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Maureen Boeing is chair of ASCnet (Applied Systems Client Network) and principal of Landmark Insurance Agency LLC in Cincinnati. Applied Systems Client Network (ASCnet. org) is the international network of Applied Systems technology users that helps members increase agency value by driving better system utilization.

Records, Reporting, Value Creation

As a volunteer engaged with a network of agency management system vendor clients, I have an opportunity to hear from my peers about their experiences and compare this with what goes on in our own office. While we all find immense value in our systems, we also struggle with maximizing automation — whether it’s our management systems or other technology. Everyone could stand to spend a little more time getting to know what their automation offers and learning how to use these features. Doing so will produce positive results for the agency and create greater agency value. — Maureen Boeing

Todd Arnold is the co-founder of AB Solutions (www. absolutions He has more than 20 years of experience working in the insurance industry as a network administrator, commercial lines CSR, surety representative, agency accountant, producer, marketing manager and agency consultant. He is also well-known for his ability to extract data from the system via reporting and integrated documents.

Chris Burand is the founder and owner of Burand & Associates LLC ( He is a nationally recognized speaker and author, and is a monthly columnist for Insurance Journal’s “The Competitive Advantage” column. He also publishes Burand’s Insurance Agency Adviser for independent insurance agents.

The Complete System

Effectively using all agency management systems — policy, document, benefits and sales — is critical to an agency’s productivity and effectiveness. Purchasing and maintaining these various systems is a significant expense for an agency. Making sure users take full advantage of these tools is an ongoing training and education process. — Steve Anderson

Jeff Yates is the executive director of Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers of America’s Agents Council for Technology (www.act He works with independent agents, companies, vendors, user groups and industry associations to advance effective technology solutions and improve business processes within the independent agency system.


Opportunities to Maximize

As ACT’s executive director and an active Real Time/Download Campaign participant, I interact with many independent agents and brokers who are committed to implementing the most effective workflows and processes. The common denominator is that all have invested in agency management systems, which helps them eliminate keystrokes and enhance efficiency. Still, many agencies underutilize their system capabilities, leaving dollars on the table that could go to their bottom line. — Jeff Yates

Agency Management Systems / Insurance Exchanges; Commercial Auto; Digital Product Guide  
Agency Management Systems / Insurance Exchanges; Commercial Auto; Digital Product Guide  

Agency Management Systems / Insurance Exchanges; Commercial Auto; Digital Product Guide