Instron - Accessories for Materials Testing - Seventh Edition

Page 390

COMPATIBILITY DETAILS In many cases the products offered in this catalog will require couplings to fit your specific testing machine. A range of standard couplings and adapters is available to cater for the majority of situations. It is very important to supply the basic details of your system when requesting a quotation so we can ensure that the items will be compatible.

Mechanical Compatibility The mechanical interfaces used on InstronÂŽ grips and fixtures have remained largely the same. For electromechanical systems these generally conform to a clevis pin style of attachment with different sizes of clevis pin used according to the force capacit. Hydraulic systems (including both dynamic and static-hydraulic) generally use threaded connections with wedge washers or rings of bolts.


During the 1980’s a drive toward metrication resulted in both US Customary (inches) and metric (millimeters) sizes being used for load cells and some grips/fixtures. As a consequence, care needs to be taken to ensure that the correct couplings and adapters are specified. While this catalog contains lists of couplings, adapters and attachment kits, we strongly advise that you let us check compatibility by supplying your system details before we provide a quotation.

Compatibility Details