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What’s Poppin’?!  

publication. Her  tasks  include  making  last   minute  changes,  placing  the  ads  in  the  

By: Kyle  Wooley  

paper, and  contacting  current  and  

Grab a  seat  and  pick  your  favorite  movie.  A  

prospective clients.  Juggling  this  

fresh bowl  of  poppin’  ads  were  just  

responsibility and  being  a  full  time  honor  

delivered by  the  Kentucky  Kernel.  I  shared  

student, isn’t  a  walk  in  the  park.  As  an  

some time  with  the  advertising  department  

integral part  of  a  newspaper  that  reaches  

of the  Kernel  and  found  out  that  you  may  

thousands of  readers  across  the  state,  there  

need to  add  a  little  salt  and  butter  to  the  

is no  time  to  lose  motivation.  

ads before  readers  digest  them.  A  few    

tweaks and  revisions  can  polish  an   advertisement  into  a  beautiful  gem,  ready  

The minute  you  walk  into  the  advertising  

for readers  to  gaze  upon.  

department of  the  Kernel,  the  first  thing   you  see  is  Hannah  hard  at  work  on  her   computer.  In  today’s  market,  it  is  essential   to  produce  an  effective  advertisement  and   present  it  to  your  audience  as  quickly  as   possible.  As  an  ISC  major,  Hannah  is  gaining    

the knowledge  and  experience  needed  to  

Hannah Shwartz,  the  Student  Advertising  

exceed in  an  incredibly  competitive  and  fast  

Manager at  the  Kentucky  Kernel  spends  

paced advertising  market.  During  our  

most of  her  day  preparing  ads  for  

interview, Hannah  stated  that  she  has  been  

interested in  advertising  since  she  was  a  

career plans in advertising.

child. Her  father  works  in  this  industry  and   she  has  been  exposed  to  this  process  at  a  

One of the most asked questions when

very young  age.  Years  of  observation  have  

studying advertising is, “What jobs

obviously given  this  junior  at  the  University  

can you get in advertising?” As I

of Kentucky  a  head  start  in  the  market.  

spoke with the very excited Hannah Shwartz, I was able to get a few

answers. “A lot of new companies are

The average  Advertising  Account  manager  

looking for Account Executives,

has a  lot  on  their  plate.  Tasks  range  from  

Account Managers, and product

preparing budgets,  to  forming  and   negotiating  contracts  with  clients  (Sharma,   2012). Workers in this field utilize a

managers” (Shwartz, H. Personal Communication). These are just a few jobs that will be available to a person interested in advertising after college.

wide variety of skills within their career. Communication skills are very important in advertising, they are used daily to manage relationships with clients and co-workers” (Shwartz, H. Personal Communication). Sending anywhere from ten to thirty e-mails a day, Hannah puts her skills to the test. This great experience is giving her the foundation necessary for her future

From the brief experience I have had in this field, it seems like these people really enjoy their job. When I asked Hannah if she could change anything about her job, she replied that she wouldn’t change a thing. “Every responsibility in this job assists you when working with clients and forming the paper” (Shwartz, H. Personal Communication). As I look through

the window of the advertising

advertising department at the Kernel

department of UK, I see a bright

now recognizes this problem and only

future ready to sweep us all away.

publishes ads that will reflect the credibility of the University.

With 17,000 newspapers read everyday, these workers have a lot on

After my experience with the Student

their shoulders when placing ads.

Advertising Manager at the Kentucky

These ads can potentially reflect how

Kernel, I found this type of work very

students and readers behave, and

intriguing. It is obviously a field that

make decisions. They have to be

requires a great deal of

careful not to place any scandalous

communication and people skills,

ads or ads that encourage bad

which falls right in line with my

behavior. Critics have scolded this

interests. I

paper in the past by relating

decided to take

advertisements with sexual

this opportunity

annotations and featuring nightclubs

to explore a field

during finals week (Malkawi, 2009).

that will effectively incorporate all of

An effective ad is created to persuade

the knowledge and information I am

a reader. So when provocative ads are

currently learning. The answers I

presented to the students, they can

received from Hannah were pretty

have a very negative impact,

much the exact responses I wanted to

especially in such an important time

hear. A career including these types of

during their educational career. The

responsibilities and tasks would be

ideal for someone looking into studying ISC (Integrated Strategic Communications), or interested in advertising. The Kernel is a great place to gain great work experience, build your resume, and explore your future career plans. It is important to know what you want to do after you graduate, and the Kernel gives you some room to make this choice.

When an idea run through the production team at the kernel, it is edited and prepared for its debut on the “big Screen”. In result, a beautiful production is ready to be presented to the audience. So grab some poppin’ ads, sit back, and enjoy the marvelous work of the Kentucky Kernel.

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Profile of Kentucky Kernel  
Profile of Kentucky Kernel  

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