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Happy 10th birthday, INSTINC! “I have known Shih Yun since 1993, and have been witnessing Shih Yun’s hard work put in for past decades leading to the birth and growth of INSTINC. “INSTINC’s past locations were without lift. Especially when INSTINC was located above the shop houses along Chinatown and Mohamed Sultan, a lot of energy was required to walk up the “stairway to heaven” before an art paradise could be revealed. However, regardless of the location, it’s always with great anticipation visiting the art space and worth the trip feasting the eyes with interesting artworks. “Through an Artist-In-Residence conference in Korea with Shih Yun, we met Paul Campbell, which led to the Coney Island New York Project, where we got to know Paul’s family. Paul flew to Singapore for the art opening, and my son met him. My son knew more about New York through art, and not through school or textbooks at the age of 4!!”

“Happy 10th Anniversary!!!!!!!!!! May this artist-run space unleash more power of an artist. Cheers to many more milestones!” Shanen Chan Art teacher, Singapore _________________________________________ _________________________________________

“I first visited INSTINC in its Chinatown space. It was a good chance to meet Shih Yun another abstract artist and due to fortunate circumstances, spend a productive year sharing a studio with her and Wyn-Lyn showing our work in the Emerald Hill shophouse.”

“I am glad INSTINC has sustained itself for a decade with kudos to Shih Yun’s good instincts :) Hope it will keep on growing so that its creative energy sparks lots more collaborative projects and encourages many other artists for years to come.” Valerie Ng Artist, Malaysia / Singapore _________________________________________ _________________________________________ “Shih Yun and me, like in a tale, we met once upon a time in a castle in the mountains of Slovenia, since then we started to collaborate and paint together... easy, simple... like the good things. “Wow! So many [special memories]! Hard to explain in few sentences... but really unforgettable days, beautiful memories, great collaboration artworks.”

“INSTINC rocks! INSTINC will be very soon an absolute reference of Synergy! It´s a perfect recipe: the interaction of elements that when combined produce a total effect that is greater than the sum of the individual elements!! “I wish INSTINC sailboat a loooong life trip, full of ART, of new emotions, projects, friendship, fun and whatever captain Shih Yun will see in the horizon.” Alba Escayo Artist, Spain

INSTINC 10 Catelogue  

Celebrating a decade of art and collaboration.