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For an artist who was not only working on her own art practice, adapting to and balancing the needs of a new family, but also coordinating with countless other people, managing and running the art space – it proved to be a massive undertaking.

concerns, prompting a casual question asking if she were certain she wanted to carry out the finale project.

Kelley Cheng, a friend and benefactor, took on the role of curatorship for the group exhibition “Parallel Perception & Counter Connection”, and brought along with her a host of design and publishing skills; once again lending her support and expertise.

In hindsight, it is this writer’s belief that her indomitable spirit in the face of obstacles, set into motion all the events that have since followed.

Meanwhile, numerous other artists came and went, including amongst others, Amy Lin (Washington), Natalia Ludmila (Mexico), Heidi Celeghin (Brazil), Kari Cholnoky (New York), Maiko Sugano (Japan), Lisa Chandler (New Zealand), and Hannah Quinlivan (Australia)… They each resided at INSTINC for a time, immersing themselves in a new place and culture, making artworks, holding exhibitions and artist talks. These events were often small in scale, with varied outcomes and different extents of reach, but remained consistent in purpose – fostering opportunities to explore new ideas, experiment with different methods, engage new audiences, and meet other artists.

Without hesitation, her answer was a resolute yes.

Regardless of where this journey leads, one thing is certain – all of the events that occurred could only have happened because so many years ago, a young woman first made a commitment and took bold steps towards her aspiration, remaining steadfast in her resolution and beliefs through the years. Each apparent obstacle encountered, was a condition that enabled the renewal of commitment; setting into motion various series of events, beyond the limits of planning and preparation.

At the close of Project 6581, plans and discussions regarding the finale project for INSTINC’s 10th anniversary had been ongoing, but not quite fully confirmed. Shih Yun spoke of her

__________________________________________ From an article written by Jessica Dailey, originally published on the website of “Brooklyn The Borough” in 2010


INSTINC 10 Catelogue  

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