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Blackboard Learn Components The Blackboard Learn user interface is made up of components that allow users to easily navigate, enter data, edit items, and change options within Blackboard Learn.

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Menu Area

The Menu Area contains navigation elements that allow the user to access specific areas of a course or other parts of Blackboard Learn. The Menu Area changes depending upon where the user is in Blackboard Learn.

Page Header

The page header displays information about the current screen. Its purpose is to orient the user.

Edit Mode

The Edit Mode toggle allows a user to change the way they are viewing the content on screen. Only certain Roles have access to this feature, such as Instructors and System Administrators.

Action Bar

The Action Bar provides actions such as Copy, Move, Delete and any functions relating to the screen.


Helps to locate data in the system.

Selecting Dates

Explains the rules governing the selection of dates within Blackboard Learn.

Paging Options

Paging Options appear on Inventory Lists when there are more items that are viewed on a single screen. These options can be edited.

Data Collection

The Data Collection screen collects data from the user. Fields are grouped together according to relevance and are presented in procedural order.

Content List

The Content List displays a list of content for presentation in the Course.

Inventory List

The Inventory List Screen displays individual items, such as Students or Courses.

Content Module

The Content Module is a window that displays related data and/or links to other content within Blackboard Learn.

Contextual Menu

The Contextual Menu is denoted by a double "v" icon that links to flyout or drop-down list selection for options for a particular item within Blackboard Learn.

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