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INSUROR November/December 2018

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On the Hunt

New Insurors President Joe Hunt is Ready to Identify New Targets for the Association

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Our Celebration of 125 Years The Politics and Economics of Gridlock Recognizing Our 2018 Conferees

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INSUROR Vol. XXIX, Number 6 November/December 2018


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New Insurors President Joe Hunt...


Our Celebration of 125 Years


The Politics and Economics of Gridlock

A Recap of Our 125th Anniversary Convention

12 Recognizing Our 2018 Conferees Congratulations to Those Who Earned Their Designations 14 Daniel Learns About Ins.: Mobile App Food Delivery Serv. Are These Drivers Ordering Up a Side of Liability?

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Joe and Jenny Hunt in their completely remodeled barn guest house - originally built in the early 1900s

On the Hunt

New Insurors President Joe Hunt is Ready to Identify New Targets for the Association "You have to have a target – or I guarantee you won't hit it." "On the Hunt" is an obvious title for an article about a man named Hunt who loves to hunt, but it's also fitting. You see – Joe Hunt is a planner. He picks a target, aims and fires. He'll tell you that himself, but just spend some time with him and you'll see it on your own. And sometimes, when you aim that hard and plan that well – you really get to see things come full circle.

Born and Raised in the South Joe was born and raised in Charlotte, North Carolina before its population boom began in the 1980s. He enjoyed the typical "Southern boy" pastimes of hunting, fishing and playing baseball. In fact, he got pretty good at baseball, leading him to join the team at Wingate University. He played catcher alongside future major leaguers including Bob Horner and Bryan Little. Joe's father, Joe Sr., was a Regional Vice President in the Carolinas for Peerless Insurance (later purchased by Indiana Insurance and then Liberty Mutual). His uncle owned an independent insurance agency in High Point, North Carolina. Growing up around the industry helped Joe plan his own career path. So after he earned his Bachelor's degree from Wingate in Business Management with a minor in Economics, he knew what he was going to do next. He joined Maryland Casualty Company (later purchased by Zurich) in 1982 as a Market Manager, and an insurance man was born. 4

Joe traveled his territory for the company – which included North Alabama, North Georgia and Middle and East Tennessee – making friends and helping agents write business. His company was on the cutting edge of automation, and Joe was responsible for introducing it to agencies. "I would load up a Tandy or IBM computer in my car, take it in to an agency and plug it up," recalls Joe. "They could enter in a client's info one day and print off their policy the next. It was a whole new world for agents." Offering that kind of change led him to make a lot of friends in the insurance business, including Tennessee agents like Dave Porch, Bob McIntire, Jim Cunningham and another young man with aspirations of greatness – Allen Watson. At age 26, Joe was fast-tracked into management by Maryland Casualty. The company sent him to their Branch Manager school in Baltimore, and then sent him to assist in opening a full branch office in Nashville in 1986. But the company had also led him to a meeting with a young lady named Jenny who made him make some additional plans. Jenny also worked for Maryland Casualty, but the company decided to move her from the Atlanta office to Charlotte – maybe due to a certain romance.

Life Changes Joe and Jenny continued their relationship long distance, and in 1987 they got married. Looking for new opportunities to start their life together, Joe began to plan for a career change. Jenny's father was the president of Fickling & Walker Insurance Agency in Macon, Georgia. With his father-in-law's The Tennessee Insuror

background and the connections he had in the industry, Joe decided to try the agency side of the business. In 1988, he began working for an agency in North Georgia, but it wasn't quite the experience he thought it would be. After some time to contemplate his next move, Joe turned back to his like-minded friend, Allen Watson. Allen had built a large agency in Dickson that was focused on insuring churches across the region through Church Mutual Insurance. Joe joined the agency, and managed the P&C side of the business. They continued to grow, at one point building nearly 70 agents in 4 different states.

and Winchester. He worked with his team, brought in some new talent, and began to grow the books of business for both agencies. In 2006, he bought the the building they had been renting from the previous owners and also merged Garner, Little and Crenshaw Agency into V.R. Williams. All of the growth precipitated a space issue, and so that same year they built a new agency office. Joe has said that his plan for V.R. Williams and H.B. Cowan was to become the "big agent in the small town." He made expanding personal lines a priority, and focused on commercial accounts where the market was not meeting a need. Through that process he developed a program with Central Insurance that carved out a niche in the marketplace. They took a small existing book they had locally and have now expanded it across the country. So much so that there are now staff members dedicated to it and the building has been expanded to meet the demands of their growth.

Joe shares a laugh with his friend and business partner Allen Watson

Around 1992, Allen and Joe purchased H.B. Cowan & Company in Shelbyville, and Joe and Jenny relocated to Bell Buckle so he could help run both locations. With all the work between operations, Joe decided that a straight line would be a better way to travel. He got his pilots license and began to fly a plane when he needed to be at a different location. Their business continued to grow, and in 2001 Joe saw another opportunity to expand. V.R. Williams & Company was a well-known agency in nearby Winchester, and Jim Cunningham and his partners were willing to discuss offers to sell. In February of 2001, Joe and Allen purchased the agency from Cunningham, Roger Guess, Fred Robinson and Billy "Squirrel" Rose. Things were all going to plan for Joe, but sometimes plans change.

A Call that Changed it All None of us wants to ever receive a call that an important person in our life has passed away. But on November 7, 2001, Joe got one of those calls. His great friend and business partner, Allen Walter Watson, had died at age 49 when the Cessna 310 he was piloting malfunctioned and crashed. Joe was devastated, and he knew he would need to help to get all their business squared away. He called Jim Cunningham and asked him to come back and run the agency, "like it was still his." It took some time, but Joe and their accountant got everything sorted out and began to focus back in on what came next. And what came next was building the agencies in Shelbyville The Tennessee Insuror

Joe alongside some of the V.R. Williams staff at their office

In 2015, the Shelbyville operation was sold for Joe to get "laser-focused" in Winchester. Everything at V.R. was growing so quickly that he wanted to, "Keep the main thing the main thing," as he likes to put it. Now he's settled back in to focusing on the growth and opportunities at V.R. Williams, including building up and establishing the young producers he has brought in to that agency.

A Growing Family to Match a Growing Career In the midst of growing multiple agencies and a career in this industry, Joe's personal life saw growth as well. In 1990, Joe and Jenny's first daughter, Hannah Kay, was born while they were living in Rome, Georgia. In 1991, the family moved to Dickson while Joe was running that office. With the purchase of H.B. Cowan in 1992, they planned to move again – but not before they could sell their house in Dickson. They put it on the market, and a couple approached them about buying. They were prepared to pay full asking price, but there was a catch, "They wanted us out in 30 days," Jenny explained. "We got out of there, but ended up living the next few months in a conference room over Joe's office in Shelbyville. We had to share a bathroom with the customers of the Dentist's office next door." Not exactly the start they were hoping for at their new destination. 5

After a few months of that arrangement, the couple found their dream home in Bell Buckle. A beautiful home built in the 1890s, they knew it had a lot of potential, but needed a lot of work as well. And they would need more space as well, because their second daughter, Sarah Ashleigh, came along in 1994.

The family shares many pastimes, including Auburn football, Floyd – the family basset hound, and a snow skiing trip that Joe takes with his daughters each year. Joe also enjoys golf and has begun playing more again, but his biggest hobby is duck hunting, and it's easy to see when you visit his home or office. There are impressive trophies from his hunts mounted on the walls and adorning the tables. There are beautiful landscape paintings done by The Highwaymen of Florida of scenes with flocks of ducks flying over the trees. In fact, the only thing Joe might have more of than ducks is George Dickel. "It's the best juice produced in Tennessee," Joe proudly states as fact. He has a fine collection of other whiskies, but in their house and their beautifully renovated barn "guest house" it's Dickel that rules the roost. But that's only fitting, as Joe will tell you that, "Life is worth living," and the Hunt family is good at life.

As former Mayor, Jenny is proud of Bell Buckle

They put a lot of blood, sweat and tears into their home, and it has become a source of pride for the family. Their town is as well, and perhaps that is why when some neighbors approached Jenny about running for public office, she took on the challenge. She and Joe had been working in the community on several prominent issues, including a tax to build a public park and a major land annexation fight. They were getting things done, and in 2006 Jenny was elected to the Board of Mayor and Alderman. She served two terms in that role, and then served her final term as Mayor. She has made a major impact on the community. In fact, in March of this year, the Tennessee Department of Tourist Development featured her as one of their success stories for her work with Bell Buckle Park (soon to be renamed in her honor), the RC MoonPie Festival and an advertising grant to attract tourism to the community.

Service to the Industry If life and insurance weren't hard enough to be good at, Joe has become a triple threat with his service to Insurors. During his career of meeting agents, buying agencies and growing his own book of business, Joe has met countless people in this industry. Several of those people, including Dave Porch, Brad Smith, Scott Ferguson and his late business partner Allen Watson, led him to get involved with the Association.

Eddie Miller presents Joe with the 2013 Jim Alexander award

The Hunt family after Joe's induction as 2019 President

Joe is also heavily involved in the community, having served on the executive board of the local community development center for over 15 years. Their daughters are carving their own path as well – Hannah Kay who graduated from Wake Forest and from the University of Tennessee College of Law and is now an attorney with Butler Snow LLP, and Sarah Ashleigh who graduated from Auburn University with a Masters of Accountancy and works as an accountant with EY. 6

Joe began serving on committees in the 90s, and in 2004 he was elected as a Director of Region II. After that service, Joe returned to the Board as Treasurer in 2010. He served two terms, and recalls it as one of his proudest achievements, "We had to fix quite a few things in the books, and I think we were able to get a lot done. I know that when Battle Bagley – who's a CPA – took over from me, he said things were in good shape and I'm proud of that." Many people in the Association agreed with Joe's assessment, and he was awarded with back-to-back Jim Alexander Service Awards (the only person to achieve that twice in a row) for recognition of his work. His contributions continued to add up, and in 2016 he was elected as Vice President of Region II and set on this path to the presidency. Now as he prepares to take over, he is excited to set new targets for the Association and get plans to reach The Tennessee Insuror

them underway. "We have a great new leader in Ashley, and we have a great foundation that has been built here. Now it's time to see what's next and where we need to go," Joe explains. For him, where we need to go includes continuing to grow our Young Agents program, building programs like our new Women in Insurance (WINS) offerings, finding more competitive advantages, growing what we do well and taking advantage of new revenue opportunities. In addition, he wants Insurors to be prepared for some of the changes facing the industry, and how they can help agents face them, "What's going to happen with the Personal Lines market in the next 10 years? Where are all these 'InsurTech' providers really going to end up? How are agencies going to find new talent for this industry?" – these are some of the questions Joe wants asked and answered.

Joe addresses the crowd at the Insurors 125th Convention

And although Joe has answered some of those questions at his own agency, he wants to bring it to the wider Insurors membership. "Let's get a strategy and go execute it," Joe says. "We already do a lot of things well at Insurors, but there is more opportunity out there. We have to make sure we find it and go after it."

Your customers deserve the best PROTECTION. RLI Personal Umbrella Policies are DIFFERENT.

A Big Year Ahead So what's next? When it comes to Joe's term as President, you can bet that he has a plan in mind to help our members that will soon be refined and ready. When it comes to life, Joe's next big milestone is his daughter Hannah Kay's wedding next Summer. She is getting married at the Schermerhorn Symphony Center in Nashville, in what is sure to be a beautiful ceremony. As the family planned for the event, they toured the venue and saw the many rooms used for weddings. One of them was the bride's room, which is named in honor of Joe's late friend and business partner Allen Walter Watson. "I knew that Allen's wife had set up a memorial donation in his honor and they had named a room after him," Joe tells us, "but when I saw that it was the room for the bride..." Let's just say that even the best planners couldn't be prepared for life coming full circle like that. u The Tennessee Insuror

They stand alone. RLI, A+ rated by A.M. Best, has over 30 years of experience providing affordable personal umbrella coverage - so your customers can protect their hard earned assets. CONTACT Stephen Holmes 615.515.2609 7

Our Celebration of 125 Years A Recap of Our 125th Anniversary Convention

This Fall we completed our Insurors 125th Anniversary Convention, held on October 27-30 at the Omni in Nashville. Many of you were in attendance, as we saw our largest event since 1993. We would like to thank all the attendees and sponsors for making this happen – we couldn't have done it without you. The event kicked off on Saturday with around 40 of our attendees enjoying the Predators hockey game. We then met up at Omni Bar Lines for some college football viewing to cap off the evening. Sunday really got things rolling with our trade show, as 85 exhibitors help us match our largest total ever. We also launched our InsurTalks "mini" breakout sessions. On Sunday evening, over 400 Insurors attendees packed out two floors of Top Golf Nashville to network and celebrate our Association's anniversary. We then finished the evening with our Young Agents After Party, where some of our record 74 Young Agent registrants.

Attendees get ready to "enjoy the ride" at our Cars & Cigars event

Monday night was a special evening, as we honored the career and achievements of our CEO, Chuck Bidek, CPCU, who will retire at the end of 2018 after 43 years with the Association. We had a great crowd on hand, and many special guests attended as presentations were made to Chuck and his wife Barbara.

Insurors attendees enjoying the convention Top Golf outing

Monday morning got us back to business with the conclusion of our trade show and our company executives panel - Agency Vision 2020. We again want to thank our participants: Carrie Cheshier of Travelers; Jim Roe, CPCU, ASLI of Arlington/Roe; Christine Sears, CPCU, CPA of Penn National Insurance; Jim Schwalen of West Bend Mutual Insurance; and our moderator Bob Rusbuldt of Big "I" National. Our Monday afternoon activities included the thrilling Cars & Cigars outing presented by Martin & Zerfoss, Chubb and AccuWorks; our annual golf tournament presented by Travelers; and our clay shoot presented by Markel. Golf honors were taken by Chad Baskin of Travelers and his team from Commercial Insurance Associates. Our clay shoot was won by John and Adam Uitendaal along with The Zenith Insurance representatives Ken Kennamer and Todd Lawson. 8

State Reps. Keisling (podium), Travis, Curcio, Faison and Gant (L-R) present mementos to Chuck and Barbara Bidek

Our Tuesday Association Day saw us celebrate the achievements of many of our members, as plaques were given by President Chris Allison, CIC to our Board members completing service and several award winners: Board Members Completing Service Kym Clevenger, CACW, CPCU - The Assurance Center, Knoxville; John McInturff III, ARM - McInturff, Milligan & Brooks, Greeneville; Stephen Masterson - Hollis & Burns, Memphis; Matt Swallows, CIC, CRM - Swallows Insurance, Cookeville; David Allen, CIC, CRM - RSS Insurance, Chattanooga; and Battle Bagley III, CIC, CPA of Bagley & Bagley in Fayetteville. continued on page 46 The Tennessee Insuror

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The Tennessee Insuror 9

The Politics and Economics of Gridlock

written by Jim Rieniets, INSBANK President & CEO

It’s not exactly the Cold War arms race concept of mutually assured destruction, but with recent mid-term elections resulting in Democratic control of the House of Representatives, gridlock is likely to take root in Washington over the next two years. Republicans maintain a majority in the Senate while having control of the executive branch. There are obvious lightening-rod issues for which each party essentially draws a line in the sand – immigration, healthcare, and judicial appointments – just to name a few. Regrettably to most voters, it is unlikely that these issues will be resolved with bipartisan efforts, but will merely be nudged along in congressional committees and periodically brought into public discourse through sound bites and media grandstanding. This is what Washington has seemed to become.

It remains to be seen if there are some elected officials willing to take political risk and promote bipartisan efforts to address issues that may be less controversial, such as infrastructure, cannabis, and certain foreign relations matters that have people crossing party lines.

What's in Store for Financial Services Issues? How might this look? The House Financial Services Committee could be an example. Under a Republican majority after the 2016 elections the committee was chaired by Rep. Jeb Hensarling (R-TX), who championed regulatory reform that was later brought to fruition in the Senate with the passage of Senate Bill 2155 earlier this year. With Democrats taking over the House, most pundits expect the committee will be chaired by Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA), who is expected to focus on issues of housing and consumer protection, somewhat in contrast to the agenda of her predecessor. Despite the obvious change in political winds, the optimistic view is that bi-partisan committee efforts could be made on issues such as cannabis banking. This has become a public safety issue as banks are essentially prohibited from taking deposits from cannabis businesses, thus putting cash “on the street” which leads to inevitable crime. Other potential topics


where legislators could cross party lines would be executive compensation disclosure for credit unions, and regulation of fintech companies that are effectively competing with banks without comparable oversight. Whether it is in the financial services purview or any other congressional committee, this year’s class of elected officials has an opportunity to reverse the current course of partisanship. Hopefully, they can instead demonstrate leadership and statesmanship to their constituents, the majority of which are probably thirsting for reasonable solutions rather than vitriolic rhetoric. With the power exerted by the two political parties, it will require courage for elected officials to seek middle ground on a variety of issues. Doing so makes them personas non grata with the entrenched political structure the way it is. There may be a silver lining, however, if gridlock becomes the rule of the day for the next two years. Such a condition is not necessarily the enemy of the people. Citizens should keep in mind that our nation’s founders created a form of government with checks and balances, and a divided Congress minimizes the likelihood of enacting laws that serve the extreme ends of either side of the political spectrum. For those concerned that the economy is long in the cycle and concerned about the next recession, gridlock probably now means such a pullback arrives sooner than later, but also with a softer landing than it might be with a more protracted expansion. Regardless of one’s perspective, we are all fortunate to have a form of government that can effectively change course every two years at the will of the nation. About the Author Jim Rieniets serves as President and CEO of INSBANK, which requires him to manage the day-to-day activities of the bank. He also serves as a director of INSBANK and on the Loan and Investment Committees. Jim has an extensive banking career and leadership background – including holding various roles within the Tennessee Bankers Association (TBA). He currently serves as the chairman of the TBA Government Relations Committee. u

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Recognizing Our 2018 Conferees Congratulations to Those Who Earned Their CISR, CISR Elite, CRM and CIC Designations as presented by

Each year, many hard working insurance professionals are furthering their education by completing designation programs such as the ones offered through Insurors of Tennessee by The National Alliance for Insurance Education and Research. In 2018, over 50 such individuals have completed programs to earn these prestigious designations. Please join us in congratulating them on their hard work and achievements.

Certified Insurance Service Representatives (CISR) Laurie Black, CISR The Crichton Group - Nashville Stephen Box, CISR Brown & Brown of Tennessee - Brentwood Stacey Lyn Bradshaw, CISR The Crichton Group - Nashville Andrew B. Brogdon, CISR First Insurance Partners, LLC - Dickson Kristy M. Chandler, CISR McDaniel-Whitley, Inc. - Memphis Christy Lea Collier, CISR Church Mutual Insurance Company - Nashville Christy has been working in the insurance industry for 10 years and currently works as an Account Manager for Church Mutual Insurance Company. Rebecca Ann Collins, CISR Customer Service Manager - Bethel Springs Stacy Ditmyer, CISR Zander Insurance - Nashville Kim Fairbanks, CISR Alder & Cox - Hixson Andrew Hill, CISR Van Meter Insurance - Nashville Ashley Hull, CISR McGriff Insurance Services - Legge Ins. Agency - Cookeville Ashley has been in insurance for three years. She started 12


working at McGriff Insurance Services in 2015 as an Administrative Assistant and discovered she was interested in the process of insurance marketing. She is a graduate of Cookeville High School and has her B.S. degree from Tennessee Technological University. Brittany Marie Hull, CISR Marsh - Nashville Jana Nichole Jackson, CISR Commercial Insurance Associates - Brentwood Megan Jackson, CISR Veritas Risk Management - Johnson City Kathleen Kestermann, CISR The Crichton Group - Nashville Kathleen began her insurance career with The Crichton Group three years ago where she started as an Account Manager Assistant. She worked in the Select Unit, then went on to assist Account Manager in the Construction, Social Services and Healthcare spaces. She recently took on the Marketing Representative role working on placing new and renewal business. She earned her bachelor’s degree of Business Administration in Marketing from the University of Mississippi. Sarah J. Knieling, CISR Swallows Insurance - Cookeville Melissa Dawn Lovett, CISR The Crichton Group - Nashville Tavondria Moss, ACS, CISR Willis Towers Watson - Nashville Tavondria has been in the industry for 10 years and currently works as a Business Support Specialist. She works with clients, client managers and underwriters to issue new and renewal certificates of insurance, auto ID cards and endorsements along with addressing coverages and limits. She has worked at QBE North America as a Small Business Commercial Lines Underwriter maintaining a book of business ranging $6-8M in revenue premium with an 80 percent retention rate. She also worked at Physicians Plus Insurance Corporation as an Underwriting Rating System Technician and later moved into a Junior Underwriter role accessing and evaluating individual and group health insurance under 100 lives. Tavondria holds continued on page 46... The Tennessee Insuror

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Daniel Learns About Insurance: Mobile App Food Delivery Services Are These Drivers Ordering Up a Side of Liability?

Insurors Director of Communications Daniel Smith is far from an insurance expert, but he is trying to learn! In this series he will look into insurance industry and coverage questions he has about popular trends in day-to-day life. I have been accused before of being a "picky" eater. I think that is unwarranted, and mostly based on the fact that the foods I don't like are just common in the South. If it's served at a meat & three and isn't the meat or the bread – I probably don't eat it. I do however, eat a wide variety of other foods. Recently, my wife and I were "discussing" what we wanted for dinner, but could not come to an agreement. The closest we got was agreeing on Asian food – but she wanted sushi and I wanted Chinese. But we didn't have to agree any further, because she pulled up Uber Eats and ordered sushi for her and some Chinese noodles for me. It arrived at our home quickly and we both got what we wanted. Easy, right? There are many of these mobile app delivery services out there now – GrubHub, DoorDash, Postmates, Yelp Eat 24 and the aforementioned Uber Eats just to name a few. They mostly work the same way, setting up partnerships with restaurants and then establishing a network of local drivers to deliver the food to the customer. The app takes a portion of the restaurant's revenue, and then some type of service or delivery fee is built in to pay the drivers. They also generally have a gratuity component to allow drivers to earn some additional income. They also have policies in place to screen the drivers (to different extents) and maintain the safety of the food. For example, Uber Eats has a closed bag policy, which means the driver is not to touch the food packaging or even review the order. Where the discrepancies come into place is when you look at how these different services handle the insurance component for their drivers.

written by Daniel Smith, CAE

with some being completely ambiguous as to what is covered. Here is what we do know: • • •

UberEats insurance only protects you while you are on active deliveries, not the time spent waiting for one, such as when you first open the app or in between deliveries. DoorDash is similar, but if drivers fail to maintain proper coverage of their own, the DoorDash policy may be voided completely. Grubhub does not clearly state what additional insurance coverage they provide. They require drivers to have personal auto policies, but the requirements – and coverages – seem to end there. Postmates only provides an excess policy " the event your personal policy does not adequately cover damages you cause to other parties.”1

What Do Your Clients Need? So what do your clients that are making these deliveries need? In the case of any of these apps, we know that a personal auto policy is unlikely to cover any claims that arise from commercial use. We also know that as delivery drivers (or cyclists in some case), there is some occupational accident exposure. These drivers could fall down stairs, slip on restaurant floors,

Having your food delivered to your door is great, but what is the real concern for drivers and restaurants?

Where Does Insurance Fit in the Equation? Each app seems to have a different policy for insurance,


The Tennessee Insuror

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And we know what it takes to protect it. Underwriters who know and understand what coverages are necessary to protect the business. Loss prevention professionals who use a hands-on approach to help develop programs tailored to the individual business. Claim reps with the expertise and technology to process claims quickly and efficiently. As an Official Supplier of the Silver LiningÂŽ, you and West Bend will find the right insurance plan for your valued customers. To find out more, talk to your West Bend underwriter.

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burn hands on food and many other potential injuries. Most of the app services don't even broach this subject, as they place the driver at their own risk. The new food delivery app service Caviar – being developed by payment app Square – has added OccAcc coverage for their drivers. The policies, provided through OneBeacon, include up to $1 million in accident coverage if something goes terribly wrong.2

A DoorDash driver brings an order

photo credit: Brandon Bhangoo

The main issue, however, is still with the auto liability. These drviers need a commercial policy, it's as simple as that. But we also know that the market for that is not priced competetively, and thus many drivers are going without. It is likely that the details of some claims are also not being fully reported. In the UK, insurance companies have started to craft policies specific to this line of business. In the U.S., we have seen a few carriers such as MetLife, Dairyland and Erie step in this arena with "hybrid" policies or personal coverage extensions and endorsements – but more are needed and may be on the way.

Issues for Restaurants Exist as Well In addition to the liability for drivers, you should also talk with your restaurant clients to discuss potential liabilities. As Westfield Insurance pointed out in a recent article, things like food quality and safety, unsanctioned services and advertising issues like apparent endorsements are also areas of concern.3 Be prepared to discuss these potential issues with your clients. Although convenience is great, it doesn't come without cost. We all have to learn to be a little "picky." 1 - per "Special Delivery: Assessing the Best Food Delivery Apps" via https:// 2 - per "Square's Caviar food delivery app is giving all of its couriers insurance for on-the-job accidents, with coverage up to $1 million " via https://nordic. 3 - per "5 restaurant liabilities that could stem from food delivery apps" via

About the Author Daniel Smith serves as the Director of Communications for Insurors of Tennessee. He has a Bachelors degree in Marketing with a minor in Graphic Design from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. He may be contacted at u 16

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Future Leaders Spotlight

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Barrett Tanner • Westan Insurance Group - Martin Barrett Tanner is a Union City native who grew up loving sports, outdoors and hunting. He is very active in his community, currently serving as the president of the Obion County Jaycees chapter, volunteering on the Chimes for Charity board and participating in Young Professionals of Obion County. He has also been active in the Insurors Young Agents program.

Barrett: There are too many influences to name that have helped me along the way. I honestly feel bad for all those I work with because of the questions I have had as I grow with this company and career.

The Insuror: Can you tell us a little about your current job title and responsibilities?

Barrett: Get involved. Any and every type of organization that you can be a part of is a great tool to not only market yourself and get to know more people in the community but it is also a chance to meet some great people and friends. I have met many great friends through community organizations that I wouldn’t have known otherwise. Another tip is to just show up.

Barrett Tanner of Westan Ins. Group

Barrett: I am currently the Office Manager at our Martin branch. I also handle all the personal lines risks and go after commercial risks as much as possible. You could say any job from janitor to manager and that would accurately fit my job description.

The Insuror: What can you tell us about your educational background? Barrett: I graduated from Union City High School and then went on to college at the University of Tennessee at Martin. I received my Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management and also received a minor in Agriculture (so I could hang around one more football season). As far as education in this industry – I ask questions constantly. Having people who have been in your shoes and succeeded are always great go to when looking for advice. In this industry, as with most, experience is knowledge and knowledge is power.

The Insuror: How and why did you get your career in the insurance industry started? Barrett: Growing up I was always around the agency. During summers, starting when I was 15, I would file paperwork (before we were paperless), change light bulbs, move desks, you name it and I would do it. Once in college, I started working in our Martin branch quoting, handling walk-ins and doing CSR work. I finally started full time in January of 2013 and I haven’t looked back since.

The Insuror: Do you have any influences/role models in the industry? 18

I have had the luxury of having great role models that work here at Westan. Al Oliver, Bedford Dunavant and my cousin Portis Tanner are a few worth noting that have had success in the industry and laid the groundwork for me to follow. All my coworkers in Martin that actually have to deal with me day-in and day-out also deserve a ton of praise.

The Insuror: Is there any advice you could offer Young Agents or others in the industry to achieve success?

I believe you touched on this previously, but just being there and letting your face be seen can make people associate insurance needs with you. By doing this, business coming in to you is a lot easier than cold calling and having to track down every piece you write. And finally, keep your head up and never give up. You're going to get a lot more "no’s" than "yes’s" in this business.

The Insuror: As an independent agent, you have many partners in this industry, including carriers, MGAs and many more. How do you determine which ones are the right relationships? Barrett: Personal relationships are always going to play a major role in any industry. On top of that personal aspect there also has to be a level of quality exchange and trust. That trust can be in your partners doing their job efficiently, underwriters on turnover time, or even something as obvious as trusting that the customer will be taken care of.

The Insuror: Thank you for giving us your time, Barrett, we appreciate it and wish you continued success. Barrett: I really appreciate the opportunity to be involved, thank you for all Insurors does for agents and for our industry as well. u The Tennessee Insuror

Young Agents ‘18


Upcoming Events and Information

Exceptional Agents

Our Young Agents Committee strives to offer young insurance professionals with opportunities to network and develop in the industry. Over 500 Insurors members participate in the Young Agents program in some fashion. We are working to continue to grow this community for years to come.

Berkley Southeast Insurance Group recognizes the need to mentor the growth of new talent and to perpetuate the Independent Agency System, as well as provide young agents with a competitive advantage. Tennessee’s Young Agents are the future of our business. That’s why we are working together for success.

We are in the beginning stages of planning our schedule of events for 2019, so please contact Insurors or your Region representative for more information on these meetings or to discuss a specific region or event.

Young Agents Committee David Allen, CIC, CRM - Chair Principal Agent RSS Insurance Chattanooga Tim Treadwell V - Immediate Past Chair Account Executive Boyle Insurance Agency Memphis Cy Young - Region I President Young-Hughes Insurance Alamo Alan Sisk, AU, AINS - Region II Producer Geny Insurance Nashville Erica Buchhammer - Region III Insurance Adviser Beacon Insurance Advisers Knoxville For more information, or for any questions on the Young Agents Committee and its programs, please email Daniel Smith at or call 615.515.2601 or contact Dakota Weatherford at or 615.515.2608. u The Tennessee Insuror

2018 Exceptional Young Agents Aaron Jensen Blake Dickens Brandon Patterson Chad Richardson Clement Ledbetter Cooper Permenter Craig Moreland David Allen David Clark David Evans Drew Powell Forbes Harris Fred Vann Gabe Colwell Graylon Perkins Jamie Williams John Fritts Josh Clayton Josh Witt KC Covington Kevin Lockmiller Kevin Ownby Kevin Pomeroy Lori Carter Michael Greer Michael Novarese Neil Scott Paul Steele Rand Thomas Rebecca Shipp Richard Powell Robert Harris Stacy Woodard Stuart Oakes Taylor Ragan Tim Treadwell Trey Powell

Shafer Insurance Agency, Knoxville Harris, Madden and Powell, Memphis Ownby Insurance Services, Sevierville Swallows-Newman Insurance, Cookeville Battle Page Insurance, Franklin Harris, Madden and Powell, Memphis Swallows-Newman Insurance, Cookeville RSS Insurance, Chattanooga RSS Insurance, Chattanooga The Insurance Group, Inc., Knoxville Martin & Zerfoss Insurance, Nashville Harris, Madden and Powell, Memphis Collier Insurance, Memphis Swallows-Newman Insurance, Cookeville Westan Insurance, Martin Hardin County Bank Ins. Agcy., Savannah TIS Insurance Services, Knoxville Westan East, Johnson City The Insurance Group, Inc., Knoxville Union City Insurance, Union City V.R. Williams & Company, Winchester Ownby Insurance Services, Sevierville Commercial Insurance Associates, Inc., Nashville THW Insurance, LLC, Lebanon V.R. Williams & Company, Winchester McDaniel-Whitley, Inc, Memphis RSS Insurance, Chattanooga Martin & Zerfoss Insurance, Nashville The Crichton Group, Nashville THW Insurance, LLC, Lebanon Harris, Madden and Powell, Memphis Tigrett & Pennington, Nashville Shafer Insurance Agency, Knoxville TIS Insurance Services, Knoxville Martin & Zerfoss Insurance, Nashville Boyle Insurance, Memphis RSS Insurance, Chattanooga

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Promote the value you bring to your local community. Access our new campaign that puts your unique value in the forefront. Provide your current and prospective clients with a snapshot of the added benefits of working with a Trusted ChoiceÂŽ Independent Insurance agency.

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The Tennessee Insuror

From Your President

My "Victory Tour" with Chuck Bidek

Insurors Past President Brad Smith told me at the 2017 Insurors Convention that my year as President would go fast. He also said that as I went around the State and Country with Chuck that people would bypass me and go straight to greet Chuck. Members were very gracious to me but it has been very obvious that everyone wanted to know what Chuck thought about this and what Chuck thought about that. It’s been lots of fun and I would not trade my time with Mr. Bidek this year with anyone! We accomplished lots of wonderful things for the Association in 2018 and had a great 125th Convention to top it all off for our members.

Legislative Reception The Legislative Reception was another success and was well attended this past January. Our partnership with other insurance related groups helps us all to have a voice on the Hill. There will be thirty plus new members in our State House and Senate for 2019 and we will continue our reception – getting to know the new members and working with them in Nashville. We would appreciate your help in getting to know the new legislators from your Communities.

Agency Growth Conference Our 2018 Agency Growth Conference saw another record turnout and we plan to continue to expand it on March 27-28, 2019 in Memphis. This Conference continues to grow and our Young Agents turned out in full force for what I think is a great learning opportunity.

Big "I" Legislative Conference The Big "I" Legislative Conference is held each April, and this is an important way for agents to get our issues heard in D.C. We have such a great Federal Government Affairs team at Big "I", and with the power of agents and Insurpac National behind them, we continue to make progress on key issues. We also enjoyed hosting some of the MTSU risk management students on the trip to teach them how things The Tennessee Insuror

work in our Nation's Capital when industry issues are involved.

Statewide Events Beginning in December of 2017 I had the opportunity to travel to Memphis and speak to their local board. They work hard for their Community and I was impressed with their turnout. Chuck, Ashley, Daniel and I attended many of our local member events across the State and had fun while building friendships and learning about the issues important to each of you.

Board Planning for our Future Our Executive Committee spent time with our current leadership and future leadership in retreats to get to know each other better and to determine how we will keep moving in 2019. We also got the full Board together for planning in July and laid the plans for our Membership to benefit for years to come. Your Association is in good hands!

Insurors 125th Anniversary Convention The 125th Anniversary Convention was our largest in 25 years and helped to rekindle some old friendships and build some new. The events were among our best ever and well-attended by our membership and guests. The Convention was topped off by a black tie dinner and reception to honor our long time CEO, mentor, leader and friend, Chuck Bidek. Thanks to Mike Keith for being our emcee and to IIABA CEO Bob Rusbuldt, National Alliance President Bill Hold and Insurors Past President Jack Spann for sharing their memories of Chuck's career with the crowd.

“ W e accomplished l o t s o f wonderful things for the A ssociation i n 2 0 1 8 . . .”

Young Agents Our Young Agent group is over 500 strong and had multiple well-attended meetings across the State in 2018. I appreciate the Young Agent Committee and Daniel Smith for building the group and making it a meaningful part of our Association.

Chris Allison, CIC 21

Ideas for the Future of our Association Your 2018 Board of Directors has worked hard for our Membership and I appreciate getting to serve with all of them. I am also thankful for the ideas and direction our Industry Innovation and Convention and Meetings Committees have created for 2019 and beyond. The hours they gave us will be well worth the effort as our Association continues to grow and develop. Please continue – and consider expanding – your support of our Association and the PAC funds we use to create relationships with our Legislators. It is important for the future and is needed more now than ever. I also encourage you to build a stronger relationship with our new Chief Executive Officer, Ashley Gold, J.D., as she begins her new role in 2019. She has been a valuable member of the team for over a decade and will be a great leader for the future. I again want to thank Chuck for his brilliant years of service and know that we will all gain from Ashley’s leadership abilities as we move into 2019 and beyond. We will finish our year in Atlanta in December at the annual Southern Agents Conference and will bring back additional ideas to make this industry better for you. It has been an honor to serve you and to serve with this Board! Thanks and God Bless each of you in this Christmas Season! u



DON’T GET BITTEN BY AN E&O CLAIM YOU COULD HAVE AVOIDED. Swiss Re policyholders written through the Big “I” Professional Liability Program have access to an exclusive risk management web site. Log on today to fish for E&O claims frequency data, real-life case studies and analysis, sample client letters, sample agency procedures, agency E&O self assessments, podcasts on important E&O topics, and much more.

Visit the E&O Risk Management website at

The Tennessee Insuror

From Your IIABA National Director Who is the Real Insurance Disrupter? We have all seen the articles and listened to the commercials for Lemonade, Elephant, e-insurance and several others, but if you are like many independent agents, you response to them is, “Those online carriers are not going to affect me!” If these are your words, you need to take a look at how Amazon, Target, Walmart and Sears are affecting your business.

a-day cycle, because of the likes of Amazon and Walmart. You may not like it, but you had better be working on how to adapt and provide service to your customer 24 hours a day. It is what our customers are wanting, and in increasing levels.

The sad truth is that while the carriers mentioned above might not be the ones that directly impact our business, the second generation of these online and "InsurTech" carriers surely will.

More than likely, your current Agency Management System can help. Talk with your vendor about solutions that can help improve the ease of doing business (EoDB) for your clients. Tell them you want to know how you can better utilize all the technology offerings that you are currently paying (a large amount) for.

Let’s look at how Amazon has changed the retail world. The first online retailer was launched back in 1994 and was called NetMarket. NetMarket is not a household name anymore but Amazon took what they learned from NetMarket and perfected it. They created havoc with the traditional brick and mortar retailer. The lesson here is Amazon has pretty much perfected the online retail marketplace. They have made such an impact that Walmart had to finally adjust its investment strategy in its stores and focus on an online retailer. With this comes a doubling in spending for its logistic company to deliver the purchase of online goods.

What Can Your Agency do About it?

There are also several new and exciting start-up software companies who can help you become a 24 hour service agency. Visit agencynation. com for some articles and information on these innovations.

Target has been aggressive in adding its online sales presence, while also working to modernize its stores and their experience for customers. The result has been that Target is one of the few "traditional" retailers that has seen stock and market share increases rivaling Amazon.

Want to go a little slower and just dip your toe in the water? You can start by giving your clients the ability to go online and print auto ID cards or a basic certificate of insurance. Listing the carriers’ claims or billing links on your own agency website or in your agency's mobile app so your customers can access them 24/7. (And if your agency doesn’t have an updated website or an app, Insurors of Tennessee has endorsed Titan Web Marketing Solutions as a vendor who can help you create a mobile ready website. Check them out on the Products and Services page on the Insurors website.)

So where does Sears come in to play? Sears never really adapted and changed to meet the demands of the online customer. It is going the way of the dinosaur, closing hundreds of its stores.

Don’t be a Sears or another retail dinosaur. Our customers are looking for different (or maybe just modern) ways to conduct business, let’s meet them halfway and begin by updating our service capabilities.

Why it Matters

If you are still not convinced that this is happening all around us check out the new partnership between Amazon and Travelers Insurance. The program is using Amazon’s Alexa technology for Travelers customers to ask questions regarding billing and payments. This is just the start – are you ready? u

Why is this important to the average independent insurance agency? Amazon has changed the modern customer's expectations. The level of service and the ability to transact business in the insurance arena is moving into the 24 hourThe Tennessee Insuror

“D o n ’ t b e a Sears or another retail d i n o s a u r. ”

Lou Moran III 23

Coverages You Need . . . from a Name You Can Trust! Protecting Your Clients’ Many Interests . . .

Berkshire Hathaway


Insurance Companies

Nationwide operations • A+ A.M. Best Rating We have agency appointments available. Go to! Workers’ Compensation • Businessowner’s Policy (Property and Liability) • Commercial Auto* • Commercial Umbrella/Excess • Professional Liability* • Homeowners and Personal Umbrella* • Disability* • and More (*Select States)

MORE TIME, LESS STRESS with KnK 615.375.7419



The Tennessee Insuror

From Your CEO

Just a Well-deserved "Thank You!"

For all those who attended the dinner honoring me on Monday night of the convention, both Barbara and I want to say a heartfelt "Thank You" for being with us that evening. When we began planning the event our 2018 Insurors President, Chris Allison, told me and insisted that this would be my night to recognize my years of service with your Association. As far as the plans he said it would be, "whatever I wanted to do!" That was a daunting task. I have planned many banquets over the years, but the goal was different this time. Usually the goal was trying to have 400 people well fed and entertained – within a budget – in over 20 venues across three states. But this time I could freelance as much as I pleased. The work began almost four years ago as I had decided that the event would be in Nashville and preferably fall in a year of an expiring General Assembly and with a Governor that hit their term limit. I know that sounds crazy but it gives you a glimpse of how my mind works. Monday night of the Convention was chosen as it traditionally has been referred to as "company night'' when we had companies entertaining agents with hospitality. Not to create another World War, we made those attending confirm and reconfirm their desire to attend. I did not want empty seats and did not want too many to leave early. So we were off and running, and the personal preferences were next on the list. I wanted to host a formal banquet complete with tuxedos just like we used to do. I had also wanted to have ballroom dancing, but it would take up space and more importantly run the crowd out early. Barbara and I have taken dance lessons for over 3 years but I did settle on having music provided by a talented string quartet. I had never done that before, but I thought is was a nice touch. Then there was the question of the food. Remember, Chris told me, "Anything you want." I have likely been to over a hundred banquets, but I never had The Tennessee Insuror

meatloaf as the main course! My Polish mother made me a fan of it, so I chose it even knowing I'd get some complaints. Actually, I heard less than usual. I couldn't help but smile. I had allotted time for 4 speakers at 15 minutes apiece. I never wanted a Dean Martin-type "Roast." I was happy to secure the Voice of the Titans Mike Keith to be the Master of Ceremonies, Big "I" National CEO Bob Rusbuldt and Dr. William T. Hold of The National Alliance as speakers. These were safe bets. Both Bob and Bill had introduced me at the IIABA State Executive annual meeting this summer in Whistler, Canada. So I knew what they would say. My last speaker choice was our well-known Past President and a personal friend, Jack Spann, of Nashville. I had no idea what Jack might say – so we met at his house to discuss my thoughts of things that I have done or that people think I had done. Obviously, making it fit in the time allotted but making sure that "No Roast" rule was adhered to. Jack came through and did a magnificent job and make it a memorable evening for Barbara and I. That being said, I wish I could show you the edits of some other ideas that did not make it Jack's presentation. This whole event would not have happened with the work of my staff. Daniel Smith was the conductor but every staff member did their part. Likewise the lnsurors Board of Directors put on their tuxedos – even though I think some of their pants and shirts had shrunk in their closets!

“I h a v e planned many banquets over the years, but the goal was different t h i s t i m e .”

As part of the event I had photos taken of guests with Barbara and I as well hundreds of candid shots. While we were taking them I had said they would make great Holiady cards. They are yours for the taking! Visit to view them now. To those that couldn't attend the event, I want you to know that you have my thanks as well. It has been an honor to represent you for this Association. u

Chuck Bidek, CPCU 25

Olympia Insurance

Olympia Insurance


The Tennessee Insuror

Education Calendar




Feb. 13 - CISR: Agency Operations Feb. 27-March 1 - CIC: Commercial Casualty May 8 - CISR: Personal Auto Dec. 4 - CISR: Commercial Casualty I

Feb. 12 - CISR: Elements of Risk Management April 10-12 - CIC: Agency Management May 7 - CISR: Personal Auto June 19-20 - JK: Ruble Sept. 11-13 - CIC: Commercial Multiline Sept. 24-26 - CRM Nov. 6-8 - CIC: Personal Lines Dec. 3 - CISR: Commercial Casualty I

CHATTANOOGA April 4 - CISR: Commercial Casualty I Oct. 3 - CISR: Personal Lines - Miscellaneous


April 3 - CISR: Commercial Casualty I Aug. 14-16 - CIC: Commercial Property Oct. 2 - CISR: Elements of Risk Management

April 2 - CISR: Commercial Casualty I Oct. 1 - CISR: Elements of Risk Management

The Insurors of Tennessee offers education opportunities to member agents across a wide range of insurance specialities that satisfy individuals at many different experience levels. If you are looking to further your career, seeking a professional designation, or need to satisfy continuing education requirements, check out the variety of courses available. Registration is fast and easy at More information about each class can also be found online.

WWW.INSURORS.ORG Register online or Contact our Membership Specialist Ellie Small at or 615.515.2607

CISR 2/12 2/13 4/2 4/3 4/4 5/7 5/8 10/1 10/2 10/3 12/3 12/4

Fee: $186

Elements of Risk Management Agency Operations Commerical Casualty I Commerical Casualty I Commerical Casualty I Personal Auto Personal Auto Elements of Risk Elements of Risk Personal Lines Miscellaneous Commerical Casualty I Commerical Casualty I


Fee: $430

2/27-28 Commercial Casualty Institute 4/10-11 Agency Management Institute 8/14-15 Commerical Property Institute 9/11-12 Commerical Multiline Institute 6/19-20 Ruble Graduate Seminar 11/6-8 Personal Lines Institute

CE: 7

Nashville Memphis Johnson City Knoxville Chattanooga Nashville Memphis Johnson City Knoxville Chattanooga Nashville Memphis

CE: 16

Memphis Nashville Knoxville Nashville Nashville Nashville

The National Alliance for Insurance Education & Research is registered with the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA) as a sponsor of continuing professional education on the National Registry of CPE Sponsors. State boards of accountancy have final authority on the acceptance of individual courses for CPE credit. Complaints regarding registered sponsors may be addressed to the National Registry of CPE Sponsors, 150 Fourth Avenue North, Suite 700, Nashville, TN, 37219-2417. Website: www.nasba. org. Advanced Curriculum Rating = 20 CPE Credits. For more information regarding administrative policies such as complaint and refund, please contact our offices at 800-633-2165.

CPRM 2/6-7

Fee: $525 CE: 16

Principle Applications of PRM*


Fee: $430


CE: 16

9/26-28 Principles of Risk Management*

Dynamics 10/17

Fee: $495


CE: 16

Dynamics of Selling


Online Courses ( Available from IIABA Virtual University. Member pricing shown.

Ethics for Insurance Professionals How to Calc. Business Income in 5 Min. National Flood Insurance Program New Employee Training Course

CE: 3 CE: 3 CE: 6 CE: 9

$75 $50 $80 $100

*check VU site for current information on CE and pricing

Available from The National Alliance


Legal & Ethical Requirments of Insurance CE: 4 Insuring Flood Exposures - NFIP Review CE: 4

$75 $75

ABEN Webcasts ( 12/8 12/8 12/8 12/8

Premium Auditing: Agents Must Know CE: 2 $52 Why Agents Aren't Risk Managers CE: 3 $79 The Law of Insurance Contracts CE: 3 $79 Torts, Negligence & Liability CE: 3 $79

Available from The Institutes


Insurance Principles and Policies Long Term Care Workers’ Compensation Employee Benefits for Small Companies Healthcare Reform and Affordable Care e-Coverage

CE: 7 CE: 24 CE: 10 CE: 4 CE: 5 CE: 15

$49 $99 $59 $39 $49 $79

Register Online at

Indicates course is presented by The National Alliance. Register for these courses at The Tennessee Insuror










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We understand what agents want and we’re committed to giving you the tools you need to grow your agency. For more information, contact Amy Rose, Sales Leader, at (765) 228-1340.

30 N and Eagle are service marks of Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company. NPO-0550AO.1 (2015) Nationwide

The Tennessee Insuror

Government and Legal Affairs Resources for eSignature and Your Agency How and Why Your Agency Should Make the Move Written by Ashley Gold, J.D., Incoming Insurors CEO

Let’s talk eSignature! Why should you consider it in your agency? • • • • • • •

Lowers agency cost per policy: esig-calculator Improves Legibility Promotes “Going Green” Document Retention – reduces E&O exposures Extends service capability Faster turnaround time Easy to use

And, if you don’t offer customers eSignature functionality, someone else will. Are you considering eSignature products for your agency but don’t know where to start? Below are several free guides and resources from the Agents Council for Technology (ACT) – a benefit of you Insurors membership! ACT eSignature Training & Troubleshooting Guide Available at – this eSignature Training and Troubleshooting Guide is intended as a resource for agencies in choosing, implementing, and developing their eSignature workflow. This guide contains guidance on back-

The Tennessee Insuror

ground in selecting an eSignature solution, as well as workflow insights and additional background resources. ACT eSignature Workflow Guide Available at – this eSignature workflow guide provides clear visual insights on the significantly reduced workflow impacts of using eSignature to provide fast, efficient service to clients. IA Carriers Accepting eSignatures Available at – this compilation, developed by the ACT eSignature Work Group, provides the known carriers who have publicly indicated they will accept e-signature from agents & brokers who are using legallycompliant vendor solutions. eSignature Vendor Solutions Available at – I’m in – now where do I go and what are my options? ACT provides an overview of some of the vendor integrations that have emerged for this technology. It includes the functionality available for DocuSign, the endorsed eSignature vendor of Insurors of Tennessee. This article also provides a number of vendor and industry resources for more background in planning an effective eSignature strategy. Here are some things you may want to consider as you compare the various e-signature solutions for deployment in your own agency or brokerage: •

Does it offer you options (such as e-mail, secret ques-


• • •

tions/answers or text code) to authenticate customers? Is it flexible enough to support how you do business and not require unwanted workflow or process changes? Will the solution let you promote your own brand? Does it protect you with electronic proof of everything the customer sees, signs and agrees to online?

Guidelines for eSignature & eDelivery of Documents Available at – This post reviews "Guidelines for e-Signature and e-Delivery in the Insurance Business," produced by the law firm Locke Lord and commissioned by ACORD. In addition to linking to the full guidelines, this post discusses key findings and implications of this report from the perspective of independent agencies. The full article may be found here Consider looking at eSignature today for your agency to benefit you and your customers. About the Author Ashley Gold has served as the General Counsel of Insurors since 2007, and previously consulted for the Association on legal and government affairs matters. In 2019 she will take over as the Association's CEO. She received her undergraduate degree from the University of Kentucky and her Juris Doctor from Samford University. She may be contacted at u

® Policies are underwritten by Bridgefield Casualty Insurance Company and Bridgefield Employers Insurance Company, authorized insurers in AL, AR, FL, GA, IN, KY, LA, MS, NC, SC, TN and TX; BusinessFirst Insurance Company, authorized in FL, GA, KY, NC, SC and TN. ©2018 Summit Consulting LLC | 2310 Commerce Point Drive, Lakeland, FL 33801


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THANKS TO BUILDERS MUTUAL I CAN GIVE MY CUSTOMERS WHAT THEY NEED WHEN THEY NEED IT. Whether it’s the voice in your head or the one right beside you, Builders Mutual is always there, at work with you. The Tennessee Insuror


Agency Needs an SSL Certificate ...continued from page 16

Industry Innovation Committee The following Insurors members have been appointed to serve on the Industry Innovation Committee for 2018: Kym Clevenger, CPCU, CACW Co-Chair President The Assurance Center Knoxville Stephen Masterson Co-Chair Vice President Hollis & Burns Memphis Kathleen Glass Burk Member Account Executive Kemmons Wilson Insurance Group, LLC Memphis Brandon Clarke, CIC Member President John Bailey Company Knoxville Matt Felgendreher Member Executive Vice President W.C. Dillon Company Nashville Lavonda Shipley Member Property & Casualty Marketing Manager Reliance Partners Chattanooga Jamie Williams, CIC, CRM Member VP/Agency Manager Hardin County Bank Insurance Agency Savannah Cam Winterburn Member Principal Agent Winterburn & Associates Pulaski

Acuity Loves You!

Bill Emerick, CIC, CPCU, AU, ARM Ad Hoc Member Regional Vice President Penn National Insurance Nashville

PROUD Convention & Meetings Committee

TO PARTNE R W I TH TH E BE ST D EP have EN Dbeen ENappointed T AGEtoNTS I N TH E BUS I NE S S! The following Insurors IN members serve on the Convention & Meetings Committee for 2018: Bob McIntire Co-Chair Co-founder/Principal Agent McIntire Insurance and Real Estate Cleveland Christy Jones, CISR, CAPI Co-Chair 34

The Tennessee Insuror

Association Update

Pitts Earns Distinguished Eagle Scout Award

Reliance Partners Named a "Best Workplace"

Johnny Pitts, a co-CEO of Lipscomb & Pitts Insurance in Memphis, was recently awarded the Distinguished Eagle Scout Award upon nomination by The Chickasaw Council and the Boy Scouts of America. This award is granted to Eagle Scouts who, after 25 years, have distinguished themselves in their life work and who have shared their talents with their communities on a voluntary basis. Johnny has been involved in Scouting for over 45 years and the Boy Scouts run thick in the Pitts' blood as both his father and son are Eagle Scouts.

Chattanooga-based Reliance Partners has been named one of the 2018 Best Workplaces in Financial Services & Insurance by FORTUNE magazine. This ranking considered more than 158,000 employees in the Financial Services & Insurance sector. Great Place to Work®, a research and consulting firm, partnered with FORTUNE to evaluate more than 50 elements of team members’ experience on the job.

LaFont Joins Commercial Ins. Associates Jacqueline LaFont, CPA has joined Commercial Insurance Associates (CIA) as a producer after working in the accounting industry and as a financial analyst for the past seven years. Her background as a CPA gives her a unique edge with a different set of skills from most people in the industry. She has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Accounting and Finance from Bellarmine University.

Scott Insurance Adds Duke in Franklin Chad Duke has joined Scott’s Franklin office as a Risk Advisor serving the risk management and commercial insurance needs of middle-market and large organizations across multiple industries. He joined Scott’s Raleigh, North Carolina location in 2009 and relocated to support the company’s growth in the Nashville market and surrounding areas. He is a graduate of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill where he received a bachelor’s degree in health policy and administration and is currently pursuing his CPCU designation.

Montgomery & Associates Wins Ruthie Award More than 350,000 votes were tallied for Murfreesboro newspaper The Daily News Journal's 24th annual "Ruthies Awards." One of those winners was Will Montgomery and his agency - Montgomery & Associates - who were recognized as "Favorite Insurance Agent" in Murfreesboro. The Tennessee Insuror

The Crichton Group Raises $100K+ for Charity The 3rd Annual Crichton Throw Down was held on October 11th in Nashville. The event is a cornhole tournament held by N ashv ill e - b as e d The Crichton Group, which raises funds to help support the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. This year's event and its sponsor support helped generate $114,000 for the charity.

Zander Insurance Awards Scholarship to Hill On Friday, October 5th, Nashville-based Zander Insurance held an employee celebration to award a high school senior with its fourth annual $5,000 Life Lessons Scholarship. Each year, Zander holds a scholarship contest for students who have lost a parent who did not have a life insurance policy. This year they received hundreds of entries, and Brooke Hill from West Chester, Pennsylvania was awarded the 2018 scholarship.

Inter-Agency Adds Macourek as Producer Inter-Agency Insuance Services of Knoxville recently announced that Tony Macourek has joined the agency as a producer. For the past 6 years Tony has been a producer developing both personal and commercial business. Tony has over 15 years of total insurance experience having worked on the company side before joining a retail agency.

RSS Insurance Acquires Landmark Insurance Chattanooga-based RSS Insurance has announced that they have acquired Cleveland-based Landmark Insurance Group. Landmark's team will immediately begin operations under RSS. Details of the transaction were not disclosed. u 35

Your insights



strengths and expertise

= Top-class

protection around the world

Your attorney clients know their firm inside and out. You know your markets and your competitors. At Swiss Re Corporate Solutions, we have the capabilities and the financial strength to meet the risk needs of insureds for Lawyer’s Professional Liability. Whether the risk is basic or complex, we believe there’s only one way to arrive at the right solution. And that’s to work together and combine your experience with our expertise and your strengths with our skills. Long-term relationships bring long-term benefits. We’re smarter together.

Swiss Re Corporate Solutions is proud to be the exclusively endorsed Lawyer’s Professional Liability provider for the Insurors of Tennessee. For more information or to access the program, please visit and select the Lawyers Professional Liability Program.


Insurors of Tennessee Ph 1 800 264 1898 E

The Tennessee Insuror

Insurance products underwritten by Westport Insurance Corporation, Overland Park, Kansas, United States, a member of Swiss Re Corporate Solutions.

Company Spotlight

Zenith Insurance Company Zenith is known nationally as one of the premier specialists in workers’ compensation. They combine depth of expertise with a forward-thinking approach to achieve the highest level of service and outcomes for agents and their clients. They foster strong relationships with their valued independent agents and brokers. Working together with Zenith, you'll be able to explore solutions and address your clients' business needs. What really sets Zenith apart is their people-first approach. By getting to know you and your unique operation, they’re able to guide you toward generating more value in the long run, so you can keep your clients' businesses – and their employees – safe and productive.

What Can You Expect from Zenith? When you partner with Zenith, you can expect them to: • •

• • •

Help your clients reduce workplace injuries and claims, so you stay productive Put your clients' employees first, to help anyone who is injured on the job to get the medical care they need Fight fraud, so you can protect what you’ve built Provide attentive and responsive service, so you can focus on your business Help you and your clients strengthen your business reputation, so you can compete for talent

Zenith's commitment to you includes a focus on helping your clients reduce claims and their costs, which can lead to a lower experience modification over time. The proof is in the numbers: Zenith’s loss ratios are consistently 20 to 30 points better than the industry average.* The Tennessee Insuror


Service Expertise Insurance companies and claim administrators often rely on outside vendors to help manage claims and provide needed information. Zenith has always had a different approach. With a team of in-house experts, their process is integrated, effective and responsive. They’re passionate about helping agents and their clients support their employees with safe workplaces, and if injuries occur, helping injured employees get the medical care they need and return to work. It’s this focus that helps show you care and helps your clients build a stronger business reputation.

Resources to Help Achieve a Lower Experience Mod Over Time Zenith has an unparalleled reputation for providing policyholders outstanding service and results. Your business challenges are unique, and a one-sizefits-all solution rarely works. Their team approach is successful with clients who are committed to improving their workplace environment and claims outcomes. Zenith believes insurance is a long-term investment in your clients' employees and the success of their business. The true cost of workers’ compensation can only be measured by the return on insurance investment over time. Their policyholders trust them to take care of their injured employees, fight fraud and abuse, and make the workplace safer. Great businesses become even better when they invest in the best. That’s who they are, and that’s TheZenith Difference. *Source: Industry data is from NCCI’s 2016 CalendarAccident Year Underwriting Results and WCIRB Quarterly Experience Report as of 2017, weighting by Zenith’s premium distribution by state. u

Tennessee Contacts Ken Kennamer AVP Marketing 205.408.6917 Terri Scales Senior Underwriter Brian Waslo Sr. Territorial Marketing Manager 704.905.8134 About Zenith Insurance Company In 2010, Zenith National Insurance Corp. was acquired by Fairfax Financial Holdings Limited (Fairfax). Zenith National Insurance Corp. is the holding company of Zenith Insurance Company and its subsidiaries, including ZNAT Insurance Company. Fairfax is a holding company which, through its subsidiaries, is engaged in property and casualty insurance, reinsurance and investment management. Zenith enjoys the financial support of Fairfax while continuing to operate as an independent company. Zenith Insurance Company and ZNAT Insurance Company each have a Financial Strength Rating of A (Excellent) from A.M. Best. For the latest ratings visit Learn More at® © 2018 Zenith Insurance Company. All rights reserved. ®Zenith, TheZenith, and TheZenith. com are registered US service marks.


“Exclusive member agencies, collaborating to bring the best insurance solutions to their clients.� The Allison Insurance Group - Jackson Bagley & Bagley Insurance - Fayetteville Boyle Insurance Agency, Inc. - Memphis Burke, Powers & Harty - Bristol Carnal-Roberts Agency, Inc. - Lexington Cate-Russell Insurance, Inc. - Maryville Frank E. Neal & Company, Inc. - Nashville Goss Insurance - Hixson Inter-Agency Insurance Services - Knoxville


Martin & Zerfoss, Inc. - Nashville McInturff, Milligan & Brooks - Greeneville Miller | Loughry | Beach Insurance Services - Murfreesboro Ownby Insurance Service, Inc. - Sevierville Smith-Berclair Insurance, Inc. - Memphis S.N. Anthony, Inc. - Ripley Tigrett & Pennington Inc. - Dyersburg V.R. Williams & Company - Winchester Watauga Insurance, Inc. - Johnson City

Get more information now at

The Tennessee Insuror

Broker Spotlight North Point Underwriters, Inc. North Point Underwriters, Inc. was established August 1994 in Alpharetta, Georgia. North Point is very proud to be a Southeast based independent MGA and Wholesale Broker. Being independent is important as it means North Point’s only motives are serving independent agents and taking care of our families. The broker has three departments – Commercial P&C, Professional Lines and Personal Lines. Being on the same team as independent agents and keeping accounts moving fast is North Point’s claim to fame. North Point does not write workers' compensation, auto or bonds but can place almost any other business.

Adding Direct Bill to the Equation In 2018, North Point launched a new direct bill program for accounts written within their binding personal and commercial lines markets. Insurance agents have often complained that small E&S accounts are very expensive to handle and erode agency profits. With North Point taking on that burden

for accounts that qualify, agents can focus their staff on their more profitable admitted A & B caliber accounts while North Point handles the billing and renewal process for their E&S accounts. This program has been well received and North Point has recently opened the Direct Bill Program to all states. In addition to the North Point Direct Bill Program for non-admitted small E&S accounts, North Point also represents several niche BOP and Professional markets that also offer installment billing and automatic renewals. The broker anticipates that they can now offer Direct Bill in some form or fashion on 75% of their business. In addition, agents are always welcome to continue on traditional agency bill and can choose what fits best per account.

Get Started Today For detailed product information, online quoting, and contact information, please refer to North Point’s website at u



BENEFITS & ADDITIONAL INFO: • Increase profits while we reduce agency staff time spent on E&S renewals • Increase renewal retention • Earn interest dividends when the insured needs a payment plan • Agents can choose their billing choice per account • Available for binding Commercial and Personal Lines accounts DIRECT BILL PAYMENT OPTIONS: • • • •

Insured Pay in Full Insured Pay with Payments Lender Pay (Personal Lines only) Traditional Agency Bill


The Tennessee Insuror


Independence can’t happen alone Independence means freedom, but it also means responsibility. It is about staying true to the commitments you’ve made - to your clients, your colleagues, and your community. Keystone connects you to a community of like-minded independent agencies. Our mission remains unchanged: to provide access to the expertise, resources, and relationships that sustain independent insurance agencies over the long haul. Keystone. Independence works better together.

Contact Michele Bicknell for more information: 570.473.2148

©2016 Keystone Insurers Group ®. All rights reserved. This does not constitute an offer to sell a franchise in any state in which the Keystone Insurers Group franchise is not registered.


The Tennessee Insuror

Company Briefs Roe Named Indiana "Insurance Prof. of the Year" The Independent Insurance Professionals of Indiana recently named J. Patrick Roe, CIW, Vice President & Director of Sales and Marketing for Arlington/Roe, as their 2018 Insurance Professional of the Year. The award is given to an individual from an IIAI associate member organization who demonstrates strong leadership abilities with a willingness to assist independent agents, regularly supports the IIAI and fosters strong professional relationships with agents.

Central Promotes Gibson to VP The Central Insurance Companies is pleased to announce the promotion of Angie Gibson, CPCU, AIM, API, AINS, AIS to Vice President of Customer Services effective November 5, 2018. Angie is replacing Cindy Hurless who was previously elected as the new Chief Operating Officer in October.

Gibson graduated from the University of Saint Francis with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Accounting. She started with Central during college, working part-time in the Mail and Supply Department and Home Office Claims Services before being hired full-time as an Accounting Examiner in the Financial Accounting Department. From there, she moved on to the roles of Accounts Receivable Manager and then Customer Services Manager. For the past year and a half, she has been the Learning and Organizational Development Manager.

ACUITY Announces Plans to Hire 160 in 2019 Acuity announced that it plans to hire more than 160 employees in 2019, with the majority of hires coming from new openings and positions. Acuity’s hiring is the result of continued business growth and expansion. The insurer has doubled its revenue in the past eight years and is on track to add $225 million to top-line revenue in just 24 months. The 56th largest of 2,600 property-casualty insurance companies in the nation, Acuity also recently completed a $250 million headquarters expansion project to plan for significant staffing increases and business growth in the years ahead.

For Dwelling and Mobile Home Insurance, put your trust in a company that has been insuring homes for over 50 years.

20 %


Our Products: • Dwelling Fire/Mobile Home • Comprehensive Mobile Homeowner’s • Limited Homeowner’s

Can Provide You With: • • • • • •

20% New & 15% Renewal Commission AAIS Policy Forms Direct Contract with National Security Partnership Profit Sharing Fast Online Policy Issuance Easy Payment Options

National Security has provided competitive, affordable insurance to policyholders for over 50 years, but we also provide a lot for our agents, with competitive commissions, excellent customer service and experienced company adjusters. As an admitted Southeastern based regional company, National Security prides itself on fast, efficient service from a friendly small town company, and online access for all agents, providing fast quotes, online policy issuance, online dec page printing, and real-time policy information. Find out more by calling Sharon at 1-800-239-2358 x213 or visit

The Tennessee Insuror

Elba, Alabama


committed to mutual success. Harford Mutual Insurance partners with independent agents in Tennessee.

We insure restaurants, contractors, mercantile, and other commercial entities. We’re committed to protecting your client’s business and building yours. 800.638.3669 42

INSURING BUSINESSES SINCE 1842 The Tennessee Insuror

SIAA Promotes Masiello to CEO; Holmes to COO SIAA Founder and Chairman, Jim Masiello, has announced that Matt Masiello has been promoted as the Chief Executive Officer of SIAA effective December 1, 2018. In addition, Jeff Holmes has been promoted to Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of SIAA, effective January 1, 2019. In separate statements, Jim Masiello stated that, "I am pleased and proud to announce this significant move as Matt has proven to be an effective and productive leader who will ensure the continued success of our organization now and in the future.� Regarding Holmes's promotion, Matt Masiello stated, " Jeff has strengthened our Agency Foundation and Development Services nationally, working to build a model for all SIAA master agencies. I am confident he will bring the same level of leadership and expertise to our overall daily operations, with a focus on helping our member agencies to succeed.� Jim Masiello will remain actively involved with the organization as Chairman and Chief Strategy Officer.

Erie Names Dugan as VP of Corporate HR Erie Insurance has announced that it has named Sean Dugan as vice president and corporate human resources officer. His new role began on October 25th. In this role, Dugan will have oversight of the Talent Acquisition, Community Outreach, Diversity & Inclusion, Human Resources Business Partners and Employee Relations, Talent Management, and Strategic Workforce Planning teams. Dugan has served as the vice president of Talent Acquisition and Community Outreach since 2014. His leadership career at Erie began in 2004 in the Corporate Training and Development department.

Columbia Sells Farm Business to ECM Columbia Insurance Group announced recently that it has entered in to a definitive agreement to sell the renewal rights of its farmowners business to ECM Insurance Group. As part of the transaction, Missouri domiciled Citizens Mutual Insurance Co. will merge into Everett Cash Mutual Insurance Co., the parent company of ECM Insurance Group. Columbia Insurance Group produced $15 million of farmowners-related business in 2017. The transaction is expected to close in the 1st Quarter of 2019. Further financial details were not announced.


(800) 666-5692 | JMWILSON.COM The Tennessee Insuror


Motorists Launches Straight-through BOP On September 1st, Motorists Insurance Group announced the launch of their straight-through processing for business owners policies (BOP). Agents with Motorists Insurance, a member of Motorists Insurance Group, can now write BOP with less than $20,000 in premium with 12 or fewer underwriting questions in our state-of-the-art online portal. Straight-through processing for BOP is a true example of Motorists’ ongoing objective to lead innovation during the insurance industry’s digital age. With this new technology, our independent agents can write business owners policies completely online in just six steps.

and the new leadership structure may be viewed at web.

AmeriTrust Group Acquires Signature Ins. AmeriTrust Group, Inc.’s retail agency subsidiary Meadowbrook Insurance Agency has acquired Sarasota, Fla.-based Carol P. Rummel Insurance Agency, (dba Signature Insurance Agency), effective October 29th, 2018. As part of the transaction, Carolyn Rummel, who has more than 20 years of agency management and leadership experience, has been named president of Meadowbrook Insurance Agency’s Florida operations.

Safeco & Liberty Commercial Combine

ITC Acquires Insurance Systems Incorporated

Safeco announced yesterday that their personal lines division and Liberty Mutual's business lines division have combined into a single organization. In the announcement, Safeco president Tyler Asher discussed what this would mean for independent agents, "The great news is you will receive the same support you’ve come to expect from us in your local area. You’ll continue to work with your Safeco underwriter and territory manager for personal lines and, if appointed, your Liberty Mutual underwriter and territory manager for business lines."

Insurance Technologies Corporation (ITC), a provider of insurance marketing, rating and management software and services, announced today it has acquired Assurance Systems, Incorporated, an insurance technology provider in the southeastern United States.

The two divisions have a combined market position of $13B,

Founded in 1986, Assurance Systems product offerings include AccuAuto, its auto insurance comparative rating system; AccuAgency, its agency management system; and AgencyThrive, its website platform. The acquisition of Assurance Systems will extend ITC’s market share in the southeast. u

Preferred Property Program can help you procure Umbrella coverage for your insureds with an AXV A.M. Best rated carrier for the following types of risks: Developer Sponsored Boards Master Associations High-rise Associations & Apartments to 35 stories are eligible and more Limit options ranging from $5 million to $50 million Coverage can include excess D&O ● General Liability ● Auto ● Employee Benefits Employers Liability, Including Employment Practices Liability* (*if covered under the D&O) Follow Form EPLI is available only up to $25 Million limit

In 2016 we partnered with American Union Risk Underwriters (AURA) located in Florida. With our new partner we can now also offer our comprehensive Umbrella, with unsurpassed service and for the following types of risks: Hotels ● Motels ● Timeshares ● Lessor’s Risk Enclosed Malls Shopping Centers Retail ● Office Buildings ● Warehouses ● Light Industrial Apartments Limit options ranging from $5 million to $100 million For information on our AURA program, contact our experienced underwriter Tom Clementi at 877-506-1430 or visit our website, A subsidiary of

101 Crawfords Corner Road, Suite 1300 Holmdel, NJ 07733


For more information contact our team of Underwriters


The Tennessee Insuror

Let’s Build Business Together MidSouth Mutual provides workers’ compensation insurance and services to agencies and their clients throughout the Southeast and beyond. Our market reach is expanding to better serve your clients. The states we serve are listed below. Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, Mississippi, Nebraska, North Carolina, Tennessee, and Oklahoma

Contact 615-263-1763 800-524-0604 - 800.897.9719


Strong and steady, constantly raising the bar. All great accomplishments have a certain level of hazard involved, but AMERISAFE has workers’ comp down to the detail. It’s a large part of why we retain 90%* of our policyholder. The best protection is being proactive. *Policyholder retention rate based on voluntary business that we elected for renewal quote: 93.0% in 2017.


The Tennessee Insuror


Our Celebration of 125 Years

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Outstanding CSR of the Year Liz Wilkins - Martin & Zerfoss, Nashville

We hope you'll mark your calendars to join us for the Insurors 126th Annual Convention, taking place October 19-22, 2019 at the new Westin Chattanooga. u

Presidential Citations Kym Clevenger, CACW, CPCU Andy Wilder - Berkley Southeast Ins. Daniel Smith, CAE - Insurors of TN Jim Alexander Service Award Christy Jones, CISR, CAPI - Martin & Zerfoss, Nashville Arch Northington Young Agent of the Year David Allen, CIC, CRM Charles T. Bidek Political Action Award White & Associates - Dyersburg

Insurors Past Presidents Brad Smith and Dave Porch catch up

2018 Insuror of the Year Eddie Miller III - Miller, Loughry and Beach Insurance Services - Murfreesboro

Our panelists discuss the future of the industry

Eddie Miller III receives his award as the 2018 Insuror of the Year

We also heard from Big "I" Chairman-elect Jon Jensen and inducted our 2019 Board of Directors, led by our incoming President Joe Hunt, Jr. of V.R. Williams & Company in Winchester.

Penn National talks with attendees at our trade show

Big "I" Chairman-elect Jon Jensen speaks at the Association Day meeting

Photos and the headshots from the event are available at 46

White & Associates shows off their new Charles T. Bidek Award

The Tennessee Insuror

DIRECT DIRECT Access Access Access -- -Access DIRECT


40+ Markets 40+ Markets 40+ Markets 40+ Markets Access -Commission Access Commission Of 40+ 40+ Markets Markets EXPERIENCED Commission EXPERIENCED Support EXPERIENCED Support Staff

Staff Support Staff

PERPETUATION PERPETUATION Planning Planning PERPETUATION && Planning INCREASED Financing INCREASED PREFERRED & PREFERRED Financing & & Agency INCREASED Financing Agency Consistent PREFERRED Contracts Consistent & Contingencies Contracts Agency Contingencies Consistent Contracts Contingencies

MAINTAIN 100% 100% OWNERSHIP MAINTAIN OWNERSHIP MAINTAIN 100% OWNERSHIP And keep your agency’s unique style, familiar identity, and personalized customer service

And keep your agency’s unique style, familiar identity, and personalized customer service And keep your agency’s unique style, familiar identity, and personalized customer service 866-789-9712

866-789-9712 866-789-9712

The Tennessee Insuror


Not all markets are available in all states

Recognizing Our 2018 Conferees

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a degree in Business Administration with an emphasis in Business Management from the University of Missouri. Damara L Puckett, CISR Full Service Insurance Agency, Inc. - Franklin Damara has been in the industry for six years and has been an Account Manager at her current agency for more than four years. Mandy Roberts, CISR Insight Risk Management - Cordova Mandy is a graduate from the University of Mississippi with a BFA in Theatre with a minor in English. She began her insurance career at Insight Risk Management in 2014 as a rater. She was a Middle Market Account Manager for two years before becoming the Small Business Manager. Brenda Schmitz, CISR Willis Towers Watson - Nashville Michele Simpson, CISR Widener Insurance Agency - Johnson City Tory E. Skinner, ACSR, CISR BB&T – John Burnham Insurance Services - Munford Tory has been in the industry for 16 years and began in personal lines at GEICO before changing paths to the retail broker side in 2006. She joined BB&T in April 2012 as a member of the Transportation Team. She specializes in assisting servicing needs for various clients’ large complex commercial taxi accounts. She holds P&C and L&H licenses in both Tennessee and California, and now plans to pursue her CIC designation. Nicole Stooksbury, CISR Willis of Tennessee - Knoxville Michael J. Tanguay, CISR Willis Towers Watson - Nashville Annelise Powers Taylor, CISR Burke, Powers & Harty - Bristol Tiffiney Elissa Tyler, CISR Widener Insurance Agency - Johnson City

Certified Insurance Service Reps. Elite (CISR Elite) Jennifer Agar, CISR Elite Collier Insurance - Memphis Rebecca L. Bozza, CISR Elite McGriff Insurance Services - Chattanooga Laurie Farrow, CISR Elite CRC Insurance Services, Inc. - Franklin 48

Sheila Lynn Hobbs, CISR Elite Widener Insurance Agency - Johnson City Rhonda R. Leffew, CISR Elite McGriff Insurance Services - Chattanooga Cynthia Evans Lewis, CISR Elite USI Insurance Services - Memphis Mary K. Pace, CISR Elite Boyle Insurance Agency, Inc. - Memphis Jane R. Wilson, CISR Elite Boyle Insurance Agency, Inc. - Memphis

Certified Risk Managers (CRM) Stephanie Johns, CIC, CRM, CISR Lipscomb & Pitts Insurance - Memphis Robert A. Smith Jr., CIC, CRM Lockton Insurance - Nashville

Certified Insurance Counselors (CIC) Stormy Bailey, CIC, CISR 7 Insurance - Powell Stormy is the Agency Office Manager and a Commercial Agent for 7 Insurance and has more than twelve years of experience in the insurance industry. She began her career as an assistant to a Life & Annuities agent in 2003 and transitioned to become a Personal Lines agent in 2006. In her current role, she manages a team of two Personal Lines agents as well as eight other employees while overseeing the book of business. The business includes two credit unions with combined assets of over $2 Billion. She also supervises the claims division for the Collateral Protection Program of one of the credit unions that she insures. Lauren Johnston Bowie, CIC, CISR Lipscomb & Pitts - Memphis Megan A. Champ, CIC Robins Insurance - Nashville Megan has been in the industry for eight years and began her career with Commercial Insurance Associates prior to joining Robins Insurance in 2014. She earned her Bachelor’s degree in Management and Human Relations from Trevecca Nazarene University. Gabe Colwell, MBA, CIC, AINS The Swallows Agencies - Cookeville Gabe began his career in the industry on the operations side as a personal lines underwriter for eight years. He later moved into sales where he has been for the last seven years and enjoys working directly with customers. He has a bachelor’s degree in Business and an MBA from Middle Tennessee State University. The Tennessee Insuror

Issac Eberhart, CIC Philadelphia Insurance - Nashville Issac has been in the industry for 14 years and with his current company more than 12 years. He is a graduate of Middle Tennessee State University with a Finance degree – which at the time – was part of the insurance program where he studied under Dr. Hollman. Brian H. Fields, CIC McGriff Insurance Services, Inc. - Nashville Brian has been in the industry for 13 years, starting as an Associate Client Executive and Account Manger at Marsh, Inc. and later moving to Regions Insurance Group. He currently works as a Commercial Lines Account Executive at McGriff Insurance Services specializing in medium to large middle market property and casualty advisory, marketing/placement and carrier relationships. Eddie Floyd, CIC Rue Insurance - Hamilton Township, NJ Eddie has been in the industry for more than 21 years. He held various leadership roles for both local and national level agencies including being President of Kemmons Wilson Insurance Group, a Client Advocate at Willis Towers Watson and he currently serves as Chief Operating Officer for Rue Insurance. He earned his B.S. in Education from the University of Memphis and will graduate with his MBA in Finance from LSU-Shreveport in November 2019. Kathryn Geegan, CIC, CISR, AAI, CRIS, MLIS The Crichton Group - Nashville Kramer S. Hendricks, CIC Avant - Brentwood Sarah Elizabeth Hughes, CIC, ARM Willis Towers Watson - Nashville Christy Jones, CIC WAHVE - Maynardville Christy has been in the industry for more than 19 years. She began her career by graduating from the Florida School of Insurance and started in personal lines. In 2000 she moved to the commercial lines side where she has been working as an account manager.

Rhonda has been in the insurance industry for more than 20 years. She began her career at Willis in 1996 and still works for the company today, currently in the role of Senior Client Service Specialist. She is a graduate of Roane State Community College. Jared Scott Smith, CIC TIS Insurance Services - Knoxville Jason Andrew Stiltner, CIC Heritage Insurance Group - Kingsport Charlie A. Taylor, CIC Burke, Powers & Harty - Bristol Stephanie Jones Wright, CIC, CISR Lipscomb & Pitts - Memphis Insurors congratulates these and all the other 2018 conferees on their achievement. The individuals' attaining of these designations shows a further commitment to the clients and work of this industry. If you're interested in information on pursuing your own designation through The National Alliance programs, please visit or view our 2019 education schedule at www. List.aspx u



Brandon W. Lail, J.D., CIC Mid-America Apartment Communities - Germantown Kari Leigh Midgett, CIC, CPCU Willis Towers Watson - Nashville T. Andrew Powers, CIC Burke, Powers & Harty - Bristol Rhonda Releford, CIC Willis of Tennessee - Knoxville The Tennessee Insuror



Which tool does over half of IIABA’s Best Practices insurance agencies use? Caliper. Best Practices agencies know the bigger you want to be, the better you need to manage your #1 asset… Your people. Caliper does that. Did you know that the average IIABA Best Practices Agency

spends well over half its revenues on compensation? Did you know

that the larger the agency, the more they spend on people? Did you

know that 55% of IIABA Best Practices agencies are Caliper clients? Let’s face it, the people in your agency are your biggest asset.

maximize top performers.

helping insurance agents successfully navigate today’s challenges

by deploying the best talent. Find out what Best Practices agencies know and many members have known for over 30 years.


25,OOO companies

For member-exclusive pricing, go to 50

3,OOO,OOO individuals assessed The Tennessee Insuror


Yet Another New Year is Almost Here Southern Agents Conference December 7-9 The Southern Agents Conference was founded in 1971, to provide a communication forum for independent insurance agents throughout the Southeast. The annual conference event for 2018 will be held on December 7-9 at The Whitley in the Buckhead area of Atlanta. Events include sessions and workshops to discuss a multitude of industry topics. Get more information or register online now by visiting

Big "I" Winter Meeting Set for January 9-12 IIABA has set their 2019 Winter Meeting for January 9-12 at the Hyatt Regency St. Louis at The Arch. In addition to the Winter Meeting, the Big "I" Board of Directors and Executive Committee will also meet during this time. For more information, please visit https://www.independentagent. com/Events/WinterBoardMeeting/home.aspx

Agency Growth Conference to Be Held 3/27-28 The 6th Annual Insurors Agency Growth Conference has been set for March 27-28 at the Doubletree Hotel in downtown Memphis. The event will speaker keynote addresses from speakers Harrison Brooks of Reagan Consulting and former Major League pitcher and author Todd Stottlemyre. Reagan Consulting VP and industry M&A advisor Harrison Brooks will speak on the topic of, “Approaching the Conversation on Perpetuation in an Evolving Industry,” including the process of preparing for perpetuation as both an agency owner and from the perspective of those looking to won in the future. Three-time World Series Champion pitcher Todd Stottlemyre will speak on the topic of his best-selling book, Relentless Success, and how he has learned to inspire others to live a life without limits. He will also hold an autograph signing for our Young Agents attendees. We will be announcing more information and speakers in the next few weeks, so please stay tuned to future publications and u The Tennessee Insuror

Could your agency weather a data security breach? A full 80 percent of businesses that experience one don’t.1 The right insurance can keep your agency from becoming part of this startling statistic. Data breaches are common among smaller businesses, and responding to a breach is both costly and complex. You are obligated to protect the data you collect, and package policies are often not enough. Make sure your agency has the right coverage in place to protect you and your insureds. Contact your Insurors E&O Specialist, Stephen Holmes, CIC, CISR, for information on Data Breach coverage.

1. Privacy Rights Clearinghouse: Chronology of Data Breaches

Stephen Holmes, CIC, CISR 615.515.2609


“I had high expectations and they were met.” - Beth Gardner, COO, Cook, Maran & Associates

The problem: A backlog of work.

The soluTIon: experienced WAhVe remote employees. wAhve is An innOvAtive COntrACt stAffinG sOlutiOn thAt enGAGes vintAGe insurAnCe prOfessiOnAls whO wOrk frOM hOMe On A full-tiMe Or pArt-tiMe BAsis fOr insurAnCe firMs.


visit www.wAhve.COM fOr MOre infOrMAtiOn

The Tennessee Insuror

Member Tips

Sell the Value of EPLI

written by IRMI for IA Magazine

With movements like #MeToo and other scandals in the headlines, there is heightened awareness in the marketplace for employment practices liability insurance (EPLI). With this heightened awareness comes an opportunity for agents. Here are three tips agents can use to grow their business in this important and increasingly relevant line of coverage: 1) Don’t let potential clients be content with a clean claims history. Part of the #MeToo movement’s power is that it seemingly arose out of nowhere, catching many off guard – just as a damaging EPLI claim can. Agents in the EPLI market should know their facts: 71% of women do not report sexual harassment, according to the Harvard Business Review and as reported in a recent IRMI D&O Compass newsletter. Unlike a clean liability or property claims history, a total lack of reported sexual harassment incidents could actually be a red flag for deeper cultural problems of under-reporting. 2) Know the full story when it comes to mandatory arbitration agreements. Some prospective EPLI clients may feel that the mandatory arbitration agreements that they require employees to sign are enough to protect their company from damaging claims. This belief could be particularly prevalent in light of recent employer-friendly legal developments which uphold the validity of arbitration agreements and class action waivers under federal law. However, several states are using the momentum from the #MeToo movement to put laws in place that limit employers’ ability to use confidentiality provisions (with regard to sexual harassment-related settlements) or arbitration agreements. Some of these laws restrict employers from retracting job offers or retaliating against employees when they do not sign the agreements. 3) Sell the benefits of third-party coverage. Sexual harassment exposures covered by EPLI policies don’t always involve employees acting against other employees. EPLI policies can also provide protection in these two types of third-party scenarios: • •

An employer’s failure to prevent wrongful conduct by third parties against its employees. Liability incurred as a result of employees’ acts toward customers, vendors and others.

While insuring agreement A—employment practices liability—addresses the first scenario, insuring agreement B—thirdparty employment practices liability—covers the second. Making prospects aware of the latter can be an effective way to sell the value of this coverage line. u

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ACUITY (920) 458 - 9131 34 Amerisafe (800) 897 - 9719 45 AmTrust North America (877) 528 - 7878 17 Applied Underwriters (877) 234 - 4450 2 Arlington/Roe (800) 878 - 9891 13 Bailey Special Risks, Inc. (800) 768 - 7475 20 Berkley Southeast Insurance Group (615) 932 - 5508 19 Berkshire Hathaway Guard Insurance Cos. (800) 673 - 2465 x4567 24 Builders Mutual (800) 809 - 4859 33 Burns & Wilcox (800) 341 - 4844 15 Caliper (609) 524 - 1200 50 Delta Dental of Tennessee (888) 281 - 9396 13 Donegal Insurance Group (800) 277 - 7442 9 FCCI Insurance Group (800) 226 - 3224 16 Genesee General (800) 282 - 8755 22 Harford Mutual (800) 638 - 3669 42 INSBANK (866) 866 - 4268 11 InsurPACTN (800) 264 -1898 32 Insurance Associates of America (866) 789 - 9712 47 J.M. Wilson (800) 595 - 0063 43 Keystone Insurers Group (800) 416 - 5498 40 KNK Compliance Services (615) 375 - 7419 24 Markel Specialty (615) 967 - 5515 39 MidSouth Mutual Insurance Company (615) 379 - 8245 45 North Point Underwriters (800) 669 - 3905 39 The National Alliance (800) 633 - 2165 55 National Security Group (800) 239 - 2358 x213 41 Nationwide Insurance (423) 927 -2060 30 Penn National Insurance (800) 395 - 0518 56 Preferred Property Programs (888) 549 - 2465 44 RLI PUP (615) 515 - 2609 7 Securerisk (770) 723 - 8096 38 StoneTrust Commerial Insurance Co. (800) 311 - 0997 32 Summit Holdings (800) 971 - 2667 32 Swiss Re Lawyer's Professional Liability (630) 213 - 9952 36 Titan Web Marketing Solutions (615) 890 - 3600 26 West Bend Mutual Insurance Co. (800) 236 - 5010 15 Work at Home Vintage Experts (646) 807 - 4372 52




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Map your career track and customize your learning experience by selecting the designations and course offerings that fit your needs.

Rubles CIC


CISR Introductory Series




Map your career track and customize your learning experience by selecting the designations and course offerings that fit your needs.

Rubles CIC

CISR Introductory Series


Dynamic Series

WTH Seminars


The Introductory Series is a good choice for those interested in finding out more about the industry and industry fundamentals. The Dynamics Series, offers career-changing sales training. Providing a variety of pertinent topics, the William T. Hold Seminars are invaluable for expanding your insurance knowledge. The Dynamics Series can be used to meet update requirements across the designations. WTH Seminars satisfy update requirements for CISRs and CSRMs.


The Certified Insurance Service Representative (CISR) designation provides quality insurance education geared toward customer service representatives, account executives, servicing agents, new producers, and other professionals. The Certified School Risk Manager (CSRM) designation fills a need for quality risk management education for those associated with schools.

The Certified Insurance Counselor (CIC) provides an in-depth, practical approach to education for agents and other insurance practitioners. The Certified Risk Manager (CRM) designation is recognized as being the foremost education available in the field of risk management. The Certified Personal Risk Manager (CPRM) designation yields the best training for meeting the needs of an affluent clientele.

The James K. Ruble Seminars are advanced programs that offer a variety of specialty topics. CICs, CRMs, and CPRMs can meet their annual updates with a Ruble seminar.


Dynamic Series


WTH Seminars



2 The Introductory Series is a good choice for those interested in finding out more about the industry and industry fundamentals. The Dynamics Series, offers career-changing sales training. Providing a variety of pertinent topics, the William T. Hold Seminars are invaluable for expanding your insurance knowledge. The Dynamics Series can be used to meet update requirements across the designations. WTH Seminars satisfy update requirements for CISRs and CSRMs.

The Certified Insurance Service Representative (CISR) designation provides quality insurance education geared toward customer service representatives, account executives, servicing agents, new producers, and other professionals. The Certified School Risk Manager (CSRM) designation fills a need for quality risk management education for those associated with schools.


3 The Certified Insurance Counselor (CIC) provides an in-depth, practical approach to education for agents and other insurance practitioners. The Certified Risk Manager (CRM) designation is recognized as being the foremost education available in the field of risk management. The Certified Personal Risk Manager (CPRM) designation yields the best training for meeting the needs of an affluent clientele.

The James K. Ruble Seminars are advanced programs that offer a variety of specialty topics. CICs, CRMs, and CPRMs can meet their annual updates with a Ruble seminar.



2500 21st Avenue South Suite 200 Nashville, TN 37212

We answer to main street, not Wall Street. We answer to main street, not Wall Street. As a mutual company, we are owned by our policyholders. We focus our

time, attention, and resources on delivering superior financial strength and

PRSRT STD U.S. Postage PAID Nashville, TN Permit No. 380

For more information about our products, please contact one of our territory managers at 615-889-2740. Brent Potts ext 7514 For more information about our Jane Kinard ext 7518 products, please contact one of our BobatReeder ext 7545 territory managers 615-889-2740.

stability, a comprehensive product portfolio, and most of all, on doing

Brent Potts ext 7514

what’s right for policyholders. To us, policyholders are much more than As a mutual company, And we are ownedofbythat, our all policyholders. We decisions focus our insurance consumers. because of our business

Jane Kinard ext 7518

We answer to main street, not Wall Street. time,made attention, resources on delivering superior financial strength and are with aand policyholder-first focus. stability, a comprehensive product portfolio, and most of all, on doing what’s right for policyholders. To us, policyholders are much more than

insurance consumers. And because of that, all of our business decisions are made with a policyholder-first focus.

Bob Reeder ext 7545 For more information about our products, please contact one of our territory managers at 615-889-2740. Brent Potts ext 7514 Jane Kinard ext 7518

Profile for Insurors of Tennessee

The Tennessee Insuror Nov/Dec '18  

A trade publication for the members of Insurors of Tennessee

The Tennessee Insuror Nov/Dec '18  

A trade publication for the members of Insurors of Tennessee

Profile for insurors

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