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Student Progression Chart Implementation


Institute Trader with live Institute Self-Implementation Trading Account funded Institute Trader with live access with £10,000 Dedicated Account Manager Live$15,000 Trading /Account Account funded with $15,000 / minimum. Institute Trader with live Backend Institute Monitoring No Conflict of Interest (COI) £10,000 minimum.

Institute Trader with live Via Institute Trading Account funded with $15,000 /Trader £10,000 Institute Institute Trader Retail minimum. with live Trading Trading with own $ as part of Account funded Institute Community. No objective to trade investor $$$ with $15,000 / £10,000 minimum.


Institute Trader(Required) with live Online Content Trading Account funded withPTM $15,000 £10,000 Video/Series minimum. Professional Trading Masterclass (PTM) Video Series w/ Examination Pass

Track Record Management

live Trading Account Professional FOREX Trading funded with $15,000 Masterclass (PFTM) Video / Series £10,000 minimum. w/ Examination Pass PFTM Video Series

Optional Mentoring Upgrades

Institute Mentoring Programme

Online Content (Optional) Institute Trader with

Trading Account funded with $15,000 / £10,000 minimum.

Dedicated Account Manager

Backend Institute Monitoring Track Record Management

Institute Trader POA

Institute Trader with live Trading Live Trading Account Account funded with $15,000 / Remote (Skype), Institute Trader with live £10,000 minimum.

3 Month Mentoring

Implementation with Institute Professional Trader.

Trading Account funded with $15,000 / £10,000 minimum.

No Conflict of Interest (COI)

PTM Video Series + 9-12 Month verified profitable Track Record. Power of Attorney contract trading Institute $$$

Dedicated Pro-Mentor

Hedge Fund Referral GROUP

PTM Video Series + 9-12 Month verified profitable Track Record. Network referral to 600+ Hedge Funds.



OpenTrader & Fund online Institute withbrokerage live Trading No Community Access account outside of Institute Account funded with $15,000 / infrastructure. Implement PTM COI = Com’+Spread+Liquidity Margin Call / Stop Hunting Video Series teachings outside £10,000 minimum.

Institute Trader with Investment Bank/ live Trading Account Hedge Fund/Prop Firm funded with $15,000 PTM Video Series + 9-12 Self /implementation £10,000 minimum. / Mentoring

Account Manager COI


No Track Record Management

KEY = COI = Conflict of Interest

Institute Community. Return to Institute in the future.

No Professional Mentoring

Institute Student Progression Chart  
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