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Top 10 Most Expensive Brands Of Shoes From Around The World Everyone loves to treat themselves with a luxurious lifestyle and when you have money then you will do anything to get whatever you want. For women, they love to spend their money on makeup and fashion, but when it comes to treating themselves right they will do anything to get their hand on the most expensive shoes in the world to look a class apart. A pair of these expensive shoes could be equivalent to your ordinary yearly earnings. In this article, you will go through top 10 most expensive brands of shoes from around the world. These brands specialize in expensive shoes with different styles available. Their targeted buyers are an upper class of people which also includes famous personalities from around the world. If you are a shoe lover and you have money in our hands too then this article will be very helpful for you but even if you are shoes over without money you will still find this article helpful in knowing from where your fav celebrities get their shower. Have a look

Brain Atwood

Bain Atwood is another expensive footwear brand in Italy. They export their shoes to United States of America. They make customized shoes that are according to the particular requirements of an individual. This brand name is also named after its owner who was the first designer to be hired by Versace in Milan. His methodology of making great shoes is simply by making heels that are for those women who can't walk in heels or don't want heels. His most important shoe collections line starts on 525$ and ends somewhere around 2900$. His shoes are worn by a lot of famous celebrities. Lady gaga wore his footwear on her 30th birthday which is a great honour for any designer.

Alexandra McQueen

Alexandra McQueen is another top ten designers. Unfortunately, he committed suicide in 2010 at the tender age of 40. A close friend of McQueen said that McQueen was very unhappy and used to do a lot of drugs at the time and his death. Even today he is remembered for his unique shoe designs. His brand is known for making classic footwear that is like by every woman out there. He was a chief designer at Givenchy before starting his own company. He has earned British designer for the year award 4 times.

Walt Steiger

Wal Steiger is a French shoe designer who opened his first even shop in Paris in the year 1974. His brand is famous for making curved high heels. People who have not worn his heels might think it is difficult to walk around in these heels but in reality, these beauties are really comfy to wear and to walk in. this unique style of high heels is the reason that made his brand a success and the 5th most expensive brand on earth. His designs are also used b directors in their movies, e.g. Blow up featured Walt Steiger designs. He has done collaborations with Kenzo, Victoria Beckham, Calvin Klein etc.

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Everyone loves to treat themselves with a luxurious lifestyle and when you have money then you will do anything to get whatever you want. Fo...

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