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“I wish Shih Yun and INSTINC the best of luck for the future. She is not only a wonderful artist, but a friend and mentor to younger artists and a very capable organizer. I only always meet her at dinners or openings where she is tirelessly introducing me to her artists.” Jeremy Sharma Artist & Educator, Lasalle College of the Arts, Singapore _________________________________________ _________________________________________ “My time at INSTINC was amazing because it was quite eye opening and educational yet at the same time it was fun and wonderful. Shih Yun is a very caring and giving person, she puts herself, culture and city out-there every single time she is hosting an artist. She really has made a sensational space for creativeness to flourish. “There are too many [special memories] to focus on one! But, I would have to say the deep connections made on a personal level. The people I met during my Residency are extraordinary.”

“Congratulations on these ten years of striving and aiming to make this dream art venture into a reality. I know in my heart that many more amazing years are to come and I can’t wait see what interesting things INSTINC will bring for us in the future.” Natalia Ludmila Artist, Mexico

_________________________________________ _________________________________________ “Congratulations for the 10th anniversary of INSTINC! We, Youkobo Art Space would like to celebrate this special time from Tokyo with INSTINC! Youkobo Art Space had a fantastic exchange project 6581 between INSTINC in 2013. We hope to continue our collaboration forever. Our best wishes for INSTINC’s future! We know it will be a bright one!” Hiroko and Tatsuhiko Murata and Youkobo Staff Youkobo Art Space, Japan _________________________________________ _________________________________________ “…if there is one thing that has really stuck in my head, I would say it was her visit to Slovenia and meeting some artists there. That trip inspired her to start her own residency program. No matter how onerous it can be, she realised the value and the possibilities for INSTINC as an art space and the possibilities for her as an artist. I believe that starting the artist residency program was instrumental in building INSTINC into such an international institution with many friends around the world. “It is the people who make an organisation what it is. What she wants for herself and what she wants to be known for is also indirectly what INSTINC should stand for. To me, that is the journey of passion and inspirations. These words embody INSTINC entirely and every idea that stems from this source is always exciting. I believe that the future story of INSTINC will continue to inspire.”

_________________________________________ _________________________________________ “Running an art space, staging exhibitions and participating in art fairs can be stressful but the artists INSTINC attracts and works with are mostly pretty awesome, due in no small part to Shih Yun’s vision and positive energy. I’ve certainly enjoyed the camaraderie and brilliant jokes shared with all the INSTINC artists I’ve encountered.” Shir Ee Tan Head of Programmes, Singapore Art Museum (SAM)

“I wish that INSTINC will continue to stay true to the passion of art, and hold it as the centre of all endeavours, ideas, initiatives or projects. The future of INSTINC will be exciting!” Sen Lai Shih Yun’s family

INSTINC 10 Catelogue  

Celebrating a decade of art and collaboration.