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A trend focus by IDM -Institut des Mamans Touchpads equipment in the big 5 European countries

Many analyses show that the touchpads should already be one of the quickest digital products “invading” our homes … Surveys also agree that families with children, mainly multiparous, are particularly well-equipped, which is disrupting the digital use ways of life at home. In this report, IDM is focusing on this family’s equipment in the European big 5 countries and tries to understand how each member of the family is involved in the use. Looking first at the possession rate*: for the 5 European countries, this represents an average of 4060% of the households (here mothers with babies 0-3 years old). In the top 3, close together: Spain (57%), Italy (54%) and the UK (52%), followed in second place, neck and neck, France (43%) and Germany (42%). In almost all countries, familial use, involving the child * is a priority: 65% in Spain, 61% in France, 59% in Italy, 58% in UK. In Germany mothers are mode divided: 51% state that the use of touchpads at home is for adults only.

Touchpads equipment








 Germany



*Question : Do you own a touchpad in your household ? *Question : Is this touchpad used by all the family ?

Source Online survey, MOM©, My Omnibus for Mums, wave of May 2013, : Representative sample of 300 mothers with children under 3 years old, in each country France, Germany, Italy, Spain, UK.


2013 06 28 IDM survey-Touchpads in Europe  

Touchpads equipment and use by families (mothers with babies 0-3 years old)

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