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Corpus Indeterminata III D (*Undefined body III D) Deus benedixitque eis, dicens: Crescite, et multiplicamini, ad imaginem meam 1

Whose is the abject / preposterous / missing / objectified body? The second stage of the project Corpus Indeterminata III D [*Undefined body III D] is a stopover point for the eponymous durational multi-media art project Corpus indeterminata. The first part was launched already at the end of the year 2010 at the Alkatraz Gallery in Ljubljana, where the author, Srdić Janežič, used pork fat to cast a mould of his own body with a pig’s head. His final goal is to produce an inverted image: to cast a mould of a pig’s body with his own head from his own leaf fat, in order to test how this kind of turn discloses the apparent social autonomy of the art system, and at the same time to uncover the categorical apparatus at the basis of the anthropocentric value system and its ideas of the body and its extracts. With these acts Srdić Janežič opens the discussion on valuing the original, the copy and its multiples, on the investment of the body in a performative act, and on the expanded corporeality of a surgical procedure, which hypothetically allows for a multitude of possible uses of the body without yielding to the conventional functions of medicine, science or art. The second phase of the project was an indispensable link enabling a

1 God blessed them, and God said to them, „Be fruitful and multiply, in my image.“ Genesis 1:28

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consistent implementation of the process in which Srdić Janežič first scanned his head, and then also scanned the body of a pig, as part of a public event in June 2013 at Kulturni inkubator in Maribor. The 3D scan created a miniaturised mould of a pig with the artist’s head, which was, as a sample, cast in ice and exhibited as a central part of the second stage of Corpus Indeterminata at Layer’s House in Kranj. The motive behind this miniaturisation is key for understanding this conceptual turn, although it is of an entirely practical nature: the artist, who will in the end pour his own body fat into a mould, has at his disposal only a limited quantity of this material, while the pig lard (supposedly) wells forth from seemingly inexhaustible sources. Srdić Janežič grounded the title of his work in the Western tradition by taking a recourse to Latin and even a direct Bible quote, which is not surprising considering he is critically engaged with the constant exclusion of the Other that is characteristic of his own rigorous tradition. What exactly is this indeterminate corpus which lies before us? Nancy’s use of the term corpus refers both to the body as well as to the corpus in the sense of a collection of documents pertaining to the same discipline, the corpus in the sense 89

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Corpus indeterminata  

Opus Corpus indeterminata by artist Zoran Srdić Janežič