tidy gardener, then try to leave your border plants with unusual bark such as Acer Davidii, Acer Davidii 'Rosalie, or unusual seedheads such as Phlomis, Sedum and Echinops – well alone and enjoy their frosted shapes.

Similarly, soft brown grasses can look warm and mellow in the winter light. If you do go for this approach, some of the shrubs will need cutting back in February, before the new growth appears.

The coloured stems of the dogwood (Cornus) range from bright green and yellow through to scarlet, wine red and almost black. They’re very good for winter colour.

It’s amazing how many small flowers will survive the cold winter weather. Appearing in early January, the attractive little snowdrops (Galanthus) force their heads through the cold, hard ground and go well with aconites (Buttercup family) and hellebores.

For the best chance of getting snowdrops to grow, and then to multiply, it is best to buy them after they’ve finished flowering, when they’re still ‘green’, and plant them where they won’t dry out in summer. Evergreens come into their own at this time of year. A low boundary wall, a clipped ball or spiral of box (Buxus) or yew (Taxus), can look stunning, whilst slim conifers such as the Italian cypress (Cupressus sempervirens) provide height at a time when most other plants have been cut back. Glimpse a snow-covered garden and you’re immediately whisked off to a land of makebelieve, amid comments of ‘it used to snow

Dave is from Kilnmanagh in Tallaght. He has over 30 years experience as a professional Garden Landscaper. Dave currently manages his own sucessful Garden Landscaping business. Visit for project galleries and more information.

VAT registered & Fully Insured

Call 087 243 4211 or 01 452 3979

so much more when I were a lad’. It probably didn’t, but enjoy it anyway.

A topping of snow along the box hedges reinforces their shape, while a sprinkle around the low-growing black grass (Ophiopogon planiscapus ‘Nigrescens’) shows off its striking foliage.

But if there’s a heavy covering keep an eye on upright growing conifers, and shake off the snow before it bends or snaps the branches.

A delicate covering of frost is also to be enjoyed, as long as you’ve taken all the right precautions to protect your tender plants and pots. Those that need their centres guarding against the cold, such as the tree fern and cordyline, should be wrapped up with straw, surrounded by chicken wire. Pots of half-hardy plants should be taken into a frost-free, sheltered place, or covered in bubble wrap or hessian, and raised off the ground.

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WEEK 3 By Rachel Lynch

I have undertaken a number of changes over the past three weeks.

My diet would probably be the first thing to note. I’m not a great fan of using the term “diet” as some people believe a diet entails just not eating. I’m eating, it’s just now I’m eating more of the things that are right for me.

I begin every morning with porridge, at first I wasn’t a great fan but my trainer Nikki had advised it as a great start to the day. This was largely because of how it fills you up all the way to lunch. Lunch was a difficult enough one to work with. As for most it’s a busy time of the day and we all tend to grab something on the go. Rice is a good start but there are plenty of other variations available that may suit others.

My dinner has to a large extent stayed almost the same, although I have cut down slightly on my portion size of potatoes. Any type of meat accompanied with vegetables is perfect. As you can tell from my diet above it certainly isn’t severe and is maintainable for anyone.

The workout sessions have got tougher over the past three weeks. I have been focusing on plyometric exercises. For anyone who isn’t familiar with this form of workout it’s a type of jump training which includes pop squats, jumping lunges, step running and burpees. These exercises focus on the muscles with the goal of increasing both speed and power in as short a time as possible.

I was also introduced to the lat pulldown machine this week. This took a bit of getting used to but with a mix of both heavy and low weights it was manageable. I’m only a few weeks into the training yet I am amazed at how many different forms of exercise there are for various parts of the body. I couldn’t believe when working on the lat pulldown machine that something that seems so focused on your arms actually was helping to improve my posture along with defining my waist. Again this week we tackled the core exercises which I explained in the last edition was something I found the toughest. I’m slowly improving, but with focusing solely on one type of exercise for so many months with no change whatsoever, many other parts of my

body have been affected. The first thing I told my trainer Nikki when I met with her was I wanted to change the whole look of my legs/thighs. The continuous cardio exercise has contributed to the problem.

With the variety of exercises in which I’m now partaking I hope to see a change by the end of my 12 sessions.


The newly refurbished Inspiration Leisure Club at the Green Isle Hotel offers an exceptional facility to work-out or simply relax. Their professional team are on-hand to ensure their members get the most of the leisure club by providing individual consultations and advising of the best possible programme for your development and overall goals. Facilities include; an 18 metre indoor pool, steam room with a tiled seating area, massage pool, weights area, and a cardio-vascular area.

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‘Boden fail to Mount Leinster

Mount Leinster, the Carlow Hurling Champions, pulled off a sensational shock when they beat Ballyboden St Endas and became the first Carlow team ever to reach a Leinster decider. The Boden team boasted 6 members of the Dublin team, which won the Leinster Title and went into the game as hot favourites. But it was not to be on the day and 2 points separated the sides at the end!

Trevor Croly With Simon Madden Signing With Rovers

Rovers Chop and Change!

Shamrock Rovers last week confirmed the release of nine players from the club after their contracts expired at the end of the 2013 season.

The players James Chambers, Billy Dennehy, David Elebert, Danny Ledwith, Conor McCormack, Ken Oman, Conor Powell, Stephen Rice and Tommy Stewart would have all featured in the last season and many supporters were surprised at the amount of departures. But some players have moved in the other direction with the capture of Simon Madden from Derry and Conor Kenna from champions St Pats as manager Trevor Croly starts to prepare for the 2014 season.

New era starts with a win!

The Irish soccer management “Dream Team” began their reign with a win against Latvia in the Aviva goals from Shan Long, Aiden McEadey and who else but Tallaght man Robbie Keane ensured victory for the boys in green! They then travelled to Poznan to play Poland and drew 0-0 which ensured an unbeaten beginning to the MonKeano era and the Irish Soccer public can look forward to 2014 with some hope ahead of the draw for the 2016 European Championship which takes place in February.

Trevor Croly With Conor Kenna Signing With Rovers

Do you have some sports news for us?

If your local sports club has an event we should be letting our readers know about or if you know of a particularly good sports news story from the area, just email it to us on and you might see it in the next edition!

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Robbie McMenamy



12-6. for me it's more of a relief when I win because I hate losing so much.

By Padraig Conlon

Did you do much extra training pre tournament?

No I don't really train for tournaments specifically. I am as fit now as I will be in six months time. On a normal day like today I would do three hours. Recently I've started to do more strengthbased stuff as strength is so important in kickboxing.

Robbie McMenamy is a 29 year old kickboxer who recently won a gold medal at the World Combat Games in St Petersburg, Russia.

This was his second time to win making him the first person to achieve that feat. As well as his hugely successful kickboxing career he works 40 hours a week as a fireman and also owns, and coaches in Spartan Martial Arts in Blanchardstown. InTallaght caught up with Ireland's latest world champion for a chat about winning that gold and how he has managed to stay at the very top of his game.

First off Robbie congratulations on winning your gold medal, how does it feel second time round?

Thank you, yeah it's good, it is a bit more intense this time compared to when I won in Beijing in 2010. I think that's because kickboxing is getting a lot more recognition, more people are starting to watch it and understand it through YouTube. The interest in the sport is definitely growing and more and more people are taking it up as it's a great way to keep fit.

Were you very confident going into the tournament?

Yes, I was, because I had beaten my biggest rival Zsolt Moradi in the Europeans. Because both of us had moved up a weight, we

lost our rank and ended up getting drawn against each other in the first round. He's a very good fighter from Hungary, who I beat in the final in Beijing in 2010 and he beat me in the Irish Open the following year. I managed to beat him and put him out of the competition so I was very confident.

How did the rest of the tournament pan out?

Well the Combat Games are different to the Open Tournaments because you fight one day, rest the next, fight the next day, then a rest day whereas in the other tournaments like the Irish Open normally you could rack up 23 fights over the two days, which I prefer. We prepared really very well, Mark McDermott (Silver Medalist) and myself shared a room, we didn't do much

on our days off, Russia is very very expensive! The tournament was very well run, very professional, it and Beijing are the best tournaments I've ever been at. There's a lot of money that goes into it and it's a stage above the World Championships. The first fight I had was with a Russian guy and I was confident going into that. In the semis I fought a Jordanian fighter who I knew nothing about and I couldn't find any clips of him on YouTube either but I'd never seen anyone from Jordan with his style being successful. I beat him comfortably 11-1. In the final I met Neri Stella, a 33 year old from Italy, a very good fighter who has always been there or thereabouts down the years. He's a bit more technical and his legs are very strong. It was tough to win but I managed to beat him

Today I would have done an hour at CrossFit in Sandyford. It’s very high intensity training. You do all your Olympic lifts, your snatches, you’re climbing ropes, pushing sledges, it’s very hardcore and very beneficial for kickboxing. I've really noticed my fitness improve because of it.

Take us back to how you got involved in kickboxing originally?

I started when I was 11 at Tallaght Martial Arts where I was coached by Dave Heffernan and Martin Bannon, who were both still my coaches for Ireland at the Combat Games as well. I didn't start fighting internationally until I was 16. It was a friend of mine who introduced me to it, I was always into the video game Street Fighter so that might have had an influence on me as well!

I was real fat when I was a kid so I think my parents were happy when I got interested in a sport and I lost the weight pretty rapidly from the kickboxing. Martin and Dave pushed me hard. As with any club, once the coaches see you make an effort they tend to take more of an interest in you. I won my first tournament in Dundalk at the North East Open in 1996, I still have the trophy as

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well! I won a few tournaments in a row after that but I wasn't very talented when I started, I was determined more so than talented. I didn't have any more specific skills than any of the other kids.

Did you do any other sports when you were young?

No, I never really did any other sports before kickboxing, I did horse riding and a bit of swimming but that was it. I was never really into football, apart from the odd kickabout.

I was never really into team sports because you don’t know what other people are doing and if they’re pushing themselves. I know when I do and don't train and I don't have to rely on anyone but myself.

With individual sports, you get what you put into it, so I’ve always preferred individual sports. Kickboxing is a bit of a selfish sport at times as you have to focus on yourself, even though when you go to a tournament you want all your team-mates to win and everyone supports everyone else, you have to focus on yourself.

Would you like to see kickboxing in the Olympics?

Yes, I would but it probably won't happen in my time, but for the young guys coming through it would be great. I think the sport would really take off if it was in the Olympics. Look at the effect it's had on other combat sports! It'd be huge because kickboxing is a really enjoyable sport, anybody can do it and a lot of the movements are very natural for your body anyway. A lot of the people who come to Spartan

don't do it to fight just to get fit.

What are your plans for the future?

Next up is the World Championships in Turkey, we'll be going over on the 30th November with a full squad. I'll be fighting and coaching at it. There are seven fighters from my club going, five men and two women. My friend Danny goes around the world filming tournaments so if any of your readers want to check out the World Championship he'll be streaming it on his site I'm loving coaching at the moment, we have some great juniors and seniors in the club. I'm also thinking of doing MMA at some stage.

You've won several World Titles in your career already, which one have you enjoyed the most? The first is always the most memorable because there was such a big fuss made about it. That was in 2003 in Paris. Because there haven't been too many world champions from Ireland that one stood out.

Finally Robbie why do you think we Irish are so good at fighting?

I suppose we're not as much into team sports and we're very cynical and individual. We are very good at competitive fighting, whether it be boxing, kickboxing or taekwondo, and it doesn't really matter at what level we compete, we always do well. The level of kickboxing in Ireland is very high in both men's and ladies sections and if you get into the Ireland team you have to be really good.

Robbie McMenamy

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Local Events

18 23 25 26 27 29


Lucan Library




Exhibition - Vamos por Colombia

Travel photos of Colombia by Vincent Allen. On view during library opening hours until December 23. Visit for more details

Winter Open Show

Saturday November 23 - Sunday November 24 Annual exhibition of work chosen from an open submission call. Visit for more details

Civic Theatre

Kitchen Hero: Homecooked Tour

Monday November 25 @ 8.00pm Admission: €20 Visit for more details




Over 55s Film - The Descendants

Tuesday November 26 @ 11.00am Admission: €4 (Includes tea/coffee and biscuits after the screening) Visit for more details

Civic Theatre Guaranteed!

Back by popular demand. Tuesday November 26 - Wednesday November 27 @ 8.00pm Visit for more details

Tallaght Person of the Year Awards Maldron Hotel

Friday November 29 Admission: €40 for 4 course dinner, awards ceremony and live music from The Level Heads and Ray Scully. Visit for more details

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Are You A Non-Profit Organisation That Has An Upcoming Event? If So, Email With All The Relevant Information. *Terms & Conditions Apply


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