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10 things / beliefs leading to INSTINC 10 By Yeo Shih Yun

1. Instinct. Trust your gut feeling. Most of the time it will be the best solution. 2. Nourish your soul. Have faith in a higher being. 3. Super passion. You need tons of it to stay afloat and to remain focused. 4. Time management. Plan your meetings, be punctual and respect people’s time. Have a real small and light yearly planner, it is more reliable and easier to see than putting everything on your mobile. 5. Initiative. Do not wait for things to happen. Be the one to make it happen.

6. Nice family. Support from family is very vital. It is the foundation. Without strong family support, it is difficult to focus 100% on your work. 7. Collaborate with experts in the field, instead of doing everything yourself. You cannot be good at everything. Everyone has a special gift. 8. Art and artists are the top priority in INSTINC. 9. Rest and relax. Work hard and play hard. Downtime is as important as uptime. Go for a holiday if you can. 10. Tomorrow is a new day. New inspirations. Always keep an open mind for an adventure.

INSTINC 10 Catelogue  
INSTINC 10 Catelogue  

Celebrating a decade of art and collaboration.