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Welcome Insurance Link is an Insurance and Financial Planning Firm known for its integrity, professionalism and ethos, providing cost effective Insurance and Financial Planning solutions for personal and business clients in Cyprus and abroad. We are devoted to helping our Clients select the appropriate solution to fit their needs. With vast experience in the insurance world backed by academic and professional qualifications we are able to advise our Clients of their best interests. As the Founder of Insurance Link, I bring 25 years of valuable experience and a wealth of knowledge. I will endeavour to share my knowledge with you and ensure, you not only get the right policy, but the best rate and a good understanding of what you are paying for.

The Promise We will be at your disposal at all times during our business relationship and provide you with professional advice and personal service to fulfil your individual needs in the constantly developing insurance environment. We would greatly appreciate the opportunity to help you make your insurance decisions.

Savvas P. Christoforou


Chartered Insurer

Company Profile Insurance Link is an Insurance and Financial Planning Firm founded by Savvas Christoforou, who believes in delivering cost-effective insurance and financial planning solutions for personal and commercial clients. We arrange and place Personal and Business Insurance with major Insurance Underwriters in Cyprus and abroad and provide a full spectrum of Insurance plans, consulting, and Financial Planning Services.

Our Mission Statement Our mission is to provide comprehensive insurance products, services and financial planning tailored to meet the financial risk exposures facing our customers, at competitive premiums and deliver our services at the highest standard. We are dedicated to identifying, and to understanding, the needs and concerns of our clients, and providing professional advice and personal service in a timely fashion.

Our Vision To be the preferred and most trusted source for Insurance and Financial Planning Services.

Legal Regulation and Licensing •

Insurance Link is a Registered company in the Republic of Cyprus with License number HE288513


Is Authorized and Regulated by the Ministry of Finance Cyprus ( Department of Insurance Superintendent to transact Insurance Business under License number 164)


Is Licensed in Connecticut (USA) with License number 974179

Why Us Why you should work with us •

We are professional Insurance Consultants, (Chartered Insurers), with many years of experience in the Cypriot and International market.

Insurance and financial planning is all we do.

We will work hard to ensure that you get the most favourable terms and premiums.

Insurance Companies usually offer better terms and conditions when you have a qualified Insurance Advisor like Insurance Link by your side.

The Premiums you pay will be the same whether you are insured through us or directly through the Insurance Company.

In case you need to make a claim, you will have your own personal representative from Insurancelink, to personally handle it in cooperation with the Insurance Company, always supporting your interests in the event of a dispute over the amount of settlement or interpretation of coverage.

Insurance for Bussiness General Insurance

Life Insurance

Motor Vehicle

Group Life and Disability Insurance

Fire and Burglary

Group Personal Accident Insurance

Business Interruption

Employers Liability

Public Liability

Directors & Officers Liability


Money Theft

Business Travel

Machinery Breakdown

Contractors all risk

Electronic Equipment all risk

Employee Dishonesty/Crime

Product Liability

Pension Plans

Cyber Liability

Medical Insurance •

Group Medical Plans

Professional Liability •



Pension Administrators


Information Technology

Corporate Service Providers

Occupational Retirement Plans

Insurance for Individuals General Insurance

Life Insurance

Medical Insurance






Personal Accident

Employers Liability

Critical Illness


College Plans


Retirement Plans

Property Owners Liability

Investment Plans

Comprehensive plans

Insurance Packages Insurance Packaging it’s the latest development in the Insurance World. Combining an “All Risk” property basis with liability and casualty cover under one package, you get the most comprehensive insurance solution for your business or personal needs.



Insurance Solution suitable for all kinds of Offices

Insurance Solution suitable for most Retail Shops

Administrative Committees Insurance Solution suitable for Building Administrative committees

Landlords Insurance Package Solution for those who own several properties (like offices, shops, apartments etc), even in different locations, and renting for income. We can insure all properties under one insurance policy

Business Combined Liabilities The Combined Liabilities is an insurance product which includes Employer’s Public and product Liability under one insurance policy

Leisure Insurance Solution suitable for restaurants, taverns, pizzerias, coffee shops, canteens, pubs, hotels, youth centres and gyms

Commercial Crime This package is for businesses who want the most comprehensive cover for money and employee dishonesty

Personal Care

Insurance Solution suitable for barbershops, hairdressers saloons, beauty saloons and spa

House Comprehensive A Comprehensive Homeowners Insurance Package, offers affordable insurance, designed to protect your residence, your personal belongings and your liability as a property owner

Cyber Liability

Cyber Liability provides protection against occurrences of sensitive data breaches, computer hacking, cyber terrorism, computer virus and employee sabotage or pilferage of information and identity theft. From crisis management to legal investigations to identity restoration services

Insurance Packages

Private Edge Private Edge provides Liability coverage for companies and their directors and officers, for actual or alleged breach of duty, neglect, misstatements, errors or omissions brought against them for Management, Corporate, and Employment Practices Liability

Insurance Packages is a smart way to buy comprehensive insurance at a discount

Corporate Services Providers This package it’s designed to cover the professional liability of companies providing formation and management services to other companies

Renewable Energy

Environmental Liability

Hotel package

This unique insurance package provides all risk cover and business interruption for renewable energy plans

Can be used by occupiers and operators of industrial sites to covers losses due to environmental pollution causing damage to the surrounding environment

Comprehensive package for Hotels that’s covering property, business interruption and liabilities related to the hotel operation as well as several other important covers for the hotel industry

Global Insurance Coverage Cyprus Based Companies can insure their subsidiary companies all over the World from Cyprus, and have local service and claims handling in the country doing business. Benefiting from the global presence, office network and financial strength of our associated International Insurance and Reinsurance Companies, we can implement with simple procedures the coverage of the international activities of Cypriot based Companies providing, the following types of insurances: •

Property (“All Risks” policies) oil terminals, hotels, buildings, factories

Business Interruption of any kind of business operation

Machinery Breakdown of manufacturing plants

Liability (General, Employer’s, Product, Directors & Officers, Environmental)

Financial Losses, Commercial Crime, Cyber liability

Travel Insurance, Marine-Cargo, Ships, Aviation risks

Crisis Management (Terrorism Cover), Ransom and Kidnap

Any other type of Insurance

We can design for you the appropriate insurance program adapted to the conditions of each country, and monitor this program at an international level. Usually Cyprus based insurance premiums are lower than international rates, so why not give us a call to hear our proposal.

Business Financial Planning We provide Business Financial Planning Services to companies, partnerships and sole proprietors, providing succession planning and other important business financial solutions. We often work in conjunction with other business advisers such as lawyers and accountants, to assist our clients in reaching their financial goals.

We specialise in the following Financial Planning services: •

Insurance Audits

Business Insurance Risk Assessments

Buy-Sell (Shareholders/Partners) Agreement Funding

Key MAN Insurance

Executive Compensation

Golden Handcuffs Provisions

Employee Benefits Design

Personal Financial Planning Personal financial planning is “a process of determining an individual’s financial goals, and life’s priorities”. After considering his resources, risk profile and current lifestyle, we detail a balanced and realistic plan to meet those goals. The individuals’ goals are used as guideposts to map a course of action on “what needs to be done” to reach those goals.

Personal Financial Planning includes: •

360 Degrees Financial Planning

Insurance Audits

Ultimate Cover Calculation

Insurance Risk Assessment

Children Education Planning

Retirement Planning

Tax Planning

Savings & Investment Planning

Immediate Claims Assistance

Worldwide EXPERIENCE you can COUNT ON...

Personal Service

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Insurancelink Corporate Profile  

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Insurancelink Corporate Profile  

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