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IND has been at its original location on Aisquith Street for over 165 years.


Real Deep Roots

The Institute of Notre Dame (IND), rooted in the values of the Catholic faith and the educational vision of the School Sisters of Notre Dame, is a college preparatory school for young women. Located in the city of Baltimore, IND is a culturally diverse community, which educates its students to become women of discernment, active leaders, lifelong learners and responsible citizens of the world.

In 1847, IND’s foundress Blessed Mother Theresa of Jesus and four School Sisters of Notre Dame purchased 901 Aisquith Street to be their motherhouse. When two orphans arrived on their doorstep, the sisters responded by opening a school for girls. That was the first of many times IND was challenged and stood tall.

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IND helped slaves reach freedom as part of the Underground Railroad. IND nursed Union and Confederate soldiers during the Civil War. When buildings were burned during the riots of the late 1960s, IND was spared because of its relationship with the community.

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In the 1970s, city schools left for the county, but IND stayed. Our roots here are deep. We’re right where Blessed Theresa intended amsbe. usSto ung G Note alaxy II

Our Philosophy Our vision is inspired by our foundress Blessed Mother Theresa of Jesus. A pioneer for women’s education, she believed that every child deserved an excellent education, no matter what her circumstances. We could not agree with her more. IND Educates Every Student . . . • To understand herself and develop the fullness of her potential. • To become self-directed, to reach out and make responsible choices. • To develop a Christian conscience that contributes to a more just and loving world. • To accept herself and others as people of dignity and worth. • To become lifelong learners with the skills to succeed in a changing world. • To study and experience other cultures so that she can respond to global issues.


IND is the first college preparatory school established by the School Sisters of Notre Dame in the U.S. and the oldest Catholic girls’ high school in Baltimore.


Real Talk

“IND’s strong academics and the learning experience make it really great. I will be taking courses that I never dreamed of taking!” - Micayla Wilson ’16


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Four Levels as Unique as You Are IND believes you deserve an education that meets your needs and your strengths. We focus on what works for you through four learning levels. Is taught at the college level, and designed for students with outstanding academic ability and achievement. You take Advanced Placement courses and exams, and meet rigorous program requirements. (See next page.) Colleges often allow placement and course credit to students who obtain high scores on the exams.

1. Theresian Scholars -

Offers the same curriculum as regular classes, but is tailored for high-achieving students, covering additional topics or some topics in greater depth. They are taught at a high-school level.

2. Honors -

Is for college-bound high-school students and includes an increased quantity of classwork. The classes are taught at a high-school level.

3. College Preparatory -

Is college-prep courses that are smaller in size and designed for students who need skills reinforcement in particular areas such as English and math.



4. Mother Caroline -

Tech Savvy IND was one of the first to put new portable PCs in the hands of all students. Freshman year, you go to computer camp to learn to use it. Over your four years, technology is used in nearly all courses, and your tablet can be used at school or home. IND offers a wireless network, the latest software, training and support. When you graduate, you can buy your tablet to take to college.

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We are proud of our record of making sure that every girl is ready for college. Our caring teachers and talented guidance counselors will work closely with you beginning in freshman year. That allows you and your parents to take advantage of every opportunity that’s available. Our 85 seniors in the Class of 2013 set an all-time record of $9.5 million in scholarship offers alone!


100% College Acceptance Rate

olic "I previously attended (another Cath ything girls high school) and felt like ever IND is there was extremely over the top. n to dow so it’s use beca perfect for me school, earth. I love everything about the the including the teachers, staff, how cially students treat each other and espe e!” Hildi Sr. – Ashley Lynch ’14

“I am a junior transfer. When I came here, it made my high school experience so much better. I was never into trying new things, or joining clubs—and now I am! I enjoy them so much. Everyone here is willing to help you. Anyone who comes here, you won’t regret it!”

Are You a Transfer Student?

Not to worry. IND receives new students each year, so you won’t be alone. Just read what Ashley and Brooke have to say about their experiences.

– Brooke Fields ’14

Real Talk

Could This Be You? Twenty percent of the Class of 2013 graduated Theresian Scholars. They completed the rigorous study and requirements throughout their four years at IND. They were honored with the Theresian Medal at the Baccalaureate Mass.

Theresian Scholars •

Earn an A, B+ or 90% GPA in middle school • Score in the 90th percentile on the HSPT • Complete a year of Latin • Take three years of a foreign language

• •

Earn 20 Honors credits Score 85% in each Theresian course • Take a serious approach to learning • Commit to excellence • Participate in at least one club or sport

Score discipline grade of no less than 90% over four years Complete an independent research project


STEM @ IND What do you learn through the STEM fields—science, technology, engineering and math? Creativity, problem solving, teamwork, time management, public speaking, research skills and perseverance, to name just a few.

To help IND students discover these fields, IND partnered with Project Lead the Way® (PLTW) to bring STEM programs here. PLTW are true experts who make sure the programs meet high standards. Our Programs are Growing

IND introduced PLTW’s Biomedical Sciences Program in 2008 and its Pathway to Engineering Program in 2012. Enrollment in the two programs is growing! One third of IND students have signed up to study one of our STEM programs. Eleven members of the Class of 2013 completed all four biomed courses and are off to college with plans to major in science or health-related fields. Benefits to You

The benefits to you go beyond high school. PLTW partners with universities that count its courses as credit, so you enter college ahead. And research shows that STEM jobs pay better, are more plentiful and show less of a gap between men’s and women’s salaries. 1


Based on 2011–2012 academic year.

What: The leading provider of rigorous and innovative STEM programs Where: For students in U.S. middle and high schools attending more than 4,200 schools in all 50 states and DC1 Who: Designers are teachers, administrators, professors, engineering and biomedical professionals Who 2: Industry professionals act as mentors and bring in “real world” experience How: Learning based on activities, projects and problemsolving. You create, design, build, discover and collaborate on hands-on projects

Project Lead the Way® Biomedical Sciences


Real Experts

d “Enrolling in the biome st decisions arte sm the of one is program it’s so unique and I have made because for anyone with an nity ortu opp at gre a h suc cally medicine. I cifi spe e, enc interest in sci that many people ies ivit have completed act to accomplish nce cha a e hav n don’t eve until college.” – Erin Finnessy ’15

Real Talk

Biomedical Sciences Courses

Biomedical science combines science and human healthrelated topics. IND students role-play biomedical professionals, solving medical and health-care problems. Think genetics, microbiology and public health, to name just a few. Imagine diagnosing a little known disease. Consider how you would market a new medical product. Picture yourself doing laparoscopic surgery. You’ll think creatively, collaborate and explore careers in health care and medicine.

Principles of Biomedical Sciences Lays the foundation of knowledge and skills for the program. Human Body Systems - Shows how the body systems work together to maintain good health. Medical Interventions - Explores the interventions that prevent, identify and treat disease. Biomedical Innovations - Capstone course solves in-depth problems related to biomedical sciences.

Project Lead the Way® Pathway to Engineering

Engineering Courses

If you like math and science, think about Pathway to Engineering (PTE). You’ll learn design, teamwork and communications skills. And you’ll explore concepts like aerodynamics, astronautics and space life sciences.

Intro to Engineering Design - Uses 3D-modeling software to solve problems through hands-on projects.

Our students design with the same software as Intel, Lockheed Martin and Pixar! They design, test and actually construct smart phones. PTE’s courses are for you if you’re curious and want a challenge.


Principles of Engineering College concepts in engineering—mechanisms, energy, statics and kinematics. Digital Electronics - Logic design, engineering standards and technical documentation— the basis of modern electronics. Engineering Design & Development Capstone course allows you to work in teams with professionals to design, build and test solutions to problems.

Other schools created STEM programs in-house; IND went to the experts. The Harvard Graduate School of Education called PLTW a "model for 21st century career and technical education.”


REAL CREATIVE Art, Music, Theatre and Voice!

The arts are important all on their own. Through art, music, theatre and voice, you learn to create, question, persist and explore. Your confidence builds, your talents improve and your ability to do well in other areas increases.

Did You Know? • Two annual art exhibits allow you to show your work to a large audience. •

IND puts on a fall play and a spring musical. You can act, sing, design scenery, sew costumes, choreograph and stage manage!

Competitions! IND students enter— and win—art and music contests locally and nationally.

Make Your Mark

Creativity doesn’t just happen in the classroom at IND. It’s a part of everything we do! For example, as each class graduates, they paint a mural in the Senior Lounge. The Class of 2013’s brings together their Spirit Week themes from their four years at IND. 8

Marta Rybczynski ’14 was awarded the “most creative artwork” in a local exhibit. “Bohemian Bird” included elements like tobacco paper, twigs, beads and a cigar box.


Arts Art

Art, General Painting I Painting II Studio Survey


Guitar, Beginning Guitar, Intermediate Instrumental Ensemble Keyboarding and Piano, Introduction Keyboarding and Piano, Intermediate The Art of Accompanying


Stagecraft Theatre Arts, Introductory Theatre Arts, Advanced


Choral Performance Select Choir


IND’s three arts educators are not only top-notch teachers—they are artists too. They practice their art outside the classroom, which keeps them current on the people and practices shaping their fields.


SPIRITUALITY Founders. Sponsors. Inspirations. Role Models.

The School Sisters of Notre Dame are that and so much more to IND. Our moral compass, they show us what is truly important and inspire us to follow their lead. As the first Catholic school founded by the SSNDs in the U.S., we share their message of hope, faith and education. We aspire to be as strong and loving as they are every day. Youth Ministry

You can serve others and strengthen your faith by joining IND’s Youth Ministry. You will have the opportunity to plan and create retreats, help other students as a peer minister or take part in IND’s spiritual services. IND’s historic chapel is available to the Youth Ministry and to you personally. Christian Service

IND’s Christian Service Program helps you serve your school, church and community. IND helps you select stretch projects and ones that match your interests. You need a minimum of 20 hours of service at the end of each academic year and a total of 80 hours for graduation.


IND’s inspired by the School Sisters of Notre Dame’s Directional Statement “Love Cannot Wait.” Embrace dialogue as a way of life that leads to new discoveries. Live more simply, responsibly and sustainably. Intensify our efforts to witness to unity in a divided world. Direct our resources toward education that transforms. Deepen the dimensions of our lives in the love of God.

Although there are many ways to serve at IND, the best known are ones we created here: Project K.IND and TamarIND. They’ve made such a difference in the lives of many girls, including the IND student volunteers.


Real Service Project K.IND: Baltimore’s Big Sisters Since 2001

You could be among the one-third of IND girls who volunteer each year as big sisters to younger girls through Project K.IND. Our student-led community program now works with four city schools: Cardinal Shehan School, Mother Seton Academy, St. Casimir School and St. James and St. John School. You will help girls in third through seventh grades with homework, as well as creating arts, crafts, drama and dance activities. IND girls also help build their little sisters’ self-esteem, speaking skills and understanding of issues like cyber-bullying. You’ll learn to lead as well. IND students manage all aspects of Project K.IND, from serving on the school boards, to writing grants to giving presentations. Big-little sisters have been known to visit each other as they get ready for their proms, return from college or to just catch up on each others’ lives. TamarIND: Twenty and Counting

Each summer the giggles and singing of younger girls can be heard throughout IND as TamarIND takes over. TamarIND means“Take a Month Around IND,” although the program now lasts six weeks. It’s also a beautiful plant that grows in hot humid conditions, like Baltimore! As a volunteer counselor, you work with other IND students and graduates to help 40–50 girls enjoy dance, drama, arts, health, fitness and spiritual projects. TamarIND ends with a liturgical performance for family and friends in which the girls present and share their learning.


Although Catholic, IND respects all faiths. In fact, 30 percent of IND students are not Catholic. Families choose IND because it is an excellent school that values and includes everyone.


REAL SPORTS At IND, Athletics Aren’t Just for Some Girls

Every kind of girl plays. We make sure to balance competition with camaraderie, so sports are fun—as they’re supposed to be. And they’re good for both your body and soul. Sports build character, confidence and leadership. IND athletes must maintain their grades in and out of season to stay on the team. We belong to the Interscholastic Athletic Association of Maryland, or IAAM. Girls from 31 private and parochial schools come together to compete on varsity and junior varsity teams.

Seasons FALL

• Crew Novice, Varsity • Cross Country Varsity • Field Hockey Varsity • Soccer JV, Varsity • Volleyball JV, Varsity


sports WINTER

• Basketball JV, Varsity • Cheerleading JV, Varsity • Swimming Varsity

21 teams SPRING

• Badminton JV, Varsity • Crew Novice, Varsity • Golf Varsity • Lacrosse JV, Varsity • Outdoor Track & Field Varsity • Softball Varsity

Real Talk

“I knew coming to IND I would have a better chance of making the athletic teams and doing better in school. My decision earned me not only varsity soccer my freshman year, but JV basketball and JV lacrosse, plus honors every quarter. Playing the sports I love for my high school makes me so happy I made the decision I did.” - Maddie Pasqual ’16


We Play All Over Baltimore!

IND’s badminton, basketball, cheerleading and volleyball teams all call the Marion I. Knott Gymnasium their home. It’s a special place, named for the generous Baltimore philanthropist—and mother to four IND alumnae. The rest of our teams play on fields all over town. Extra benefits? Our students are not stuck on a campus all day. They bond on the bus, riding to and from games together … and they get to know Baltimore and beyond. Here are our home fields and practice facilities. Race at Herring Run

Kicks & Sticks at Meadowood Field hockey, lacrosse and soccer enjoy Meadowood Park at the corner of Falls and Greenspring Valley Roads, a place popular with sports and nature enthusiasts alike.

Our cross country team takes off at Herring Run Park– located in both Baltimore City and County–a lush 300 acres of green space, including playing fields and trails for walking, hiking and biking.

Collegiate Swim Spot IND’s swim team will call the new eight-lane, stateof-the-art pool at Coppin State University its home away from home.

Golf North & West You’ll find IND girls swinging a 5 iron above Towson at Pine Ridge, home to the Eastern Open and the Greater Baltimore Golf Classic, and at Forest Park near Security Boulevard.

Row Along the Patapsco River IND’s crew team rows at the Baltimore Rowing Club at Middle Branch Park. We share the boathouse with school crews, including Loyola College and UMBC.


Batter Up on the East Side East Baltimore’s Patterson Park, with its great view of downtown and distinctive pagoda, hosts IND’s softball team.

ONE of every TWO IND students plays a sport. That’s beats the national average for high school girls playing sports by nearly 10 percent! 2

2 Koebler, Jason. High School Sports Participation Increases for 22nd Straight Year. U.S. News & World Report. Retrieved June 12, 2013 from blogs/high-school-notes/2011/09/02/high-school-sports-participation-increases-for-22nd-straight-year.


IND junior and senior peer ministers come together to plan the year at their annual retreat.

STUDENT LIFE As Busy as You Want to be!

With more than 30 clubs and activities, you can learn a new hobby, meet new people or share an interest at IND. You can even start a new club if you like. Most are open to all and meet after school. Each has a constitution that spells out its rules. IND’s teachers and staff serve as advisors and moderators.

Here’s just a few of the ways you can join in. Creative? Anime Club iN! (Student Digital Magazine) Stage Guild Into Nature? Environmental Club Recycling Club Outdoor Adventures

Knitting Club with PAL - Preserving and Learning (Partnership with Oak Crest Retirement Community)


Academically Focused? It’s Academic National Honor Society Tri-M Music Honor Society Want to Give Back? IND Ambassadors Campus Ministry Hildie’s Helpers

Make a Difference? Student Peace Activists Peer Mediators Cultural Awareness Special Interest? Equestrian Club Future Health Care Professionals Shalom Club

Hildie's Helpers

WANT MORE? Freshman Welcome Father-Daughter Dance



Over more than 165 years, we’ve gathered a lot of traditions! Some are serious. Some are sweet. All of them bring us closer. Here are just a few of the traditions you will celebrate each season at IND. Summer



Big & Little Sisters – You’re paired with a Junior. She’s your friend, advisor and guide through your IND years.

Spirit Week – Classes compete, decorate, dress up and get fired up for the “THE GAME!”

MORP – Prom backwards. That’ll tell you something about the kind of place IND is!

Father-Daughter Dance – Dancing and dining with Dad has never been so much fun.

Soph/Senior Farewell – Little Sisters see their Big Sisters off with lunch and lots of hugs.

100 Days – Seniors count down to graduation by hanging their skirts on the slate staircase.

Graduation – Seniors wear long white gowns and carry red roses at the Cathedral of Mary Our Queen.

St. Patty’s Day Parade – We’re all IND and Irish as we march in Baltimore’s best parade.

The White Dance – Seniors decorate their white gowns in all kinds of amazing ways.

Fall Ring & Pin Day – Seniors pin their Sophomore Little Sisters and Freshmen turn their Junior Big Sisters’ rings. Junior vs. Senior Powder Puff Game – Classes clash for some friendly girl-on-girl football.

Powder Puff Game


EXTRA CREDIT Diversity Matters

In high school, you learn on a couple of different levels. You learn the subjects you study, and you learn from the people you go to class with. What do you learn when everyone thinks, looks and acts the same? Not much! Visit other schools and you see sameness. Not so at IND. IND includes girls of all colors, cultures and circumstances. That’s the way the real world is. Learning from people who are different will be the key to your success in the future. It’s called becoming “globally competent.”

Recognize Perspectives You recognize your own and others’ perspectives. Communicate Ideas You communicate your ideas effectively with diverse audiences. Take Action You translate your ideas into appropriate actions to improve conditions.

This matters because you are going to interact with people from all over the world in the future. You can learn how to be comfortable with people who are not like you now, so that later you will be ready when the situation calls for someone who is informed, confident and flexible. Plus meeting different people is so much more interesting.

Investigate the World You investigate the world beyond your environment.

To enhance your learning in this area, IND encourages the sharing of students’ backgrounds through awareness events, such as ethnic food samplings, trips to local ethnic restaurants, diversity forums and sessions that highlight the unique languages spoken by students’ families.

You’re So Welcome Our warm community sets us apart. Many IND girls say they felt welcomed when they walked through the doors. That’s because we know the environment in which you learn is as important as what you learn.



IND Prepares You to be Globally Competent3

Global Teacher Education:


Real Growth Grow Culturally Here and There

IND shares a cultural exchange program with its SSND-sister school, Schulzentrum Friesgasse in Austria. Each year about a dozen Austrian students come to stay and attend classes with IND girls. Friesgasse students begin studying English in kindergarten, so their language skills are excellent. Spending 10 days with someone from 4,400 miles away is a real learning experience. IND students first visited our Austrian sisters in 2013 on a trip that included Austria, Hungary and Slovakia. It was such a powerful experience, IND will offer two international trips a year. In 2014 we will visit Austria, Hungary and Germany. A Canadian trip is planned for Quebec and Montreal during the spring break. This is one more way IND introduces you to different people, places and perspectives, enabling you to grow more globally competent.

Thirteen IND students visited three European countries in 2013, part of IND’s cross-cultural exchange program.

Lessons in Leadership

Throughout the year IND will introduce you to women who are remarkable leaders. Many are IND graduates because we inspire great leaders. Each one’s path is different, and all have advice they’d like to share. Whether it is how to succeed in an all-male environment, the “unwritten” rules about making it in the workplace or a personal story of becoming an M.D., it’s good training for when you make your mark on the world. Marlette Sandoval ’16 meets Brigadier General Allyson R. Solomon ’79, as part of IND’s leadership series.


A great school does more than offer you exceptional academics. It prepares you for the world you’re entering, not the one you came from. IND is just that kind of school.


An environmental science class tours Baltimore’s Inner Harbor with the Chesapeake Bay Foundation.

BALTIMORE &BEYOND Experiential Learning

IND believes valuable learning takes place outside the classroom. We consider the city one big laboratory—there to inspire, challenge and entertain our students. Because of our extensive partnerships, IND girls can be found learning, working, volunteering and enjoying themselves all over the city and elsewhere. •

Meeting musicians at the Meyerhoff Symphony Hall

Researching at the University of Maryland School of Pharmacy

• Attending a theology class at St. Mary’s Seminary and University

Serving meals at AIDS Interfaith Relief Services

Singing at festivals in Mt. Vernon and at the Baltimore Orioles games

Mentoring young girls at St. James and St. John School

• Touring Walters Art Gallery

Preparing donations for the homeless at Baltimore Rescue Mission

Learning from nurses at Johns Hopkins Bayview

Working backstage at Center Stage

Interning at Mercy Medical Center

Knitting with Oak Crest Retirement Community residents

Sketching at the Baltimore Museum of Art

Volunteering at Johns Hopkins Hospital

Photo 1 courtesy of The Baltimore Museum of Art Facebook page; photo 3 courtesy of the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra Facebook page; photo 5 courtesy of the Johns Hopkins Medicine Facebook page.


REAL SUCCESS An IND education prepares you to LEAD. Ms. Nancy Longo ’80 The chef/owner of Pierpoint Restaurant Chef Representative to the Baltimore Ravens

The Honorable Barbara Mikulski ’54 The longest-serving female senator, and woman, in the U.S. Congress

The Honorable Nancy Pelosi ’58 The first woman Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives The highest-ranking female politician in American history

Brigadier General Allyson Solomon ’79 The first woman and first African-American Brigadier General in the Maryland Air National Guard

Ms. Joan Worthington ’79 Principal at J. Worthington & Associates LLC Technology Fellow, U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission Professional faculty at Johns Hopkins University


901 Aisquith Street • Baltimore, Maryland 21202 410.522.7800 • 410.522.7810 FAX • Follow IND on

2013 IND Viewbook  

Institute of Notre Dame 2013 Viewbook

2013 IND Viewbook  

Institute of Notre Dame 2013 Viewbook