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The art of luxury living

‘Fashions fade, style is eternal.’ Yves Saint Laurent



ome design and property investment has been my passion

in life for 35 years now. It’s such a joy to take an uninspiring

interior and transform it into a beautiful living space where a

client can feel truly at home. And, of course, putting the heart and soul back into a property not only maximises its full potential but adds to its

value too. Client satisfaction and comfort has always been my inspiration.

Anita Mehra Founder


A CITY OF INSPIRATION London – one of the great style capitals of the world. And where better to gather inspiration?


YOUR HOME, OUR VISION When it comes to making a house a home, everyone has a unique vision of what their needs are. Find out what ani M Interiors can offer you.

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INTERIOR DESIGN SPOTLIGHT A selection of stand out pieces of work that demonstrate how important it is to work with the best. DESIGN DIRECTOR Q&A Design Director Mansi Mehra talks about the process of turning a client’s dream into something real, and how having a heart as well as an eye for design, is behind every success. WHAT WE DO Every step, from the first meeting to the final delivery, is a crucial part of the process of creating something incredible. And we love every minute of it.


THE PROFESSIONALS Interior Designer, Max Prychidko and Project Manager, Amar Tufail, introduce themselves and speak of their passion for what they do.


REFURBISHMENTS Planning and delivering a project relies upon being the consummate professional at every stage. Here we take you through some of the steps neccessary to guarantee success.


IT’S ALL IN THE DETAIL Being at the forefront of bespoke residential interior design means that we work with the best materials and the finest makers in the business.


TRENDS Being at the top of your game demands that you understand your market inside out, whilst still be able to deliver that personal touch to your client.


A LIMITLESS PALETTE Interior designer Max Prychidko takes us through the process of seeding a great design.


ALL CHANGE We take a look at three homes that have undergone astonishing transformations, with photography that shows the spaces before and after.


FROM CITY TO CITY Our designs are influenced by cities and countries across the world. So how does a global design studio work with overseas clients in practice?


STYLE ON SHOW When it comes to window dressing, we stand head and shoulders above the rest and we’re proud to let it show.


SOFT SCHEMES AND ACCESSORIES A successful, bespoke interior design project relies on the designer’s ability to think about every last detail of a space. And when it comes to soft furnishings and accessories, we’re the experts.


WHERE WE BEGIN What can you expect to see and experience when you visit our showrooms?

A CITY OF INSPIRATION London – one of the great style capitals of the world. And where better to gather inspiration?


ondon is ever changing, always evolving. Open minded and

And just as London does not have a single style, neither do we.

city is the perfect location for our design practice. We gather

a seamless interior design service that meets our clients’ needs, down to

ready to embrace new ideas. And that’s why this stunning

inspiration from the vibrant world we live and work in – from the

beautiful period buildings that have stood for centuries to the gleaming glass towers that are seemingly springing up overnight. London is an exciting hybrid of old and new.

Every client is different. Every project is different. Our aim is to provide the finest detail. From elegant period townhouses to ultra-modern penthouse apartments, our approach to interior design is bespoke – from start to finish.





uccessful interior design isn’t simply a

So our clients can be confident they will have

beautiful objects. It’s about creating a

home that works for them.

matter of putting together a series of

home that suits the lifestyle of the people who live there. And that means discovering what makes a house a home.

For us, communication is the essence of our

approach. Our style is friendly and informal. We’ll meet clients to discuss their ideas and

consult with them closely throughout a project. We’ll encourage them to pick up the phone

at any time, simply for an update or maybe to tell us about a wall covering or a coffee table

When it comes to making a house a home, everyone has a unique vision of what their needs are. And that’s why we’re here.

they’ve fallen in love with.

We’ll ask them about their lifestyle. Are they looking for a grand entertaining space? Or

a comfortable family home? Perhaps a chic, urban retreat?

And we’ll guide them and show them what can be achieved in their living space, helping them visualise how their interior might look, with

detailed moodboards, images, fabric swatches

and samples. In short, we’ll take the worry away from making the right choices.


a beautiful home, and, just as importantly, a


Just as London demands of itself a level of excellence and perfection, a mixing pot of creativity and innovation, it is a canvas for those who demand the very best in interior design and know where to find it.



ncompromising. That’s the only way we can describe our approach to fulfilling an interior design brief. Focused, passionate and dedicated to achieving design excellence, we understand how to translate our vision into a home that truly meets our clients’ needs and lifestyle.

And as our vision, creative flair and attention to detail dovetail perfectly, the result is a service that delivers the very best in interior design.


DESIGN DIRECTOR Q&A Design Director Mansi Mehra talks about the process of turning a client’s dream into something real, and how having a heart as well as an eye for design, is behind every success.

How important is the relationship between client and designer?

People come first so a good working relationship is fundamental. We always spend time getting to know the client and choosing

the right designer to work with them. We hope the process will

be enjoyable and friendly so choosing a designer who is on the

same wavelength is critical and ensures that working together is a pleasure.

What is the starting point for creating an interior design?

For me, the most important thing is to talk to clients and find out

more about how they want to live – this is usually the starting point. Many have lived in countries across the world and it’s finding out

about their lives and their lifestyles that makes each project unique – and helps us to create a home that reflects their personality.


How would you describe your design style?

I love a really opulent look. For me, interior design should be fun and it

should make a strong statement so I love to use colour, different textures,

fabrics and luxurious finishes – always with a definite hint of glamour. I also love to find beautiful, individual pieces that add a really personal touch.

What advice would you give to anyone using an interior designer for the first time?

Trust us! Clients tend to be happiest when they give us the freedom to use our creative flair. Of course, we listen to them every step of the way, and

at every stage they have the opportunity to offer feedback, but allowing us

creative freedom opens up possibilities they may never have imagined and usually delivers the best results.



Every step, from the first meeting to the final delivery, is a crucial part of the process of creating something incredible. And we love every minute of it.


ffering a bespoke service means having a great team of people – designers, project managers, craftsmen and

contractors, to ensure each interior comes together on time,

on budget and crucially, is finished to the highest standard.

We’ll take care of every detail, from the design concept, space

planning and liaison with architects and planning authorities to

interior design, sourcing furnishings and accessories and dressing

the property. And each project is managed throughout by a single designer ensuring a smooth, seamless process, from concept to completion.



THE PROFESSIONALS Our team are the best at what they do, each is invaluable, and they make it show on each and every project.

“Good design is a physical memory, if it’s special enough it lasts forever”



rom a young age I loved design. By the age of 16 I must have redecorated my bedroom about a dozen times so design must be in my blood.

I love the idea of finding exciting pieces to use in my designs. That

could be a fabulous bespoke dining table that I know the client will

love. Or it might be using a material, maybe glass, in an interesting

new way. Sometimes I’ll find inspiration by looking up at the skyline

to see the detail in a period building or I might walk through the park and fall in love with the shade of an autumn leaf.

But perhaps what I enjoy most about my work is that each day

is different. One day I could be creating an interior for a historic

building, the next it could be a brand new apartment in a riverside development. It’s the variety that is part of the fun.




hen a property needs substantial refurbishment, it can

be difficult for the untrained eye to visualise what can be achieved. A refurbishment is a moveable feast and we

can do as little or as much as a client wishes. It’s my job to explain what is possible, what budget that might require, and how the work can

add value to the property, whether it is a Grade II listed building or a contemporary new build.

Ultimately, of course, it is the client who decides but my role is to offer

them choices. That could mean searching for a beautiful hand painted wallpaper or it might mean sourcing a fabulous light fitting.

What do I love most about my job? It’s fantastic when you develop a

rapport with a client and makes it easier to convey my ideas. Making these types of investment decisions is very important so gaining a

client’s trust is fundamental for me – and ultimately very rewarding.


“Being able to see the richest potential in the smallest detail, the unrealised creation, that’s what makes the difference”


Each and every living space is different and when it comes to refurbishing your property, we have the experience and market knowledge to maximise its potential.


major refurbishment project can be a daunting prospect. So our approach usually comes as a breath of fresh air

to our clients. Unusually, we have our own

12-strong, in-house team of contractors so

we can offer a complete portfolio of building

services. Plumbers, electricians, kitchen fitters, tilers and general builders, our tradesmen and project managers will take care of the entire

project. We also liaise with a team of building specialists – architects, structural engineers

and surveyors, drawing on their expertise if the project demands.

All these trades are co-ordinated by a single

project manager. For clients this means absolute simplicity - a single point of contact and a single price, taking the headache out of refurbishing a property and making the process seamless and

straightforward. No overlaps, no duplication, no confusion.




Equally, this means the cost structure of a project is open and transparent, making it easy for

clients to see exactly where their money is being spent.

When we refurbish a home, practicality has

to work hand in hand with effortless design,

improving the functionality of a property while adding value.

The flow of a property must work for our client,

so space planning is vital. Usually, our first step is to draw up a complete new vision for the

home – the blueprint. This might mean removing internal walls and reconfiguring the space to create a bright and contemporary layout, far

removed from the often small, cramped rooms

of a period property. Or it may mean creating a new ensuite from the space within a bedroom.



For us, it is all about listening to our client and

creating a home that meets their needs, be it a

sophisticated, boutique hotel feel or a relaxed, family home.

And then the detail, the period features. We always try to retain original period features,

refurbishing where we can. If we cannot, we

will turn to our specialist craftsmen, perhaps to

replicate a ceiling rose or some original Victorian cornicing which cannot be saved.

Behind the scenes, an older property may have structural issues – walls may need replastering , a new floor laying or central heating fitted.


might need to source an engineered flooring

to use with state-of-the-art, underfloor heating

or a stylish cladding to enhance the exterior of a dated 60s property. If we don’t immediately

have the answer to a construction problem, we

will quickly find it. And this aspect of our work is all included in the service.



With so much to consider, it will come as no surprise that much of our work is bespoke.

One day we could be constructing a timber and marble storage unit designed to fit the

quirky contours of a loft apartment, the next

might mean travelling to Paris to commission a handmade light fitting. Whatever the request,

our team will work seamlessly together to design a solution that meets our client’s criteria.

Many properties in residential buildings require a little known permission called a ‘licence to alter’

from the building manager, to authorise internal works. Again, behind the scenes, we will take care of this too. We will work tirelessly to

achieve our goal – quality, meticulous attention to detail and a commitment to completing the work on time and on budget.

So our clients can be confident that their home is well constructed beneath the surface, as well as beautiful to look at.


ITS ALL IN THE DETAIL Being at the forefront of bespoke

residential interior design means that we

work with the best materials and the finest makers in the business.


uality lies at the very heart of what we do. Our focus is to

create interiors that are beautiful, functional and will stand the test of time.

When we invest in our home we are making a true statement about our personality, our tastes and our aspirations. So we are always mindful

that, not only must we offer clients an exciting choice of ideas, but also a piece that is right for them.

So how do we source fabulous designs that blend creativity with craftsmanship?


As you would expect, we have our ‘little black book’ of trusted contacts, from fabric suppliers and upholsterers to suppliers of beautiful, handcrafted furnishings.

And behind the scenes it is this team of dedicated craftsmen who bring to life our vision, bringing together design excellence, fine detailing and above all, quality.

Many are initially recommended to us by colleagues or other suppliers, skilled artisans with

whom we have built solid working relationships over the years. Craftsmen we have come to consider as part of the team. They do not supply to high street stores, they work only with

carefully selected clients on bespoke pieces – and that ensures our clients will have a unique opportunity to see furnishings that simply cannot be found elsewhere.

There are other benefits to these partnerships. Our regular suppliers know the standards

we expect. And they have the capability to deliver within our often demanding timescales.

When we work regularly with a supplier, we develop a shorthand which becomes an unwritten ‘contract’ within the supply process. Detail, quality, reliability – they know what we expect. Together, there is a sense of purpose and dedication throughout the team.


Of course, the world of design is dynamic and

fast-paced and we do add to this team from time

to time, bringing in new craftsmen to add another dimension to our portfolio.

International design exhibitions are an exciting showcase, used by makers as a platform to launch new collections and ideas. Many a

trusted supplier has been introduced to us at

one of these shows. And we travel the world

frequently to source new ideas, materials and

designs, meeting new suppliers and visiting their

workshops to get a feel for the processes involved in crafting their exquisite furnishings.


Unlike many interior design studios, we have a dedicated in-house design and

manufacturing facility producing our own exclusive soft furnishings and accessories.

This gives us complete control over the design and manufacturing process, so we can tailor our soft furnishings to suit our clients’ tastes, perhaps tweaking a design here or changing a fabric or a colour there. So every piece we create is truly unique.

Working so closely with our suppliers makes the design process a really intimate

experience. Our approach is bespoke and we never forget that we only have one chance to get it right.

For us, value lies in beauty and longevity. We aim to create beautiful designs

that really last. And we believe this ethos shines through in each and every piece we commission.




Quisque facilisis, neque sed feugiat malesuada, erat nisl porta ipsum, varius scelerisque ipsum tortor sed nulla.


TRENDS Far from being a reactionary reflection of global

fashions and ideas on style, contemporary interior design is itself the very definition of good taste.

Taste: the ability to discern what is of good quality or of a high aesthetic standard.


his is the definition of ‘taste’ by the Oxford English Dictionary and it reflects our view that, while trends come and go, true good

taste remains.

Of course, everyone’s idea of taste is different. Laid back and minimalist. Chic and glamorous. Quirky

and retro. So perhaps one of our most challenging tasks as designers is to interpret a client’s taste and reflect their style and personality in our designs. For this, we often look to the world around us. Eminent design visionaries, artists and artisan

craftsmen. Architecture - ancient and modern,

sculpture, a piece of jewellery or perhaps a beautiful garden. We’ll often add design touches inspired by our travels. That could be a stunning jewel coloured


fabric from Morocco or a traditional tweed from Yorkshire! Design influences are found everywhere.

Each of our designers brings their own, individual perspective to the

design mix so we will look to the strengths of each of the team to find

the perfect match for our client, both in terms of personality and in their own rich and diverse design influences. That’s why choosing the right designer for a client is so important to us.

Interior design is not so much about following trends, rather it is all

about people – finding out what makes them tick. Of course, it is about colour, form and finish. It is about detail, craftsmanship and quality. But

above all it is about marrying our ideas with those of our client to create a harmonious and exquisite interior.


A LIMITLESS PALETTE With all our experience and expertise, what is that special something that we draw on to hone an idea? Where does the inspiration come from? Interior designer Max Prychidko takes us through the process of seeding a great design.


t’s so hard to pinpoint from where the first, little nugget of inspiration pops

up! The core of an idea may be the design of a piece of jewellery I discovered in

Mexico. Or it might come from a fabric I have seen at an exhibition in Paris. Maybe

a flower found in a summer garden. Ideas spring to mind daily.

But perhaps my greatest source of inspiration are our clients! Each and every project

begins with them – their lifestyle, their passions and interests. This is the starting point, from which we create a home that is unique to them. It’s about finding out about how they want to live their life – and how we can make that happen.

First, we’ll visit the client in their home. We’ll glimpse how they use their home. We’ll find out who else lives there and look at their lifestyle too - the big picture.

Next, we’ll talk about their ‘wish list’, the style they aspire to, the overall look. They may have a vision of the home they would like but be unsure how they can achieve it. It is

our job to bring this vision to life. They may have images or fabrics they would like to

incorporate. Perhaps shapes or colours they love. Or it could be something as simple as a vibrant colour in a piece of artwork or the piping on the fabric of an armchair,

which seeds the essence of a new idea. Together we will build a picture, layer by layer, of the type of home they dream of.












10 The following suppliers have kindly agreed for their products to be shown on this page: 1 & 2 - Eichholtz, 3 & 4 - Tom Kirk, photography by John Reynolds, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 & 10 - The Romo Group

Above - CAY side table by BRABBU, left - Trésor stool by KOKET

From here, we’ll put together moodboards, with images of

a fabric or a finish. Or we might add a new and exciting piece, perhaps

and paint colours that help the client to visualise our ideas. We will

the day.

furnishings, architectural designs and shapes, colours, fabric swatches research different materials and finishes until we find exactly the right piece. But always we will create our own take on an idea.

If we choose a design classic, maybe an Eames chair, we will make sure

a stunning Venetian glass mirror that catches the sunlight throughout

And step by step, the design, and the room’s personality, begins to take shape.

we choose exactly the right one. We’ll talk to the client and at their

request, we might alter a design, we may subtly change a paint colour,



ALL CHANGE We take a look at three homes that have undergone astonishing transformations, with photography that shows the spaces before and after.


commissioned new Victorian style coving which

emulates the style of the original to restore some of the period features that had been lost over time.

The finished interior restores the property’s unique


character, providing a relaxing and beautiful home that

impractical for a modern lifestyle.

surprised with the work ani M Interiors team had done. I

his apartment in one of central London’s iconic Victorian terraces had been poorly converted

into flats decades ago. The result was a series

of dark and dingy rooms that were both ugly and

To bring the property into the 21st century, we removed the suspended ceilings to restore the apartment to its

full height of nearly three metres, revealing its original,

imposing stature and exposing the stairwell’s previously hidden windows which now flood the hall with light. A major rethink of the layout involved stripping out

now reflects the grandeur of the building’s elegant



“We were completely astonished and pleasantly

had never imagined the house to look so spacious and bright it looks lovely. The house now has classic look

with a modern touch and we love it. They were easily

approachable and very friendly. We were impressed by

the timely completion of the house. I will definitely re-use their services and will also recommend others to do the same.” – Private client, Lennox Gardens

existing partition walls and creating a new open

plan design, as well as adding elegant, new ensuite bathrooms within the two bedrooms. We also





magnificent crystal light fitting was the spectacular focal point of a property we recently refurbished

in South Kensington. Spanning five storeys of the

property’s central staircase and weighing 250kg, this was no ordinary light fitting.

Extreme teamwork was the key. We worked closely

with the French lighting supplier, a structural engineer,

electrician, control system engineer and builder to ensure that the required structural alterations were made to the property’s ceiling so that this stunning piece could be safely put into place.

Clearly, some aspects of refurbishment are more

complicated than they look but they all come under

the broad ‘umbrella’ of project management and they represent a challenge that we relish.

“They have not just fixed a light they have installed a

‘piece of art’. When I returned home from my holiday I was thrilled to see the light. It is magnificent and beautiful and added great value to the aesthetics of the house.ani M

Interiors team did an excellent job, right from sourcing the lights to its installation everything was done by them and they did it very efficiently. The team definitely has a great eye for design and art. I am very happy with their work.” – Private client, Elystan Street






hen a client lives overseas, it might seem an obstacle to completing a

refurbishment project. Not so.

We recently refurbished and furnished a three bedroom apartment in St John’s Wood for a client who lives

in Africa, creating a lovely family home with a chic,


boutique hotel feel.

Here, shopping proved to be the key to our success.

Our client knew exactly the look she wanted, so on a

trip to London, we visited showrooms and workshops

to find the right furnishings, colours and finishes for the property. It was very much a team effort. And once we

had agreed the right pieces, she flew back to Africa and simply trusted us to complete the work, returning when the project was finished. Happily, she was delighted with the result.



“I love it!! The design team at ani M Interiors have done a fantastic job. Most of the work was done in my absence, I had initially discussed what I wanted with the designer and after it all the work was done by them. I bestowed complete faith in them and it definitely paid off well.

When I saw my house it was exactly how I had imagined it to be, they had turned my imagination into reality and created a spectacular home for us.” – Private client, Pavilions




Our designs are influenced by cities and countries across the world. And increasingly, we find ourselves working with clients as far afield as China, Russia and Australia. So how does a global design studio work with overseas clients in practice?



ersonal recommendation is a powerful connection and in recent years we have found our reputation spreading far and wide. Today our international reach goes way beyond the United

Kingdom and we find ourselves working with clients across most of

the world’s continents. We might be asked to design the interior of a family home in London, a bolthole in Paris, a holiday home in Turkey

or a second home in India. And that means having an efficient design service ready and waiting, wherever in the world our clients take us. With every project, our approach to design is bespoke, both in the service we offer and the design influences that shape our work.

We may be inspired by the intricate pattern of a Ming Dynasty vase for the interior of a Hong Kong apartment. Or we might incorporate the

vibrant colours of traditional Indian silks for a modern villa in Delhi. But always we add our own, unique twist.

Whatever the location, the design process is surprisingly similar and our team take huge pride in the interiors they create. While each project

is unique, communication, planning and attention to detail remain our focus throughout, whether our client is based in Kensington or Kuala Lumpur.


Communication: We will liaise with the client at every stage – by

unturned, ensuring a smooth and stress-free process for the client.

suits our client best. And with a design studio in India too, we can

come to us through personal recommendation, returning to us time

telephone, by email, maybe by Skype, and in person, whichever method ensure any potential difficulties with time differences are ironed out and communication is quick and simple.

Attention to detail: Our reputation speaks for itself. Most of our clients after time. They are confident in our ability to deliver – on time and on budget.

Planning: A single project manager will oversee the entire design

Whatever the location of the property, our approach is always tailored

encompassing not only the fulfilment of the design brief, but also the

seamlessly, overcoming clients’ hectic business commitments, busy

process as well as the all-important practical aspects of a project,

shipping of furnishings, fabrics and accessories and the co-ordination


of the design team and contractors. No detail is forgotten, no stone left


to suit the practical needs of our clients. Our team will work together lifestyles and different timezones, so they can be sure their vision is met.


window treatment is the ultimate finishing touch to a room. Creating a beautiful window treatment is an art form in its own right – and it is one of our specialities.

Whatever the style of interior our client aspires to, a window treatment should never be an

When it comes to window dressing, we stand head and shoulders above the rest and we’re proud to let it show.

afterthought, in fact, it should be an integral part of a design scheme.

Design, fabric, colour, style, finish – these are the elements we first consider when deciding on the perfect complement to a new interior.


Design – does the client crave simplicity or a grand, theatrical curtain with tassles and swags? Very

often less is more – it can be surprisingly difficult to achieve a simple look.

Fabric – sheer voiles, silks, linen or velvet – they

all subtly alter the mood of a room. But to draw

perfectly and fall beautifully, the weight of a curtain should be not too heavy, not too light.

Colour – will the curtain create a subtle, neutral

backdrop or a grand design statement with bold prints and vibrant colours?


Style – is the room a haven of pared back minimalism or an opulent entertaining space?

Finishing touches – curtain poles, finials and tie-backs – these too add to the personality of the room and a

designer’s eye for detail helps to create the look that speaks volumes about a client’s taste and style.

Of course, there are practical considerations too. How much natural light does the room have?

Do the room’s

furnishings needed to be shaded from a surfeit of direct

sunlight? Conversely, does a bedroom need to be made darker with a blackout lining? Could a heavy curtain be used to help keep heat in?

And then the hard to define ‘je ne sais quoi’. We may use

layers of fabrics to add drama and interest. We might opt for a sheer fabric to diffuse the harsh grey tones of a city outlook. Or we may use a simple, shimmering finish to

make a small room look larger. All are vital tricks of the trade.

Quality too is a given. Our window treatments are made

exclusively for us at our own in-house manufacturing facility, ensuring we have complete control over quality, finish and price.


It is our role to help weave a path through the maze

of designs, fabrics and choices to create the perfect finishing touch. And for us, a window dressing, perhaps more than any other part of a design

scheme, is the epitome of couture interior design.


SOFT SCHEMES & ACCESSORIES A successful, bespoke interior design project relies on the designer’s ability to think about every last detail of a space. And when it comes to soft furnishings and accessories, we’re the experts.


ur clients’ unique tastes and lifestyles lie at the heart of every interior we

create. And the finishing touches are

the soft furnishings, the accessories, the artwork, bringing together a design scheme and adding that spark of individuality. It is perhaps these

fine details that are the true sign of a successful home interior.

Accessories are very much a personal choice and throughout the design process and the dressing of the property, we will consult with our clients

to find exactly the right pieces, be that a striking piece of original artwork or a showstopping chandelier that creates a focal point for a dramatic entertaining space.


We will create a moodboard with our suggestions - blending fabrics, colours, textures

and finishes to hone and perfect our design scheme. We will listen carefully to our client

and sometimes they will add their own suggestions. But usually they will simply allow our creativity to shine through. Every client varies in how much input they like to have in the design process and we are happy to be guided by their preferences.

Often, we will visit the workshops of our artisan suppliers to find exactly the right piece,

perhaps a unique lamp inspired by a piece of modern sculpture. Or we may scour London’s auction houses to discover a piece of Impressionist artwork to lend an air of grandeur to a formal reception room. The result is a fusion of old and new to create a sophisticated, timeless quality.

Quisque facilisis, neque sed feugiat malesuada, erat nisl porta ipsum, varius scelerisque ipsum tortor sed nulla.


Some pieces we will source from our trusted craftsmen and artisan suppliers. Some soft

furnishings are designed by our in-house team of textile designers and very often, these will

be manufactured at our own production facility. So textiles and fabrics - colours, designs and finishes can always be tweaked. From the exact shade of a wool rug to the stitching on a silk cushion, every little detail can be tailored to suit the client’s taste.

It goes without saying that working so closely with our suppliers ensures exceptional quality and a meticulous finish, the hallmark of any ani-M project.



WHERE WE BEGIN What can you expect to see and experience when you visit our showrooms?


here is no substitute for seeing a design first hand.

The nuances in the pattern of a wall covering, the quality and

workmanship of a piece of furniture or the texture of a fabric.

Our clients’ choices, like our ideas, are limitless, so our flagship

showrooms in Fulham, are a fusion of our designs, showcasing our collections and revealing the inspiration for our design schemes.

Filled with light, our design studios offer the perfect backdrop for

meetings with clients where we can all relax and discuss ideas and

where clients can see in detail how a design comes together, from the

initial concept to the finished interior. Clients can make an appointment for a private consultation at any time that suits them.

Each showroom has several beautifully dressed room settings and we

regularly add new pieces, furnishings and accessories to enhance our

collections. We have a large selection of samples and finishes, from our own textiles and fabrics to wall coverings and timber flooring options.

Perhaps most importantly, clients can try a sofa for size and comfort or simply touch the marble surface of a bespoke coffee table. Often our

sense of touch is as important, if not more so, than what our eyes seem


to be telling us. We can fall in love with the feel of a fabric as much as the look.

And we also have an extensive collection

of images which illustrate the flair and the creativity that we bring to a project. We aim to make the process of designing a

new interior fun and exciting and a visit to our showroom is the first step in bringing

our designs to life in what we hope will be an enjoyable experience for our clients.


“ To design is much more than simply to assemble, to order, or even to edit: it is to add value and meaning, to illuminate, to simplify, to clarify, to modify, to dignify, to dramatize, to persuade, and perhaps even to amuse... To design is to transform prose into poetry.�

Paul Rand

Email : Tel : 020 8964 1966

ani M Interiors Brochure  

Bespoke interior design services in London

ani M Interiors Brochure  

Bespoke interior design services in London